Daddy’s Shed

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So this was the country; big deal! She hated it ever since they arrived. She had been raised from one military base to another; made friends and lost friends. How do you contend with moving into rural country where your nearest neighbor was two miles down a dirt road and elderly at that? She felt totally isolated and alone.

She drug her feet at every suggestion her parents made. They told her she’d find and make new friends at her new school. She wanted to finish her final year at her old high school. She stomped outside and sat on the concrete steps and pouted.

She wanted to be back at the base with Brad who had finally noticed her and felt her up on their first date. She was trying to hold her emotions in check; she felt desires constantly now remembering his hands caressing her breast and rubbing the inside of her thigh through her jeans.

Frustration fueled her anger. She jumped up and started to walk briskly around the property. ‘Why did Dad and Mom want a damn farm anyway?’ she questioned in her mind as she kept an even pace. Somehow her feet took her past the old shed at the end of the property. Mom had told her not to go there because it was only for Dad. She circled past it and made her way back to the house just in time to see Mom drive away.

“She’s going shopping Amy,” said her Dad as he entered back into the house.

Now she was really pissed off because she wasn’t even invited to go along. She started to walk again at a brisk pace to keep her anger from bubbling out. What she didn’t see was her Dad going inside and then watching her from the kitchen window and rubbing his crotch.

She raised her head and sited on the old shed again. ‘Just what was so important in there that she couldn’t go in?’ She felt so many restrictions lately that her anger got the better of her. She stopped and looked back toward the house. Her Dad was no where in site and so she decided to investigate the old shed.

She stepped up onto its little porch and turned the handle; it smelt musty. She cautiously peered in, but only saw a workbench, mattress on the floor, cardboard boxes along the wall and one opened on the workbench. There was a light hanging from the roof with a pull chain. She stepped inside, but left the door ajar, pulled the chain and a 40 Walt bulb illuminated the shed.

He watched her when she stopped and looked around; he gazed at the clock. He knew his wife would be gone for at least four or five hours; knew how she like to take her time shopping. ‘Go in, go in,’ he kept saying in his mind and was rewarded when she İstanbul Escort did. He quit rubbing his hard on and went out the door heading for the shed.

Amy was amazed at how cozy the shed was and stepped up to the workbench. She had just flipped up the lid on one side of the box when she heard the door behind her shut. She spun around and saw her Dad standing there looking at her.

“Just a bit nosy are you?” he asked.

Amy blushed, “I’m sorry Dad; I just got curious,” she stammered.

“Then I think you need to see,” he said as came up to her, spun her around and insinuated himself against her pressing her up against the workbench.

“Open the box Sweetie,” he commanded.

Her trembling hands reached up and opened the carton. She saw lots of pornographic magazines.

“Take the top one out,” again in a commanding voice.

She took it out and laid it on the workbench in front of her.

“Now, open it slowly one page at a time,” he commanded.

“Dad, I don’t think…” she started to say.

“Shut Up! You don’t think at all, now do what I say!” his voice getting just a bit louder.

Amy reached up and opened the cover. She saw a young woman stretched out on a bed with a guy sucking her breasts. She felt her own nipples start to get hard and did an intake; wanted to move but felt her Dad’s body pressed against hers.

“Do you like what you see Amy? Has any boy touched you like this?” and he reached around and started to massage and tweak her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra and feeling that they were already hard made him smile.

“Answer Daddy Sweetie, have you ever let a boy suck your nipples?” he reached down and pulled her top up over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her B cup breasts were so firm and perky. Her breathing quickened and she leaned back against his hard muscled body.

Amy shook her head ‘no’ and her head was swimming. She knew that Daddies didn’t touch their daughters like this, but she didn’t want him to stop either.

“Turn around Sweetie, Daddy is going to suck your nipples now and make you feel better,” he spun her around and pressed her back to the bench.

He lowered his mouth to her hardened nipple and flicked his tongue over it. She sucked in her breath at the touch. When he started to suck on her nipple she gave a soft moan and then wrapped her hands around his head to draw him in more.

She could feel her heart pounding in her ears and knew that she was getting wet between her legs again. Her Dad moved over to her other breast İstanbul Escort Bayan and she loved what he was doing to her. She leaned her head back and moaned again. He stopped and stood up again and turned her back to the counter.

“Turn the page Sweetie,” he said in a strained voice.

Amy’s shaking hand quickly turned the page and the guy was in between the woman’s legs with his face in her pussy.

“Do you know what he’s doing Sweetie?” her Dad asked as he still massaged and tweaked her nipples.

Amy just shook her head again ‘no’ and was unconsciously rubbing back against her Dad’s cock.

“That’s okay, Daddy’s going to show you,” and he quickly stripped her jeans and underwear off of her while she stood there panting hard. He lifted her up and put her on the workbench and then pushed her knees toward her chest.

He started to lick, suck and bite all over her cunt. She was moaning and breathing hard. He curled two fingers up and inserted them into her tight hole and she screamed, moaned and humped his fingers. He felt a little further and could feel her hymen. He put his mouth over her clit and sucked while he finger fucked his daughter.

“That’s it Sweetie, cum for Daddy,” and then her body shook and he replaced his fingers with his tongue to lap up her sweet juices. He kept at it until he had started to stimulate her again.

He stood up and raised her off the workbench and back onto the floor, “Turn the page Sweetie,” and he was dropping his pants and shorts and stepping out of them while she did.

The next page showed Amy a guy inserting his cock into the woman’s pussy. Her pussy was throbbing and her Dad was rubbing his hands up and down her ass cheeks; spreading her legs wide feeling and fingering her pussy.

“Tell Daddy what you want Sweetie? You want to feel a cock in you; don’t you? You want Daddy’s cock in you; don’t you?” he kept whispering in her ear while his hands were making her hotter and hotter.

“Yes Daddy,” Amy said breathing hard and starring at the picture. She then felt the head of his cock enter into her vagina and stretch her open.

“Oh Daddy, it’s so big!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t worry Sweetie, your insides will stretch to make room for it, but there’s going to be a bit of pain first, but it will turn into pleasure; Daddy promises. Are you ready Sweetie?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said and closed her eyes.

He sawed in and out of her letting her get use to his size. He could feel the head bumping into her hymen; he pulled back and then plunge Escort İstanbul all the way bringing her against the base of his cock.

She screamed impaled on his cock and he kissed her neck and massaged her breasts; then he slid his finger down and slowly massaged her clit until he felt her starting to move on his cock. She was so damn tight. He started slowly fucking in and out of her tight pussy and she was moaning, breathing hard and holding onto the workbench.

“Oh Sweetie, You like Daddy fucking you; don’t you?” he said as he tweaked her nipples between his fingers covering her breasts. His strokes started to speed up as her breathing increased and her moaning got louder.

“Answer Daddy Sweetie or maybe I should just stop,” and he quick fucking her.

“No-o-o-o Daddy! Keep fucking me please! I want your cock fucking me Daddy, please!” Amy screamed and so he resumed fucking in and out of her tight hole. He could tell she was close, but so was he. He had been holding back for awhile now; she was just too damn tight.

“Cum on Daddy’s cock Sweetie” and she did as spasm after spasm raked through her body. He quickly pulled out of her pussy, spun her around, and pushed her down.

“Open your mouth,” he shouted and she quickly obeyed. “I drank your cum; now you’re going to drink mine. Don’t spill any!” and he shoved the head of his cock into her mouth and began to jack off; filling it with his cum.

Amy closed her mouth around her Dad’s cock so she wouldn’t spill any and kept swallowing. She decided it wasn’t bad; kind of salty tasting. Her Dad was leaning on the workbench with one hand and still had the other on his cock.

Amy got off the floor and leaned against her Dad putting her arms around his waist and laying her head against his strong chest, “I Love you Daddy. I feel so much better now.”

She looked up into his eyes and smiled, “Will you teach me more Daddy?”

He bent down and gave her a deep probing kiss. When he broke it off, he again looked into her eyes, “Yes Sweetie, but it has to be our secret. Okay?”

She laughed, “Oh Daddy, I already figured that much out.”

“Daddy?” said Amy, “Why didn’t you cum in me?”

“Sweetie,” said her Dad, “I didn’t want to make you pregnant.” He held her close to him, closed his eyes and smiled.

“Oh Daddy,” said Amy again, “Mom’s had me on the pill since I was 13.”

Her Dad was a little startled and stepped back a bit, “Why?”

Amy smiled, “To regulate my monthly Daddy.”

He smiled and hugged her to his body again.

“In that case Sweetie, why don’t we finish looking at some magazines and see if there’s anything else that interests you?” and he hugged her once more and turned her towards the workbench again.

“Daddy, it all makes me hot and wet,” said Amy and he smiled and pressed her body against him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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