Damn Kids – Shower or Bath

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***Every story in my DAMN KIDS series includes a “short” at the beginning***

The Stick –

a DAMN KIDS short

Kevin caught Lauren glancing at him for the third time as they stood in front of their respective sinks and brushed their teeth. He was well acquainted with the coy smile she was flashing. Not that she was being subtle.

Kevin had been shaving shirtless in his boxer briefs when Lauren exited the shower. She hadn’t bothered to get dressed – or even towel off – when she moved over to her side of the bathroom counter to continue with her morning ablutions.

Kevin checked the time on his FitBit before finishing with his teeth. As much as he could feel his erection growing in expectancy of – what he was certain were – Lauren’s morning plans of sex, he wasn’t sure there would be time. They usually rose early to get themselves ready before waking up their three kids. However, sometimes the kids would get themselves up. At that point, the house would be a free-for-all and the couple would have little time together for a kiss, let alone a fuck.

Kevin turned toward his naked, glistening wife as he dried his mouth with a towel. “You’re looking good over there,” he said, watching her finish with her own teeth. With the toothbrush still in her mouth, she glanced at him and smiled. She then seductively bent over as she rinsed and spit, which further grew his erection.

He, again, checked the time. “As much as I want you in the worst way right now, I don’t know if I have enough time to jump you.”

Lauren dried her mouth, tossed her towel onto the bathroom countertop, and sped toward Kevin. She pushed him until his back was against the bathroom door. She then grabbed his dick through his boxer-briefs and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

After a few seconds of deep french-kissing, she said, “That’s fine. I’ll just jump you.”

Lauren then dropped into a squat with her face directly in front of Kevin’s crotch. She pulled off his underwear and was almost smacked in the chin by his protruding shaft. She stared at it as she stroked it. Kevin stared at her in anticipation.

Lauren opened her mouth and took in half of Kevin’s erection. He loved the feel of her mouth and her hand – still moist and warm from the shower – working together. The back of his head fell against the door as he delighted in her morning blow job.

Kevin slowly raised his arm to check the time once more. He looked down with the intent of letting his wife know it might be a good idea to finish getting ready for the day. He was having a difficult time relaying that message. The most he found the strength to do was run his fingers through her wet hair and take what she gave him.

After more than several seconds, Kevin said, “Baby… baby…” He took a deep breath, not believing he was trying to end what was happening and questioning his own sanity. “S… s… sweetie. We… uh…”

Lauren slid Kevin’s dick from her mouth, making a popping sound as his tip exited. His entire body shuddered. As she wiped her mouth of saliva, she said, “I know. The kids will be up soon.”

She then turned and pushed her ass against him. Lauren reached between her legs and placed Kevin’s slick tip between her pussy lips. She eased back as her body consumed his entire erection, rocking her ass against Kevin and pushing him back against the bathroom door as she fucked him.

“Oh, shit, baby,” Kevin said. He grabbed her hips and, at first, went along for the ride. He then stood up straighter, bent himself at the knees, and began ramming his pelvis into Lauren’s ass.

She moaned as her husband filled up her body. Her sounds, and watching her breasts swing as he pounded his wife, made Kevin even more excited.

Lauren reached behind her and attempted to slow Kevin by putting her hand on his hip. “OK, baby, shit. I do have to go to work today.”

“No, you did this,” Kevin said, fucking her ever harder. “You… did… this.”

“Oh, yes, baby! I did this! Fuck me, baby. Fuck… me… harder!” she said as she threw her ass back to meet Kevin.

They continued ravishing one another against the bathroom door when Kevin’s body jolted. He paused sex with Lauren to look down at the floor and see what he had stepped on with the heel of his foot.

“What?” an out of breath – and agitated – Lauren said as she looked back at him.

Kevin shook his head, still looking down at his feet. “Nothing. I thought I kicked something.”

Kevin turned his concentration back to Lauren, pulling his dick almost completely out of his wife in anticipation of continuing their erotic morning. Before he could thrust back inside her, his body, again, jerked at the feel of his heel being abraised.

“What the fuck?” Kevin said, pulling out of his wife and studying the small space at the bottom of the bathroom door.

Lauren turned around to look with him. After a few seconds they saw the shadow of something obscuring the sunlight streaming from their bedroom. They then saw, what appeared to be, a very thin tree branch emerge from beneath the door.

Kevin exhaled as he looked at his yenibosna escort wife. Lauren closed her eyes and shook her head.

Kevin bent down and grabbed the stick. As the person on the other side of the door attempted to pull it free of his grasp, Kevin said, “Russell. What are you doing?”

His son then released the stick and giggled as they heard him run away.

Kevin looked at the stick, and then at Lauren. She smiled as she said, “I guess it’s time to get ready for the day.”

As he watched his nude wife’s beautiful ass moving away from him, he said, “Damn kids.”

Shower or Bath –

a DAMN KIDS story

Lauren and Kevin laid together nude in the bed – their bodies lit by their barely audible television – as they enjoyed the silence from their sleeping children. One of Lauren’s legs draped over Kevin and her breasts rested on his chest. She looked at him and said, “We haven’t had sex in the bathtub in awhile.”

Kevin pondered the idea. “It’s been awhile. Did you want to do that?”

Lauren nodded. “Yeah. I mean… not right now. Between this morning and tonight, I’m pretty sore. But…”

She and Kevin both chuckled. He then said, “I’m sure you are. But we can do the tub thing soon. Though shower sex is hotter.”

Lauren scrunched her face as she looked at Kevin. “Hotter than sex in a bubble bath with rose petals?”

“That’s just aesthetics. You can’t get the sexual angles in the tub that you can get in the shower.”

“That’s just fucking. The aesthetics are what make it hot and sexy.”

“Fucking is sexy as hell,” Kevin said, making Lauren laugh. He also laughed as he continued. “I suppose a tub is more conducive to slow lovemaking.”

“Which is also sexy as hell,” Lauren said.

Kevin nodded, “Which is also sexy as hell, true.”

After a pause, he continued, “I guess we’re going to have to do some live experiments to figure this out.”

“That sounds nice. Which one first?”

“We’ll start with your bath first. Tonight.”

Lauren smiled.


Kevin was kneeling over the bathtub in the master bedroom, checking the temperature of the hot water, when he heard an ear-piercing scream. He turned his head and saw shadows darting back and forth past the bathroom door. Understanding that the situation demanded his presence, he shut off the water and moved toward the commotion.

“Sofia, stop running!” Lauren said as her nine year old daughter shot past her carrying her brother’s blue-wanded lightsaber. Sophia crouched down on the opposite side of Lauren and Kevin’s bed.

Russell charged through his parent’s bedroom doorway. “Sofia, where are you! I want it back!”

“NO!” she yelled, alerting Russell to her location. As he took off toward his sister, Lauren halted his progress.

“Mom, she has my toy!” he said, struggling to get free of her grasp.

“He won’t stop hitting me with it!” Sophia said.

Watching the scene in confounded shock for several seconds, Kevin finally yelled, “Hey!”

His powerful, deep voice resonated through the room. Russell immediately stopped trying to wrestle away from his mother. Sophia stood up with her brother’s toy in her hands.

Russell saw it and pointed. “See!”

“That’s enough.” Kevin said, glaring at his son.

Lauren walked over to Sofia, and took possession of the lightsaber. She then looked at her children. “Isn’t it bedtime?”

“Yes,” Rose said, standing in the doorway, which she ran to after hearing her father’s voice. “It’s actually past our bedtime.”

Kevin looked at her oldest child. “Really?”

Her eyes grew wide. “Just trying to help,” she said, turning around and heading back to her room.

Kevin turned toward his other children. “Could the two of you stop fighting and get in the bed, please?”

Sofia stomped off to her room. Russell gazed at his lightsaber before leaving for bed.

An exhausted Lauren looked at her husband. Kevin nodded toward the bathroom and said, “Let me get back to what I was doing.”

Lauren held out her hand to stop him. “Not tonight, baby. I’m really not in the mood now.”

Kevin chuckled. “I can’t imagine why not.”

Lauren smiled as she walked toward him. “I’m sorry.” They wrapped their arms around each other. “I think this is an experiment we’re going to have to do in a hotel.”

Kevin smiled as they kissed one another. He then looked at her and said, “I’ll make the reservations.”


As the family sat together and ate breakfast, Rose said, “I don’t understand. You all have a bedroom. Why do you need to go to a hotel?”

“Stop it!” Sofia said, kicking her leg toward Russell and accidentally kicking his chair. The blow from her foot pushed his chair back a few inches and caused him to lurch forward. His hand slapped the table, and his plate, flipping his toast off of it.

“Sofia! You ruined my breakfast!” Russell said.

“It’s not ruined. It’s just a stupid piece of toast.”

“OK,” Kevin said, holding up his hand.

“But, Daddy,” zeytinburnu escort Russell said, “…she kicked my chair.”

“He kicked mine first,” Sofia said.

“OK,” Lauren said. “You two leave each other alone, please. Eat your breakfast. You have to leave for school in a few minutes.”

Kevin and Lauren glanced at one another and then turned toward Rose. She looked back at them confused. “What?”

Kevin and Lauren smiled at one another.


“Shower sex. Right?” Greg said as he sat with Kevin and Zach at a table in their favorite restaurant during their lunch break.

“That’s what I think,” Kevin said, “But Lauren disagrees.”

“You can’t hit the angles in a bathtub like you can in a shower,” Zach said as both Kevin and Greg nodded.

“That’s a fantastic homework assignment,” Zach said. “You’ll just have to wait until the kids are asleep and test both of them out.”

Kevin began shaking his head before Zach finished speaking. “That won’t work. They never sleep.”

Greg smiled. “Your kids sleep at some point.”

“Not when we’re trying to have sex. They have some sort of superpower that alerts them so that they can swoop in and ruin the fuck. Maybe it’s a supervillain power.”

Greg and Zach laughed. “Sounds like my baby,” Greg said.

“Babies are especially powerful when it comes to halting sex,” Kevin said. “You and Allison need to do what me and Lauren are doing. Get a babysitter… and a hotel room.”

“I don’t think Allison is going to let Greg take a babysitter to a hotel room,” Zach said.

Greg glared at Zach. “The babysitter is for the baby, fool,” Kevin said as Zach grinned.

“That’s a great idea,” Greg said. “I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Don’t worry,” Kevin said. “It took us three years and two kids to figure that one out.”


Kevin and Lauren entered the hotel room with their luggage as Lauren took notice of the bed. “This thing is huge.”

“Yeah. Our bed at home is a queen. This is a king,” Kevin said, looking around the room. “A couch. Nice.”

Kevin took a seat on the sofa as Lauren dropped her bag on the floor and fell backward onto the bed with her arms extended. She took a deep breath. “Oh, god. This is comfortable.”

“I hope so,” Kevin said with a smile. He then rose and went to examine the bathroom. He made sure to reserve a room with a separate tub and shower. He nodded and grinned when he saw them both.

Kevin then rejoined Lauren who was still relaxing on the bed. He looked down at her, nodded toward the bed, and said, “It’s too bad we won’t get much use out of this tonight.”

“Sleep without fear of interruption by noisy ass children is what I would call good use.”

Kevin nodded. “Very good point.”

She smiled. Lauren then said, “So… are you ready for our bath?”

“And how did you decide we are starting with a bath?”

“Isn’t that what we were getting ready for when the kids interrupted us the other day?”

Kevin shrugged.

Lauren sat up on the bed and smiled at him. “OK. Let’s flip for it.”

Kevin pulled a quarter out of his pocket as Lauren rose from the bed. She called heads as Kevin tossed the coin into the air. When it landed in his hand, tails was facing up.

“OK,” Lauren said. “We’ll start with the shower.”

She then grabbed her bag and started unpacking her toiletries. Kevin stood still, beginning to regret his win. “Umm… this isn’t going to affect our fun tonight, is it?”

Lauren looked over her shoulder at him, staring at him for a few seconds before saying, “I was already going to hurt you tonight.”

Kevin smiled as he breathed a sigh of relief.


Lauren and Kevin sat on the couch with her head lying on his chest and his arm draped over her shoulder. As the credits began to roll for the movie they were watching, Lauren asked, “So, are you ready for your shower?”

“Of course.”

As Lauren rose from the couch, Kevin said, “Wait a minute.”

Lauren looked at the confused expression on his face and said, “What?”

Kevin lifted the remote and shut off the television. They then sat in silence for several moments, with Lauren wondering what Kevin was doing.

“Do you hear that?” he asked.

Lauren shook her head. “I don’t hear anything.”

Kevin smiled. “I know. I miss that sound.”

Lauren chuckled and rolled her eyes as she headed for the bathroom.

Kevin wasted no time following her. He was stopped in his tracks as she began to close the bathroom door. She looked at him and said, “You have to get ready out there.”

“You’re not going to let me watch you undress,” Kevin said, raising an eyebrow.

Lauren, pulling the door closed, said, “You won the coin toss. You get the shower first. I guess you’ll just have to wait for the bath to see me strip for you.”

Lauren wore a big grin, shutting the door as Kevin groaned and turned around to get undressed.


A naked Kevin sat on the corner of the bed waiting mecidiyeköy escort for his wife. Hearing the water to the shower running, he hopped up and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Just a minute,” Lauren said.


“I have to adjust the water temperature.”

“You can’t do that with me in there with you?” Kevin asked.

After several more seconds a smiling, and naked, Lauren opened the door and looked at her husband. “You’re so impatient.”

Kevin rushed into the bathroom. “Are you kidding?” he said, embracing his wife, pressing her back against the wall, and passionately kissing her.

Once their lips parted Lauren, panting and stroking her husbands’ shaft, said, “Really impatient.”

Kevin nodded, bracing himself with his hand against the wall as he enjoyed his wife’s massage.

“Come on,” Lauren said. “Let’s get wet.”

“OK,” Kevin said. He then slid his hand between his wife’s legs, allowing his middle finger to graze her clit on the way to parting her lips and sinking into her pussy.

Lauren gasped at the feel of his gentle but firm hand. She then slapped his arm away. “Let’s get wet in the shower, idiot.”

Kevin grinned. “Either way is good for me.”

Lauren shook her head and smiled as she slid open the door to the standing shower. The two entered and Lauren’s hair was instantly soaked as she stood directly beneath the shower head. Kevin studied her body as the water cascaded down her breasts, torso, and legs, and dripped from the fine hair obscuring her already moist center.

Lauren closed her eyes and enjoyed the water running over her face. Kevin’s body froze in erotic wonder. Lauren eased forward, out of the flow of the water, and opened her eyes. She then smiled as she stared at her husband. “Why are you just standing there?”

“I can’t believe you are still so hot after all these years.”

Lauren’s pleasant expression transformed into intense desire. It was then Kevin who was being pressed against the wall as they fell into another passionate kiss.

Lauren then pushed Kevin down onto the small bench bolted to the wall on which his back rested. She positioned the showerhead so that it began to wet Kevin’s body. She then stood between his legs and lowered herself onto her knees.

She stroked her husband’s cock, staring into his eyes as he watched the water spray onto the back of her head and mat her long hair to her face, shoulder, and upper arms. Kevin was dizzy with anticipation. Lauren then lowered her head and took his tip into her mouth.

She sucked his tip several times, swirling it with her tongue, cupping it with her lips, and popping it back out of her mouth. The sound caused Kevin’s entire body to shudder, which Lauren enjoyed.

She paused, releasing Kevin’s rock hard shaft as it continued to point toward her face. Lauren then smiled as she looked at and rubbed Kevin’s thighs with both of her hands. “Oooh, your legs are so fucking sexy.” She then looked him in the eyes and said, “Please don’t stop swimming.”

Kevin chuckled. The back of his head was still pressed against the shower wall and he was still woozy from the feel of his wife’s lips and tongue on his dick.

Lauren then resumed. She grasped the base of Kevin’s shaft, stroking it with short, quick movements. She draped her mouth back over the top half of his erection, pumping her head up and down until Kevin felt as if he would explode.

Kevin then pushed Lauren’s shoulders until his dick slid from her mouth. Still stroking him, she looked up at him with hungry eyes, well knowing why he stopped her. She smiled. “I guess you do like shower sex,” she said.

Kevin stood up with Lauren joining him. He turned her around and placed one of her legs on the shower bench. Kevin then got down on his knees and grasped Lauren’s ass with both hands.

Lauren placed her hands on the back of Kevin’s head and guided it down, holding her breath until his tongue was teasing her clit. Lauren panted as Kevin licked between her lips, thrashing about inside her wetness. It was Lauren who then enjoyed the sight of the shower water splashing off of Kevin’s muscular back as he pleasured her.

Lauren’s hips began to rock back and forth. She held onto the back of Kevin’s head, sliding her clit up and down his tongue as he held it still and firm for her.

Her hips moved faster and faster until they began to spasm. Kevin, pushing his tongue inside his wife’s pussy, could feel her wetness dripping from her even beyond the water from the shower.

Lauren’s ass tensed as she squeezed out the last of her orgasm. Kevin then looked up at her. Her head was down and her eyes were closed. Her hands were trembling and her wet hair was disheveled, which was making him even hotter.

Calming her breathing, Lauren opened her eyes and stared at her husband. She reached down and grabbed his arm, pulling him up as she said, “Put your dick in me, now.”

Lauren turned around and returned her one leg to the shower bench while pushing her ass toward Kevin. He wasted no time sliding himself inside her. Lauren began dropping her pussy down onto his solid cock.

She bounced her ass on him, placing both hands on the shower wall for balance as he pounded her from behind. Kevin’s hands were on her hips as they fucked each other hard and fast. The sound and feel of the water splashing between them as their bodies slapped against one another only intensified the sex.

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