Dark Roots Ch. 01

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No Regular Mother

Seattle, Oregon

6:30 pm

DeSanto Residence

“My name is Albert DeSanto, I’m 19 years old. You know, when I was younger, my mother, used to tell me that I was special. She told me I was different from every kid in my city, maybe even the whole world. In the beginning I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. I had odd dreams when I was younger though. I never knew my father, not because he didn’t wish to know me, but that he passed away after I was born. My mother told me she had met him when he was around my age.

She told me they fucked a lot. She said he had the stamina of a devil and the sex drive of an incubus. But my father wanted more than just sex from her, he wanted a family too. The only problem my mother saw was that was that she was barren. She told him she would never be able to give him what he wanted. Regardless, my father would not admit defeat and the two continued to fuck. When he was twenty, my mother came to him with news, she was pregnant with me, much to her shock.

My father, overjoyed at learning about this planned to celebrate my mother’s pregnancy with me with his whole family. He wanted to invite hers too, but she said her father had disowned her a long time ago. The night I was born, my father had mysteriously vanished. No one in his family knew what might have happened to him, they blamed my mother for making him disappear because she did not want kids. My mother plead with them, telling them she was not responsible and was just as confused as they were. No longer around, everyone considered him dead, after all, this was Mexico, a country not meant for weak men.

I am mixed race, my mother is white and my father mestizo. My mother said I resemble my father so much, she swears he’s me reborn, creepy. My dreams of my mother came and went. I knew this was not natural, and the most consistent dream I had of her was the same.

In my dream my mother was always depicted as a beautiful angel, radiant and divinely attractive. Despite her appearance, she was always falling through the clouds against a blacked background while the heavens beamed brightly. She wandered aimlessly through the rain, snow and darkness. My mother remained silent all throughout the dream I told her. She told me to forget about it. And so I did until she brought it back up.


Returning back to the present matter at hand. Albert was fucking his big booty ebony girlfriend, who was a year older than him. Her name was Indigo and her measurements were 35, 24, 35. Her hair was large and kinky, which she kept tied up in a pony tail, although her tail was more like the large ball of cotton. Her skin was as dark as chocolate and her pussy and asshole just as as sweet. She did not shave and sported a curly bush between her legs, but her boyfriend did not care.

Albert slapped his groin crotch against Indigo’s large round jiggly chocolate balls for ass cheeks. He held on to one of her hips and her ponytail as he slapped his balls against her sloppy pussy, groaning and moaning alongside her as she looked back and stared at him all the while as she flicked her tongue up and down like she was some kind of a snake. Gritting his teeth, he reached over and grabbed her by her throat, pulled her in and kissed her, kissed her deeply while their lower connected halves rutted wildly against each other.

“Ungh fuck, fuck baby, just like that. Mmmm, beat that pussy right baby!” Indigo moaned deeply, enjoying every inch of her man’s eight inch cock sliding in and out of her, and his sweaty crotch slapping against her large jiggling ass cheeks.

The clock on their phones, charging, read 6:30 pm. They had returned back from College two hours ago.

Albert’s mother, Lisa, a beautiful white woman with the body and measurements of a porn star, was pulling into the driveway of their home. They lived in a Cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Seattle, Oregon. She stepped out of her car after killing the engine and locking her doors. She wore a pencil skirt, heels, a blouse under a coat and carried a hand bag. She unlocked her front door and opened it. Walking inside, she was hit immediately with the sounds of hard and fiery love making. The sound of skin slapping against each other echoed through Mecidiyeköy Escort the entire house and two voices moaning in pleasure were like a siren’s call to her. It was irresistible.

Lisa dropped her bag, removed her coat and unbuttoned the buttons on her blouse and walked over to the semi opened door of her son’s bedroom. Peeking inside, she saw her son’s naked strong body covered in a thin film of sweat, dominating the thick and curvy body of his sexy black girlfriend. She played with her DD breasts. She sucked on her own nipples and pulled on them. Indigo felt someone watching them and alerted Albert to it.

“Babe, I think someone’s watching us!”

“What? Oh, that’s just my mother, its okay. Mom, you can come in.” Albert told her.

Lisa walked inside, closed the door behind her and walked over to her son. Indigo watched the beautiful woman saunter over to her son and kiss him! Deeply and passionately!

“What…the…fuck?!” Indigo said, shocked.

“Oh crap, I never told you Indigo, but my relationship with my mother is different from the rest.”

“Yeah, and how different Is it?”

Despite Lisa having the appearance of a woman in her early thirties, she was in fact much older than she appeared.

Inside of his own head, Albert spoke.

“Last year when I turned 18, my mother revealed to me who and what she was, because she thought I was old enough to understand and because she thought I was ready. When I came back home from school, Laid on my bed and slept. My mother came home and brought up the odd dreams I used to have of her when I younger. I asked her what made her bring it up, since she always dismissed it each time I wanted to speak to her about it. So instead of explaining it to me, she showed me.”

“So you must be Indigo, my son spoke to me about you. I never knew he was telling the truth about having such a beautiful girlfriend. Honey, I’m sorry to disturb you and my son, but if you are going to be dating my son, you will also be dating me.”

“E-Excuse me!?”

Lisa undid the buttons of her pencil skirt, pulled it down and her panties along with it. The mother had a beautiful blonde bush, wide hips and a small waist. But as Indigo watched the older woman, she saw something growing and coming out from under her golden bush. As quick as lighting struck, Albert’s mother grew a 12 inch cock that dangled between her legs. Accompanying her large cock, were a pair of testicles in a scrotum sac.

Indigo pulled away from Albert, which caused his cock to slip out of her wet chocolate pussy and back up into a corner of the bedroom. Lisa reassured the frightened young woman in her own way. Lisa’s green eyes glowed brightly while making her way over to Indigo. The young woman’s erratic breathing calmed considerably. Al’s mother offered her hand and helped his girlfriend up to her feet. Pulling the chocolate beauty in, she kissed her. Albert laid on the bed and stroked himself to the scene. He watched his mother’s long dick sliding between his girlfriend’s legs, while they kissed furiously.

Indigo sucked and licked Lisa’s nipples as the older woman licked the side of her neck and planted kisses on it. With a hard shove, Lisa pushed Indigo back on her son’s bed and told her son,

“Sorry son, continue what you were doing with her.”

Albert grabbed his girlfriend and bent her over his bed. Stroking himself to the sight of her large black ass, he smacked one cheek first as hard as he could, which elicited a hard and satisfied moan from Indigo. Slipping his wet cock back inside of her tight pussy, Al resumed his quick and deep thrusts, slapping his balls against her damp cunt. His mother watched them fucking with great lust and stroked her large cock slowly with one hand, while the other alternated between massaging her balls, fingering her pussy and massaging her large tits.

Indigo and Lisa stared back at one another and without uttering a word to the other, they knew already what the other wanted. Albert’s mother’s crawled on top his bed. She knelt in front of the young black beauty’s face and lifting up her large cock, slowly shoved the head inside of her hot wet mouth and slowly slid half of her cock down her throat. But Albert’s powerful Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan thrusts caused Indigo to take more of his mother’s cock down her already stuffed throat.

Taking the sides of her face, Lisa made Indigo look up at her in her eyes. The young black nymph’s eyes overflowed with tears. She coughed and gagged slightly around her cock.

“Oh dear baby!” Lisa blurted out as she thrusted forward. Her long cock was a bit hard to suck on, but as more of Indigo’s saliva coated the head and shaft, well much of the shaft, sucking became much easier.

“Oh fuck, son! Mmmm, you’re little Nubian darling has such an…aahhhmmm…amazing mouth. Look at her go, she can almost take all of it down her slutty throat. Ahh Fuuckk!”

“Oh fuck, god damnit mom! I don’t know how much longer I can…keep going like this…Mmm.” Albert said, panting quickly.

“Keep fucking that pussy baby, fuck that pussy like you own it. Ahh fuck! Fuck that pussy like you fucked mine last year! Aaahhh!!”

Indigo’s eyes grew wider than ever before for two reason. One, she had no idea that Albert, her boyfriend and his mother fucked. And two, Lisa came with a vengeance, ejaculating semen down her throat and filling her mouth so much, she coughed and gagged, tearing up her eyes even harder. Tears rolled down her cheeks where they dripped onto the bed. Cum escaped out of her nostrils and around her lips where they dripped onto the bed sheets beneath her along with her tears.

The sound of his girlfriend gagging and choking on his mother’s cock as she continued to pump load after load down her throat, pushed him over his edge and pressed his crotch against his girlfriend’s round, soft plump ass and shot load after load inside her. He had forgot to pull out, but the sensation of Indigo’s pussy wrapping tightly around his shaft like the meat vice that it was, was just too good to ignore.

With an audible and loud sigh of satisfaction, Albert fell back on the bed, but he had no time to relax and enjoy this moment. He was panicked.

“Holy shit mom, I came inside of her! I forgot to put on a damn rubber!” Albert shouted.

“Baby baby, its okay, let your mother handle this. Look, let’s change positions.”

Lisa laid on her back with her legs bent and spread apart. Indigo, who took her time spitting out the inhuman amount of cum out her mouth, sat down on top of her face with her wet cum filled pussy on top of her mouth. Albert hung back on his bed facing his mother’s opened legs and spent cock that rested her between her legs.

“You ready Indigo?”

“Yes…” Indigo replied, sounding a little apprehensive.

“Mmmm, such a sexy and beautiful pussy my dear. Now, to suck my son’s wonderful ambrosia out of this sweet honey pot.”

“You’re going to do what—Ahhhh! Mmmm! Hahhh! Oh yeahhh! Oh Mrs. DeSanto!”

Indigo rolled her hips on top of Lisa’s mouth, grinding the lips of her pussy on her lips which were pressed firmly on her cunt while her tongue, firmly inside of her wet tight hole, licked up the cum that dribbled down onto her whipping tongue. Albert watched his mother’s soft cock, quickly harden and rise. Watching his girlfriend being orally pleasure by his mother turned him on.

Lisa wondered what Albert was doing back there and momentarily raised Indigo off her mouth so she could speak.

“Son, its okay for you to watch, but wouldn’t you rather be a part of this…AAUGH, FUCK!!” Lisa let out a deep moan, a satisfied moan that caused her to let out a small maniacal laugh.

Albert helped himself to burying his now stiffened cock inside of his mother’s wet pussy. Lisa wrapped and crossed her legs behind her son’s back and savored and enjoyed the pleasure of having her walls stretched by her son. Like with his girlfriend, he slapped his crotch against his mother’s wet cunt and soft testicles. Her pussy clenched around his shaft tightly, making sure to keep as much of him from slipping out of her.

“Mmmm! Mmm! Hmmm!” Lisa moaned hard as she resumed eating Indigo out and having her own pussy pounded.

“Oh fuck, mom, its even tighter than before!! Hah, fuck I think i’m going to cum already!”

“Do it baby, fill mommy’s pussy with her healthy semen, Yes! Escort Mecidiyeköy Yes! Yes!” Lisa moaned loudly before returning back to sucking out her son’s cum out of his girfriend’s pussy.

Getting the last volume of cum out of her pussy, Lisa shoved Indigo out of the way to bend forward and wrap her arms around the back of her son’s neck. Indigo, sweaty and near her own climax, watched mother and son having sex, like they were lovers, like they weren’t even related. Lisa kissed her son as he pounded her pussy harder and faster until finally, with a visible shakiness that came over his entire body, he pumped cum after cum inside of his mother’s womb.

“Ohhhh yeaahhhhh…hahh…” Lisa moaned in delight, trailing off.

“Are you sure that’s ok Mrs. DeSanto?” Lisa asked.

“Oh don’t worry dear, I can’t have children anymore. It was a miracle that I was even able to get pregnant with my son here. And in case you were wondering dear, I’m unable to father any children either. Its a part of my condition.”

“Mom, maybe you should show Indigo what you really look like?”

“Hmmm, she has to agree to never let this secret out, or else…”

“Or else what?” Indigo asked somewhat nervously.

“You have to agree or else you might disappear dear.”

“Okay, I agree never to let your secret out.”

With that promise, Lisa took a few steps back. Albert sat down next to Indigo and held her close. A hundred little sparkling lights began to appear all over the older woman’s body. They appeared on her breasts, her cock, her sac, her cunt, ass, face and indeed all over her. Then, an unknown light radiated from behind her body and head. Her golden hair glowed as did her green eyes. Her breasts and both sets of genitalia glowed brightly. Two magnificent wings appeared and unfolded from behind her back.

Indigo was amazed, unable to come up with the words to describe the beauty she was witnessing, but like a bad static channel. Lisa underwent a second transformation. Her divine light radiating from her dimmed. Her golden glowing hair changed to scarlet red. Her green eyes turned black. Her usual fair skin complexion turned a medium brown. Her pink lips turned black as did the nails on her toes and fingers. Her two large dove like wings turned black like a raven’s. Her halo looked less like a golden beam of light and more like self contained fire.

The couple watched Lisa hovering above them, her dick swaying between her legs. Albert stood up and took a hold of his mother’s hand. His mother descended back down onto the floor where he wrapped an around her back, pulled her in and kissed her. Indigo stared at mother and son sucking faces. Her gaze took her down between their legs where both of them had erections. Her boyfriend’s was obviously smaller than his Angel mother’s, though while his stuck out like a stiff branch, her’s fully erect barely rose despite being erect. Lisa rubbed both her cock against her son’s as she breathed and moaned deeply in his mouth.

Feeling the need to pleasure both mother and son, Indigo got up from the bed to kneel in front of both of them. She took a hold of Lisa’s girthy cock first and licked her tongue around the head. Then she slowly sucked it into her mouth much to Lisa’s pleasure who let out a deep satisfied moan. She grabbed Albert’s cock second and stroked it quickly. Mother and son placed a hand behind the young woman’s head and resumed kissing one another. The young ebony beauty alternated between sucking the mother’s cock and her boyfriend’s.

“Mmm, haah, fuck I love the feel of your tongue, son” Lisa told him.

“Same here” he responded.

Lisa looked down at how her son’s girlfriend’s ass stuck out. It was large and perfectly heart shaped. Just looking at the flesh of her large ass jiggling caused her cock to throb, even more when Indigo had her pretty lush lips wrapped around her shaft and tongue sliding up and down and around the head of her cock.

“Hey son, mind if If we team up?”

“What do you mean mom?” Albert asked.

“Hey darling,” Lisa spoke.

Indigo pulled her mouth off Albert’s cock to look back up at them. “Yes mam?” She answered.

“Have you ever been double penetrated before?”

“Have I ever been what?!”

“Double penetrated, dear. You know, its when two men take one woman at the same time. A body such as yours was made exactly for that. What do you think son, mind if I take her vagina and you take her asshole?”

“What!?” both Albert and Indigo said together, surprised.

Continued in Chapter 2.

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