David , Elena Ch. 05

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The work week had been a whirl. We’ve been ramping up for our busy season and I feel like I can barely breathe I’m so busy with excel and word docs. Documents stack up at my desk and my email is exploding. Today you brought me a latte after our team meeting.

“Coffee?” You extend the to-go cup across my desk.

“Oh. Thank you.” I smile.

“Of course Elena.”

“Does this count as favoritism?” I laugh softly.

“It counts as coffee.” You wink.

I watch you return to your desk and soon after my phone chimes.




It’s thankfully a fast afternoon and when we finally leave together I’m dying for a drink.

“Good day baby?” You ask as you help me into the car, closing the passenger door for me.

“It was so draining If I’m honest.” I lace my fingers through yours as the car starts.

“Oh I’m sorry baby.” You squeeze my hand.

“It’s okay Daddy, I’m happy to keep moving. How was your day?” I ask.

“It was good. I was staring at you the entire meeting undressing you with my eyes.” You smile devilishly as me.

“Daddy oh my…” I relax back in my seat as we drive to the sushi bar. I order a double gin and tonic and two volcano rolls.

“What would you like to talk about Daddy?” I take a sip from my drink and twirl my chopsticks with my fingers.

“How would you like to spend the evening angel?”

“A bubble bath and kinky fuckery.” I grin wide.

“Oh I see. We can definitely engage in some kinky fuckery.” The toe of your loafer encircles my ankle under the table.

“Daddy I’ve been doing some writing and some reading.”

“Very good. How’s it coming?” You swirl your bourbon then take a long drink.

“Very well Daddy. I’m hoping for something darker.” My eyes sparkle.

“Are you now? What do you mean baby?” You gaze curiously at me, awaiting my explanation.

“I want to play with the flogger.” I say matter of factly.

“Mmm Elena I would love that. Daddy also has a surprise I can’t Kurtköy Olgun Escort wait to show you.”

“Really?” I sit straight up in my barstool.

“Oh yes.” You reply.

When we finish our meal and drive to your condo. Once we get inside you press me against the door and kiss me passionately.

“Daddy fuck…” I breathe.

“Oh that’s exactly what I want to do to you, but not yet. First we play. Come here.” I take your hand as you lead me to the bedroom. Once on the bed, you present me with a silvery box and instruct me to open it. Inside are an ankle and wrist cuff set with diamonds. They are beautiful.

“Daddy wow.” I look at them in awe.

“I purchased them for play and for you to sleep in.”

“Thank you Daddy.” I beam at the new gift.

“Are you ready to play?” You ask and I nodd.

You affix the new cuffs to each of my wrists and ankles. You then chain me to the bed so I form an X with my body. I observe you setting lit candles on the bedside nightstand along with a bottle of champagne on ice. I wrestle with my restraints, twisting and pulling

“Daddy I’m stuck.” I whimper.

“Yes you are.” Your fingers glide over the diamonds in the brand new cuffs and trace the veins of my arms.

“What about the champagne and candles?” I ask.

“Those, Elena, are so you know how nice Daddy can be.” You pop open the champagne, pour a glass and hold it to my lips. The liquid is sweet and a little dry to the tongue – it’s delicious.

“More?” You offer. I nod and you bring the flute to my lips again. I enjoy another sip of the golden bubbles before you set the champagne flute on the nightstand.

“Now that you know how nice Daddy can be, it’s time you know how mean Daddy can be also.” Your eyes darken and excitement washes over my body again. “Hush. No more talking princess.” I watch you move over to the ottoman and pull out a large, purple flogger. “Nod if you understand.” I do.

“Do you remember your safe words?” I nod again. “Good girl.”

I brace myself for the impact Kurtköy Sarışın Escort of the flogger as you hit my bare breasts. You hit the left, then the right. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming. It stings like a thousand needle pricks to my sensitive skin. I can feel it redden without having to look down. After a third hit, fourth, fifth, sixth – you set down the toy and hold the champagne to my lips. I sip greedily, thankful for any relief from the ache of my body. We repeat the ritual again. First the impact, then the champagne. Your cruelty comes from the confusion of my mind – how long will I have to wait for the next break?

“Ugh!” I cry out as you hit me. I start to tug on my restraints. I pull my wrists and ankles with no luck of freedom. I’m secured to the center of the bed as you assault my body with the flogger again and again.

“Shhh… it’s alright Sweetheart.” you stroke my cheek. “Daddy’s just getting started.” You set the flogger down and lay next to me on the bed. You pull something from the nightstand. It’s the vibrator, black and sleek with silver buttons. I’ve seen this before. You turn it on low and hold it to my clit. My body jolts from the sensation.

“Daddy,” I cry out.

“That’s enough baby.” You whisper into my ear, tucking a hair behind it while I tremble.

“I see you shaking. It’s alright.” Your grin is wicked. You turn up the massager to medium and I moan.

“Does that feel good little one?” You ask.

“Yes Daddy it does.” I squeak out.

“What about this?” You press a button and the massager is on high.

“YES DADDY!” I scream.

“Good, now don’t you dare come yet.” You say.

Oh! We’ve never played like this before. I think. I must not give into my body.

“Daddy I can be a good girl.” I offer the words as if they were on plated silver. My body is slowly coming undone. “Daddy please,” I beg, tears rising in my throat.

“Please what?” Your eyes narrow.

“Please may I come?.” My words are barely audible.

“Not yet.” You whisper.

The Kurtköy Şişman Escort massager is still vibrating my clit, moving in slow circles by your hand.

“Daddy I’m going to come!” I cry out.

“No Elena.” You pull the toy away instantly.

“Daddy no!” I squeal. “Please give it back, it feels so good.” I pull on my wrist cuffs as if I could grab it from you.

Please. My pussy throbs at the words.

“Stay here and think about how much you want to come.” You give me a deep, hard kiss and exit the bedroom.

I pull on my restraints attempting to free myself yet again while I replay all the things that turned me on so much. I want this side of you again. I want this side of you more. My pussy is soaked with my own filthy juices.

“Hello Princess.” You say as you return to my side and wipe the sweat from my face.Your fingers move to my lower lips to check my wetness.

“That’s a good girl. You’re learning to behave.” You smile. You remove your cock from your jeans and tap the tip against my clit. I shudder, overwhelmed with my own sensitivity.

“Daddy may I have it?” I beg.

“Oh yes Baby.” You shove your cock inside me hurriedly.

“How does it feel?” Your words are as dark as your eyes. You hold a hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. You keep fucking me and groan as you release inside me, leaving me I’m shaking.

Be a good little girl for Daddy.

“That’s a good little girl.” You begin to undo my wrists and then my ankles.

“You’re free now.” You say as you release the final restraint and it falls to the floor. “Come here.” you whisper gently. My body collapses into your arms.

“Oh my sweet little girl… Daddy loves you so much.” You pet my hair and repeat the words over and over.

“You’ve always been such a good girl for Daddy.” You say holding me tightly.

You offer to draw me a bath and we wade in the bubbles together. You wash my hair and my body from face to feet, kissing each exposed inch. We climb out of the tub and you pour me some champagne as we lay in bed.

“Daddy?” I finally speak.

“Yes baby?” You kiss my forehead.

“Thank you.” I smile shyly.

“Would you like to stay Elena?” You look so hopeful.

“Yes.” I wrap the blankets over me and put on my cuffs.

“Oh Elena, that makes me so happy.” I fall asleep almost instantly.

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