Damn, Mom Ch. 02

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I woke up when the sunlight creeping around the room finally reached my face and annoyed me. Mom was sleeping soundly with her head on my shoulder, my left arm around her. I lay there remembering the night and the intense fuck session, still stunned that it had actually happened. Mom had her left leg over mine and I could feel her bush against my thigh. My cock was quickly hard and raising the sheet. I began to caress her back with my left hand as my right slid up to cup her cheek. Mom stirred and moaned, then snapped awake. Her mouth flew open.

“Oh god! What have I done?”

“It’s okay Mom…”

“No Casey! No it’s not! We…”

Ah so now comes the guilt trip and shame, I thought. Well fuck that. I will not allow her to ruin what we had last night, what we can have today and tomorrow. I pushed her over onto her back and grasped her head with both hands.

“Mom! Look at me, look at me!”

She was on the verge of bawling.

“Mom! Shut the fuck up and listen to me dammit!”

She froze in mid breath, her mouth open. Quickly I leaned in and kissed her. A deep and intense open mouthed kiss. My tongue teased hers and she she tried pushing me away, but not very hard. Slowly she relaxed and finally responded, kissing me back. Without breaking our kiss I rolled onto my knees and spread her legs. Again she resisted somewhat, but without much effort I slid my cock into her pussy. She was drier than last night and I had to take it slow. Moving in and out an inch at a time as she responded. As she grew wetter and I went deeper, she relaxed and her hands went from pushing on me to caressing me. I moved my kisses to her cheek, throat and neck.

“Oh Casey, baby, this… this is so wrong. We shouldn’t be…”

“Lovers? Maybe not. But we are. And there’s no going back Mom. I won’t stop this and I don’t think you want to either.”

“No… I don’t want to… but…”

“But what Mom? I get it. We have a secret. No one can ever know or even guess. So what? I can live with that. You have an IUD so pregnancy isn’t a problem. You still shop around for Mr. Right-Forevermore but come home to Mr. Right-Now. And I understand that we can’t fuck all day everyday, but I’ll be damn happy to get as much of you as I can as often as I can.”

Mom looked as if she were going to cry.

“Really? You really like fucking your fat mother? Casey you could have girls your age, prettier than me, slimmer.”

Well that pissed me off. I grabbed her head with both hands and slammed my cock as hard and deep as I could.

“Does that feel like I’m disappointed?”

She gasped and I pulled almost all of the way out then slammed it in again.

“Does that feel like I’m unhappy?”

Mom cried Etiler Escort out, “Gaaahhhh!”

I kissed her again, forcefully as I pounded her pussy. Mom began to push on me, to struggle weakly. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she beat on my back with her fists. Her blows and struggles were far too gentle to be real. She wanted this.

I slid my right hand down to her hip, and grabbed a handful of her hair with my left. I started pounding her pussy hard and fast.

“Gaaaahhhh” she cried out. “Oh god Casey! Oh my god! Aaaahhhh!”

Then she said softer, almost whispering, “Whatever I say, whatever I do, ignore me. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop. No matter what I say or do. Promise me!”

“Yes Mom.”

She took a moment to collect herself, then began to struggle again. A little more forcefully this time.

“Don’t! Don’t do this Casey! I’m your Mother! Get off of me! Stop! Oh god stop! Stop it! Aaaahhhhh! No! No no no no no no!”

Ah so Mom has kinky fantasies and wants to pretend. Strangely I’m okay with that. If she wants to play it this way I’m game.

“Shut up! Shut the fuck up Mom. You’re mine now, Your pussy is mine. You birthed me, raised me, and now you’ve fucked me. You fucked your son when you were horny and desperate. But you don’t get to stop and ignore me.”

“But Casey it’s wrong!”

“I don’t give a damn!”

“Stop it!”

“No! All those men you dated, but wouldn’t fuck. You never wanted them, did you? No, you knew deep inside what you wanted but were afraid to admit. You wanted me. Your little boy. You nasty mommy! You jumped into bed with me and loved it! Didn’t you? Didn’t you?”

“Y-yes, yes! I’m such a horrible mommy… fucking my little boy.”

“But you love it don’t you?”

“Yes! Oh dammit yes I do!”

“Tell me!”

“I love fucking you. I’m a nasty wicked mommy fucking my son! I love fucking you and I hate myself for it!”

Okay that’s the issue here I realized. She was loving the sex but wanted to feel guilty and to be punished for it. Fucking mind games.

“You’re gonna pay for this, you know that, right?”

“I-I know…”

“Not later, now! You’re gonna pay for damning us, and it starts now.”

I lifted one of her huge tits to my mouth and started sucking, hard. Hard enough to cause her to cry out. I pounded her pussy hard and fast. Her flesh bouncing with each thrust was awesome. I knew what I wanted and the idea pushed me over the edge to my orgasm. I jumped up, squeezing my cock and shoved it in her face. I let go and streams of jizz exploded onto her. I pumped and pumped my cock, squeezing the tip and shot ropes of cum all over her face. I covered her in a milky, gooey curtain. Etiler Escort Bayan Mom squealed with glee like a little girl on christmas morning. Cum was in her hair and her eyes were plastered shut with great gobs. I quickly grabbed my cell phone from my pants on the floor and began taking a few pics, then turned on the video. (Luckily I keep the sounds turned off.) I filmed her whole body, from her dripping wet pussy up to her mammoth tits splayed out to either side, and finally I zoomed in on her face.

“Ohhh that is sooo hot Mom!”

She giggled “Really? Damn Casey it feels like gallons! Get me a washcloth or some tissues. I can’t see.”

“I will, just give me a moment. Damn that felt so good Mom. You’re the best fuck a guy could ever hope for.”

“Aww that’s sweet baby.”

“Was I a good fuck Mom?”

“Yes baby, you’re a really good fuck. I have to admit it, you’re better already than your Dad ever was.”

“Even though I was a virgin who didn’t know what he was doing?”

“Oh my god Casey, it was fantastic! If you get better with practice you’re gonna be an amazing fuck. My pussy is tingling and that was the best fuck I’ve had in years! And you did it baby. You did it. But I want to get cleaned up and do it again.”


“Yes, you had your orgasm, now it’s my turn. I want, no, I need a really, really good orgasm.”

I had the evidence now, in case she ever needed a push. I turned off the camera and put it aside. I handed her some tissues and she pulled a couple out.

“Mom? I thought girls liked cum?”

She paused. “Well sometimes it tastes okay and sometimes it tastes funny. Some like it more than others, but honestly I think most do it just for the power it gives them over their man.”

“Really?” I asked, “What about you?”

Mom sighed. “Well it’s been a really, really long time… but…”

She sat the tissues in her lap and used her fingers to sweep the cum from her eyes.. Then tasted it. She giggled at my sharp intake of breath and slow moan. She smiled and began to clean the rest of my cum from her face and suck it from her fingers.

“Mmmmm, you actually do taste good. Do you like this? Do you like watching me eat your cum?”

“Oh god yes, it’s so hot Mom.” I moaned, my voice on the verge of cracking.

She made a big deal of searching for and eating every drop, smiling at me and making happy humming sounds. She hefted her huge tits and pressed them together.

“Next time blow that load all over my titties…”

“You got it Mom.”

She wiped her eyes with the tissues and then reached out to touch my face.

“You are such a good son.”

She quickly pulled me to her and kissed Escort Etiler me. Her tongue probed my mouth and I tasted the musky yet sweet flavor that must’ve been me. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly, her lips brushed my ear.

“Oh Casey you mean the world to me and I never meant for this to happen… but I’m so glad it did.”

“Me too Mom, me too.”

Mom laid back and I reclined across her and played with her H cup monster tits. I kissed and suckled and squeezed. Mom grinned at me the whole time.

“Do you remember nursing?’

“Not really, just a kinda foggy notion of being held in your arms. But combining that with my desire to suck them made me think you probably did breastfeed me.”

“Yes I did. But this feels good. So good. I love the way you look at them. I just see heavy bags of fat that get in the way and for some damn reason drive men crazy. Then when you love on them… wow! Suddenly they become erogenous zones again and I enjoy everything you do. Your caresses, squeezes and sucking are exciting and pleasing. Casey, no one else has ever made that happen. Only you baby. Only you. My beautiful baby boy.”

I saw more in her eyes right then than even those precious words could express. Happiness, yes, but pain and regret too.

“Mom, I know my dad dumped you… but after that… well, I get the feeling some bad shit happened. After all of this, don’t you think you can talk to me about it?”

“I-I’d like that Casey. Maybe I will. Just not right now.”

I nodded and lay my head back down on her tits. They felt nice, so nice.

“Mom? Do big tits run in your family?”

Mom chuckled, “No they didn’t run in my family… they RAN my family. I remember my mother clearly using her tits to get anything she wanted out of my father. She would show a lot of tit or cleavage anytime she was trying to make a deal too. And it supposedly worked. Hell, men followed her like puppies because of her tits. But she only got as big as a double or maybe triple D and didn’t have a fat belly to ruin the image. You know, I always suspected that she fooled around a lot too. I mean, I don’t know it for a fact but I got the sense that she had lovers from time to time. Hmmm… I seem to recall her mother had big tits too.”

I rose up and looked into her face and smiled.

“You are a big beautiful woman and I don’t like hearing you call yourself fat. I’ll accept plump, I prefer voluptuous, but never call yourself fat again. Not if you want to continue fuckiing this cock.” I grinned and Mom laughed.

“Oh really? You’re making demands now? What if I wanted to hold out on you mister?”

We laughed at the absurdity and I kissed her.

“I could never refuse you Casey.”

“And I can’t resist you Mom.”

Mom kept kissing me and pushed me over onto my back. Before I could react she spun about, straddled my face and sat. Her dripping wet pussy began to grind on my face and I felt her mouth taking my cock.

Damn Mom!

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