Danny Likes To Watch Ch. 02

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Alex wrote in the last chapter how we three. Myself Alex and Jason, I have linked together and I would like to tell you how it is from my point of view.

Okay I admit it is always a great thrill and pleasure to watch Alex and Jason in action. It is not just that though; I get a lot of psychological gratification out of it too as well as merely the highly fused sexual stuff. I do love so much to watch them build up to the big finish, how they touch, feel and respond to each other.

I was delighted when Alex agreed to my watching. Jason told me how it all happened by accident, how Alex had discovered that the video footage Jason took exclusively for them was being loaned to me. I should never have left that message on the main phone thanking Jason for the copy I guess.

He is a nice guy and I like him very much. Jason explained to Alex how it is with us two, That we had been long time buddies and how I had saved his life. Not that I want any reward or anything like that and I have never asked for that.

But Jason, knowing my kinks, said he would like for me to have some fun with the video and I certainly did.

But now watching them in the flesh and for real was even better, much better to watch them live

I was more than content just to lay back end enjoy the scene giving myself a nice long massage.

Well that is what I thought. But seeing them perform and taking in the smell of sex, something one can’t experience on a video made me think I would like some of the action.

I adore it when Jason murmurs instructions to Alex as to how he would like him to be. I believe Alex enjoys the masterful approach. He makes nothing of Jason spanking him for example over his knee. Indeed he seems to enjoy it immensely even when Jason takes the cane to him. This form of punishment gaziantep escort took place with Alex bent provocatively over the arm of the settee in his tight jeans held up by braces, which makes his ass look like a million dollars, and then, after being soundly spanked by hand, he stripped his jeans down to reveal his G-string tucked nicely between his ass cheeks and took the cane to him. To hear the swish of the cane and the contact sound is enough to make me smart, imagining how painful it must be.

But Alex loves it, sometimes asking for more.

I have heard and read about the element of pain and pleasure fusing to create a very special sexual sensation and this is very evident.

It seems the spanking is part of the foreplay procedure because they do it to standard, the way Alex moves and prepares himself for whatever Jason wants to do; you can see that they have done it many times before. I feel privileged to be the one to watch what must be the best of what they have learned and discovered of each other and how they know precisely how to give of themselves the best in quality and utter pleasure.

For that is most evident. I watched Jason sniff his partner after the spanking session, first into his jeans and then stripped, poking his nose into that delightful crevice of real quality ass, and with both hands, squeezing the cheeks around his face, burying himself there with all the gusto imaginable and really enjoying the sniffing, the licking, the sucking and all.

No wonder my cock responds so rigidly but I hold myself back so I can enjoy the full session and then I can let go,

Alex who glances sideways, still on all fours on the settee being ass sucked by Jason, murmurs to me just to chill out and let my cock free, like he wants that, like he wants to see me frig myself and, as I do that, the look on his face seems to tell me that he would like maybe to partake in a threesome Images emerge of me fucking Alex whilst he sucks Jason, that would be very nice and then a taster if his cock afterwards.

. But for the time being I am quite happy to watch. I adore the smooth way they enjoy a mutual cock sucking. They really take heed to fire up each other the best they can, the touching, the stroking and that wonderful, scene as they start to suck, both doing it a little differently which makes it beautiful.

I watch the style and the oral maneuverability as they both succumb to using the base sexual language we all know about, which somehow compliments what they are doing with each other – enjoying each other to the limit. I love the way Jason sucks cock sideways so his cheeks bulge delightfully to show the bulk of Alex’s fine length, and then the way he releases and sucks it in again, stretching back the foreskin as he does so. I like that very much and get a special tinge below as mine yearns for the same, but I settle to glance towards Alex’s taking of cock 1, 2 3 and he likes to suck it in as deep as he can, he takes deep breaths and stretches out his tongue , to lick and taste its p-hole before insertion and then comes the delicious slow sucking which send s me crazy. All I can do it watch in anticipation that someway I may be served summarily..

I breathe in the scent of sex and heated hot cock steaming from both of them. I take in Alex’s sexy ass as he kneels to take Jason deeper and Jason jostles beneath him to enjoy his cock upside down, Alex’s balls hanging teasingly over him as he sucks for all he is worth, I wish I could take a sniff of Alex from the back, I would really adore that. It looks so very scrumptious; his ass cheeks still plum red from the spanking and caning and his asshole looking so wonderfully ready for Jason’s penetration.

Now I am wanting his ass. I begin to yearn for a poke, I wonder if he would let me, perhaps later when Jason has had his fuck. It would be so nice I just know it. His ass is simply made for it, pleanty6 of it deep and thrusting. I could give him a rich time I know I could with a hot cock like mine which is craving for it. No longer do I want to be just the voyeur, now I want to take part.

“Be patient Danny boy and your prayers may be answered” I am thinking as I watch the lads venture into new positions. Jason certainly likes his foreplay and it is so good to see and hear their pleasure.

Jason plays with and lifts Alex’s cock to lick his balls beneath nice and voluptuously and slow, and Alex is really liking that. And so am I. My cock grows and I feel a strong throb come as Jason starts to rim Alex, he is stretching and fingering it like it is an elastic band and I watch him lick it out. I hear him tell Alex about the flavor and what a delight he is.

Then as Jason positions Alex for the ultimate fucking position, on all fours with his ass propped up in readiness and sexy presentation I enviously watch Jason play his hole with his cock. He rubs some lubricant into it and makes it squelch. It is so special and so very sexy.

I want Alex’s fuck now, really I do. But I just have to watch them fuck. Jason gradually building to the climax with lots pf grunts and groans between as he plugs Alex good and proper. I watch it slip out and wedge into Alex again and it is beautiful.

The fuck is a quality one and both put all they’ve got into it. Jason pushes harder and harder and yells to Alex he is cuming.

“So am I, Don’t stop” Alex yells back and in a jiffy they are there, hook line and sinker and so am I!

But will I get to fuck Alex too?

Watch this space.

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