Darkness Calls

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“Don’t move”.

I gave a small gasp as I woke in the dark, not understanding for the moment who was standing there. I cursed myself again for my bad habit of leaving doors unlocked at night, well for that matter, during the day when I was at work.

“Get on all fours”.

The commands came, as if he knew I wouldn’t resist. I slid up, my belly off the bed and presented myself to him.

“Stay there and don’t move again till I tell you.”

I felt his hand caress my back and I felt more naked and exposed then I actually was. I could hear his hand working his cock, and I felt a thrill go through me. His hand was rubbing my ass cheeks but I wasn’t prepared for the sudden slap.

I jerked in response, but backed again into his touch. He moved closer and then I felt the soft thud of his cock slapping my ass, the sound turning me on. I wanted to play with my clit but I wasn’t sure if I should.

“Lie back down, and spread your ass cheeks for me”.

Groaning with anticipation, I did as he asked, and escort bursa used both my hands to pull my ass apart. He was making small sounds of approval and I smiled because I could still please him. It had been too long, but one never forgets how they make you feel.

“Turn over”.

I released my ass, and turned over on my back. I had just shaved my pussy again that day and memories flooded my mind. Nine long years had passed since he first asked me to do that for him, and I never let it grow back. I don’t think about it too much unless I am in a situation where you don’t expect people to mind. Like at the doctor, or the gyno, then suddenly its ‘whoops’ then “fuck it”. Its much tidier and I love the feel of skin on skin.

I tried to make out his face in the filtered light. It was late at night, I don’t know exactly what time, or how he managed to be here, but he was.

“Play with yourself”.

Glad to finally participate I rubbed my swollen clit with an eager touch. My eyes wanted to close, bursa merkez eskort but I wanted to watch him, to be there, do whatever he wanted, and feel what he wanted me to feel.

His cock was so hard, I wondered if it hurt him. It was as if I had never seen it that way before. My mouth must have fallen open, as he let out a slow groan, and in spite of himself he allowed the tip to graze my lips. I wanted so much to taste him, but this was his show, his time. He pulled back and slapped my cheeks with his cock, almost as punishment for wanting him too much.

My hands were covered in my cum as I arched my back with my first orgasm.

“Good girl, now taste yourself”.

I slowly brought my fingers to my face and let my tongue taste the sweetness on my hands. He seemed to approve and once again I watched as he stroked his cock faster. He seemed to like seeing my wet pussy lips and for a moment I thought he was going to cum there. But I knew him better, and it wouldn’t bursa sınırsız escort be a one shot deal.

He moved back to my face, and I couldn’t quite see the look he gave me, as he once again lowered his cock into my mouth. He groaned again as I slowly closed my mouth around him, and let him pump into me, first fast , then slow, as if he needed to savor the sensation. I was caught in the past and present as I remembered how much I loved to suck his cock. I almost wished he was above me, fucking my face, but he needed to do things his way.

“Open your mouth and wait for it”.

I did as he asked and watched his hand stroke and stroke, and I could see his balls convulsing, I knew his need would be soon.

As if it took him by surprise the first blast of jism hit my face. My eyes shut, as three more times his cum hit me and I knew he liked what he saw.

“Don’t move”.

I stayed where I was, cum dripping, eyes closed, when I heard the click of a camera phone going off in rapid succession, then the soft snick of his zipper and his belt buckled. He left me there, dripping, and I listened to him walk away. I didn’t say a word, I knew he wouldn’t want me to. I let my tongue glide over my lips to taste him, hoping I would get to again. He’d find me. He always does, and I’m always waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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