Daddy and Babygirl – and a Friend

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Daddy and Babygirl had had quite an evening at home last night. She sat back and let her mind wander back to the events that had happened earlier. The way he had come up behind her at the sink, she always loved that, made her feel so feminine and submissive when he was pinning her somewhere. The way he had used his feet in a whole new way! The way she had kneeled before him and pleasured him with her mouth. Always such delicious memories of the time she spent around Daddy, he was a good guy and she considered herself quite lucky to have had her path meet his. Yes, she was indeed lucky and couldn’t imagine her life without him in it, it just seemed nonexistent!

Being snapped out of her little daydream by the telephone ringing, she got up to answer it.


“Hey girl, how are you?!”

“I’m doing really good Brianna, what are you up to?” Babygirl had met Brianna a couple years ago and they had become quite close friends. So close in fact, that Brianna had been over a couple of times and they had had a little fun with Daddy together. She moved away not too long ago, and they hadn’t talked much since then.

“I’m doing good, I’m just back in town for a couple days and wanted to catch up with you! How about lunch this afternoon? You up for it?”

“Of course I am!” Babygirl was ecstatic, they talked about where to eat and decided to meet down at the café at 1:00 this afternoon for lunch. After an afternoon of laughing, reminiscing, crying, and all the other catching up the girls had made some plans for that evening … and they knew Daddy would be very happy that she was back in town for a visit!

The rest of the day Babygirl was making preparations for the evenings activities. She tidied everything Kurtköy escort bayan up, stopped and pick up groceries for supper, and in the final moments hopped in the shower and got cleaned up. Daddy had just gotten home from a friend’s house and could smell supper cooking as soon as he walked in the door.

“Hey baby, how was your day?” Daddy leaned in and gave her a kiss.

“It was great Daddy! I got a call this morning from Brianna, she’s back in town for a couple days and we met this afternoon and had lunch together. It was a good time.” Babygirl explained.

“That’s good, glad to hear it. How is she doing?” Daddy questioned.

“She’s good Daddy. She’s settling in at her new place and said we need to come visit her soon!”

“Sounds fun.” Daddy said.

“I thought so too.” Babygirl stated.

“So, any plans for the night?” Daddy asked while he started eating his supper.

“Yes, actually Daddy I do have some plans.” Daddy stopped eating and looked up at her to see her smiling. “Brianna is coming over at 7, we thought maybe we could catch up a little.” Babygirl winked at Daddy.

“Very nice, Babygirl, very, very nice!” They both finished eating supper and Babygirl cleaned up the dishes while Daddy went up and showered.

At 7:00 the doorbell rang and Daddy could hear Babygirl and Brianna talking. Babygirl was just getting drinks for everyone when Daddy came downstairs. She could hear Daddy and Brianna exchanging greetings in the living room. She walked in and handed everyone a glass and they all sat around and talked a bit about things that had been happening over the past couple of months. Daddy started sliding his hand up and down Babygirl’s leg while they were talking. Escort Kurtköy It didn’t take long for things to start happening … Daddy’s hand caressing her leg, Brianna leaning in and kissing her, Babygirl grabbing Brianna’s tits, and soon they were all getting excited.

Both girls stood off the couch and started undressing each other. Kissing each other passionately, trailing their kisses down one another’s body, their hands caressing each other. They were both standing there naked, their tongues exploring each one’s mouth. They both kneeled by Daddy and started undressing him as well. Two sets of hands, two sets of lips, two sets of tits all over him while they pulled his clothes off.

Brianna and Babygirl wrapped their hands around Daddy’s cock and began stroking him. They were both using their tongues and fingers to pleasure Daddy. One girl with Daddy’s cock in her mouth, and the other girl teasing Daddy’s balls with her tongue.

Brianna laid back on the couch and Daddy kneeled above her and shoved his cock deep into her throat. Babygirl kneeled down and started teasing Brianna’s pussy. After several minutes Daddy and Brianna each got up and Babygirl laid down on the couch. Brianna kneeled over until her pussy was lined up with Babygirl’s mouth and vice versa. Daddy kneeled behind Brianna and Babygirl guided his cock deep into her pussy. She used her tongue to lick at Daddy’s cock and balls as they brushed across her mouth while he was ramming himself harder into Brianna.

Several moments later Daddy pulled himself from Brianna and her and Babygirl switched positions. Brianna laid on her back on the couch and Babygirl kneeled between her legs and used her fingers and mouth to tease her pussy. Kurtköy Rus Escort Daddy kneeled behind Babygirl and slid easily into her throbbing pussy. Daddy began pounding into her pussy fast and hard. Grabbing hold of her hips as he pounded her hard, his thrusts forcing her face harder into Brianna, making her tits bounce up and down as she grabbed at them and watched Daddy’s face.

Daddy pulls out from Babygirl and both girls kneel in front of Daddy. Using their hands, their tongues, and their tits to stroke Daddy’s cock. Brianna takes Daddy’s dick into her mouth and begins bobbing her head up and down his length. Babygirl crawls behind Daddy and kneels way down to the floor, using her tongue to lick Daddy’s ass and his balls, caressing his legs with her hands. Babygirl crawls around Daddy once more and kneels beside Brianna, the girls kissing wildly, rubbing their tits together, and playing with their tongues.

“Cum on us Daddy, mmm, cum all over our tits Daddy,” both girls begged Daddy. Lifting their tits together up towards Daddy’s cock, each of them opening their mouths and sticking their tongues out. Daddy stroked his cock a couple more times and then groaned as he grabbed Babygirl by the hair and pulled her to him, shooting his cum into her mouth. She held it on her tongue as Daddy sat back onto the couch, catching his breath. Babygirl and Brianna turned towards each other and rubbed their lips together. Babygirl kneeled above Brianna and she opened her mouth and slowly spit Daddy’s cum into Brianna’s mouth. Brianna licked her lips and swallowed all of Daddy’s cum.

Both girls kneeled once more between Daddy’s legs and cleaned his cock of the remaining cum sitting there. Then they leaned in and shared a passionate kiss with each other. Babygirl and Brianna both got up and joined Daddy on the couch, one on each side, laying on their backs, as they laid their heads onto his lap. They began reminiscing of past times shared together and talked about planning a trip out to Brianna’s, and soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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