Daisy’s New Office Experience

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George watched as the new office intern swanned past his glass office doors. Her tits bounced as she wiggled past in her heels and tiny black skirt. The intern was called Daisy and had started working in the office last week. Her tight, provocative outfits hadn’t gone unnoticed in the short time she’d spent here either, as George had received several complaints from some of the older female staff.

Daisy was eighteen and fresh from high school. She was short (about 5’3), and had one of those naturally tight, toned bodies that no amount of exercise could mimic. She had long platinum blonde hair that fell to just above her waist, and a deep golden tan, which she obviously liked to show off. Daisy came into work with a more daring outfit each day, almost as if she was seeing how far she could go without repercussions. Today she had on a tight pink sweater, which was so small that it strained over her huge tits and showed at least an inch of her perfect stomach. She also had on a tiny skintight black skirt, which only just covered her round ass, paired with the biggest pair of heels George had ever seen.

George enjoyed watching Daisy tottering about the office, bending over and picking up files, watching her boobs struggle and bounce inside of her tiny shirts. Once he had become so turned on watching that he had quickly jerked himself off under his desk between meetings.

Unfortunately, the complaints George had been receiving meant that he had to take action, and talk to Daisy about her slutty work outfits. He’d sent her an email that morning asking her to come and see him after her shift for the day was over.

George himself was a tall man. He was in his late 50’s and had somewhat ‘let himself go’ over the past years, and he wasn’t in the best shape. He was engaged in a sexless marriage with a woman he married too fast and too young. He hadn’t fucked her in over a year.

George looked up from his paper work at the sound of knocking on his office door. His eyes were greeted by Daisy entering the room.

‘Hi Daisy, would you mind closing the door behind you and closing its blinds?’

‘Sure thing sir’

George was aware of how gossip-y the office could be, and was fairly sure they knew why Daisy had been called in to see him, so he wanted the blinds pulled down over his glass doors to save her any further embarrassment. Even though his office was quite separate to the rest of the building, he wouldn’t put it past one of his nosey co-workers to create a reason to walk by his office and see what was going on.

He leant back in his chair and tried not to stare at Daisy’s nipples poking through her shirt. She sat down on a chair in front of him, smiling quizzically, probably wondering why she was here. George was glad that the desk was between them, because otherwise she would have been able to see his cock slowly rising and straining against his pants.

‘So Daisy, I called you into my office today because I’ve received several complaints from staff members concerning you.’

She looked rather confused as casino siteleri she leaned forward and nodded for me to continue. As she moved her legs slightly parted and he could see the black lace thong she was wearing underneath her skirt.

‘I’m afraid that people have found the clothing that you wear to the office extremely inappropriate for the workplace’

At the mention of her clothes she subconsciously tugged at her shirt whilst she pulled her chair closer to the desk so that she could talk. Although it meant that he could no longer see down her miniscule skirt, she had tugged the shirt so far down that her areolas were visible, and happily George realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

‘I’m not in a lot of trouble am I?’

She bit her lip nervously.

‘I really need this internship sir.’

She surprised him with her distress, and he began to look upon this situation with a new light. He stood up slowly, and walked around his desk, putting his hand on her shoulder to reassure her. His giant hard on grazed against her arm as he did so, and Daisy looked up at him questioningly.

Although George knew that the complaints weren’t enough to get her fired, it would appear that Daisy didn’t. He smiled to himself.

‘Daisy, these complaints are quite serious, I’m sure you can understand that? I want you to know that, personally, id hate to see you leave.’

Her eyes widened as she realized what George was vaguely suggesting.

‘Is there any way I could convince you to let me stay sir?’ She whispered.

‘Take off your clothes perhaps Daisy, that might make me more inclined to keep you on.’

I patted her shoulder gently and let my hand slide down her back, giving her ass a little pat.

She stood up and walked to the other side of my office, so that I could have an unobstructed view. She pulled her tiny sweater off over her head. Her big perky tits bounced as they fell from the tight materiel, and George noticed that her nipples were becoming increasingly erect. She reached down and shimmied off her skirt and thong with her small manicured hands. Her pussy was bald, and slightly glistening. George could now tell that Daisy’s perfect tan was an all over one.

He started to stroke his throbbing member through his pants, staring at Daisy’s beautiful body. He could see her eyes tracing the outline of his thick cock.

‘I’m still not sure if I can disregard these complaints, Daisy. As I said, they’re very serious.’

In response she shifted her body so that her legs stood apart, and she ran her fingers over her nipples.

‘I’m sure there’s something I can do to change your mind sir?’ She said, her fingers trailing down towards her pussy.

I smiled, ‘There’s a lot more you can do to change it. For starters you can get on your knees.’

She nodded earnestly and walked over, before dropping to her knees in front of me. She deftly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, gasping as my large cock burst from its confines. I put my hands on the back of her blonde güvenilir casino head, as she licked down the length of my shaft. She put her mouth around the tip of my dick and started to slowly bob her head.

Daisy was obviously used to sucking much smaller cocks, as her mouth barely slid past the head. I started using my hands to guide her face further along my thick pulsating dick with each bob of her head. She seemed willing to go along with my guidance, and I noticed she had moved one of her hands to her pussy, where she was slowly massaging her clit.

I leaned back against the front of my desk and closed my eyes, enjoying Daisy’s warm mouth pleasuring me. I was wondering how far she would go, and started guiding her even further along my thick shaft. She didn’t seem to resist, so I took that as a sign to continue. I wound her long hair around my hands and started moving her head faster as I forced more of my cock into her mouth. Daisy started spluttering, but I could still see her hand working her clit as she sucked.

I started slamming my dick into her mouth, and down her throat. I could feel her nipples slapping against my legs as I thrust into her wet mouth. I looked down at her tight teen body, relishing the image of her on her knees before me choking on my shaft. Her eyes began to water as I slid in and out of her mouth, and I liked it.

I pulled her head off my cock and let her stand up on her own. She coughed and smiled, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, whist she shamelessly fingered her little pussy and stared at my still erect cock.

‘Punish me sir, I’ve been so naughty.’ She said.

‘You deserve it you little slut.’ I replied.

I grabbed her tiny waist with my hands and pushed her torso, face down, onto my desk. I nodded to myself, watching the teen bent over my desk, feeling as if I was on top of the world. Her pussy was dripping wet, but my left hand had pinned both of hers to her back, so she couldn’t reach it. Her eyes were closed and she was panting, and she moved her legs so that they stood wide apart.

‘You cock whore, did I tell you to open your legs?’ I whispered menacingly.

Despite what I said, I shoved two of my fingers from my free hand hard into her hole before she could react. In and out of her sexy bald pussy I pulled them. She was moaning loud now, pushing herself back towards my fingers each time I pulled out. Her juices ran down her leg as I worked her pussy, now with three of my fingers.

‘You better not make a mess in my office you slut’ I said, as I gave her tight ass a slap.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt, and positioned my cock at her sopping entrance. She lay on my desk, ass in the air and legs stood open, slowly grinding her clit on the edge of the wood. Her eyes were still closed and her face was sweaty, and I leant forward, brushing her hair from her face so that I could have a better view of it.

I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit teasing her. She bucked her hips, so I gave her another slap, harder this canlı casino time, and she became still again.

Without warning I slammed the entire length of my dick into her. Daisy cried out, and she was so tight that I realized I had been right before in assuming she had only taken much smaller cocks before. I started pumping in and out of her tight little pussy, enjoying her expression of pain, which mingled with pleasure on her face. Her long hair fell down over her face, and I stopped thrusting so that I could brush it back again. As I grabbed it an idea came to me, and instead of moving it from her face I moved my other hand to her hair also, freeing her hands in the process, which fell to each side of her small body, limp. As I pulled her hair towards me her head and torso reared up with it, and her big tits jiggled on her chest.

I pulled my cock almost completely out of her cunt and waited for a few seconds, listening to her whimpering, before I forced my thick old shaft down her young hole as fast and hard as I could. Her massive tits bounced with the impact and she squealed in pain, but I ignored her, repeating the process again twice. I started up a quick pace, each time shoving myself balls-deep into her soaking pussy. My huge hairy nuts slapped against her clit as I jackhammered in and out of Daisy, not sure if she was coming or just shaking from exertion.

I slowed down my harsh pounding to a more steady rhythm, and let go of her hair. Daisy slumped back onto the desk, and I could see that her makeup had run down her face from either tears or sweat. I put my hands on her ass and started a more sensuous thrusting, watching her firm cheeks bouncing off my gut.

I watched them slap together as I rode Daisy’s tight pussy again and again, and I started massaging my thumbs over her ass cheeks. She had begun moaning loudly again now, using her hands to pinch her rock hard cherry-colored nipples.

I pulled my cock out of Daisy’s teen hole, still marveling at how tight it was. I held my cock over her ass, and I could feel her trying to squirm away.

‘Bitch, I’m your boss, and if you want to keep your job I suggest you do what I want.’ I said angrily.

She stopped her wriggling, but I could tell from her worried expression that she was an anal virgin. I reached over and put my hand over her small mouth and again positioned my pulsating dick over her asshole. I slowly pushed my dick down into her ass, and heard Daisy let out a yelp that was muffled by my hand. I eased slowly further and further until my cock was completely enveloped by her sweet young ass. She was so tight that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I tentatively lifted my hand from her mouth and began to very slowly pump my cock in and out of her asshole, and after a minute or so Daisy started moaning again.

I could tell I was about to cum, so I pulled my dick out of her ass quickly and used my hands to spin her around.

‘I’m going to cum Daisy, on your knees.’ I said loudly, stroking my quivering member.

Without a word, she slid off my desk to her knees and looked up at me, eyes wide. I wanked thick strands of salty cum from my huge veiny cock, making sure it splashed over her face and tits.

‘Now Daisy,’ I said, ‘if you want to keep your job I suggest we make these visits more regular.’

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