Dave and Kennedy Escape the Virus

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It was 2020. The year that never was, the year that just wouldn’t go away. Mike Kennedy and his friend David Lee, Kennedy and Dave to each other, had missed all their usual annual outings. They each were married, also to lifelong friends, and each had a son and daughter. Kennedy and Dave had been friends since the third grade, worked at the same plant since high school, even bought houses next door to each other when the development was built twenty years ago. Each year, they had a January hunting trip, then at least five NASCAR trips as families together in Dave’s RV, every picnic, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, then deer season hunting trip, Halloween, and a December hunting trip. All of these were cancelled or otherwise dampened to the point they didn’t go. So, for 2020, they did nothing more on these weekends and weeks than sit in one of their huge refinished basements and watch movies or football.

But, when the December trip came around, they were determined to go. Their sons were in endless limbo between in person school and online circus school, their daughters didn’t have any of their fall or winter gymnastics, their wives were becoming household tyrants with the husbands being home more than usual. The virus and the lockdowns and all the event cancellations were stressing and testing their various familial bonds and relationships, and the men had to get away. The state hadn’t yet banned bear season, so they were going to make this one count. Their cabin had been unused for almost a full calendar year, the last time this had happened was when both their families had a rash of chickenpox in 1983, so the guys expected a dusty cabin, but either way, they were going. None of their usual hunting pals could go; Jack Reynolds and Lothar Matthiasson were both scheduled on overtime at the plant, everyone who wasn’t laid off was doing the work of three men and sacking away the overtime when they could, knowing that the layoffs would eventually claim them too, on the governor’s whim.

So, Kennedy and Dave got packed up, and on the road by 6am, expecting to make it to the Central Pennsylvania wilderness by 10. As they pulled up the driveway to their cabin, they saw what was a very unpleasant sight. Both looked at each other, jaws open, then back at the cabin. The door was wide open! They parked, and went up to see what had happened. The jamb was cracked, someone had pried the door open. There was garage everywhere, furniture was trashed, glass was broken, the house was generally vandalized. Almost anything that had pawnable value was gone, even the bath fixtures. The guys were furious. In the initial lockdowns, looters must have pillaged the area knowing no one could legally enter the game lands to check on their cabins; it was like an order from the governor that they must give up their property, and a call to all of the state’s half a million heroin addicts that it was a freebie hunting season.

The men got to the back deck, and saw that the cover was still on the hot tub. Well, maybe the place wasn’t a total loss? As Dave lifted the cover, everything seemed normal.

“Well, my friend, at least we still have our hot tub,” Kennedy patted Dave on the back.

“Yea, we could even sleep here,” Dave sarcastically shot back, the beds of the cabin having been defiled completely.

“Look, Dave, let’s get our stuff in here, we can set up our sleeping bags from the attic, if they’re up there, and we can camp inside. We can deal with the mess here another time, this is our getaway from all the horseshit down home!”

“You’re right dude, this is bullshit, but it’s way worse down there, we’re gonna still kick ass this week!”

They fetched their rucks and their rifles from the truck, and then ventured to the pull down staircase to the attic. Dave was first up, he shined the light around, and announced it was all clear. Well, at least this was a good thing. He tossed two sleeping bags down to Kennedy, who had gotten the fireplace going.

They rolled out the bags in the living room near the fireplace, and Kennedy went out to prime the well pump, hoping it hadn’t frozen. That was fine too! Well, despite the mess, and the stolen items, maybe this wasn’t so bad.

“Kennedy did you remember to pack trunks?” Dave yelled, finding he had forgotten to himself.

“Yessir, why, your wife forget to pack yours?” Kennedy came back in after having gotten the well pump going. He gave Dave a playful shove, “I hope she packed your dick and balls too, or did she keep them in her little safe?”

“Man fuck off,” Dave pushed back. His wife had really taken offense to everyone being home so much. She loved having the home to herself from the time the kids left until the time Dave came home from the plant. Now with the virus, the kids were almost always home, and Dave worked crazy shifts and days. She literally never had a moment alone in the house since March. And the normally sweet Jenna was now a raging bitch, and all of Dave’s friends teased him endlessly about it. He had taken to having sex with a rubber sleeve he bought off the internet, in their basement bathroom while pretending to be taking a shit. His kids starting Ankara escort teasing him about his pooping habits even. Life was off the rails, really.

“Well look Dave, let’s get the hot tub clean, get it hot, and then have ourselves a relaxing soak.”

“I’ll clean out some of this trash while you get the hot tub ready,” Dave held up a pizza box and tossed it into the fireplace.

An hour later, the hot tub was shocked and was heating up, and the two had tackled the living room and both of the other rooms, all the trash was outside or in the fireplace, and the bedsheets were stripped. They debated whether the mattresses themselves were ruined, but there was no stains and they didn’t smell, so they left them be. One thing they couldn’t bear was the TV and DVD and VCR were gone. The tapes and DVDs were up in the attic, but with nothing to play them on, they were useless. Half their time in this cabin over the years was spent watching these various porno tapes. Some were now as old as they were, their fathers and uncles having watched them together in the 80s. Even now with porn so common everywhere with the internet, there was something magical still about the men sneaking off to the woods to watch dirty movies. These guys had literally grown up sneaking these pornos, and now, this would be the first trip here without them.

“You want to drive down to the Walmart in State College and fetch a TV and VCR?” Kennedy finally broke the hour long silence.

“Nah, I was really looking forward to watching those fuck movies but I don’t know if I’m even feeling it now,” Dave lamented. “I did bring this,” Dave held his fuck sleeve up.

“What do I get sloppy seconds on your rubber bitch?”

“Well, you can try it if you want, you can even have first,” Dave all of his life deferred to Kennedy, letting him first even on his own dirt bike when he got it for his birthday.

“I guess we’ll see, my wife let me fuck her while she watched the debates two months ago, it was almost as good as fucking a rubber sleeve,” Kennedy wasn’t quite as sexless as Dave, but it was close. His wife was also tired of everyone being home, she didn’t like Kennedy around all the time trying to fuck her. She was a 45 year old mother of two, she hoped her days of being a fucktoy were over, but now her horny husband was around all the time trying to sniff her butt!

Another hour, and Dave checked on the tub. “It’s ready, I think,” he announced.

Kennedy dropped his poker hand, and dumped out his ruck. He found his swim trunks and dropped his pants and briefs in one motion. These two didn’t have any boundaries when it came to this sort of thing, they had been undressing in front of each other at camp, in football, at sleepovers, even on a few double dates, for more than 30 years. Dave caught a glimpse of his friend’s little cock and big balls, shaven hairless, which was new.

“What happened did Delores shave you, or burn it all off with her dragon breath?” Dave teased, pushing Kennedy over with his pants still around his ankles. Kennedy fell over onto the pile of sleeping bags. He hopped up and tackled Dave onto the couch, and started miming punching him about the face and chest. They were big wrestling fans, and since they were small boys they wrestled a billion times.

Dave pulled Kennedy close, bear hugging him, then he reached his massive hand around Kennedy’s back and slapped his ass hard. Kennedy rolled off the couch to the floor, taking Dave with him. He was now on the bottom, and Dave straddled him, now he was miming beating the shit out of his friend with faux punches to the face. He slipped his knees up onto Kennedy’s shoulders, and mimicked a referee, counting “one, twooooooo”…

“Get up ya fag,” Kennedy threw Dave off, and popped up. He finished taking his pants and briefs off, and grabbed his trunks. As he pulled them up, he asked “so if you don’t have a suit, you gonna just wear your undies, Davie boy?”

Dave still lay on the floor where Kennedy had tossed him, “I guess, or maybe I’ll just go in commando, you don’t mind do you pal?”

Kennedy wasn’t sure if Dave was serious, but really he didn’t care. His fat pecker would be underwater, he didn’t have to look at it, so it didn’t matter. “Whatever Dave, wear what you like, this tub’s fucking hot anyway, I might not keep mine on long either!”

Kennedy got into the hot tub, and he was right, it was already very hot. He watched Dave in the living room dropping his jeans, revealing his blue briefs. Kennedy was always a little jealous of his friend, his cock made a fat bulge in his briefs, and he was the dick king in school. Even in the shower after football, Dave knew everyone who looked, even the coach, acknowledged he had a big one. Dave came running out to the deck, and made like he was going to dive into the hot tub, then paused and climbed in like a sissy. One toe, then the foot an inch at a time.

As Dave was long playing getting into the tub, Kennedy grabbed his friend’s hand and yanked him in “quit fucking around dude it’s cold outside you’re gonna get sick and fuck up our weekend!”

Dave splashed into the tub and on top of Kennedy. They wrestled Ankara escort bayan around a little, and when Dave banged into Kennedy’s nose, they broke up and went to their separate corners. “Fuck dude you hit my nose!” Kennedy rubbed his nose, checking for blood that wasn’t there.

“Sorry man,” Dave sincerely said, and stuck his foot out poking Kennedy between his legs.

“Goddammit Dave quit fucking around,” Kennedy grabbed Dave’s foot and lifted it up, pulled Dave right under the water. Dave took his foot back, and returned to his seat across from Kennedy. They both settled into the richman pose, their arms outstretched to their sides on the rim of the tub, heads laid back and looking to the sky, legs spread under the water.

“This is the life my friend,” Dave announced. “All that virus bullshit can’t touch us up here.”

“Yea man, I don’t know how much more of that I can take. We missed all the vacations, football almost got cancelled, everything we do that we like is shut down or illegal. Remember you didn’t get a haircut the first half of the year and we kept calling you Dana!”

“Kennedy I just can’t believe we actually made it up here this year. After everything. I’m glad we came up here, I can already feel all that shit behind us.”

“Like a fag poet, dude,” Kennedy kicked up his foot and splashed Dave in his face.

“Fuckoff!” Dave grabbed Kennedy’s foot and twisted. As Kennedy turned his body, Dave grabbed the waistband of his trunks and tried yanking them down.

“Man…” Kennedy reached around trying to keep his shorts on his butt, half going underwater in the process. He chose not drowning over keeping the shorts on, and down they came. Dave threw the heavy wet fabric at Kennedy’s face as he emerged from the water.

“Dude what are we going to do till bed time with no TV?” Dave was genuinely concerned. Their tradition was, hot tub, dinner, porno, bed. Now, the porno part was out. They had their phones, but internet up here was worthless. Neither of them had anything saved, as their phones were subject to search by their wives at any time.

“I don’t know man, why don’t we go get that TV at the Walmart. We’re gonna need to get one eventually, let’s just go do it tonight and get it over with. No way we make it all week without anyway.”

“Alright let’s go, we can keep the heater on so the tub’s waiting for us!” Dave climbed out of the tub, and Kennedy noticed his jumbo dick was chubbed a little.

Kennedy stood up and tossed his trunks over the side, and climbed out of the tub totally nude. His little dick was half mast as well, so it didn’t quite look as wimpy as usual. “And while we’re there buy a fucking pair of trunks dude,” he pointed right at his friend’s bulge.

They got dressed in their best camo outfits, and drove down to the Walmart in State College. It was a thirty minute drive, and they just kept busting each other’s balls the whole way. This was the way it was supposed to be. The way it always was. A lot of what made their friendship so great had melted away over this shitty year, but in just a few hours, it was all coming right back. They bought a huge 60 inch TV, and a DVD/VCR combo. As they got back to the cabin, it was half dark.

The men set up the TV and the video machine, and as Kennedy got the wiring put together, Dave climbed back up to the attic to fetch the treasured box of pornos. “Hot tub?” Dave asked.

Kennedy pointed the TV so it faced out to the hot tub. Dave dropped his pants and briefs. His fat dick flopped and it bounced as he walked to their shopping bag to fetch his new trunks. Kennedy did the same, removing his clothes and getting back into his wet trunks. He hopped right into the tub, so he didn’t have to face the now ice cold trunks. Dave was last then, and had to set up the movie. He rummaged through the box, he already knew which ones were his favorites, they had seen these all a million times each. “Which one do you want to see, buddy?”

“Ah you can just surprise me, I’m gonna just relax here maybe even pass out,” Kennedy lay back against the rim of the tub in his usual spot, which fortunately faced the into the cabin, toward the TV. If it had been ten years ago, they would already be ten beers in each, but they both quit drinking when their friend Ed wrapped his truck around a concrete bridge support while drunk. The two had had several drunk driving scares over the years themselves, once even with their kids in the truck, the incident with Ed finished it for them.

“Alright, Kennedy, you’ll like this one!” Dave selected an oldie, Candy Stripers. He climbed into the tub, and settled into his usual spot. Realizing this spot didn’t face the TV, he slid around the rim of the tub, only now a foot or less away from his friend.

“A little close now, eh, Davie boy?” Kennedy reached out and touched Dave’s thigh to indicate how close they were.

Dave responded by sliding closer, so they were hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder, “you mean close like this?”

Kennedy didn’t budge, he lifted his arm and put it around his friend. Their naked chests now touched side by side, and they settled in as the movie Escort Ankara started. As they watched, each got to feeling around in his own trunks. For Dave, this was the first time he can remember since March that he could masturbate freely outside that horrible basement bathroom. For Kennedy, it was the first time he could do it without worrying his daughter would walk in on him, which she had nearly done more than a dozen times recently. They were totally relaxed, and back in the place they enjoyed the most, as buddies.

“Hey Dave, I’m taking off my trunks, this movie’s really getting me hard,” Kennedy lifted his hips and slid the trunks down and he tossed them out of the tub. They made a loud plop noise as the soaked cloth slapped the deck. Dave matched his friend, doing the same and tossing his new trunks out of the tub. As he sat back down, he felt his friend’s hairy legs against his. His cock twitched a little, as it often did when they wrestled. He looked back to the movie, which was featuring a scene with a man in a hospital bed getting blown by a young nurse.

“This movie’s great Kennedy I’m glad we got that TV,” Dave looked his friend in the eyes. As Kennedy looked into Dave’s eyes, his cock twitched as Dave’s had a minute earlier. He was looking into his friend’s eyes, and his hand was on his own cock. They had jerked off before, under covers, behind pillows, but this was the closest they’d been, touching legs and the only thing keeping them from looking at each others erect penises was the bubbling waters.

“Dude I’m so relaxed but I have to take a piss, can you pause it, Dave?” Kennedy turned away from his friend so he could stand and get out, but Dave grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Just do it here, we’re guys man I’m not worried about some piss, plus it’s fucking cold out there, and I’m not gonna sit here myself holding my dick and watching the paused movie while you’re gone.” As Dave pulled Kennedy down, Kennedy landed on his lap, sideways, so his right butt cheek punched Dave’s dickhead straight-on. “YO!” Dave yelled as he pushed Kennedy back to his seat. “Watch where you’re sitting buddy you almost got fucked!”

Kennedy landed in his spot and turned and splashed his pal. “Man that was fucked up you pulled me into your lap, I think you’re trying to fuck me you’re so hard up from your wife turning you down!”

Dave splashed back, and grabbed Kennedy’s arms and pulled him toward him again. He release the arms and bear hugged his friend, his big arms crushing his friend’s chest and back. They were now bare chest to chest, and Kennedy still had to pee. “I gotta pee dude let go man!” Kennedy felt he had given fair warning, and then let go as Dave squeezed the piss out of his body.

Dave could feel the heat as Kennedy’s cock was a mere inch from his thigh, he felt the heated spray of his friend’s piss on his body. He pulled Kennedy even closer, so his cock actually touched on Dave’s leg. Dave now felt the stream directly, and he squeezed his pal’s body tightly now.

Kennedy felt a little weird pissing on his friend, and now with his cock actually touching his friend, but it was all under the water so he just released. He had peed in this hot tub and the lake and his pool a million times before, but this release was especially relaxing. It had been months of lockdown that he hadn’t even had a relaxing piss without his family hearing or talking to him while he was going. Here he was with his best friend of his entire life, they were free from the family, out in the woods with no one around, nude, and he was taking maybe the most relaxing pee he ever had.

The guys giggled some more like they were kids again, and Dave released Kennedy to his seat. They focused back to the movie, and didn’t speak for a few minutes. Each was under the water pulling on his own penis, both erect and leaking precum. In all the time they knew each other, they had touched cocks against the other many times, during various wrestling bouts, all were incidental. Even a few of the times one or the other would get a little hard from it. But never did they both get such raging erections as they had now, just from that little contact. Dave’s cock head had bumped Kennedy’s butt, and Kennedy’s penis had touched Dave’s leg, and then Dave got his leg pissed on, underwater. Through both of their minds, the thought, is this gay, am I thinking about him too much, I wonder what he’s thinking about right now, they were spinning in their heads. The movie was half over now, and it was getting into the late evening.

Neither knew how the other was thinking about this all, but Dave was farther along in his thoughts. He was thinking about that cock, and thinking about the piss. He had always had a fetish for pee, when they were young, he used to listen when his sister would pee in their adjoining bathroom. He would try to accidentally walk in on her. When Kennedy and Dave would be outside and take a piss, Kennedy would sneak a peek, not so much at his friend’s cock, but at the pee and the stream. So Dave was definitely turned on now, inside his own head, almost completely ignoring the movie. But the silence was killing him inside. He wondered if they had crossed a line that made things different. He had to inject some humor back in, not so much to make this more gay, but to maybe knock the tension down to bring them back to normal and get on with their normal weekend.

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