Daughter’s Secret

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Big Tits

I was in the area for a business trip and decided I would pop in and see my daughter Catherine, Cathy for short who attended university in the area and lived in an apartment close to school. I knocked on the door with no response; I called her phone to see if she was alright. Cathy told me that she was out and asked what was up, I didn’t tell her that I was in town, I told her I called to catch up. Cathy told me that she would call later and we ended the conversation.

I was determined to surprise her and found a hotel near by to check in for the night, it was a good middle of the range hotel that seemed to be close to the action, rather then risk running into her and ruining my surprise I stayed in for the night.

After an hour or so of watching crap local TV, I was rather board, I considered booking one of the adult movies, to provide entertainment, but rather then spend money and still have to ‘do it myself’ why not call for the services of one of the local ladies. I found a local paper and flipped though the personals until I found an add that caught my attention. I rang to business and organized for one of the ladies to come to my room. I was told that it would be within the hour.

I quickly jumped into the shower to freshen up and not long finished and my phone rang, I was told that the lady was in the hotel and was on her way to my room. Within a few seconds there was a light knock on the door, I tried to answer the door as casual as I could, but could have been knocked over with a feather as I opened the door and was greeted by none other then my daughter.

We stood silent in the door way until Cathy told me that she could explain, I ushered her in the room and she took a seat, she started to explain that she needed money to cover expenses and she has taken two jobs, one as a bar maid at a local bar and the other, well as a call girl. She quickly asked what I was doing in town and why I was calling for her services, I told her about the meeting and wanting to surprise her and getting the surprise myself, I didn’t explain why I was calling for a service, and being a single man I don’t feel that I needed to explain myself.

Cathy asked if she wanted me to stay or leave, pointing out that if she stayed she would need to collect money. I was more then a little taken back by this, but quickly agreed that she should stay, I was reminded of the rates again. I felt queasy in my stomach but reminded myself that it would be better if she was here other then with another client. I told Cathy that I would ‘book her services for the night’ rather then hourly rates. Cathy quickly called a number and told the person on the other end of the line that she was booked for the night.

I poured a stiff drink and quickly through it down and poured a second drink as well as one for Cathy, as she got off the phone I placed the drinks down. Their was little to no conversation as both of us sat stuck for words, I was not angry with her, I was a little disappointed, not in the fact that that she was a call girl but the fact that she didn’t come to me for help. After a few drinks, we were loosened up a little and even had a laugh at the looks on our faces as the door opened.

The ice now broken I asked Cathy about her work, not looking for any specifics or details, just asking about it from her point of view. Cathy told me that she calls herself Candy; she told me that she got into it when one of her barmaid friends told her that she does it to make a little extra money. Cathy told me that she has had regular checks and always takes the proper precautions. I felt more comfortable in knowing that she was doing the right things, she went on to tell me that she has made a sizable amount of money and planed Ankara bayan escort only to do it for a further few months.

It was not hard to imagine that she would make a fair amount of money; Cathy is by no means an unattractive woman, she stands at about 5’11” and would weigh 115lbs to hazard a guess, and she has a fair completion and deep blue eyes like her mother. She sat next to me wearing a dark mid length skirt with black high heeled shoes, and a light blue singlet top with a dark bra that was visible through the thin material of her top. I found it hard to not think of her sexually, the head was telling me that she is my daughter, while my groin knows her as the call girl that I booked for the night.

Shaking the dirty thoughts from my head Cathy and I talked for hours while sipping away at our drinks. It was getting late into the night and I was getting tied, I could tell that Cathy was getting tired too as her eyes became bloodshot. Cathy asked if she could spend the night here, seeing as I did book her for the evening. Cathy was in no state to leave, so I agreed that she should stay. I jumped in the shower again to freshen and when I returned to the room Cathy was lying in the bed, still awake but looking like she would fall asleep at any given moment.

With only one bed in the room I looked around for a place to sleep, finding only a lounge I collected a spare blanket and proceeded to make a makeshift bed. Lying their was not very comfortable but I had slept in worse places in my youth and decided to put up with it for one night. As I lay their Cathy told me that I was welcome to sleep in the bed, after all it was my bed for the evening. I declined the offer and thanked her anyway.

I tossed and turned for what felt like an hour before Cathy again offered the bed, realizing that things were not going to get better on the lounge I took her up on the offer and crawled into bed. I lay on my back and Cathy rolled over and gave me a good night kiss on the check and snuggled into my arm which was behind my head. Despite the fact that it was my daughter I was getting an erection from heaving her in so close to my body. Cathy snuggled in closer and I could feel her warm skin against mine, as I realized that both of us were in our undergarments only. I wanted to get out of bed and put more cloths on but couldn’t due to the bulge in my briefs. Cathy’s warm soft skin was not helping the situation either. Cathy squirmed about for a bit before she brushed against my erection, I held my breath waiting for a reaction of disgust from her. Nothing, Cathy appeared to be asleep or didn’t notice. I breathed a sigh of relief.

It felt like a hand was rubbing my thigh, sending chills down my spine, I then felt her hand brush against my briefs again, this time with more force, the tip of my cock grew as her hand brushed over it, as her hand brushed against it again I had to stop it I grabbed her hand and pushed it aside.

Cathy looked up at me and asked why I did that, it was obvious that I liked it. I reminded her that I am her father and that it was inappropriate. Cathy looked at me rather sultry like and said that Candy was not related at all, and I booked Candy for the night. My cock expanded as she spoke. I told Cathy that it was wrong, she reminded me again that her name is Candy and slid her hand into my briefs and gripped my cock. Tonight I am Candy she said. A combination of being horny and alcohol lowered my inhibitions and I gave into my temptation, I clarified that she is Candy and that I have paid for. Candy acknowledged and continued to stroke my shaft.

I asked Candy what services I was entitled to, I was told that everything was available with the full night package, and Escort bayan Ankara she asked what I would like to do. I want to eat that pussy of yours, I quickly responded. Candy sat up and the blanket fell to the floor. She was wearing nothing but a black thong and black bra. She slid off the thong and removed her bra; I was shocked and sat silent as I gazed over her body, her pussy completely bald and her breasts pert, to guess I would say 36C, her areola a light pink and her nipples rather small put erect sitting almost perfectly center. It was an erotic sight to see.

Candy sat back down and spread her legs, her tight pussy looking very inviting, I crawled over to her and rather then lick and kiss around the area, I dove right in, my tongue made contact with lips, the taste was a sweet yet tangy one, my tongue pushed slightly and flicked her clitoris. Candy let out a giggle, I continued to probe against her clit getting more of a reaction as I worked harder, Candy went from a giggle to a sigh to a moan and I lashed my tongue in her private region.

I slipped my hands under her backside to lift her slightly and to feel the smooth skin. Candy obliged and lifted up, giving me better access to her clit, her hand drifted down as she plated with her lips parting them giving me more access, I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could and started to fuck her with my tongue, Candy continued to play with herself, her moans deeper and louder. Oh fuck yes she screamed as I continued. I did not let up as she screamed more and more until I felt her body stiffen and her pussy contract around my tongue. Knowing that she is in the throws of an orgasm I flicked my tongue against her bud one last time as she let out a deep loan groan. Her pussy was completely soaked as I gave the last few stocked of my tongue.

Candy sat on the bed breathing rather shallow and quick, her skin was already glowing, as she regained her breath she complimented me on my skill and asked what was next. I asked if I could keep doing that, Candy was quite happy if I did but asked if I wanted to be serviced too, as she grabbed my crotch. She slid my briefs off exposing my cock in full erection.

Candy quickly positioned herself between my thighs, she slowly stroked the length of my shaft, as she looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes, I thought I was going to squirt there and then; I had never been so turned on in my life. Candy then lashed her tongue out against the tip of my swollen cock, sending a shiver up my spine. Candy then kissed the tip and slowly licked the length of the shaft, her warm tongue felt amazing. After licking the shaft Candy started to slowly suck my cock, starting at the tip and slowly down, her tongue swirling around the head. I was amazed at the precision that she was able to take the length of my erect cock.

She sucked with a steady rhythm that was getting me hot, I could feel an orgasm building and out of habit I placed my hands behind her head and guided her movements, Candy did not fight, she sucked to the pace that I was dictating, the pressure was building, I called out that I was close to cumming, Candy to my amazement did not budge, in fact she picked up the pace sending me into a frenzy. My balls tightened and I shot my load deep into her mouth, Candy sucked away swallowing every last drop, I blanked out for a second as I shot my load with a loud groan. Candy continued to suck after I was done and as my cock withdrew from her mouth, she looked up at me and simply opened her mouth to show that she had swallowed it all, it was like a scene from a blue movie, except better.

I got up from the bed and my legs felt like jelly, I went to the sink and poured two glasses of water; I was in need of the water Bayan escort Ankara and needed to regain my composure. Candy was happy for the break too. As I regained my breath Candy sat there and asked what I wanted to do next. I wasn’t quite ready for a next and sat dumbfounded. Candy said that she is prepared for a situation like this; she reached into her bag and removed a large toy and a tube of lubricant. Candy then asked where she should use to ensure that I was getting the most thrills. I could not form any words from my mouth. Candy looked me in the eyes and asked if she should fuck her ass or pussy with the toy.

With a stupid grin on my face I managed to form the words pussy please, Candy nodded and lubed up the toy and her pussy. The sight of her oiling up the toy as well as her self was erotic to say the least. As soon as she was finished with the lube she pushed the toy against her lips, they spread taking in the head of the toy, with slow and deliberate movements Candy inched the toy deeper inside her. Her face lit up as the toy was pushed inside. My cock was stirring as she continued to pleasure herself.

Candy continued to fuck herself, the, movements getting faster with each thrust, her free hand rubbing her clit between thrusts. As she continued to thrust moans escaped her mouth. My senses were on overload, the sweet smell of her pussy, the taste still on my lips, the sight of her pleasuring herself and hearing her moan. It was not long before I had an erection again, I stoked it slowly watching her. Her pace was fast as she was building to an orgasm, I have never been hotter in my life watching her in the throws of a second orgasm.

Well Mr. Smith it looks like you are ready again Candy remarked as she looked at me slowly stroking my erection. Mr. Smith was the pseudo name that I used to book the service. I smiled and nodded. She crawled over to me and asked if I would like to ride bareback as I am a special trustworthy client. My jaw dropped at the thought of fucking her and being able to shoot my load deep inside her. I have taken and will take all necessary precaution to ensure I am not impregnated, I nodded in agreement.

Candy pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me, I looked up and could not look past her pert breasts, I reached up instinctively and grabbed them, they felt softer then I had imagined, and while her nipples were small they were hard. Candy let out a giggle as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. My cock was rock hard as Candy slowly lowered herself on it. Her juices dripped down and felt good on my shaft. I felt the head slid into her pussy and knew that it was the point of no return.

Candy continued to lower herself until I was complete inside her; with slow steady rocking motion she began to fuck me. I reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a gentle squeeze. Candy kept a steady rhythm as I continued to squeeze her ass. Candy let out a few moans as we continued to fuck, Candy whispered to me that she is so fucking hot and if I call her Cathy she will call me daddy but if I call her Candy she will continue to call me Mr. Smith.

I was getting so turned on by this and squeezed her ass hard and called out Cathy, she let out a low deep moan followed by a fuck me daddy, fuck your sluty daughter, I rolled her over so that I was not on top and slipped my cock into her pussy with ease. My thrusts were deep and deliberate as I fucked her; between moans Cathy called me daddy and asked for me to fuck her good. As Cathy moaned that she was cumming I could not hold back my own orgasm, I am going to cum I said, cum deep inside me daddy, Cathy said and I shoot my load deep inside her pussy. As my erection subsided I removed my now limp penis the cum was starting to pool already and Cathy headed to the restroom to clean up. When she returned we crawled into bed, Cathy nestled into my arms, as we drifted off the sleep Cathy whispered good night, I kissed her forehead and we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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