Daddy and Daughter Reconnect Ch. 02

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Welcome, this is a continuation from Daddy and Daughter Reconnect. I’ve enjoyed all the comments and feedback I received, feel free to say more!

While on a road trip My Daddy and I found a new way to love each other. Yesterday we made love, I’m just waking up. I wonder how today will go.


It was a fitful sleep laying there next to your naked body. I snuggled my teddy bear as you slept off and on as well.

When I woke the next morning I snuggled up to you and felt your warm skin against me. I started to touch and caress you, you rolled over to kiss me.

We touched and explored each other’s bodies again and talked about how we wished we had done this a long time ago.

You told me about your friend that you want to introduce me to. You said he would love to play with my tits too. I told you if my Daddy was there too, I would love to meet his friend. The thought of someone fucking me with Daddy watching was invigorating to me. I needed to cum again. You could tell and started to play with my pussy again.

I started to squirm and wriggle. Daddy knows just where to touch me. His fingers started to pump in and out of my pussy hitting my g-spot as they slide in and out of my dripoing pussy and up to my clit. He had this motion that he was doing Beylikdüzü escort that was amazing. He finger fucked my pussy while grazing my clit and I couldn’t help but buck my hips and ride his hand.

I was flooding the bed again, squirting over and over again. I kept cumming with multiple waves rushing over me. I love the way my Daddy makes me feel. He kissed me one more time and told me to go take a shower, we had to get some breakfast before the funeral.

I could barely walk. I got up and showered and reflected on the trip so far. Who would have ever guessed that my Daddy would have thought me beautiful and want me too. I was so happy that I started to touch myself where he did while I was in the shower. My relationship with my Daddy was perfect now. And I looked forward to our future. I was finally going to have the caring, supportive, and loving Daddy that I always wanted him to be. I couldn’t believe it but I had to masturbate in the shower as the thought of Daddy touching me earlier turned me on so much.

I finished my shower and loved that I could be naked and do my makeup. Finally I was comfortable around my Daddy.

We drove to breakfast and sat through a Catholic funeral mass and after the reception we got back on the road.

Daddy wanted to Beylikdüzü escort show me Ashland so we drove through the old town. He ventured off a road to what we thought was going to lead us to a ski resort but it didnt. We were pretty far off the main road when. He decided to turn around. While we were driving and talking I told him how much I enjoyed this trip and I was so glad we could take it. He said he was too and when he pulled over to turn around he grabbed his mag flash light and a rag and came over to my side of the truck. He told me to swing my legs around and lay back along the seat. I was wearing a dress so it was easy for him to hike it up and pull my panties to the side. I had been so turned on just sitting and talking with him that I didn’t care who drove by. I laid back and parted my legs and offered my sweet pussy up to my Daddy again.

He licked and rubbed my pussy until he felt I was ready for that massive mag light. He slowly parted my pussy lips and ran the length of the mag light against my slit. He pushed the tip of mag light into my pussy and I moaned, it was so cold! He plunged it in the rest of the way and I felt so full. I craved his hard cock and couldn’t have it so this would have to do.

I closed my eyes and imagined it was him. It felt so Escort Beylikdüzü good having him fuck me with his flashlight and rub my clit on the side of the road. Cars were driving by and no one knew that this was my Daddy and he was pleasing his baby girl’s pretty pussy with his flashlight. Every time a car would drive by I would get more excited. I wondered if someone stopped would my Daddy have them fuck me too right there? The idea turned me on so much.

I felt the build up of a massive orgasm and I warned him so he could step out of the path of my cum. After all he had to drive home in what he was wearing. When I felt the gushing come on I called out I’m cumming and he stepped aside as I rubbed my clit. I came so hard and it felt so good I had to lay there for a moment to recover.

He handed me a towel and as I was getting cleaned up we drove away. In my mind I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with Daddy. He’s perfect. I got out of my seat and leaned over the console and kissed his cheek. I said thank you Daddy I really needed that. And we drove on.

Before we got to my home I had him pull over one last time. I wanted to properly kiss him goodbye. I didn’t know when I would get to see him again.

We made out for a minute softly touching and kissing. Then he drove me the last bit home. I am so glad that we took our relationship to this level and I can’t wait to be alone with him again.

I hope he talks to his friend too, I really want to meet him too so Daddy can watch his friend fuck his baby girl’s soaking wet pussy!

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