Daddy’s Amazing Amanda Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Copyright by Bobbs

Mf,inc. Slow start, but when it heats up, it really heats up. Keep reading, I promise, you won’t regret it!!

Chapter 1

Tom was a tall man, a stately figure at over 6′ tall. His short dark hair accentuated his light hazel eyes. He worked as a freelance writer. He was always so busy with work that Amanda didn’t think her Dad even noticed her. Tom spent all of his time on his computer typing away into the wee hours of the night. Amanda would wake in the night sometimes, and sneak into his office. She would see her father pecking away at his keyboard, he seemed to be memorized by the glowing computer screen. He never noticed that she was watching him.

Paula, well, she wasn’t exactly what Amanda would have liked in a Mother. She herself was a statuesque figure, almost as tall as Tom. Paula worked in an administrative position at a local bank. She seemed cold and distant, not just to Amanda, but to Tom as well. Paula would freely admit that she wasn’t cut out to be a Mom. She worked all day, coming home long enough to change before going out several nights every week to spend time with her friends from work.

Amanda at only 5’1″ tall, felt invisible. Her blonde hair was cut simply at shoulder length, and her sweet disposition went unnoticed by everyone around her. Her family didn’t pay much attention to her, until, she turned 18. Amanda’s petite little body sprouted small breasts that filled out nicely over the last year. She left a small tuft of blonde hair growing just above the slit on her little mound, choosing to shave the rest clean, she liked it smooth. The changes in her body used to confuse Amanda. Most girls growing up had a Mom to explain things to them, but Amanda couldn’t talk to her Mom and was too embarrassed to discuss these things with her father. She struggled with the issues by herself, often wishing she was closer to either one of her parents.

Paula was always too busy to spend much time with either Amanda or Tom. Her work seemed to take priority in her busy life. Paula did most of the shopping for them on her lunch hour or after work.

By the time Amanda needed her first bra, she was almost an adult. She probably wouldn’t have gotten one then, if it wasn’t for her Uncle Jack’s shameful behavior one weekend. He came over for a visit, Amanda ran out to greet him in the driveway. Jack hadn’t seen Amanda for almost a year and he noticed that her body jiggled where things didn’t used to be. He jokingly told her to “Put band-aid over those things!”

Amanda was a bit embarrassed, but, she didn’t know any better. She walked to the house by his side, and headed directly to the bathroom. Amanda opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the biggest band-aids she could find. She lifted her shirt over her breasts, and carefully positioned a band-aid over each nipple. Amanda walked proudly out of the bathroom, thinking nobody would be able to see her nipples anymore.

Unfortunately for Amanda, her thin white T-shirt was a bit too tight. It just happened to accentuate the band-aids over her nipples, showing a clear outline of each one. Amanda headed to the kitchen to join the lively conversation between her Dad and her Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was the first to notice, he watched her walk into the kitchen where he and Tom were talking. His laughter seemed to build up and roll out of his entire body.

Amanda didn’t know why they were laughing. She knew he was laughing at her, but she did not know what she had done to cause such an uproarious scene. Tom took her aside and whispered “Honey, go take those band-aids off and wear your swim suit top until your Momma can get to the store to buy you a bra.”

Amanda was humiliated, they were laughing at her! She ran to her room and cried the rest of the afternoon. Uncle Jack was so mean!

Paula left a bra on the kitchen table for Amanda the next afternoon. It was one of those ugly sports bras that do nothing to make a girl feel sexy. Amanda so wanted to be sexy. Nobody ever noticed her, unless it was to laugh at her, she thought to herself. She wore the ugly bra, but she didn’t like it.

Several weeks later Amanda had a horrible accident. It was horrible to begin with anyway. Amanda was looking forward to the weekend on a beautiful Friday afternoon. She was horseback riding with one of her friends. Her girlfriend Karen dared her to jump the horse over the fence leading into the green pasture where they like to ride. Like most kids, Amanda was a sucker for a dare.

She got the gentle mare going as fast as she could, held her breath, heading at full speed toward the fence. When the mare realized what was in store for her, she stopped in mid gait. This sent Amanda hurling through the air, over the fence. Amanda tried to break her fall with her arms, but the velocity was more than her fragile bones could sustain. When she awoke, she had no memory of the landing. The only thing she remembered was the searing pain in her arms.

After a visit to the hospital with her father, and two casts later, she Beylikdüzü escort finally got to go home and cry herself to sleep again. It had been such a horrible year, but at least she got to pick the color of the casts she had to wear for the next six weeks. She always loved green, it matched the color of her eyes.

Amanda woke the next morning to a beautiful spring day. She rolled over, stretched, and remembered, she had broken both of her arms the day before. How was she supposed to take a shower? She got herself out of bed, walked downstairs to the kitchen. Daddy was at the table reading the paper and drinking his coffee. “Daddy, I need to take a shower. How do shower if I can’t get my arms wet?” Amanda asked him.

Tom looked up from his paper momentarily and said “Don’t worry about it this morning, wait and take a shower after your Momma gets home tonight. She’ll help you with your bath.”

Amanda shrugged her shoulders and returned to her room. She searched for the remote, deciding she didn’t have much of an appetite anyway. She spent the morning in her room watching Saturday cartoons and waited for her Mom to get home from work.

Amanda heard the phone ring, and ran out into the hall to pick up, but her Dad had already answered downstairs. She never knew quite what made her do it, but rather than hang up, she listened to their conversation. Her Dad was angry with her Mom, he yelled at her “Fine, then why don’t you just stay there! If Amanda isn’t important enough for you to come home, maybe you shouldn’t come home at all!” He bellowed.

Her Mom sounded just as angry with her Dad when she said “You know Tom, all you do is sit around on your ass all day, writing your perverted little stories for your sick little friends!” “Why can’t you take care of her? Are you afraid of giving her a bath?” She asked taunting him. “And, where in the hell, do you get off telling me what I can or can’t do after work?”

“Now wait just one minute Paula, you know damned well that you enjoy reading my stories as much as any one of those ‘perverts’ out there. As a matter of fact, I believe your favorites are the ones about lesbians.” He paused. “Hmm, I wonder why that is you slut!” he threw the ugly word at her. “You think I don’t know what you and your ‘girlfriends’ are out doing every night? Do you think I am that stupid? If your pussy is more important than helping with Manda, then go get fucked you heartless bitch! And don’t bother coming back!” He added.

Amanda heard her Mom’s tone change, she was almost taunting him. “Well, Honey,” She drawled, “Why do you suppose that is?” “Could it be that women know how to please women, but men, well they only know how to please themselves?”

She couldn’t believe what she heard next when her Mom added “Besides, sweetheart,” she said sarcastically, “the last time I wanted to fuck you, you were too preoccupied jacking off to a story you wrote about fucking your own daughter!”

There was a long silence before Daddy replied “You know what Paula, I love Amanda, and I would never hurt her. You’re just jealous because, that little girl is more of a woman at 18, than you are at 34!” ” Since it really is none of your business, why don’t you go fuck your little whore friend Lori and leave Amanda out of this! After all Amanda is my daughter, NOT YOURS!” He shouted into the phone.

Amanda was shocked when she heard those words, she felt numb. A few minutes passed before she could listen to the rest of the conversation. Their words were intended to inflict as much damage on the other as humanly possible. They were still screaming at each other, while she continued to eaves’ drop.

“I’ve had enough of this Tom, I’m not coming home tonight, or any other night for that matter.” Mom finally said. “You can explain it to Amanda – tell her anything you want, I just don’t care anymore!”

“Fine then Paula, just leave! Neither one of us need you anyway. And, don’t think you’ll get anything from the divorce, because it was all mine when I met you!” Tom yelled before hanging up on her.

Amanda went back to her room, stunned, not knowing what to think of all the information that her brain was struggling to process. She sat on her bed and went over the word she heard. Some of the words were new to her and she didn’t quite understand them.

A little while later, Tom knocked on her door. “Amanda, Honey? Can I come in?” His voice sounded shaky.

“Sure Daddy” Amanda called to him.

He opened the door and walked over to the bed where Amanda was sitting. He sat next to her and she could see him struggle to find the right words. Amanda hated to see him like that, so she began the conversation before he had a chance.

“I know Daddy.” Amanda said while staring at the floor.

“What do you know Hon.?” He questioned her.

“I heard the conversation you just had with Mom. I was listening in on the phone in the hall.” Amanda’s tone was somber, and he looked down to see that she had tears in her eyes.

Tom reached out and pulled her to him. “What? Beylikdüzü escort Why were you listening? Di-d you hear every- thing?” He asked all at once.

“Yes Daddy, everything.” Amanda admitted.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly trying to figure out how he was going to explain some parts of the conversation.

Amanda nodded her head, and her father continued. “So, I guess you have some questions for me then, huh?” Tom asked. Amanda could tell by the look on his face, he wished he didn’t have to answer any questions.

“Um, yes, I guess I do.” She told him hesitantly.

“Okay, well, then, we should just get this over with.” He seemed to resolve himself to the fact this conversation could not be avoided. “Can’t un-ring a bell, I suppose.”

“Daddy, who was my real Mom?” Amanda was a bit impatient, and she knew she was rushing him. But, she just had to know.

Tom took his time explaining their family history. It turned out that Tom got his young cousin pregnant when he was in his twenties and she was only 17. Her name was Sherry, and after she had Amanda, she disappeared and nobody has seen her since. Amanda found out that day that she was a child of incest. She wondered why the news didn’t upset her, and why, for some strange reason, did the news only created a stirring deep inside her core.

They talked for about an hour. Tom explained all the details to her. The news finally helped Amanda to piece together the puzzle of a life she had lived for as long as she could remember. No wonder her Mom seemed so distant, she liked women, not men, and, Amanda wasn’t even her daughter.

When the conversation was over, Tom looked at Amanda with a sad smile and said. “I’m sorry Manda. I know this was all a shock to you, and I guess I should have told you sooner.” Then he stood to leave her alone to digest all of the new information.

“That’s okay Daddy, we’ll be just fine.” Amanda gave him a quick squeeze around his middle. Knowing full well that the conversation wasn’t quite over, she had a ton of other questions she wanted to ask. She just didn’t know how or when she was going to ask them.

Amanda’s opportunity to ask for more information came sooner than she had expected. Amanda turned her attention back to her cartoons that were still playing on T.V. It was a pleasant distraction from the conversation that had just taken place between her and her father. An hour or so passed when she remembered that she still needed to take a bath. Knowing that her father was the only one around to help because her Mom wasn’t coming home, Amanda called downstairs to him, “Daddy, can you help me take a shower?”

“Be up in a sec. Hon.” He called back to her. Tom cringed at the thought of bathing Amanda. He knew all too well that his desire for his young daughter was, at times, all consuming. Tom needed a few moments to collect his thoughts and get control of his throbbing cock, which instantly sprang to attention at the thought of seeing his sweet Amanda completely naked.

While taking off her clothes to prepare for her bath, Amanda glanced at her naked body in the mirror. She noticed for the first time that her hips seemed to be a bit larger. She ran her fingers over her hip, down to her thigh, the feel of her own body was somehow arousing, even with the cast on her wrist. She closed her eyes and let her hands travel up to the subtle swell of her breasts. She wondered if she liked girls too, because she loved the way her body felt to her. She gently ran her fingers over her nipples. Instinctively she rolled the little buds between her finger tips. Her pert little breasts responded by immediately, becoming erect, and the rest of her body took notice as well. She could feel moisture building between her legs. Curious about the feeling between her legs, she moved one hand down between her legs, but the casts kept her from reaching her destination. Amanda was so caught up in savoring the feel of her own body that she didn’t notice when Tom came into the bathroom.

Tom couldn’t believe what he saw. He walked in while Amanda was touching herself, it was an erotic dream that he had for months. She had one leg propped up on the side of the tub, while her hands were exploring her sexy little body. She was alternating between her succulent little breasts, squeezing her nipples. Her head was thrown back provocatively, exposing the gentle curve of her neck. Her other hand struggled to explore her sweet little pussy. Her ivory skin was flawless, and every delicate curve of her beautiful body was accentuated by the soft lighting in the bathroom. Tom quickly stepped back out of the bathroom, he had to reposition his raging erection. He did his best to get himself together before he knocked softly, and asked “Hey Manda, can I come in?”

Amanda, startled by the intrusion, grabbed a towel and called back “Yes Daddy, I’m ready.” She didn’t realize how husky her voice sounded until the words were already out.

Hearing her words ‘Yes Daddy, I’m ready.’ Rang over and over in Tom’s mind. Oh, how he’s dreamed Escort Beylikdüzü of hearing those words coming from his young daughters sweet lips. What he wouldn’t do to touch her, just once . . . and, now was his chance! In his mind he cautioned himself, ‘Take is slow Tom, don’t rush her!’

Tom walked back into the bathroom, he found Amanda wrapped in a towel, sitting on the edge of the tub. It did little to hide her abundant charms. He’d dreamed about this for years. “Okay Honey, how do you want to do this? Do you want a bath or a shower?”

“I don’t know Daddy, I think a bath would be easier, so we don’t have to cover my arms. I can just hold them up out of the water.” Amanda replied.

Tom nodded in agreement, walked to the tub and ran the water for her bath. He glanced up at Amanda, and saw that she looked a bit nervous. “What’s the matter Sweetie?” His concern was evident by his tone.

“Oh, nothing Daddy. It’s just that well, I, . . . um, well, I have to be naked, and it’s just that my body has changed so much, and I’m just a bit, . . .” She trailed off.

“Don’t be silly, I used to change your diapers you know. I’m not going to see anything I haven’t already seen a hundred times.” Tom told her in the most calming tone he could muster.

“Okay, the water’s ready, time to jump in.” Tom said, impatiently awaiting the unveiling of his teenage daughter’s sensual body.

Amanda slowly removed her towel. She was completely unaware that her slow deliberate movements were creating carnal havoc on her father’s libido. She gingerly placed the towel on the rack, standing completely naked in front of her father for the first time. She couldn’t believe the amount of moisture she felt between her legs. She was actually turned on by exposing her body to her father! Her embarrassment was obvious to her father, in an effort to comfort her, he looked away and said, “Okay Honey, we’ll do this any way you want.”

Amanda just smiled, and stepped into the tub. ‘I’m okay Daddy, can we start with my hair?”

She sat in the tub and an audible sigh escaped from her lips. “Ahhhh, this feels so good Daddy.”

When Tom heard her moan, his dick twitched within the confines of his pants. Desperately trying to escape, as if it had a mind of it’s own. It throbbed, begging Tom for release of any kind.

Tom knelt down beside the tub, holding the shower massager in his hand. “Lean back now so I can wet your hair.” He told her.

Amanda arched her back, thrusting her pert breasts up, and leaning her head back into her father’s waiting hand so he could wet her hair. Tom was mesmerized by his daughters perfectly formed pink nipples. He forced himself to concentrate on washing Amanda’s hair, while he fantasized about sucking her entire breast into his mouth. After washing and rinsing her hair, he slowly applied the conditioner, gently massaging it into her scalp to remove all the tangles. His raging hard on was creating an intense distraction as he reached for the washcloth, knowing that he was about to wash every inch of this naked wet dream lying before him in the tub.

Amanda sat up, still holding her arms up out of the water. She watched her father lather soap onto the washcloth. She looked at him, and saw that his eyes seemed to be transfixed on her breasts. Rather than hide them from his view, she moved her arms so that his view was not obstructed. Her movements did not go unnoticed by Tom, but he managed to continue the bathing his sweet daughter.

Tom reached out and to wash her shoulders, traveling down her back with the washcloth. He’d thought this through, just seconds before and decided that when he got to her breasts, the wash cloth could ‘accidentally’ slip from his hand. His hand traveled back up her back and over her shoulder. When he reached her breasts, he was careful not to touch her directly just yet. He lingered on her breasts for a moment, gently washing the supple buds, then ‘accidentally’ let the washcloth drop down into the water between her legs.

“Oh, Honey, I’m sorry, I just dropped the washcloth.” He said, feigning innocence.

Amanda was savoring the feel of his warm touch on her body. Her entire being was aroused beyond anything she could have imagined. When her father dropped the washcloth, she felt it slip between her legs and the sensation ignited a smoldering fire within her core.

“It’s okay Daddy, but I can’t get it, you’ll have to.” She said hoping that he would ‘accidentally’ touch her when he retrieved the cloth. She spread her legs to give him access to the washcloth.

Tom’s heart was pounding in his chest as he watched her spread her legs open for him. It was a sight that he had only dreamed about, and often wrote stories about, but, he never thought he would actually experience. He slipped his hand under the water, and the back of his hand came in direct contact with his daughters pussy. He felt the soft plume of curly hair tickle his hand. It felt like it was almost beckoning him to stay there and touch her. He swiftly removed his hand, for fear of frightening his inexperienced daughter. But, as his pulled his hand up from the water, she moved forward a bit, pressing her pussy against the back of his hand. Her movement was so subtle that he couldn’t be sure of her motives.

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