Daughter Training Ch. 05

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Gerard and Caitlyn hit it off at first sight. Gerard was a tall grad student, and Caitlyn was nearly a foot shorter in stature, both attending the same college. Later they both considered their chance meeting the luckiest thing that ever happened to either of them. They were drawn to each other and at first had the requisite discussions about college classes and majors, but after a few days of increasingly sexually-charged small talk, Gerard finally took Caitlyn into an empty classroom to have some more privacy and talk on a, shall we say, deeper level, and their first official date was set for later that night.

Their first date didn’t actually happen until the next day, not because it was canceled, but because when Gerard went to pick up Caitlyn he saw her wearing the skimpiest outfit she could find with an ultra-short skirt that didn’t even cover her ass. Gerard’s cock strained his pants, which Caitlyn noticed immediately. She gave a not-so-subtle signal of her intentions by licking her lips as she stared at the bulge that was in her earlier that day and dragged him back into her bedroom. Once Gerard snapped out of his stupor, he was an animal marking hi territory, not allowing Caitlyn out of her bed until he had marked her with his cum in each of her holes. After that experience, Gerard teased her by telling her she thought with her pussy unlike any girl he had known before. He was right but not in the way he thought. Caitlyn wasn’t a slut; she didn’t normally sleep with a man so quickly after meeting him and had a very limited amount of previous partners. She wasn’t the reserved intellectual that Gerard was, being more outgoing in general, but she still enjoyed their sometimes intense conversations on all kinds of topics. There was something about Gerard that drew her to him, something that made her pussy scream for her to get pregnant by him as soon as possible. It was more than a feeling, it was a need, and at times it drowned out all rational thought.

Their relationship blossomed, and unlike most romances that fizzle after about a year, theirs kept going strong. One thing she loved Gerard for was his tendency to fuck her wherever, whenever, and however he wanted, whether she was sleeping, cooking, gardening, talking on the phone, or doing anything else. Caitlyn loved the tenderness he showed in bed when the mood was right, but she also loved the feeling of being used as his cum receptacle. She felt proud and happy as he stuffed his cock in any one of her holes mere seconds after taking one look at her sexy body. She cherished each thrust he made in her throat, ass, or pussy as he told her how he couldn’t resist her, how lucky he was, how she was his and his alone, and how he needed to dump his cum in her. All women, whether they admit it or not, want to feel owned and protected. There was no way she would ever let her man go.

They were by all accounts a well-matched couple and were eventually married, to no great surprise to anyone who even had a passing knowledge of them. They stayed together through the years, and started a small family in their little love nest, and had a little girl named Ava. Gerard had always been such a devoted husband and Caitlyn knew she could always depend on his fidelity. It wasn’t just his vows that kept him in line, he just wasn’t the kind of man who slept around. He would never have sex with a woman he didn’t love. It was the kind of devotion that women are taught to seek and cherish from the time they first learn about relationships. It was a security that most wives could only yearn for.

Caitlyn, however, saw her husband’s faithfulness as his one and only flaw. Unlike most women, she wanted her husband to stick his beautiful cock into other pussies. She didn’t realize this about herself until she noticed Gerard checking out the babysitter’s ass one day as she bent over. She thought of what her husband might do to her, how he might hold her down and saw his magnificent cock in and out of her cunt. She imagined walking in on her husband face-fucking the high-schooler as she laid on her back with her head hanging over the side, happily taking the throat fucking like Caitlyn did so often.

Caitlyn came out of her fantasy world just in time as the babysitter asked for payment for her night’s work. She felt lucky that nobody could see her hand which had made its way down to massage her clit, as she was standing behind the kitchen counter. Before her husband fucked her that night, she asked him questions about how attractive he thought the babysitter was. As he fucked her, she hoped he was imagining fucking that tight teen body, just like she was.

Caitlyn came over and over that night. Thoughts of her husband fucking the babysitter would not leave her mind. Normally her husband fucked her awake from a deep sleep at least once per week, but that night she the one who interrupted his dreams by sucking him hard and then bouncing on his cock, screaming like a banshee. She couldn’t tell him what she wanted, could she? No, Ankara escort that would be silly. It’s something that will pass, an infatuation that will die down, after just one more orgasm…

However, she was completely wrong. Months went by, then years, and she imagined her husband fucking hundreds of other women. She thought there must be something wrong with her, she had her perfect man and wanted to see him flirting, kissing, fucking, and dominating another woman. Instead of making her jealous, like other women might be, her thoughts instead made her wet. She wanted another woman to feel just what it was like to be filled by her husband, to have his seed fill them and cover them. He promised her his seed, told her it was what made her his property. Every drop should be her, but she ached to see it stolen from her. She couldn’t explain why, but the thought of her husband’s cock sinking into another woman’s holes always made her drenched. She was sure that if she saw another woman’s head bobbing on his lap, or his big dick sink slowly into another woman’s pussy or ass, the sight would be so beautiful that she would cum without even touching herself.

Caitlyn had developed a taste for her husband’s semen a long time ago, which is no surprise after drinking it daily, and she had also started imagining what it would be like cleaning up after any adulterous encounters. While her husband was at work, she writhed on the bed furiously frigging her cunt as she yearned to lick up her husband’s cum wherever it went: down a leg, on a face, deep inside a prime, tight pussy…

Caitlyn had thoughts and feelings she didn’t know what to do with, that she knew if she told others, they’d tell her something was wrong with her. She wanted to feel denigrated, to be cheated on, to feel like somebody was trying to steal her husband away. She wanted her husband to come home one day, stick his cock in her face, and tell her to use her tongue to clean off his lover’s juices. Every single time she came home, she hoped to hear the sound of another woman moaning as his cock entered her, or gagging as he shoved his cock down her throat. She wanted to find lipstick on his collar, answer the phone to mysterious callers who hung up when she answered, and smell strange pussy on his breath.

She decided she’d probe his thoughts a little, see how he reacts to simple fantasies. One night they were on the couch when a movie starring Jessica Alba came on.

“She’s really hot, isn’t she?” Caitlyn asked.

Gerard thought this was the typical “no-win” question that women commonly asked and tensed up a little. Caitlyn could sense it. “You’re all I’ll ever need,” he replied.

Caitlyn moved her hand down to his crotch and kept talking softly.

“But you’d fuck her, right? I mean, if you got the opportunity?”


Her dainty hand squeezed him through his pants.

“It’s OK you know, you can find other women attractive. You don’t have to tell little white lies, this guy tells me the truth every time.” Caitlyn squeezed some more, then traced her finger up and down as Gerard’s cock hardened.

“I’d never… oh babe, I’d never cheat on you,” Gerard said.

Caitlyn’s heart sank a little, but she didn’t give up.

“You’re telling me if Jessica Alba came in this house right now and said you could fuck her, you’d deny her?” Caitlyn unbuttoned his fly.

Gerard labored out the reply, “Don’t ask me that…”

“You know it’s common for couples to have a celebrity cheat list. She could be on yours.”

Gerard groaned as his wife unzipped him and started tugging at his pants.

“I’d even help. I’d guide your cock right inside her,” whispered Caitlyn as she freed her husband of his pants. All that was left was his boxers, which were distinctly tented with a wet spot at the top.

“Oh babe, it’s so wrong…” Gerard’s hand gently caressed his wife’s hair as she moved his cock through the hole in his boxers.

“I’d love to see you do this with her.” Caitlyn licked his cock up and down tenderly before using her expert cock sucking skills to their fullest extent.

Caitlyn moved her tongue deftly around his shaft, sucking and slurping, maximizing pleasure without moving her head too much. She was a cocksucker extraordinaire, knowing exactly what he needed to cum as hard as possible, and how to keep him on edge for hours at a time.

This time, though, she was exceptionally thirsty. She couldn’t wait.

“Would you watch?” Gerard asked.

“Only if you wanted me to,” Caitlyn replied, talking around his cock.

“You’d sit over there as this hot bitch gulps down my cock?” Gerard gasped.

“Mmmm hmmmm” Caitlyn didn’t let up her attack.

“Suck it down, take my cock, Jessica!” Gerard yelled, “Drink it all, bitch!”

Gerard’s hot semen came in intense jets into Caitlyn mouth with a force she hadn’t known for quite a while. This made her very happy.

Caitlyn gulped down every drop and went to work cleaning Ankara escort bayan up any remaining residue as her husband caressed her.

“It’s only fantasy, right?” Gerard said as he slumped back.

A devilish twinkle entered Caitlyn’s eye, “Of course, hon… but I wouldn’t mind too much if it wasn’t.”

That last statement made Gerard groan once more, and they continued to watch the movie together as Caitlyn kept sucking her husband’s cock gently until it came back to hardness. Nothing was said between them until he got close to orgasm once more and grabbed her head and started thrusting, fucking her face, saying, “YES! Drink my cum, Jessica! Drink it!”

Caitlyn gulped down the diminished load and planned her next move.


For a while, the happy couple enjoyed movie nights together, with Caitlyn pretending to be whatever hot actress was in the movie they watched. They progressed to fucking, her role playing in the hope it would warm her husband up to the idea of marital infidelity. They also watched porn together, acting out the scenes they saw, and whenever possible, Caitlyn tried to make her husband think of the woman on the screen, not her.

Gerard had been calling out other women’s names more and more often, but her subtle hints that he find a woman in real life didn’t seem to be getting through. Eventually, Caitlyn couldn’t hold in her intense desires anymore. She wanted her relationship with her husband to include a mistress, one that might even boss her around a little. It felt like she might never get what she wanted. She decided to be as blunt as she could be, even recommend that he fuck one of her hot friends. She sat on his lap as she told him, her arms around him as she bared her soul, scared of his rejection of her plan. As she detailed her dirty fantasies of humiliation, she felt Gerard’s cock stiffen beneath her.

Gerard didn’t think worse of his wife for her fantasies but seemed to be adamantly opposed to fucking another woman. He sympathized with her desires, saying that everyone has different sexual fantasies and she shouldn’t feel bad about hers. It was just difficult for him to break through that mental barrier… maybe too difficult. After an intense heart to heart talk, he promised he’d try, but he’d have to work up to it.

They started slow, with her explaining to him her fantasies of the real women he wanted him to put his seed inside of as she curled up with his cock, licking, sucking, and properly worshiping it like a woman should. She would describe the different girls she imagined seeing his cock dominate, and the different ways he would fuck them. She made clear that he could, at any time, pick a woman to have an affair with and be as intimate with her as he wanted. All he had to do was stay with his wife, which she was confident he would do no matter what, and tell her what happened. Gerard refused but loved how consistently horny his wife was as she imagined reworking their relationship to include another woman for his use.

She kept at it, noticing how he got when she talked about him fucking her attractive friends. He got more into it, asking her about which ones were single and what their kinks were. She worked at making her fantasy a reality, hoping to break down his defenses. They role played adulterous encounters with real people they knew. During sex, her husband would talk to her like she really was her friend. He’d talk about how her pussy was so much tighter than his wife’s, and how he thought of fucking her when he fucked his wife. This degrading talk made Caitlyn cum hard, every time.

Gerard had loved the role playing, himself secretly wishing he really could make himself fuck other women, like the babysitter, Caitlyn’s friends, or a slut at his office. However, he just couldn’t make himself do it. Having a cum dumpster like his wife was great, but only because he loved her. Despite his continuing reluctance to actively pursue the immoral fantasies his wife was begging him to do, he did participate more and more actively in their fantasy play. Gerard would slip up behind Caitlyn and tell her to clean his cock off with her mouth, as it was covered with juices from a tight, delicious pussy like one from the cheerleader next door. Every time, Caitlyn would sink to her knees to worship his cock while praying on the way down that this time it was actually true. He would tease her sometimes before going to work, refusing to fuck her because he was saving the load for another woman. She knew it wasn’t true but it was a surefire way to make her horny all day.

For 18 years, Gerard and Caitlyn raised their daughter Ava together as a happy family, keeping their perversions away from her eyes, though not always her ears. Ava grew to be the spitting image of her mother, long dark hair, barely over 5 feet tall, but with larger breasts. Caitlyn relished the feeling of being a cum dumpster and a mommy, though her little girl didn’t need her quite as much anymore. This only gave her more time Escort Ankara to obsess over her fantasy of watching her husband fuck other women. She was a housewife, and while she filled much of her time with housework, volunteer work, and hobbies, like anyone else nowadays she spent some time online, where she found communities of other women who shared her perversions. She had also discovered the word that she craved to define her: “Cuckquean.” As time went on, Caitlyn was more and more desperate to not just roleplay but actually be a cuckquean. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out. If something didn’t happen soon, she might just go get some slut, bring her home, and demand her husband fuck her.

Gerard was still a good husband, still romantic, and still keeping his figure by working out at the gym. It was still easy to imagine him thrusting inside of a tight, young pussy, filling it with a load that Caitlyn would be required to clean up with her tongue.

One day Caitlyn was using the computer in the master bedroom with her panties around her ankles, ready to read her favorite erotic stories when she noticed something in the browser history that she was sure she hadn’t read before. Caitlyn regularly read erotic stories, teasing her pussy to the edge of orgasm, but not allowing herself to go over the edge until her husband came home. It was a rule she had agreed to: that she could not orgasm unless he was there. As a result, Gerard regularly came home to a wife with drenched panties or thighs dripping with juices, depending on where their daughter was. Sometimes he still wouldn’t let her orgasm until she sucked him off while he watched porn, showed him she got every drop of cum, and then swallowed it. Only after she got every drop, even if they got on her face or the floor, could she orgasm.

It was especially surprising to see stories in the browser history that she hadn’t read because she was sure that besides her, the only person who used this computer was her husband, and he preferred videos. She was even more shocked to find that instead of the usual “cheating” stories, they were stories about incest. Specifically, daddy/daughter incest.

She looked in the “downloads” folder and found something that made her even hotter. Some of those stories had been saved and had the original names of the fathers and daughters all replaced with “Gerard” and “Ava.”

Suddenly, Caitlyn was the hornier than she could ever remember being in her life. Her hand sloshed in her slit as she looked to her side at the picture her husband had put on the nightstand of the family vacation to Bermuda around Christmas last year for Caitlyn’s 18th birthday, the one Caitlyn took of her husband and daughter posing in their bathing suits: Gerard in his speedo and Caitlyn in her skimpy black bikini, her D-cup tits pouring out of a top that was a size too small. Gerard had a huge smile on his face as he held his daughter in what only now dawned on Caitlyn as a not-entirely-fatherly way, a little too close, with his hand a little too much on her ass.

It was too much, she was too wet and horny. She needed to cum, now. Caitlyn took out her cell and texted her husband.

“At home, can I please cum?”

The reply came about 30 seconds later: “No.”

Caitlyn sent one text after another with one hand on her phone, one on her twat:

“Pretty please?”


“2 horny”

“Can’t think straight”

Again, her phone buzzed with a simple phrase: “No.”

Frustrated more than she ever believed she could be, she willed her hand away from her pussy and stuck her fingers in her mouth, tasting herself. She could feel a pulsing need inside her as her phone notified her of another text.

“Cool off. Go for a walk. No cumming until I’m home.”

Some men might be scared of their woman jumping on another man after denying them in such a horny state, but not Gerard. They both knew that she would only take his cock. Before he fully understood her obsession, he thought that maybe she wanted him to cheat on her because she really wanted an excuse to cheat on him in return. Gerard made it clear, however, that no matter whatever happened, even if he fucked another woman like she wanted, she could never fuck another man and keep Gerard in her life. His dick was the only one she would ever touch for the rest of her life and there was a zero tolerance policy for her cheating on him. If she did, he would leave and it would be all over, with no chance at redemption. His cum marked her as his property and if she took another man’s cum then she rejected his ownership. It was purely a primal reaction. Some might say it’s not fair for him to be allowed to cheat on her while she can’t cheat on him, but that’s the way Caitlyn liked it. Of course it wasn’t fair; it was nature.

Caitlyn finished licking her fingers, slid on her panties, and rushed out the door to look for a distraction. It was 4:30PM and her husband would be home in about an hour. Ava still wasn’t home and probably wouldn’t be for another half hour or so, as she usually came home to eat dinner after going to a friend’s house first after school. She would eat at her friend’s house, but Caitlyn was a great cook.

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