Dad’s Cooking Skills

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This is a work of fiction. All characters engaging in sexual activity are over 18.

Madison sat in her favorite chair, sipping tea while looking out at the cold, grey afternoon. She had finally finished all the preparations. Now she could sit back and relax. She actually had a couple of weeks to spare. She was sure she’d find details to tweak, but for right now, she could relax. And reflect. How did this happen? No, that question made it sound like this was a bad thing, and this was the most wonderful thing ever. A better question would be, how did she get here? If she had to point to a single thing that started it all, she’d have to say it was spaghetti. Spaghetti was the introduction. But the story really got going with hamburgers. Yeah. That’s what started it all. Definitely hamburgers.

Madison Mixon had grown up with just her dad. Her mom died when she was only seven. She had been a passenger on a plane that malfunctioned and went down, killing everyone on board. It wasn’t terrorists or some evil conspiracy. It ended up being a mechanical malfunction that simply went from bad to worse. It was a tragedy, but at least the settlement from the airline allowed her dad to buy their home outright and put some money away, so he didn’t have to work two jobs to take care of them. As a result, her dad, Jamey Mixon, was able to be much more involved in her life.

She’d never been much of a joiner, but in middle school she discovered band, and she loved playing her saxophone. She got pretty good at it, too, and Jamey was at every concert, recital, and football game. He couldn’t tell you anything about the games because he only had eyes for his girl. For a while it looked like music might be a lifelong thing. But after her sophomore year in high school, the band director left, finally getting his shot at directing a college band. The new band director was younger and less experienced, and he had a difficult time connecting with his students. He was an excellent musician but an awful teacher. As a result, fewer than half the students came back to the band after the winter break. Madison left as well. Word was, he learned from the experience, and got better as a teacher. Jamey urged Madison to go back. But she just told him that she’d done that and now wanted to focus on school. So she spent her senior year in high school as a self-described free agent; no clubs, no affiliations, just her and her two best friends, Trina and Courtney.

Madison had no idea that her dad was a good cook. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t cook for her. Quite the contrary… he cooked for her every single day. It was just that she had nothing to compare it to. She rarely ate at her friend’s homes. There wasn’t any decision not to… it just worked out that way. And her friends had never eaten at her house. They all lived pretty close to one another and dinner was always just a short walk back. Also, there were no good restaurants in their little town, either. Just a couple of mom-and-pop joints that had long ago given up trying to impress anybody with their fare. Their main draw seemed to be that someone else would do the dishes. Jamey wasn’t a chef or a professional cook, either. He just enjoyed cooking for himself and his daughter. And he took his time and actually tried to improve every dish he made. As he became a better and better cook, Jamey also noticed his pants and shirts getting a bit tighter. He was still young, just shy of 40, and he thought that that was too young to start growing a paunch. So he bought a decent home gym, put it in his garage, and started working on it every day for at least 30 minutes. In no time, his physique trimmed back down and became very well-toned. He wasn’t trying to go crazy and become a body-builder. He just knew that Madison would be leaving the nest soon, and he’d need to be down to ‘dating weight’ to find, well, somebody. But for now, he wasn’t worried about that. He was focused on being there 100% for his daughter and enjoying the time they had left.

Their house had an in-ground pool that saw a lot of use during the summer, when Madison and her friends would spend hours lounging and splashing in the water. Usually, whenever Madison had her friends over, Jamey made it a point to make himself scarce, either in the garage working out on his home gym or inside watching television. As a single father, he didn’t want to even appear to be perving out on the young girls in his home. It was all-too-easy to get the dreaded label, ‘creepy,’ and he knew that would be the social kiss of death for his daughter. So when Trina, Courtney, and any of the others were at his home, he tried his best to stay out of their way.

The trio disbanded after the summer following graduation. Trina left to go to college, but Madison and Trina stayed home and went to the local Junior College. The plan was for them both to go to the main school for their 3rd and 4th years. So for a while longer, Jamey still had his girl living at home with him.

One afternoon, after Madison Beylikdüzü escort and Courtney were done with classes, and were working on assignments at the table, determined to finish what assignments they had early so they could enjoy the weekend. Jamey was puttering in the kitchen, looking for something to throw together for dinner. He dropped a jar of peanut butter and it broke on the tile floor. Courtney saw it break and joked, “That’s what I’m having for dinner!”

“What?” replied Jamey.

“Oh, my mom and dad are out of town for the weekend. They figure, I’m nineteen now, so I’m on my own for dinner. I don’t feel like trying to ruin anything, so I’ll just have a PB&J and call it a day.”

He looked at Madison, “Did you know your BFF was gonna starve tonight?” She just shrugged. Then he said, “Courtney, have some dinner with us. I’m not gonna let your skinny ass starve!”

Courtney scoffed, “First of all,” and she turned around and shook her perky ass at him, “this ass ain’t skinny. It’s not quite Madison’s ghetto-booty, but it’s received its share of lustful stares! But second, honestly, Mr. Mix, I don’t want to impose.”

“Impose?! You’re my daughter’s best friend. You’re family, and I insist.”

“Well, okay, but dude, can you cook? I mean, am I gonna be wishing for that PB&J? Cause MY dad barely understands cold cereal!”

Jamey answered, “I don’t know… I guess I’m okay. I managed to keep Mads alive. Just eat. I promise I won’t poison you!”

“Fine! And thanks, Mr. Mix!”

Jamey finished frying up some hamburger for spaghetti sauce as he threw some pasta in the pot. Less than 40 minutes later, he put everything on the table and called the girls to dinner. He’d even heated up a pre-made frozen garlic bread. Since it was just a simple meal of spaghetti, he’d already plated their meals, so as soon as they all sat down, they could just dig in. Jamey watched as Courtney took her first bite. He was nervous because he’d never cooked for anyone other than Madison. He hoped it tasted okay.

She took her first bite and closed her eyes as she savored it. Once she swallowed, she said, “Oh my god… what did you do to this spaghetti?!”

“What?! What’s wrong with it? I’m so sorry!” He’d wanted her to like it!

“Wrong?! This is the best spaghetti I’ve ever had in my entire life!” and she ate another big forkful, almost inhaling her food. She shoveled fork after fork into her mouth, oblivious of her lack of decorum.

Jamey and Madison looked at each other questioningly. “Are you serious?” asked Madison. “Because this really isn’t his best work.”

Jamey agreed, “Yeah… it’s just a little too soft, and…”

Madison continued, “And it’s just a little bland. Honestly dad, you really phoned this one in!”

Jamey defended himself, “Hey, I wasn’t even gonna cook tonight, but I couldn’t let her not have dinner. So I just threw something together fast.”

Courtney asked, “Seriously, Mr. Mixon, THIS was nothing special? Cause this is the best spaghetti I’ve ever had. Ever.”

Jamey replied, “Well you should come by when I got my A-game on.”

Courtney asked Madison, “You guys eat like this all the time?”

Madison shrugged and said, “Like I said, usually it’s better. But yeah, pretty much,” Madison admitted.

“How do you not weigh like a million pounds?” Courtney joked.

“To me, it’s nothing special. It’s just my dad’s cooking.”

Courtney exclaimed, “Girl, you don’t know how good you’ve got it. I’d never move out!”

They all laughed and finished eating. Courtney finished another large helping of spaghetti, and tried to help clean up but Jamey refused, saying, “Tonight you’re company. You can help next time.”

A couple of weeks later, Madison asked her dad, “Trina’s coming home for the weekend and we’re all gonna hang out in the pool, okay?”

“That’s fine. You don’t have to ask for that,” said Jamey.

“I know. It’s just that Courtney wanted you to cook something. She’s been going on and on about your stupid spaghetti the other night. She thinks it was luck. But that’s okay… I told you wouldn’t want to – “

“What are you talking about? I’d love to cook something for them.”

“But you hate it when they’re over here. As soon as they get here you run and hide. “

“Mads, I do that for you,” said Jamey.

“For me? What are you talking about?”

“Just think about it. Bunch of hot teenage girls running around in bathing suits, frolicking around in my pool, and me, a single dad, just looking at ’em. That’s a sure-fire way to get called, ‘Creepy.’ And if they call me creepy, that’s social death for you. So as soon as any of them show up, I make myself scarce.”

Madison looked at him with new respect. “You did that for me?” she asked

“Of course. You’re my baby girl. I’ll do anything for you,” he said, shrugging it off like it was nothing.

Saturday afternoon found Jamey making the girls a simple yet exquisitely prepared meal of hamburgers and french fries. Since he knew that expectations Beylikdüzü escort were high, he bought all high – end ingredients, and made sure to cook everything perfectly. He wasn’t used to cooking for anyone but Madison, so he wanted to show off a little. He also wanted to impress Madison, since she apparently took his skills for granted. He had never put so much effort into something as simple as hamburgers!

Finally, everything was almost ready. He made a show of taking their orders, and prepared each girl’s food exactly as she asked for it, and he set their plates in front of them on the patio table, and announced, “Time to eat… get it while it’s hot!”

Madison bit into hers first. Her dad had never made burgers this good! He’d used a lot of different seasonings, including something smoky, and it tasted better than any burger she’d ever had. “Excellent, dad!” she said.

Courtney and Trina bit into theirs, and immediately started moaning in delight. Neither of them had ever tasted anything like it. It was like if God personally cooked them a burger, this would be what it would taste like. They kept moaning obscenely after each bite, acting as if eating was a sexual experience. Jamey ate his food, watching them eating, incredibly pleased with himself. He thought the food came out great.

After they had all finished eating, Courtney said to Madison, “Maddie, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to marry your dad.”

Madison was not expecting to hear that. “What?!”

Courtney repeated, “I’m gonna have to marry your dad. I mean, he’s cute, he’s got a smoking body, a good job, he’s a homeowner, plus he cooks like a friggin’ chef! Mr. Mixon, you’re the total package. Im’ma have to take you off the market!” She got up and went over to him and sat on his lap.

Madison screamed, “What the hell are you doing? Get off his lap!”

Trina laughed, saying, “I don’t know, Mads, your new stepmom looks like a gold digger!”

“She is NOT gonna be my stepmother! Bitch, get off my dad’s lap!”

Courtney said, “Young lady, don’t make me ground you for talking back!”

Trina quipped, “Yeah! Don’t be sassing your mother! And don’t call your new mommy a bitch!” Everyone laughed at that one.

Madison looked like she might cry. “Daddy… make them stop!”

Jamey, seeing his daughter’s distress, said, “Okay, everybody, that’s enough. Let me clean up this mess. Up you go, Courtney,” as he pushed her up off him, his hand sneakily cupping her firm bottom. He stood up and started picking up their plates to take everything inside the kitchen. As he started loading the dishes into the dishwasher, Courtney commented, “And he cleans, too?! Sorry, Madison. This is gonna have to happen!”

Madison was not happy, but she put on a good front so they could enjoy the rest of the afternoon. As the sun started getting low, Trina and Courtney wanted to go to a movie. For some reason that she herself didn’t understand, Madison did not want to leave her dad. She wanted to spend more time in his company, just the two of them. So she begged off, claiming a sore throat. Trina and Courtney both quickly left, not wanting to catch a cold and ruin a gorgeous weekend.

After everyone else had gone and the kitchen was put back together, Jamey was relaxing on the sofa in the family room, about to find a movie to watch. Madison came in and sat next to him but said nothing. Jamey looked at her and saw she was pouting a little.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” he asked her.

She stayed silent, instead just shrugging.

“Come on, talk to me. Tell Daddy what’s wrong, and we’ll fix it.”

When she heard him say, ‘Daddy,’ something pinged deep inside her. Something that felt, well, a little naughty. What the hell was this? Still, she stayed silent. Finally, she mumbled, “Nuffn.”

He put his arm around her and playfully pulled her into a loose embrace. “Nothin’? Really? You don’t look like it’s ‘nothin.’ You may as well talk… I’m not gonna stop,” he teased.

She let loose a loud, exasperated sigh. “Fine! I didn’t like that stuff Courtney was saying today. I’m sure YOU liked having a hot 19-year-old on your lap, but—”

“She’s okay, but she’s not, well, she’s no YOU,” Jamey admitted.

“Me?” said Madison, not believing him. “I’m nothing. Court’s got that long sexy dark hair—”

“And you’ve got that sexy red hair that I love!”

“And she’s got those big boobs that—”

“That gravity will not be kind to. She’s gonna have those big, floppy grandma titties. Your little perky A-cups will look good forever. And I know they’re A-cups because I do laundry.”

“But I have this ugly big, fat ass that—”

Jamey nodded suggestively, “Well you don’t have a flat booty. You actually have a spectacular ass. I mean, it’s perfectly round, firm, not too much jiggle, I mean it’s flawless! Sweetie, your ass looks like it should be the model used for all female butts.”

Madison smiled despite herself from her dad’s thorough description of her backside. She never felt pretty Escort Beylikdüzü enough. Maybe it was from growing up without a mom, or maybe she just had low self-esteem, but she just never felt like she was attractive. Even hearing her dad’s words, she was still skeptical, and said to him, “Yeah, you don’t mean all that. You’re just saying this ’cause you’re my dad. You have to tell me that.”

Jamey looked uncomfortable as he admitted, “Yeah, Mads, I say those things DESPITE being your dad. Look, fathers are supposed to say, ‘Yes, sweetie, you’re very pretty,’ and that’s it. They’re NOT supposed to mention that you are incredibly beautiful, that you have a great ass, or delectably perky little mouthful boobs, or that the fact that you’re a real redhead drives him crazy.”

Madison was shocked… “Dad! How do you know that?!” She was suddenly very self-conscious. Had her dad been peeking at her naked?

“Your eyebrows and eyelashes,” he said, gesturing at her face.


“Your eyebrows and lashes. Girls can dye the hair on their head and shave off the other, but your eyelashes always accurately describe, well, that.”

She thought about that. “I guess that’s true. I thought you’d seen me, you know, naked.”

“Well I have,” he said casually as she gasped in surprise. “Honey, we live in a house together. Accidental flashes happen. Both ways,” he added significantly, and she blushed furiously. She didn’t know that HE knew that she’d seen his… or that once she saw it, it had somehow been making regular appearances in her imagination. He COULDN’T know that, could he?! Just then, she wondered if her little red muffin had made any appearances in HIS dreams. He didn’t date, so maybe.

“Well, I’m gonna shave it off anyway, so there.”

Jamey looked disappointed. “Aw, don’t do that.” He quickly recovered, “I mean… uhh, but it’s none of my business anyway. I’ll never see it intentionally. It’s just that, well I think women look much sexier when they look like, well, women, and not prepubescent little girls. And yours is really nice. But that’s just my opinion, and it’s your, you know, well, hell, just forget I said anything, okay?”

Madison laughed at her dad’s discomfort. “Anyway, dad, you really think I’m pretty? Sexy? Desirable? All that?”

Jamey back away from her and let his eyes sweep hungrily over his daughter sitting there next to him. “Yes. Absolutely,” he replied emphatically. “You are completely and totally hot. I think you’re so hot, that I’m now afraid that you think I’m weird. Don’t hate me. This is all your fault for being so hot!”

Her dad had just called her ‘hot’ three times! And he’d looked at her like he wanted to devour her. She’d never felt so desired. This was all new to her, and it was affecting her in exciting and unfamiliar ways. She was 20 years old; certainly, she’d been aroused before. She wasn’t a virgin, but she’d only done it once, and it had been quick and sorely disappointing. And quick. But she’d never felt anything like the electricity cracking between her and her dad. “You really mean all that, dad?” she asked, hopefully.

“Every word, and then some,” he responded as he hugged her close.

“Ooohh… What does that mean?” she asked, wondering if there were deeper feelings her dad had that he was not ready to share.

“That’s enough for right now. Man, it’s hot in here! Did you turn off the AC? Are you hot? Because I’m dying here!”

“Fine,” she laughed. “We’ll let it go. But dad, you’re not gonna marry Courtney, are you? Even if she tries, ’cause I think she was kinda serious.”

“Mads, is that what’s wrong? You’re jealous? Baby, why would you be jealous of me?”

Now it was Madison’s turn to feel uncomfortably hot. “Dad, I think you’re right. The AC isn’t working right. I’ll go check!” And she was up like a shot, running away from her dad before one of them said or did… something.

A few days later, Trina had gone back to school and Courtney was hanging out at Madison’s house. Jamey asked, “Would you like to stay for dinner?”

Courtney quickly responded, “I thought you’d never ask! What’s for dinner?”

Madison said, “I’m in the mood for fajitas, so he’s making that.”

Courtney’s face fell. “Aww… I hate fajitas. Well, thanks anyway.”

Jamey said, “Wait, what’s wrong with fajitas? Everybody loves fajitas.”

She said, “Uhgg… the meat’s always tough, the bread gets soggy, the flavor is weird, it’s just a mess! No, thanks!”

Jamey and Madison looked at each other, puzzled. Jamey said, “Clearly, you’ve been doing fajitas wrong. Stay, and just try mine. If you still don’t like them, I’ll make you something else, okay?”

“If you say so.”

“Trust me.”

Two hours later, Courtney was passed out on Madison’s sofa, full to the gills with Jamey’s blindingly good steak fajitas, and Sangria that he let her drink liberally once she surrendered her car keys. He’d been right… she’d never had fajitas before. It was far and away the best meal she’d ever eaten.

As she helped her dad clean up the kitchen while Courtney snored softly from the sofa, Madison said, “I’m sorry, dad. I never realized what a good cook you are. I guess I took that for granted. Courtney really opened my eyes to that. I guess I should thank her for that.”

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