Dark Angel Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Cube

The phone rang and I sat there and looked at it through five rings. I recognized the number on the caller ID. I wouldn’t answer it. After seven rings it would kick over to the machine. Ring number six.


“You know who this is. Come to me.”

“Look, I’m sorry, but . . .”

“Come to me now. Shower and clean yourself out. Don’t bother to wear much.”


I sat there, staring at the phone. I wouldn’t go. And when I hadn’t shown up, that would be the end of it. No more control. No more domination. Finished.

Forty-five minutes later I was ringing his doorbell at the run-down bungalow in a bad part of town.

My dark angel opened the door and pulled me across the threshold. He started stripping off my clothes as he herded me down the narrow stairs to the basement—to his special basement room.

“I just came to tell you . . .”

“Skip it. Come over here.”

“I . . . I. What’s that?”

“This here? This is a cock ring and ball stretcher. That over there? That’s the cube.”

He took my cock in his hand and snapped the metal ring around its root, and then he pushed my balls down from my body as I gave a little surprised lurch and snapped a wide leather band around where the ball sack came up at the root of my cock, pushing my balls painfully into two tight, egg-sized lumps well below my cock.

“Ow, that hurts,” I objected nonsensically. “I’m not going to . . .”

“Listen, if you’re going to talk through this, I’m going to gag you. Neither of us is going to want that. You’re going to want to scream and I’m going to want to listen to you scream. I’m going to get a certain level of satisfaction out of this, and if it isn’t in the screaming, it’s going to have to be in something else. Understand?”

Yes, I did think I understood—all too well. I looked longingly at the now closed and locked door leading to the staircase. I wanted to leave, I desperately wanted to not be here. But I was kidding myself. I knew I had been waiting by the phone, waiting for this call.

“Now this cube over here,” he now was saying. “This is your home away from home for today. I’m going to fuck you every way from Sunday on this cube. This cube is going to be your best friend.”

My eyes focused on my dark angel. He was still both the best looking and most evil looking man I’d seen. He was a swarthy, hairy bear of a man, both a hulk and a hunk, a man of the motorcycle gangs and the walk on the wild side. His big, thick cock, with that Prince Albert ring through the head swung low between his heavily muscled legs. I hyperventilated at the thought of that buried in my ass again and, at the same time, I couldn’t wait for it. I was precuming just at the thought of that PA ring dragging along my ass canal walls.

I just followed along dumbly, or rather hobbled, being bothered by the unfamiliar and painful sheathing of my cock and balls, over to the cube and stared blankly at it. My dark angel was patting the top of it to show me that it was cushy and had some bounce to it. It had a blue cover and was nearly two feet high and a foot and a half hd porno on each side. There were four cuffs, two each on opposite sides, attached by short chains to the sides of the cube, but there were several other places on the sides of the cube where the chains could be attached.

He told me to kneel on the cube, which I did, and he crouched close behind me, one hand holding my ringed cock, already engorging and standing at attention, while he clipped tit clamps on my nipples. I groaned while he did this, as they were still tender from our last session using them. He just laughed, enjoying my discomfort, making clear who was the boss here.

I could feel his monster cock, with its metal ring at the small of my back, and he was kissing my shoulder. I turned my head and he possessed my mouth with his, pushing in his nub-studded tongue and punishing my tongue and the inner linings of my cheeks with that. I lurched and tried to pull away when he put pressure on my distended balls with a fist and pinched at the tit clamps, but he took my tongue in his teeth, and held in firmly while his arms grasped me tight, enjoying my writhing. I stopped fighting him and willed my muscles to relax, to show him I had surrendered, trying to block out the pain at my balls, nipples, and tongue.

When he was satisfied that I was fully under control, he relaxed his grasp at the three points and ran his tongue down my back and buried it between my butt cheeks, his hands holding me in the kneeling position on the cube by grasping my hips. He moved on to fingering me with lube and sliding his fingers in and out of my hole until he was satisfied that I had opened to him sufficiently.

I thought he was going to move in and fuck me then, but he moved away from me and instructed me to lay, chest down, on top of the cube and to extend my legs straight out behind me and support weight on my toes. When I was in this position, he cuffed my hands to either side of the cube near the base. I had my legs close together, in a push-up position, but he told me to spread them wider. This was going to be OK, but not for long.

But he quickly let me know that endurance in this position was going to one of the main points to this session. I felt the slight sting of leather strips zing across my buttocks.

“Feel that?” my dark angel was asking. “If you don’t keep your legs in this position until I’m finished with you here, you will feel the lash until you’re back in position. Understand?”

“Yes,” a said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, what?” he said, and I felt a slight sting from the whip again.

“Yes, sir,” I said. I must have given him the answer he wanted, because he moved in between my legs then and started rubbing his cock around on my buttocks and along the insides of my thighs and up and down in my crack. My balls were aching from being distended even further now by gravity, and I whimpered a bit.

The dark angel liked to hear me whimper, and I could hear him beginning to hum.

And then I felt him entering my ass. But, no, even he wasn’t this big. He felt me tremble, and then I was relieve of the pressure.

“Want sex izle to see?” he asked with a husky little laugh. “Take a look at these. These are what are going up your ass.”

I turned my head to see a flexible length of fairly large-sized anal beads, and I shuddered and my knees began to buckle as he returned to pushing them into my ass. When they were all in, he slowly began to pull them out again, and I heard and felt the popping sound as each plopped back out of my ass. Then they were pushed in again and this time they were jerked out in one motion that had my knees buckling and heading toward the floor.

But the dark angel did allow them to reach the floor, he got an arm under my thighs and pulled them back up while he switched my butt and the back of my thighs and my back with the leather whip until I had regained my position.

He did move back in between my legs then and entered me with his throbbing cock and stroked me until I was weak in the legs again. When he felt he had me opened up real well, he swung his legs over mine, one at a time, while still plowing me with his cock, and held my legs close together, constricting my hole tightly around his rod.

When I thought I couldn’t hold my legs in position any longer and he could feel me cramping up, he pulled out of me and told me I could kneel. He untied the hand cuffs at the front edge of the cube, but he left the cuffs on my wrists. He then sat down on cube and told me to skewer myself on his cock again, facing away from him. I went back into his lap and started slowly descending my ass on his cock, but he was impatient and took me by the hips and pushed me all the way down until he was fully encased inside me.

He reached down and cuffed my ankles and tied them and my wrist cuffs off on the same attachment at the top back edge of the cube on two sides. So, now I was sitting in his lap, my arms and legs pulled back at each side, hogtied and impaled on his rock-hard cock.

“Now we’ll see what full domination is,” he said. “You haven’t been vocal enough. I want to hear some screaming and begging.”

He first pinched the tit clamps on my nipples until I screamed for him to give me mercy on that. He then turned his attention to my tender, distended balls. He squeezed my tight nuts until I screamed in pain and my eyes watered. And then he let loose and told me to turn my head and kiss him. I did, and then he squeezed my balls tight once more, causing me to open my mouth wide in a scream that was stanched by his greedy, tongue-filled kiss. This time he didn’t let loose until I was writhing against his chest, and my ass was rotating wildly around on his cock, trying to pull my balls away from his punishing fist.

He finally released me and whispered in my ear, “Remember that. I am now going to possess you as you never have been possessed before. And you are going to love it. And you are going to come back whenever I call you to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, not understanding really, but ready to agree to anything now.

“I’m going to be possessing you in every orifice, and you are calmly going to respond altyazılı porn to me. And if you don’t, we can always return to tit and ball play. Understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

Out came the graduated sounding wands. I shudder in remembrance, as he selected a thinnish one and cupped my cock in with one hand and slowly inserted the wand six inches up my piss slit with the other. I was panting, avoiding looking at the metal rod being run into my piss slit, but trying to move as little as possible and doing everything I could not to scream in fear of what he might decide to do during this delicate maneuver. I felt filled and clogged far up my urethra. He slowly rotated the wand inside me, and I wanted to tear away from my bounds and escape, but that wasn’t going to happen. He slowly pulled the wand out and went to a larger size. I took my breath in and stifled a scream of violation and invasion as it entered me and teased the piss canal to widen to his attention. But, instead, I leaned back into his chest and tried to relax as the thicker wand moved deeper toward the bladder than the first one had. This time after it had traveled some distance, my canal grabbed it and pulled it inside and the dark angel had to grip the end of the wand to keep from losing it.

The tension was heavy and I began to sweat.

“Worried, aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear. “I could so easily ruin you for life right now, couldn’t I?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

To add to the fear, he started his hips in an up and down movement on the cube, moving his cock inside me. What he was doing must have been a great turn on for him, because his cock kept growing and thickening inside me, and he was humming again, more loudly this time. I as terrified that the movement of his hips and cock would cause him to lose a solid grip on the wand, and I started to moan.

He laughed and, while continuing the rocking motion of his cock, slowly pulled the wand out. The next one was a couple of sizes larger, and I was moaning at just the sight of it. It was no more than half way in, when I felt my balls tighten and I screamed that I was about to cum. He pulled the wand out to permit me to shoot off onto the floor beyond the cube and then he slowly reinserted it. When it was in a good eight inches, he took the hand that had been cupping my cock away and inserted his thumb in my mouth. I automatically began sucking on his thumb, knowing this was what he wanted. Then he had his three middle fingers in my mouth, being sucked like they were a cock.

“There, full possession,” he crooned to me. “Servicing every one of your orifices at once. Fucking all three orifices at once. Isn’t that nice? I said, isn’t that nice?”

He pulled his fingers out of mouth long enough for me to whisper a “Yes,” and then another “yes” to his question that this is what I had come back to him for—and would continue coming back to him for.

He released me from all of my bondage then, but immediately hauled me over on the floor beside the cube; wrapped a plow belt around my belly; crouched behind me, pulling my pelvis up to his; and fucked me vigorously doggie style until he had shot off deep inside me.

When he unlocked the door to the basement room and let me escape, he said “You will come again when I call. You belong to me.” And I did not contradict him.

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