D-a-a-d Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first submission to Literotica. Alf, daughter Mickey, & her friend Kelly have just finished their first encounter together…


“I’m sta-a-arving. Any pizza left?” Kelly stretched, and slowly disentangled herself from Mickey & myself, giving me yet another eyeful of her chubby pussy. I was just quick enough to wrap my arms around her butt and pull her towards my face for a quick sniff & lick before she squirmed away giggling.

“God, don’t you think of anything but food?” Mickey groaned, unwrapping her legs from around my thigh.

“Need to maintain, you know. Besides, you should know best of all that a big chunk of my mind is always occupied with the next best thing to food” she grinned, leaning over to give my little girl a playful tweak of her nipple.

“Well it’s nearly 1am,” I reminded her. “The only place that’ll deliver now is the same pizza guys from earlier. Either that or we have to make do with leftovers from the kitchen.”

“OK, I’ll phone them while you and Mickey tidy up here. Bring a couple of extra duvets & pillows for later so we can get r-e-e-ally comfy.”


A few minutes later, Kelly returned to the lounge, a naughty gleam in her eye.

“How’d you folk feel about giving the pizza guy an eyeful?”

I burst into a fit of giggles, remembering the last time she and I did something like that. The old man from the pool service hasn’t been quite the same since. (Deservedly so, old pervert – tried to sneak a peek & got a whole lot more than he bargained for).

As soon as we explained to dad, he was fully on board. (Beginning to discover that my old man is a lot more fun than I thought he was).


As soon as the doorbell rang, Alf grabbed his wallet, and he and I went to answer, with Mickey following just behind, all three of us wearing nothing but smiles.

I opened the door, and the poor pizza kid nearly dropped everything. Me showing off my not inconsiderable assets, Alf next to me with bursa eskort bayan a just-over half-mast boner (dammit that’s a nice piece), and Mickey bringing up the rear.

Pizza Guy’s reaction was instantaneous. He blushed beetroot, and I’m almost sure I could hear the zits on his neck popping. I focused on the tent developing in his pants, as Mickey slipped one hand around Alf’s rapidly growing erection, and the other between my legs.

“t-t-t-hat w-i-i-ll buh-be a h-h-undred,” he stammered, passing the pizza boxes through the security gate.

“MasterCard OK?” Alf asked with a straight face, pretending to swipe it down my butt crack.

“But Alf, that’s a chip card, you have to use the other slot.” I chirped, using two fingers to spread my pussy lips, giving him a perfect view of my well lubricated pink interior. Just for effect, I squeezed a couple of drops of pee out.

“Sorry sir, but we only do cash” he responded, trying to look anywhere but the three naked, obviously horny bodies in front of him.

Mickey grabbed Alf’s wallet, and then “accidently” dropped it, giving her a prime opportunity to bend over and give us all a good and proper rear view of her puckered little butthole above puffy pussy lips. It was all I could do not to go down on my knees there and then and lick her to death.

Pizza Guy grabbed the cash from Mickey, spun around, and disappeared up the driveway. I think he stalled his scooter 6 times before he made the 20-odd metres to the gate.


Back in the lounge, munching pizza, glugging on a decent Cape red, and feasting my eyes on two luscious just-past-teen cuties, I considered what had happened to me in the past couple hours. I had not experienced sex like this in thirty-odd years. This was, to say the least, dangerous.

“Kids, what is the deal here? I mean, this is absa-effen-loutely awesome, the stuff wet dreams are made of, but I can’t imagine the shit we’d be in if we’re caught. Don’t get me wrong, I could do this for bursa otele gelen eskort bayan the rest of my life, but maybe we need to set some ground rules…”

“Dad,” Mickey interrupted, “you’re babbling. Kelly and I have thought some of it through. The rest we can make up as we go along. I’ll go first…”

“Dad, I’m still (well technically) a virgin, and I want to stay that way for another couple of years. So I can only go so far. Also, we’re gonna have to hide this from Mom. I’m sure we can, but Kel and I will have to get more interested in squash, and you’re going to have to take up mountain biking again so that we can get away together more often.

You, Kelly?” she looked across to her friend.

“Simple, seeing as Mickey has covered the logistics, I just have one primary rule… No, absolutely none, not, nyet, nada… You get the message.. No toys. I have a bit of a phobia about them. As far as the virginity thing goes. Well I’m not, so I’m just waiting for Mickey’s go ahead before you and I get to fuck each others brains out, hopefully this weekend still.” She added with that now-familiar grin. “My only real worry is contraception.”

“Good news on that one.” I replied, “I had a V-job about just after Mickey was born, so whatever I pump out is free of any swimmers. Anything else, Kel?”

“Well, yes,there is,” for the first time I thought I saw her (well almost) blush.

“we need to do a bit of a tidy and trim. I mean you’ve seen mine and Mickey’s, don’t you also want us to enjoy something neater?”

“Yes Dad,” Mickey chipped in, “you’ve got that neat electric trimmer for your beard. We can use that. I mean we’re not going to shave it all off or do a Brazilian on you.”

Well, if this was a deal-breaker, then, I guessed, shit or bust, here goes nothing. Also, if it meant having my gentle bits handled by two naked sexy chicks, what could I lose? (Apart from a few ball hairs and some itchiness – anyway they say the bursa eve gelen escort difference between a good and bad haircut is only two weeks).

After assembling the trimmer and a short debate about the setting to use, (settled on 9mm – little less than a half-inch for the non-metric readers), the girls set to work.

The buzzing of the trimmer, along with gentle handling, (Kelly: Don’t worry, if I hurt you I’ll always kiss it better), soon elicited a raging throbbing erection.


Giving Dad his “haircut” sure got everyone’s juices flowing. I ran my lips over his knob, giving them a good coating of his pre-cum, then took a fingerful of my own juices, smeared them on his lips, and started a slow, deep kiss. The taste and aroma of our mingling fluids sent spasms through my aching pussy.

I worked my way down his body, pausing to give special attention to his nipples, then planting butterfly kisses up and down his thighs,but carefully avoiding any contact with his trembling cock until I was ready.

Kelly, in the meantime, had obviously picked up that I wanted “me time” with Dad. She was sitting on the couch, legs wide open, one hand toying with her boobs, the other idly stroking her pussy, clearly enjoying the show.

I squeezed up against Dad, riding my pussy on his thigh while circling his prick with thumb and forefinger.

Dad’s mouth latched onto one of my nipples, and sucked hard. It was only a few seconds before I felt the first waves of my orgasm rippling through my fanny. I wrapped my whole fist around his throbbing prick and started jerking furiously. A low moan from Dad was my only warning before what seemed like gallons of cum shot through my hand all over his stomach. That was enough to send me over the edge. A couple more pussy – thigh grips, and I came, squealing as my juices flowed onto his leg.


Wow!! I’ve seen some good porn in my short life, but watching my best friend jerking her old man while rubbing herself off on his thigh made all those movies look like the Kiddy TV channel. With just a little help from my own fingers, I came at almost the same time as Mickey & Alf. I rolled off the couch, and wrapped my arms around them both. After a few more minutes of smooching & groping, the three of us fell into exhausted slumber.

Next… Kelly gets her turn with Alf

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