Daddy’s Little Sex Doll V

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Big Tits

I heard a knock on the door, flipping off the television; I stood up and went to the door flipping open the locks. It was my math teacher, she stood in front of me, and I was confused about what she was doing at my house. She wore an ugly red floral print desk, with her helmet hair that we always made fun of in class when her back was turned.

“Miss. Levine is your father here,” she asked?
“No, he’s at work, “I said.
“Will he home soon,” she asked?
“Yes, would you like to wait here for him,” I questioned?

She shook her head that she would; I invited her in, and offered her a seat on the sofa. Thoroughly confused as to why my Math teacher was here to see my Daddy. Surely he wasn’t messing with her¸ he had fucked my teachers before, but they were not like this one. This one was, well she was unappealing the others had at least been attractive.

“I assume you are wondering why I’m here,” she stated.
“Well yes I am,” I stammered.
“I need to speak to your father about your grades slipping,” she said.
“My grades aren’t slipping, and why couldn’t you just be normal and call him on the phone,” I stated rather pissed off.
“Because that young lady is not how I operate,” she said.

I stood up and walked into the kitchen and went out the back door, I’d fix this bitch, I had, had enough of teachers and their attitudes, at 18 and a Senior I was fed up with high school anyway, and I just needed to graduate. I came back into the house, with my German Shepherd Klink walking by my side. When I got to the door of the living room, she looked up at me curiously.

“Fix her,” I said to Klink.

He walked over to her and sat directly in front of her and began to growl, she was startled and scooted over, and he moved over in front of her and didn’t let her move again. She looked at me frightened.

“What is this Ms.Levine,” she said afraid?

I smirked, I left them sitting in the living room, and I went to my dad’s room, I retrieved the handcuffs and the rope, and one large dildo from my dad’s drawer. The big one he saved for me when I had really misbehaved. I walked over to her, and grabbed her arms, the dog stayed right on her.

“What do you think you are doing,” she shrieked?

I pulled her arms around behind her and flipped on the handcuffs quickly squeezing them together hard. Pulling on them I was certain that she couldn’t move her wrists at all. I was finished with letting teachers get the best of me. I turned her around and looked into her frightened face, her eyes darted around wildly as she wondered what I was doing I’m sure. I shoved her down on to the coffee table, laying her on her back. She lay on her hands; I took the rope and tied her legs to each table leg, spread apart under her ugly dress.

“You can’t do this to me, you are going to be in huge trouble, and I’m going to call the police as soon as I get up from here. You let me up from here immediately,” she demanded.

Walking back into my bedroom I picked up my gebze escort ball gag out of my top drawer, I glanced at the clock I had about two hours before Daddy got off work. I had plenty of time to put this bitch in her place. I carried the ball gag in and put it in her mouth; she spit, and gagged and tried to speak around it. Now I wouldn’t have to listen to her shit any longer, and I could teach her this lesson that she needed to learn. I pulled up the ugly red dress moving it above her waist. As I anticipated she had on ugly white cotton panties. I moved over to the end table and removed a pair of scissors, I slid them under the edge of her panties, and I cut them off. I looked at her to see her reaction, it was priceless, and her face was red and flushed from embarrassment at me exposing her pussy. She had not been shaved, it appeared ever, and her pussy was layered in black curly hair that was rather wild. She had plumb little pussy lips, that were parted so slightly since I had her legs spread and tied. Her inner lips were poking out from between her outer lips, and her little clit poked out as well.

I made a motion for Klink to come to me, I patted her pussy, looking at her eyes, and they were wild about what I was going to do with the dog. Klink, who never failed me because he loved pussy, began to nose her cunt. He took his cold wet nose and pushed it again her plump little bush. His tongue snaked out and hit her pussy; she moaned loudly and said something around the gag. I was sure from the look of horror on her face she was begging me to stop the dog. He began to lick at her pussy, rhythmically. My own pussy was throbbing. I moved around where I had access to her pussy. I stooped down and got onto my knees on the other side of the table, and opened her lips up for Klink. For such an ugly teacher, her pussy was beautiful. The hair was soft and her lips were slick with dog slobber, I held her lips apart as he licked at her clit. It was red from being licked by his rough tongue, her clit was swelling, and she was getting aroused I could tell by the way her legs quivered. She was quiet for the moment, I moved my finger over her clit, and I had to touch it. I rubbed my finger back and forth over it, as he continued to lick at her white little pussy hole.

It was time, I patted the table, and I looked at her again, her eyes had widened, I didn’t want to make her cum, I wanted to keep her aroused. Klink moved up between the table, his big hard red drippy cock hung from his belly, his huge knot had moved down. Reaching under him I grabbed his dick and moved it over her clit, she started to scream around the gag. She knew what was about to happen and she didn’t like it one bit. I wiggled his cock into her tight little wet cunt, and then I moved my hand. He began to fuck her tight pussy, his cock spread her lips far apart, and I could see each stroke of his dick going into her plump little pussy. He fucked her faster and deeper each time, she continued darıca escort to scream as the dog raped her pussy. I was quite wet by this time, and decided I needed to give my own pussy a little attention. I slid off my jeans and panties and sat down on the sofa where she could see me. The dog continued to fuck her hard; she scooted up and down on the table as he pounded into her cunt. I spread my legs, so she could see my beautiful tight slick puss. I rubbed my clit, and could feel the wetness sliding from my hole into my asshole. The dog had moved over her further, and was trying to shove his knot into her cunt. She stopped screaming and trying to get away, as he knotted her, she lay very still, her face in obvious pain at his big knot being shoved deep into her folds. I continued to rub at my dripping wet clit. I came, the orgasm drove through my body, straightening my legs, and making me hold my breath. It felt so good, the heat from my excited dissipating a bit.

I moved down between her legs, and could see that he had knotted her big time. He had her pussy spread so far out; her clit was hardly recognizable it had been stretched out so far. I began to rub it, and she moaned, the dog would pump a time or two, and stop I knew he was going to cum soon, I rubbed quickly on her little hard knot of a clit. She began to moan loudly I knew she was cumming; her legs were trembling as the dogs cum spewed out around her knot all over the table and her. I moved up to her and rubber her helmet hair, and pulled her dress up over her tits. They were not very big, however, they were hard, and her nipples stuck up and were a deep red color. I lowered my mouth down on one of them, and began to suck and lick it. She moaned again, the dog was trying to pull out of her. Finally, with a loud wet suction noise, he was free. I moved back between her legs, and watched as her gapping pussy let the cum drip out of her. I untied her legs, and pulled her up, cum continued to pour from her in big stringy clumps, I took the gag out of her mouth. Amazingly she didn’t speak.

“You are going to suck this cum off the table, “I told her.

She shook her head yes, I think she had begun to be aroused by this; I moved her off the table and pushed her face down. Her tongue ran over the table getting the cum into her mouth and swallowing, she sucked and licked for 5 minutes until the table was spotless. I grabbed a cushion off the sofa, and put it on the table. I jerked the dress off of her body, and she was naked except for her bra, which I quickly disposed of. I pushed her down on the table on her stomach; she draped her body over cushion as best she could because of the handcuffs. I pulled her ass up in the air.

“Please don’t do anything to my ass, please, you can have my pussy not my ass,” she begged.
“Just shut the fuck up, I’ll do as I please, you liked my doggy fucking your tight little cunt anyway didn’t you?” I asked.
“Yes,” was all she said.

I motioned izmit yürüyüş yolu escort for Klink to show up, I let him sniff her tight little brown asshole. I spit on her ass and began to
work it into her asshole. She began to protest louder, I picked up her ugly white panties I had cut off and I shoved them into her mouth. I certainly was not going to listen to this shit while he fucked her tight little asshole. I moved him up on the table, again his cock was hanging out dripping cum, and was hard. I picked it up and guided it into her asshole, just the head at first, as it spread her newly fucked ass apart. She screamed and cried for me to stop him. In one stroke his cock slid deep into her bowel. She screamed loudly, I slapped her on the ass, as the dog began to fuck her savagely. Her asshole was opening I held her cheeks apart to help with that process. He fucked her relentlessly, I made sure he didn’t knot her. I was afraid he would kill her, and then I’d have to explain how I did this to Daddy, he would be pissed if I fucked the math teacher to death. The dog came, there was so much it blew back out of her asshole, all over the dog, and all over the table, the teacher, and me. I shoved him off her, moving behind her, I could see her asshole was gaping so wide open I decided to put my hand in there. She screamed as I wiggled my fingers into her ass. I took my other hand and began to massage her clit. She relaxed as I fingered both holes, she rocked her hips to the rhythm I had set. Her legs stiffened and quivered, her pussy quivered as she came all over my hand, as she collapsed on the table I pulled my hands out of her.

I heard a key in the door, fuck was all I could think, I had forgotten what time it was, it was daddy. He was going to be very pissed I had a naked teacher on our coffee table covered in Klink’s cum. He opened the door, and quickly assessed the situation.

“What have you been up to young lady,” he asked?

I shrugged my shoulders, my math teacher had worked herself around to see who had come into the house and was seeing her in all her naked glory. Daddy walked over to me, and took my arm jerking me up.

“Young lady, you are in huge trouble, I’ll deal with your ass tonight,” he said as he kissed me roughly.

The look on the teachers face was priceless as I’m sure she wondered again what the fuck she had walked into. I smiled at her and walked off to my room.

“My God, let me help you, “ Daddy said to the teacher, “I can promise you she will be severely dealt with,” he told her.

I sat in my room, satisfied with my afternoon fuck with Klink. I bet she didn’t go to anyone else’s house to talk about grades. And for the next several days at school, she could barely sit. The interesting thing was she let Daddy fuck her, I heard them in my room, as she screamed and moaned as he fucked her hard. She evidently liked it because last night she showed up at my house in a sexy little black dress. She had even lost her helmet hair, and I knew she was coming to get her ass fucked yet once more by Daddy’s big cock. What she didn’t know was the moment she left, he fucked me the rest of the night. I ended my senior year with an A in math, and no one was ever any wiser about how I had turned my math grade around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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