Dad’s Help_(0)

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Dad’s Help

My son and I have been on our own now for a few years ever since his mother left, not to be heard from again. Jeff was 11 at the time and it took him several months to finally accept that his mother was gone for good.
We did the usual things together, baseball in the summer, football in the fall, skiing in the winter. He seemed to adjust quite well and had several very close friends. One of the, Peter, lived next door and they spent a lot of time together doing the things boys do. They had many sleepovers, both here and over at Peter’s house but one night, Jeff found out something about Peter and his family that seemed to bother him quite a bit.
One night about a week after his last sleepover at Peter’s, he came into my bedroom with a scowl on his face.
“What’s up?” I asked.
He didn’t say anything for a few minutes but got onto the bed with me, sitting crosslegged facing me and started.
“You know the other night when I slept over at Peter’s, I found out something about him and his father that has bothered me since.”
I put my book down and looked at him urging him to continue with my eyes.
“Well, after we went to bed, I woke to go to the bathroom and Peter wasn’t in his bed. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and when I came out, I noticed a light coming from his parent’s room. I didn’t think to much about it as they are adults and probably stay up a lot later that I do.”
I couldn’t help but smile a little at this comment but didn’t say anything.
“I stayed in bed for a few more minutes then got up again and walked down the hall. I stopped outside his parent’s room and listened. I stood with my back against the wall but close to the open door. At first I didn’t hear anything then I heard Peter’s father.”
“What did you hear?” I asked.
He moved closer to me but didn’t adjust his crosslegged position.
“Well, I heard his father say something very dirty,” he whispered.
“What do you mean dirty?” I asked.
“Well, he used that word that I don’t like.”
“Oh, what word is that?”
“Well, I don’t know if I should say it.”
“Its okay son, it’s only you and I here and nobody will know about what you’re telling me anyway.”
“You promise you won’t get mad?”
“No son, I won’t get mad.”
“I heard his father say fuck.”
I hesitated before speaking, trying very hard to keep from laughing.
“Well, that isn’t a very nice word but what was he doing when he said it?”
“I didn’t know just then but I found out shortly after that.”
He hesitated before continuing.
“I peeked around the corner of the door and saw Peter and his parents on their bed.”
“Well, they were doing something I didn’t think families ever did.”
“What was that?” I asked, my interest starting to peak.
Again he hesitated.
“They were having sex.”
I looked straight at Jeff and waited for him to continue, not saying anything.
“Peter was between his mother and father, having sex with his mother while his father was having sex with him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I couldn’t take my eyes off them as they continued for quite a while.”
Now my interest was completely aroused by what I was hearing.
“Who was doing what to who?” I asked.
“Well, Peter was shoving his cock in and out of his mother while his father was shoving his cock in and out of Peter.”
Now my cock was really interested in the story. I had never thought about my son as a sexual object but right now, I was looking at him differently. Here was a young boy of 14 telling his father about his friend’s family sexual habits and it was getting my mind thinking about it.
Finally, after swallowing a little, I asked for more information about what he saw.
“I watched them as they continued and I heard both his mother and father urging him on, telling him to fuck them and how good he felt.”
“Well son, I’m sure they knew what they were doing and maybe they do that all the time. You never know but some families spend time together where they have sex on a regular basis. Its now very smart but some families do it.”
He nodded and didn’t say anything. I waited for him to speak but he didn’t. I could see he had something else on his mind but with the state of my cock and his closeness, I didn’t want to ask him what it was.
After a few minutes, I suggested he go back to bed and get a good night’s sleep. He nodded but didn’t move. Instead he was looking at me
with wide eyes.
“Dad, do you suppose, just this once, I could sleep in here with you?”
“Sure son, get in here,” I said, carefully pulling the covers back for him but not enough so he could see my erect cock.
He snuggled down and turned away from me. I leaned over him and turned the light off. As I brought my hand back from turning the light off, I brushed across his hips. I wasn’t quite sure but I thought I heard him gasp a little at my touch. I moved down and put my head on the pillow next to him while moving my hand back to his hip. He snuggled against me more and I’m sure he felt my hard cock against his back as he hesitated a little before moving even closer.
He was wearing shorts and no top so I could feel his skin against my chest as we nestled down under the covers. Moving my hand on his hip made him try to move even closer. As I brushed my fingers up and down his hip slowly, I swear I heard him sigh. He didn’t move away from me so I kept stroking his hip with my fingers, each time going a little further up and down his body until I was openly caressing his bare legs down to his knees and his shorts covered ass.
Suddenly, I felt his hand land on my hip and start to do the same thing to me that I was doing to him. He ran his fingers up and down my hip but because of his size, he couldn’t reach much of me with his small hands. After a few more minutes, he turned over onto his back but didn’t remove his hand from my hip. Now he could reach more of me and he didn’t hesitate while I ran my hands up and down his bare arms and legs.
Finally, I looked at him and asked him if he was okay with what I was doing to him. He just nodded but I could see in his eyes, he was enjoying the feeling of my hands on him. I moved my hand to his chest and caressed around his nipples a little while running my hand over most of his chest. When I felt his nipple again, he clamped his hand over mine and held it there. He looked at me.
“Dad, is this how people make love?” he asked.
I smiled and nodded.
“Well. If this is how it is done, then I want to do more it more often.”
“Why do you say that, son?”
“It just feels so nice to have someone else rub my body, that’s all.”
Now I was running my fingers along to top of his shorts and under the waistband. He didn’t say anything but was watching me as I reached my full hand under his shorts to caress his stomach and groin. Having never done this before, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, but because he wasn’t stopping me, I thought I must be doing okay.
Anyway, I rubbed around his groin and his sparse almost hairless crotch before finally finding the end of his cock. He groaned softly at my touch and I boldly grabbed his cock starting to rub it with my hand.
He groaned again only this time louder as I continued. With my other hand, I pulled his shorts down a little until they were around his hips, exposing his cock and balls to me. I looked at him and his eyes were closed with a grin on his lips.
I moved over him and leaned into him, my hand running down between his legs to cup his balls. I flicked my tongue out and touched the end of his cock, which made him groan again. I licked around his tip for a while before taking his little growing cock into my mouth, starting to suck him. He groaned loudly and lifted his hips towards me, his cock going deeper into my mouth.
I caressed his balls as I sucked his cock then moved down to circle them with my tongue, wetting them with my spit. I licked down under them while I lifted his hips up. I found his ass hole and stuck my tongue against it while pulling his legs even higher in the air. I had a grip on his ankles while I started licking up and down his crack, wetting him.
I pulled his shorts completely off him and spread his legs apart. Moving up between them I took one of his balls in my mouth and softly sucked on it. He groaned a little. I next moved his legs up over my shoulders and my head went down until my mouth was directly in line with his ass hole. My tongue found his hole again and I pushed against it, feeling the tip go into him just a little.
He tasted a little musty but I continued licking him, enjoying him. He spread his legs further apart and gave himself to me, opening himself up to my tongue, giving me complete access to his ass hole. I took advantage of it and was soon thrusting my tongue in and out of his ass as he pushed against my face. His thighs was trembling and shaking as I fucked his hole with my tongue until I knew I had to use my cock on him and fuck him like I would a woman.
I raised my head and looked at him.
“Son, what was the word Peter’s father used?”
“Fuck,” he almost yelled.
“And how did he use it?” I asked.
“Fuck me,” he answered.
“Is that what you want me to do?” I asked quietly.
“Yes,” he gasped. “Yes, fuck me father.”
Are you sure, son? It will hurt.”
“Yes, I’m sure. Fuck me.”
I moved up between his legs and holding them apart by his ankles, I positioned my cock head at his opening. I pushed a little until just my head was inside him then stopped, waiting for him to get used to me being inside him. When he didn’t say and do anything, I pushed in a little more. I saw him grimace but he didn’t say anything. I pushed in more then more and soon was fully inside him, my balls resting against the back of his thighs.
God he felt good. He was hot but tight and his canal surrounded my cock fully as I slowly pulled out of him after a few minutes. I left my head inside him then slowly pushed fully back up into him. He grimaced again but didn’t stop me so I started to slowly, at first thrust in and out of him, making love to my son’s ass. What a feeling. Here I was fucking my son who was letting me and enjoying it.
I sped up and soon my balls were slapping against his thighs loudly as I fucked him, sliding in and out of him quickly and fully. He grunted every time I reached the end of his canal and I knew soon, I would be filling his canal with hot cum. Because I hadn’t had sex for quite a while it didn’t take long for me to start to cum and cum I did, gushing my cream up inside his little body filling his canal completely. I came so much that some of it started leaking out around my shaft, as I held myself as deep in him as I could.
“Oh son, you felt so good,” I rasped as I lay on top of him, my cock buried inside his ass. It didn’t hurt that much did it?”
“No, not that much but now I know what Peter feels like when his father fucks him.”
I smiled down at him while my softening cock slowly slid out of him, allowing me to lower his legs. He rolled over and I could see my cum around his hole. Without hesitating, I pulled his cheeks apart and started to lick him, sucking my cum out of his ass as best I could. I had never tasted cum before and found it quite pleasant especially mixed with my son’s juices too.
After I couldn’t get any more out of him, he rolled over again onto his back and looked me.
“Father, can I fuck you?”
“Of course you can. Its only fair that you fuck me like I fucked you.”
God, I was hot. It didn’t take long for me to expose my ass hole to him while he got between my legs, pointing his hard little cock at my hole. He thrust his hips forward and for the first time in my life, I felt a cock inside my body. He didn’t wait starting to thrust in and out of me while I held my legs as far apart as I could. I felt his cock twitch then something hot and wet in my ass. He came and the little bit of cum inside him felt good inside me.
After he pulled out of me, we relaxed together and he looked at me.
“Dad, can I sleep with you more often?”
“Sure son, you can sleep with me whenever you want. If you like, you can move in here and sleep with me every night.”
He grinned.
“And fuck every night too,” he teased.
I just nodded while pulling him to me, hugging him tightly.
That wasn’t the end of the story but maybe next time, I will complete the tale.

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