Dad’s Undies

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This story is of course completely fictional. All characters depicted are over 18.

An overwhelming majority of the underwear fetish fics on here feature an eager son masturbating over his hot mom’s panties. Couldn’t find many fics featuring a daughter masturbating with her dad’s undies so I decided to write one!


It was Thursday afternoon. Jennifer was heading back to her parents’ house. University had broken up for the two-week Christmas break and she was relieved to be back in her old bedroom again. It would be a hell of a lot quieter than her room at the halls of residence.

Jennifer opened the front door. Mum was still at work but her dad was home early as usual, as she noticed his black Audi on the drive. He’d dropped down to part-time six months ago. She walked into the living room.

“Afternoon love,” her dad muttered, slumped in an armchair.

“Hi Dad! You look exhausted.”

“I finished at the office so I headed off to the gym,” he replied. “Just got back. It nearly put me out, but now that the new year’s almost here and I have more free time, I’m determined to get a bit more in shape and improve my health. Too many years spent behind the desk. I’ve managed to quit smoking, so that’s a start.” He looked down at his small beer belly. “This’ll take some shifting.”

“You look loads better than Charlotte’s dad. He’s a lost cause.”

He laughed. “Well I’ll take that as a compliment then!”

Jennifer made herself a cup of coffee and flopped down on the sofa to check her smartphone.

“Right, well I’m going to have a nice, long shower Jen. Do you need the bathroom?”

Jennifer shook her head as she read her Tumblr page. “Nope, it’s all yours, Dad.”

He went upstairs and Jennifer tossed her phone aside, less concerned with social media and more with the fact that her father would soon be casting off his sweaty clothes into the laundry bin on the landing, bursa otele gelen eskort including hopefully, his underwear.

Her dad was blissfully unaware that his smart, 19-year-old daughter harboured a fetish for his dirty underpants; was excited by the sight of him wearing nothing but his underpants. And thank God he didn’t know. What daughter in her right mind enjoyed masturbating while sniffing her 48-year old father’s underwear? It was totally wrong, revolting even, she knew that, but as long as she could keep getting away with it, she’d keep indulging this fetish.

Jennifer tiptoed upstairs. As she passed her parents’ bedroom, she noticed the door was ajar. Carefully, she glanced through the gap. Her dad was busy undressing and humming a song to himself as he usually did. He’d removed his shirt, exposing his huge rug of grey chest hair.

Jennifer continued to watch. Again it was wrong to do so, but was unable to turn herself away. He unfastened his belt and trousers, letting them fall to the floor.

Jennifer was finally rewarded with the sight of her dad wearing nothing but his socks and white y-fronts. She grinned, feeling that familiar tingle between her thighs. He always wore traditional white y-fronts, never boxer shorts or trunks that her boyfriends had preferred to wear. Nope, y-fronts were the symbol of an older man alright. Nothing more of a turn for her than them either. He had a pretty good physique, she thought. Yes a bit of a beer belly but a nice firm chest, from what she could gather under that forest of hair. It would be nice to run one’s fingers through that. All of Jennifer’s boyfriends had lacked chest hair. She couldn’t understand why so many modern men chose to shave it off.

Her dad stretched his arms, gave his belly a quick scratch and gathered up the clothes off the floor. Quickly, Jennifer came to her senses bursa eve gelen escort bayan and hurried into her bedroom, shutting the door as quietly as possible. A few seconds later, she heard her dad step onto the landing. There was the sound of the laundry bin’s plastic lid being lifted, then the bathroom door shutting. When she was certain he was in the shower, Jennifer furtively headed onto the landing and peeked in the laundry bin. There on top of the pile were the y-fronts he’d just removed…

“Yes!” she whispered, snatching them out of the bin.

In the bathroom, muffled by the sound of running water, came some slightly off-key singing.

Jennifer went into her bedroom and locked the door. She reclined on her bed, bringing the forbidden garment of pleasure to her nose. The back had a faint skidmark; the crotch of the underwear was wet and bore several piss stains on the inside and a few wiry grey pubic hairs. He’d obviously had to relieve himself shortly before she’d got home. Her dad could piss like a horse sometimes. She’d overheard him peeing in the toilet most mornings and it sounded like a fountain in there. It was amazing how much noise a man could make.

“Mmm,” she moaned, inhaling her father’s strong masculine musky scent, that was also tinged with the sharp smell of ammonia, imagining that just a few minutes ago, these y-fronts had snugly contained her father’s thick, uncut cock. God, they smelled so good. She’d glimpsed him fully naked on a couple of occasions and been impressed. He wasn’t the most well-endowed man in the world, but what he lacked in length, he made up for in girth. She imagined what it would be like to caress that cock, feel it harden and grow in her hand – her beloved father’s cock…wrong, so very wrong. Hear him cry out in pleasure as she sucked him. Forbidden fruit that she yearned to taste.

Jennifer’s pussy bayan eskort bursa was alive with juices. She removed her jeans and began rubbing herself through her white cotton panties. They were completely soaked and had moulded to her swollen labia, creating some kick-ass cameltoe. She pushed the fabric aside to slip a couple of fingers into her swollen womanhood. She immediately stood up and pulled her creamed panties off, lay back and began franticly stroking her pussy. With her free hand, she brought her father’s stained underwear to her face, inhaling and licking the crotch area. Her mouth gaped open, and she moaned in pleading tones, coaxing her young body to grant her the release she needed. Her thumb was strumming her clit, as two fingers jabbed into her tight hole.

Jennifer’s climax however, continued to evade her. With her father’s smell still in her nose and his taste still in her mouth, she took his y-fronts and pulled them up her legs. They were miles too large for her off course, but that didn’t matter. She could feel the coolness as the wet crotch of the briefs touched her throbbing pussy. Her feet shot out straight as she tensed her legs and arched her back. Her breathing, once laboured, was now more like panting.

A high-pitched whine escaped her lips as she rocked her hips, pushing the crotch of the y-fronts against her clit. One convulsion after another, until her trembling body sat still and she’d squirted her father’s underwear with her womanly fluids.

Jennifer lay there for a while, completely breathless, wearing her father’s soaked y-fronts, savouring the taboo pleasures and thoughts the garment had given her. Another minute passed, before she stood up, composed herself and removed the underpants. Noticing her wet panties on the floor gave her an idea. She got dressed and carefully opened the bedroom door. Her father was still in the shower, but not for much longer, she figured.

Jennifer put her father’s y-fronts back in the laundry basket, but not before laying out her own sticky panties on top of them, inside out. She left the lid up and grinned. “A present for you, Dad.”

He probably wouldn’t even notice the panties let alone get a twinge of arousal. Fair enough. But if he did, hopefully he’d take a little sniff or two…

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