Daughter’s Boyfriend is a Stud

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Big Tits

Melissa was just setting the dining room table when she heard the front door open. Tonight was the night that her daughter Bridget was bringing home her new college boyfriend Chris for dinner. Bridget had just turned eighteen and was starting her first year at college; she was going to the school nearby, so she decided to stay living with her mom. Melissa went to the door to greet them.

They looked odd standing next to each other. There was just such a size difference. Bridget stood maybe 5’1″ and weighed less than 100 lbs, with long thin blonde hair. She’s a tiny little thing; her boobs were a B-cup on a good day. She must’ve gotten that trait from her father. Melissa’s husband Jim was a thin man of average height. They could both eat whatever they wanted and not gain a pound.

Melissa herself was definitely more curvy than her daughter. She was 5’5″ and had D-cups, and raven-black hair. Even though she was pushing forty years old, she prided her self on staying in shape and looking good.

Chris towered over both of them, but especially Bridget. He must’ve been at least 6’2″ and 200 lbs., and his tight shirt showed off his bulging arms and defined chest. He had short dark hair and a strong jaw, and smiled easily.

“Mom, this is Chris,” Bridget said.

Chris stuck out his hand, and Melissa couldn’t help but notice how big it was as it enveloped her own during the handshake.

“Nice to meet you Chris.”

“Nice to meet you-“

“Please, call me Melissa.”

“Melissa” he said with a smile.

“Well, let’s eat.” She led them to the table and as she was serving them said, “Sorry my husband Jim couldn’t be here to meet you. He’s out of town on business for the next couple weeks.”

They all sat down for dinner and make small talk as they ate. Chris was 22, and was on the swim team. He and Bridget had been dating for about two weeks. Melissa knew that ‘dating’ during college meant fucking. She herself had some wild times in late high school and college until she settled down with Jim. In fact, that was the one complaint she could have about her husband in their nineteen years of marriage. He never really satisfied her sexually. His dick was five inches and thin like he was, and he never lasted for more than a couple minutes. She felt a little spark of jealousy of what Chris was probably doing to her daughter. She had talked about sex with Bridget a long time ago and at least told her to be smart. Bridget had been on the pill for some time now.

After dinner she thanked them both and Bridget said Escort Güngören she was going to stay the night at his place, so they left together and Melissa was left with thoughts of what they would be doing when they got there.

In bed that night, Melissa fell asleep thinking of the crazy times she had when she was just out of high school. The parties, the drinking, and the boys. Lots of boys, just like Chris. She slept with a smile on her face and her dreams were wonderful.

The following week, it was just after dark and Bridget and her mother were at home and scheduled to go see a movie together.

“Sorry Mom, I have a ton of homework. I don’t think I can go see the movie with you and get it all done,” Bridget said.

Melissa said she understood and that she would go by herself. It was one she really wanted to see. She gave her daughter a hug and kiss and told her she would be back in a couple hours.

“Bye mom. Have fun,” Bridget waved to her from the doorway and Melissa backed out of the driveway and drove to the theater, which was about a ten minute drive.

When she got to the ticket window she had a problem: her wallet was missing. She frantically searched her purse until the realization struck her that she had taken her wallet out of her purse earlier that day to make a purchase online and forgot to put it back in. It was most likely just sitting on the computer desk at home. The next showing for her movie was in 25 minutes, so if she hurried home and back she could make it. She hustled back to her car and sped home.

As she arrived at her house, she noticed that Chris’s black pickup truck was parked in front. Perhaps he was bringing her some dinner during her studying. She unlocked the front door and when she walked in she heard music playing from upstairs, along with other noises she couldn’t quite make out. The sounds were definitely coming from Bridget’s bedroom.

Melissa crept up the stairs, and as she did she could make out the sounds that were previously masked by the radio. Moaning sounds and the sound of flesh smacking. She slowly walked to her daughter’s door and it was ajar just the slightest. She peeked inside and sight took her breath away.

Chris was on top of her fucking missionary style. The foot of the bed was facing her so she had a view of Chris’s cock slamming into her daughter. And what a cock it was. Bridget’s pussy looked stretched to the maximum around the thickness of it. Her legs were up in the air and her arms were around his back. İnnovia Escort Her nails dug into him as she held on for dear life. He was fucking her with long fast strokes, with loud slapping sounds as their pelvises connected. His large body dominated her tiny frame as he thrusted.

Melissa was mesmerized by the sheer size of the young man’s dick. It was at least twice as big around as Jim’s. His big balls slapped her daughter’s ass with each thrust. He was using really long strokes but she never saw the tip. It looked beautiful and was soaked with Bridget’s juices. She loved the way it glistened as it pistoned in and out of her daughter’s vagina. It appeared to barely fit inside and Melissa wondered if it was hurting her but judging by the amount of wetness dripping down her ass and the frothing occuring that Bridget was enjoying it just fine.

“Oh my God, you feel so good! It’s so big! I’m going to cum again!” Bridget yelled.

“Yeah baby, cum all over my dick.”

Bridget reached down and grabbed his muscular ass and pulled him into her, and moaned loudly as she came. Then he resumed fucking her hard and fast.

Melissa felt her pussy get wet and took a moment to survey the scene. Their clothes were in a crumpled heap by the side of the bed. They probably wasted no time once Mom was out of the house to start going at it. Her eyes caught the picture in the frame on Bridget’s nightstand. It was a family photo of a trip they had taken when Bridget was 10. Bridget and her parents standing close together and smiling on the San Diego boardwalk. Melissa was struck by the innocence of the photo, and now her innocent little girl was a young woman getting the fucking of a lifetime by a hung young stud.

Her eyes were drawn once again to the giant cock thrusting into her daughter. It was so hot how he was able to keep up the fast pace. Melissa undid the button on her jeans and slid her hand down onto her clit. God, she was soaking wet!

Chris pulled out completely and Melissa saw the full length of his manhood. It was ten inches and the head was big and purple. He rose up onto his knees. She couldn’t see his dick anymore, just his muscular back and ass, and his balls hanging between his thighs.

“Get over here and suck my cock.”

Bridget moved and now Melissa could see her daughter’s tits through Chris’s legs as she obeyed him. Melissa could not see it but heard the unmistakable sounds of slurping as Bridget blew him. She was picturing her tiny little daughter’s mouth trying to Kağıthane escort bayan fit around his massive dick. Melissa’s hand moved faster on her clit.

Chris had moved his hands in front of him and Melissa could only assume he had them on Bridget’s head as she was sucking him.

“Oh yeah baby, get down on it.” She responded with a gagging sound as his thick cockhead must’ve hit the back of her throat.

Chris let out a moan. “That’s right, suck your cum off my cock. It tastes so good doesn’t it?” Her muffled moan around his meat was the only reply.

He pushed her back down onto the bed and flipped her over onto her stomach. It was amazing the way he manhandled her tiny body. Melissa bit her lower lip as she was masturbating to keep from moaning herself when she watched Chris pick her up by the hips and impale her onto his dick. It would have been doggystyle expect her knees barely touched the bed. He was holding her hips and pulling her onto his big cock while he was thrusting forward. Melissa watched his balls swing forward with each thrust and smack her clit. His dick was a blur as he was penetrating her with ridiculous speed and strength, the slapping sounds of his pelvis meeting her ass getting louder.

After was seemed an impossible length of time at this pace, Chris threw her down onto the bed and flipped her onto her back. He was still up on his knees.

“God baby, I’m gonna cum. Tell me you want it,” he said as he slowly stroked his dick.

“Yes please, cum all over me,” Bridget said from a daze. “Please.”

Melissa watched Chris’s back and ass muscles tighten, and he groaned loudly as he came. Melissa could not see him coming, but imagined she was laying in front of him as cum came spraying out of his big cockhead and hitting her face and tits. She came on her fingers with this vision and it took all she had not to cry out.

Finally, Chris rolled of the bed and Melissa got a quick glimpse of Bridget. She was completely covered in cum. Her face, her tits, her stomach, and her pussy all had semen splayed across them. Melissa felt jealous as she retreated from the doorway and went quietly down the stairs and out the front door, thankful the music was still playing to help her escape. She waited about ten minutes in her car.

When she came back in the music was off, and she could hear the shower running. She announced her arrival loudly.

“Bridget, I’m home!”

Chris appeared at the top of the stairs. He had his pants and shoes on, but was shirtless.

“Hey Melissa, Bridget is in the shower. I just dropped by to help her study. I’ve gotta go though but I will catch you around.” He gave her a mystic smile as he passed her on the stairs. She watched him leave, wishing maybe she could go back in time to when she was younger for just one more fuck like her daughter just got.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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