Daddy Dick!

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All characters are 18 or older. There is incest role play and voyeurism, but no actual incest.


Was dad really cheating on mom? Helen had to know. Especially if it was with one of her friends! She was already stressed about going to college, and now she finds used condoms in her own room, and her own clothes in the laundry after she didn’t wear them! Was someone else wearing her clothes?

She had also overheard her parents arguing years ago about, “Pictures of older men with barely legal girls.” on the family computer. She had always loved her parents, and while they had fought at times, she had really thought their relationship had gotten better in recent years after they went to see a therapist. There was no yelling anymore, and they both seemed really happy. She thought everything had returned to normal. Now she was finding out how much of a creep her father really was.

“Honey, I think you are being paranoid.” Her mother said with a girlish giggle and a nonchalant wave. She must have started taking happy pills or something, because a couple of months ago she wouldn’t have been this relaxed on this topic. “There is no way he could do anything like that without me knowing. I’m home for a lot longer than he is. If he was bringing over young girls, I would certainly hear about it from the neighbors.”

She was not as athletic as Helen, but otherwise they shared the same short height, the same amber eyes, and the same chestnut hair. Her mother even had the same hair length, though, Helen preferred a ponytail. Seeing her mother pretend to be blissfully care free was concerning. But she could also tell her mother was anxious about something and hiding it. Maybe she was being willfully blind. Maybe she was telling herself everything was going to be fine.

She didn’t tell her mother about the physical evidence. It wasn’t like Helen had kept any of it, gross. But if she could get real hard evidence, like a video tape, or some pictures, that would probably be enough. It would churn her stomach to witness the event, but justice had to be done. Then her mother couldn’t pretend not to see.

She thought it was one of her friends because, well, they were all into him. Apparently they thought her dad was hot and would not stop talking about it. They also all knew where the family hid the keys and could come in and out whenever they wanted. The neighbors knew them. It wasn’t like it would look suspicious. It would be the perfect crime.

But mom was right about one thing. She was here almost all the time with her personal business. It would be difficult to find a time where she wasn’t home, and it would sure be gutsy at the very least. Helen formed a plan. According to the physical evidence she found, it looked like dad was using her room, ew, to cheat on mom. So all she would have to do is aim her computer monitor at the bed, hit record, turn off the screen, and she’d have all the proof she needed.

But in case that wasn’t enough, Helen decided that after she left home to work at her part time job, she’d call in sick, turn back around, and sneak back into her room. she’d hide in the closet and confront her cheating father before things got out of hand. Maybe she could convince him to stop under threat of showing mom the evidence? That would be the best outcome. She didn’t want them to split up, she just wanted to keep her family together, and keep her father honest.

Everything was going as planned. Helen left her window open when she left, parked a block away, snuck back in, and hid for about an hour. No one knew she was there. Everything was prepared. She peaked through the slits on her closet door.

“Ready Herb?” it was her mothers voice. She was still here. Helen gulped and waited in the dark of the closet.

“Irene,” He said back. Helen bit her lip. What were they doing?

Her mother walked in first. Helen’s heart froze in shock and awe. It was definitely her mother, she recognized the face. But she was wearing Helen’s old cheer leading uniform. Not quite right of course because she was too big in certain areas for it to actually fit right. Because of this, and perhaps other obvious reasons, the shirt was pulled up over her bare chest to show everything she had up there. She could see her mothers ass hanging out the skirt, clad in what looked like Helen’s panties. In most other ways, she looked just like Helen. She had even tied back her hair. Her mother sat on the bed, spreading her legs under her short skirt and replied, “I told you Daddy, call me Helen!”

Helen covered her mouth to keep from gasping. Her father entered, tall and lean. “Irene,” he began, “I told you, that one might be a bit weird for me-” she pouted. “How about her Escort Bayan friend Susan again?”

Irene whined, “We did that last time though! Maybe,” she was flustered, she played with her hair “Maybe you can call me ‘Baby girl’? Or ‘Princess’?” Her whole body was blushing. She was nervous but exited. Helen had never seen her mother like this. “I know you think it’s strange. And I know I’m weird for making you do this,” She made circles with her finger around her nipple, she looked down with mild disappointment, “It’s my complex after all. If you don’t want to we can-“

“It’s fine,” he smirked and undid his coat. “Little girl.” He started. Irene bit her lip and giggled with excitement.

Helen was trapped. This had been a terrible miscalculation. No one was cheating? It was her mom that was the pervert? Was she the one who had those pictures on the computer and not dad? Helen had seen enough. Just knowing that it was her mom in her cheer leading uniform was enough to cause her skin to crawl. But now she did not dare leave her hiding spot. She didn’t want them to know she knew!

“Do you love me daddy?” Irene asked. “Even though I’m a really naughty girl?”

“Of course.” Herbert walked to her and pet the top of her head as she smiled and closed her eyes, “Now tell me what you did.”

“I didn’t clean up good enough last time.” She said meekly. Helen’s mother usually wasn’t this much of a pushover. She thought of her mother as strong, independent, and her own boss. Here she was acting like a child. “She was asking questions. I think she found something.”

“Oh?” Herb raised an eyebrow.

“But I told her it was nothing. I think she believes me. And once she is out of the house for school we don’t have to worry about it anymore.” She lightly took his hands and put a finger in her mouth like it was a lolipop. “Right daddy?” she asked before she began sucking on it.

It was like watching a train wreck. Helen couldn’t look away. This was her parents! And they were role playing in front of her! She felt sick to her stomach, but also pleasantly surprised. It was better than them hating each other, right? It wasn’t like this was too unhealthy. Everything was safe and consensual at least. She was happy to see them getting closer. But not in her room! In her clothes! In her god damn thong! And she definitely didn’t want to fucking see it!

“Anything else?” He asked.

“Other than wanting to be be daddy’s little plaything?” She wriggled, “Nope. A good little girl.”

“Then five spanks.” He said. He sat down and pulled her over his knees.

“Thank you daddy!” She gasped as she lowered her panties and he lifted her skirt. He slapped her hard and fast like a whip. Helen flinched. “Thank you!” She whimpered and wriggled. He swatted her again. “Thank you daddy!” she gripped his legs, “So strong!”

“Too much?”

“Just enough.” She confirmed. He struck her again. “Hah!” She cried out and curled her feet in the air as she reeled from the impact. “It stings daddy!”

“One more for the naughty girl.” he ordered. She moaned with dread and anticipation. Finally, after cooling her flushed checks with a caress of his hand, he swatted her harder than all the rest.

“Daddyyy!” she yipped and her back arched.

“And what do you say?” He asked.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she rubbed her face against his leg like an animal. He lifted her off and laid her back on the bed, her panties at her ankles. She was shaved bare underneath. “Daddy?” She asked like an Innocent little girl, “What are we going to do on the bed?” her hips ground the air as if they knew exactly what they were going to do.

“I think it time you try and make up for being so naughty.” He said. He touched her inner thigh.

“W-Wait!” She seemed to break character for a moment.


“I want to go slower and nicer than before.” She said.

“Huh? Sure-“

“Because, well,” She bit her lip playfully and looked around, as if making sure they were alone again, “Sarah seems like a bit of a whore.” Her mother rolled her eyes. Helen found her self nodding in agreement. “I’ve seen the way she looks at you. But Helen-” She stopped, “Sorry, you said it was too weird to use her name-”

“You agreed you would be totally honest with me, remember? And I agreed I wouldn’t judge you for it.”

She whimpered before continuing, “I’d like you to be gentle. Like you are teaching her. Like it’s my first time. Like I’m your little girl.” she brought his hand up to her face. “A slut like Sarah might like it rough. But Helen is our pure little angel.”

Helen certainly was not pure, or an angel, and she wasn’t sure at all what mom was talking about, but Helen was sweating bullets in the closet. She wished she could just tune it all out. She wished to bleach her brain and return to the innocent times of ten minutes ago.

“So, is that why you wanted me to, last time, you know,” He seemed embarrassed to say it.

She giggled at his coy attitude. “Fuck my throat and ass?” Helen nearly gagged as her mother chuckled, “Or, Call me a bitch and a cunt and make me like it?” Helen was almost impressed by how easily those words came from her mothers mouth. She said them so casually. She’d never talked dirty like that around her. “You seemed to like it too, right?”

“Well, you normally aren’t into that sort of thing. It was a nice change of pace I guess.”

“But today,” Her confidence shifted into a more graceful, playful childish expression, “Can we start with, um, maybe,” She pretended it was too embarrassing to say outright, and then continued, “A kiss? You know, only if you really love me is all.”

“Okay.” He breathed heavy and hard, “I can do that,” he continued as he tickled her thighs and pecked at her lips. Irene shivered like it was her first kiss. She groaned as he toyed with her legs and midsection. His tongue touched her mouth lightly and she shivered. “How’s this?” he broke of the kiss and ran his fingers through her hair and over her face.

“Ha! Ha!” Irene was panting, “So good Daddy! So good! I’m so warm and tingly all over!” he groped his wife’s tits and Irene groaned. “Do you like those?” She asked. He grabbed her ass with his other hand. “Eep!” It stung her, “M-My butt too?” She cried. “Hah!” he went down to her navel and kissed her belly. “Ohh!” She growled low as he licked up to her bare chest. “Daddy that’s good! Touch me! Kiss me! Do you love me Daddy? I love you so much!” As he went back to her face she begged, “Daddy you kiss so good!” She bit her lower lip, “Can you teach me how?”

“Of course,” He breathed, “My little angel.” as he cemented his lips to hers. Helen could hear her mother whining like a whistle. “Your lips are sensitive, aren’t they?” he broke it off and ran his hand under the shirt and up her throat. She arched her back as it traced a line across her neck, and placed his thumb on her mouth. She let him toy with her, open her up and close her as she shivered and moaned. His other hand played with the rest of her body. She dumbly looked at him, letting him toy with her.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Hng!” The words seemed to touch her more than his hands. “Daddy,” she said under her breath, “Can you, ha, Can you,” She was panting with excitement, “Teach me more please? Teach me how to feel good!”

“Only on one condition.” He caressed her legs and side, “You have to promise me that you wont tell mommy.”

“Unf!” her eyes went wide as he sucked on her earlobe. “Ha~” she cried out and ran her fingers through his hair. “Yes! Yes of course daddy! Oh~! Our little secret daddy! No one has to know! You can trust me! You can trust your little girl!”

“In that case, I have something a secret to tell you, do you know what it is?” his hand danced around her groin as the other cleared her face of hair. He gazed into her eyes with all his attention, “I love my little princess more than anything else in the world.”

“Oh!” he barely touched her between the legs and she looked close to exploding. He had revved her like an engine and she was red hot like burning metal. She smiled and clenched her teeth as she reeled from the sensation.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” Her hips ground against his fingers. She was grabbing him tight and pulling him close. “I’m so wet daddy! I feel so hot and good! Hold me! Hold me tighter! I’m almost, I’m almost-” he sank down around her and he lightly touched her wetness as she cried out, “Oh! Oh! Don’t stop! Right there! It feels, it feels like,” her whole body began to shake. “I’m, I’m-” the tempo was slow and gentle, but steady and strong. Like a slow, irresistible auger.

She tightened up like she was electrocuted. “AaAaA~!” she came and humped his hand, without any restraint. “Touch me daddy! Don’t let me go!” She clenched tight and ground against him. “I love you! I love you!” he didn’t stop until her legs stopped shaking. “Daddy,” her face was wet with tears, she kissed him deep and long, humming and moaning as he continued to play with her. Helen gulped and tightened her lips. She had never seen her parents more happy. She couldn’t resist feeling happy as well, even a little jealous. She had never suspected that their sex lives would be this much better than hers. Helen had never come like that before.

Irene’s panting slowed only slightly, and then increased as he seemed to build her up again. She broke it off as he was petting her into another peak, “Daddy, wait! I want you to feel good too.”

“What do you suggest?” he smiled, caressing her cheek.

“I have condoms in the closet.” she whispered loudly.

Shit, Helen did have condoms in here. How did mom know? Well, she had been in her room a lot recently hadn’t she? Had she been using Helen’s condoms too? She checked and found that the box had been opened.

“I thought you said you were a pure little girl?” He raised an eyebrow. “Also, wont she realize-“

“The box has been there for months. She never even used any.” Irene was still panting, “She’s probably forgotten about it.” She got up off the bed, “You can just get yourself ready. I’ll get the pom poms too! I’ve been practicing a cheer routine for when I’m on top of you…” She giggled and continued as she walked to Helen’s hiding spot. “Give me a D! Give me an A! Give me a D!…” she did traditional pose for “A”, but squeezed her bra cups each time she said “D”. Helen grimaced at the poor attempt at humor.

Helen had no idea what to do. There was no where to go. She was getting closer. “Give me a D, give me a Y!…” But somehow, it seemed like no mater what happened, things couldn’t get more awkward. “Give me a D! Give me an I!…” Helen was frozen like a deer in the headlights. Her mostly naked mother sauntered over to the closet with a playful zig zag as she cheered. Helen’s heart beat fast in her ears. “Give me a C! Give me a K!” Her mother bounced from side to side with every step like the cheerleader she was pretending to be.

“What does that spell?”, The door opened and Irene and Helen made eye contact just as her mother shouted, “Daddy Dick!-” She was wrong. This was somehow ten times more awkward. Her mother gasped and covered her mouth in wide eyed horror. They started at each other in silence. Irene’s eyes slowly widened even more as she realized who she was looking at. Despite her recent climax, she somehow became even more beat red. Something between horror a humiliation grew on her face. She was almost purple with stress. Dad hadn’t seen Helen yet. She was hidden in her hanging clothes and behind her own mothers shadow, and he was taking off his clothes.

Helen mercifully handed over the pompoms and the the box of condoms, giving silent tacit approval to the whole affair and trying to look away. Irene stood there for another moment as she received the goods, her boobs still out and her legs wet with her own juices. Then she closed the door carefully and slowly. She did not look away from her daughter until the door was closed. She nodded to express something between gratitude and acceptance of her humiliation and then turned away.

“What is taking so long?” Dad asked. He had thankfully seen nothing.

“N-n-nothing d-daddy!” she stuttered. “J-Just um, um,” She was understandably flustered. “Maybe we should move this, ah, our room?”

“I thought you said this put you more in character? You liked the idea of Daddy sneaking in while mommy was asleep-“

“D-Did I?”

Helen rubbed her temples. It’s okay Mom, you’re cover is already blown.

“Well, um, let’s say I sneaked into Daddy’s room today? Okay?”

“Sure.” he complied and the couple finally left Helen’s room.

Mom was good at pretending nothing had happened, as was Helen. They would avoid eye contact sometimes, and when they spoke it was always of different topics, like when she was heading out to college. There were more times of silence where they both wanted to say something but decided against it.

Finally, a box came in the mail, “What it it honey?” Her mother asked, looking through the contents, “Clothes? But this is all stuff you already have. Track suit, swim team uniform-“

Helen grimaced and tried to avoid the question. “It’s just, um, extra.”

“I thought you were trying to get rid of you old high school stuff?”

“I am. But, uh,” Helen gulped, “This is actually, um, going to stay here.”

“Stay here?” She raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understa-” her mother stopped when she began to read the description. “Honey, these sizes aren’t even yours. They are closer to mine. And you never went to catholic school, so why did you order a uniform for-” it all clicked and her mother’s face went flush.

Helen tried to feign ignorance, “It’s just, uh, my old high school stuff is falling apart, but I wanted to keep something for the memories, right? Like, high school uniform, Cheerleader uniform, all that stuff. And I might still grow a bit, so I ordered things to be a bit larger.”

“But-” Her mother stopped herself, “Never mind, it’s your money.” She smiled. “I think it’s a great idea.” after another moment of silence she even added softly. “Thank you.”

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