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This story contains some graphic depictions of sex, incest, and underage content. Please be advised.

Dad at The Glory Hole

Dylan was thirty five, married with three kids. In most ways he was average. His nine to five office job wasn’t anything interesting, he and his wife were cute but not over the top good looking. He had a dad bod, healthy but with a slight gut, a six inch uncut cock, and light brown hair. He was bearded and fairly hairy.

He had a secret though, that he’d troll for cock at the glory hole in the mall nearby his apartment. Nearly every day after work he’d stop in and stroke off while he sucked any guy who came through and stuck their dick through the hole in the end stall.

He had a few regulars, one was the building’s super, a married man with a fat cut cock that was probably the reason the hole never got repaired. The mall cop and a businessman would shove their dicks through the hole regularly and Dylan got a special thrill swallowing these men’s loads- the fact that they wanted to use him enough to come back over and over always had him shooting, staining his shirt and matting down his pubes with cum.

One day Dylan’s routine was broken up though. He was sitting in the stall stroking when someone came into the one next to him. He peered through the hole and saw what must have been a kid, his dick was tiny and hairless and his frame small and slim. Dylan found himself stroking off all the same. Spying on a little dude was perversely arousing- seeing something off limits like that had his dick slick in his hand.

Dylan’s head spun as the little dude began to play with his uncut dick. It filled out to about four inches. When the boy stuck it through the glory hole Dylan froze up, unsure if he should do anything. He wasn’t a pedo, but a cock was a cock and this kid clearly wanted it sucked.

Dylan reached out hesitantly, feeling the soft smooth skin over the boys hard cock. Almost in a trance he leaned over and took the boys cock into his mouth. The small size and softness of his wiener really drive home to Dylan that he was sucking a boy. Dylan heard the kid give out a pathetic moan as he ran his tongue under the boy’s tight hood. The kids lack of experience showed, he shot a thin watery load in Dylan’s mouth about twenty seconds into being sucked. Thinking of the little dude being so excited for a bj that he fired off that quick had Dylan following suit right after, spraying his shirt with a massive load spurred on by the intensity of the taboo sex.

The boy packed up and left the stall. Normally caring more about their cocks then the men themselves Dylan hardly ever did this, but he peeked through the gap in the stall door curious exactly how young this kid was.

What he saw shocked him. Adjusting himself in front of the wash basin mirror was his son. He’d sucked off his own son and swallowed his boy’s load. His head spun and he sank back onto the toilet, heart pounding.

It took him a long time to get back to his car and make his way home. Dylan was disgusted with himself, and couldn’t look at his boy without thinking about what he’d done.

The next day he didn’t plan escort on going to the stall again, but found he couldn’t resist. The security guard came in right after him. Dylan found himself almost gagging as he took the man’s load. The memory of his son’s spunk squirting in his mouth made his head reel and ruined his own building orgasm.

He stayed there jerking for about twenty minutes, frustrated at his first encounter. He was about to go when a familiar figure came in. His son didn’t bother building up to it this time and pulled his hard cock out as soon as he entered the stall, sticking it unknowingly to his dad through the glory hole.

Dylan moved to leave, but something about his son’s hard cock waiting to be sucked had him frozen in place.

It was only a couple seconds, but it felt like an eternity before he caved. Knowing his boy needed some release had his head all muddled and Dylan decided to get it over with and get his boy off, he’d make it quick, but better his son got what he needed from him over a stranger.

This time as he sucked his son he knew who it was and Dylan was disturbed to find himself turned on that it was his son’s cock in his mouth. His son didn’t last much longer than the time before and poured his thin load into his dad”s mouth. Dylan stood, charged up from the taboo he just committed and stuck his cock through the glory hole. He’d never offered his cock to any of the men he’d serviced before but he was overwhelmed with lust.

For twenty seconds he just stood there, his cock at attention before his son started to play with it. He wanted his son’s mouth on it so bad. He grunted out “suck it” and as soon as he felt his boys hot wet mouth on his uncut cock he fired off, cum jetting into his son’s mouth.

This became a regular thing, father and son sharing their loads every day as they made their way home from school and work. Dylan longed to tell his son it was him on the other side of the glory hole, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

A month into their sessions Dylan tried something different. He’d come lubed up. When his son stuck his little cock through the glory hole he backed up onto it, easily taking the boys small dick. His son instinctively began to fuck his father, finding himself humping the man he thought was a complete stranger. Dylan began to shoot at the sensation of his son’s boy cock thrusting in and out of him, cum pouring from his cock after his son pumped into him only a few times. As he shot he heard the high pitched grunts and whines of his son cumming from fucking someone for the first time. Dylan was shocked to feel his son still plowing away after he shot, his watery pre teen cum lubing up his fathers ass hole, he fucked through the glory hole like a jack rabbit. Dylan stroked himself, already hard again from the depravity of taking his own son’s dick, of submitting to a child. He came three times before his kid slipped out of him and left the restroom.

Dylan obsessed over his son from then on. Their relationship was ostensibly normal, Dylan would take his son out to baseball games and to the movies like he always had but a little more often then he did before. He wanted more from his son, to be able to cuddle naked with him, kiss him, feel their naked bodies together. Fulfilled carnaly from the glory hole he’d fantasize instead izmit escort bayan about his identity getting revealed at the glory hole and confronting his son when he got home, turned on by the idea of his son finally knowing who his cock sucker was.

“Rob we need to talk.”

“I swear I didn’t know it was you Dad!” He said quickly, “I swear. I’m sorry.”

“That’s actually what concerns me. Having sex with strangers like that is dangerous bud. I realized it was you after the second time. I thought it was safer with me.”

“You knew it was me? You… even when you stuck your wiener through the hole?”

“Yeah sorry about that. Helping you out had me charged up. Well, I just wanted to let you know I don’t want you going back there. If you really need to mess around I’ll help. I don’t want you screwing around with strange men.”

“Seriously? How about now?”

“Sure, I guess we can now.” He said laughing.

Dylan dropped trou, oddly proud of his fully nude body in front of his son. Robin shucked his own clothes off revealing a smooth naked body.

Dylan ran his hands along his son’s body, and began to stroke him off. The man and his son leaned against each other, Robin reaching over and stroking his father. The boy lost his load as soon as he grabbed his fathers cock, eyes wide, hips bucking into his father’s hand. Dylan leaned down and sucked his sons dick clean, tongue running under the hood, feeling his son spasm from the attention on his sensitive post-load cock.

Dylan straddled his son and grabbed their dicks in his fist, stroking the nearly identical father and son cocks, his just a bigger version of the four inch uncut cock of his son. Their balls rubbing together, dicks sliding against each other, lubed from his spit and his son’s watery load, he came, drenching the boy in his cum.

But fear of getting caught kept Dylan from confronting his son. As long as Robin didn’t know it was his dad sucking him he couldn’t tell anyone. Still, he wanted more.

He got a burner phone and slipped his son the number one day. Using the phone to set up meets at the glory hole and chat with his son about what they were doing.

He ended up taking his son’s loads through till Robin was twenty three, swallowing his son’s cum more often than Robin was even jerking. As his son got bigger he started taking his son’s cock in his ass more often, all the while the boy not knowing it was his dad he was unloading into.

When his son moved out he stopped going to the mall to cruise so much, ended up marrying a woman like his dad had. They continued to text, trading pictures and fantasies, but the illicit conversations waned over the years until the whole thing was half forgotten.

When Dylan was fifty five he got to take it from his son again. It had been near ten years since they’d done anything. Rob was visiting home and he and his dad were walking the mall when old memories came back and he begged off saying he needed to use the restroom. His dad followed him in carefully. The old glory hole was finally covered up. But he listened and heard the gentle sound of his son’s hand gliding over his uncut cock. Dylan coughed and tapped his foot and Rob’s cock shot out from under the divider. Dylan sucked it desperately, surprised by how badly he wanted it. izmit sınırsız escort He lasted longer now that he was grown up but was quick enough to tell Robin must have needed it as bad as he had. When his son’s fingers motioned for him that it was his turn Dylan felt ready to bust. He stuck his cock under the divider, heart pounding knowing his son would suck down his dick. Despite himself he moaned out as he felt the warm wet mouth of his son envelope his cock. He heard his son jerking furiously on the other side of the stall and felt his son moaning on him as he shot his second load. Dylan followed suit and his load poured into his son’s mouth. His son tenderly sucked him dry, licking his sensitive head clean.

They rested there on the floor, back to back, only the stall divider between them. His son’s hand rested behind him and Dylan held it.

“I’m so glad you were here man.” His son said. Not wanting to reveal who he was Dylan only squeezed his hand in response.

“Can I kiss you?” Rob asked.

“Can’t.” Dylan said roughly, trying to disguise his voice.

“I’ll close my eyes. I won’t look I promise.” His son sounded desperate.

“Fine. Can’t look.”

Rob unlocked his stall door and his dad came in looking him over.

Definitely a man now Robin sported the same beard as his father, though Dylan’s was now getting some flecks of white. The man leaned in and kissed his son, tongues wrestling, hands exploring each other’s bodies. Dylan pulled his son’s stiffening cock out and dropped trou, holding their dicks together and stroking them like he’d always fantasized about.

“Can I fuck you?”

Dylan turned around in answer.

“Don’t look.” His Dad said as Rob sank his cock into his dad’s ass. Dylan hadn’t taken another cock besides his son’s ever and was out of practice, it hurt now that his son had a man’s cock. That combined with the fact that there was no divider stall had Dylan spraying the wall white in no time, getting taken by his son so roughly kept him hard even after he shot. Rob, having already cum twice lasted a lot longer.

Just as Dylan was feeling his third load come on his son spoke.

“Fuck man. Fuck I knew it was you, fuck yeah.”

Dylan looked back to see his son’s eyes wide open, hungry and lustful. Rob unleashed, fucking his dad violently, pounding into him as hard as he could.

“You like that Dad? You like taking your son’s cock? You like swallowing my loads since I first started shooting?”

“Yeah buddy. Fuck me, unload in me.”

The intensity of the fuck, the taboo finally acknowledged, the two men shot in tandem as Rob reached around and stroked his father as he jackhammered his cock into the man’s ass.

Rob pulled out of his father and they kissed again, robs cock still semi hard as he ground it against his father’s.

The two men rarely did it again after that, some spark was lost once they both knew who was on the other side of the stall. But some nights when Rob would visit, late after the wives were asleep, Dylan would finally get what he wanted from his son. Making love with him instead of just getting fucked.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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