Dear Diary 01: The Walk

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Dear Diary,

Today was shaping up to be a tedious and somewhat stressful day when I decided to go for a walk in the woods. That all changed when I found a lighter…

It was early evening, just starting to get dark, when I put my coat on, grabbed my house keys and headed out for a stroll. As I’ve noted in previous diary entries things are coming to a head at work, and I needed to get out and clear my head. Slamming the front door behind me, I headed off down the road towards the common.

The weather was clear, a few stars starting to show and the moon bright, high and full as I approached the side of the common. Lost in thought I overshot the entrance to the woods, albeit only by a few yards, and had to double back.

I turned left onto the path and walked into the woods. After a few minutes on the main path I noticed something glinting in the undergrowth a couple of feet down a side turning. Bending down to look I realised that it was a silver coloured Zippo-like lighter.

I picked it up and examined it. There was some sort of inscription on it, but I couldn’t read it in the faint light. I looked up the path but I couldn’t see anyone in the distance, so I put the lighter in my pocket, intending to ask anyone I met if they’d lost it, or put an advert in the paper if I didn’t find the owner.

The side path was narrower than the main path, but I wasn’t really bothered which route I took, so I headed off down it. The moon was providing enough light to clearly see by, and my eyes had fully adjusted, so I wasn’t worried about visibility.

The path wound around trees, and past bushes, it was obviously not one of the planned paths, but still used enough to be reasonably clear. I turned to look back, and although I could see the path I had been travelling on, I couldn’t see the main path. I shrugged and decided to carry on.

As I came round a particularly large tree, I caught a whisper of voices on the wind. Something about the tone of the voices made me slow down and move cautiously, even though I couldn’t work out what was being said.

I could see that the path I was on opened out into a moon lit clearing, and I approached it slowly, keeping to one side of the path. I could still hear the voices, which were getting clearer. There was a womans voice, and a mans, but I couldn’t tell much more about them. I’m not sure why my instincts were to keep quiet and be stealthy, but in hindsight, I’m glad they were!

The voices were coming from my left, and I was on the left hand side of the path. The sides of the clearing appeared to be mainly scrub trees, short and bushy, but pretty solidly packed. I moved forward slowly, and looked around the corner to the left of the clearing. There I saw, clearly lit in the moonlight, a blond woman, on her knees, in front of a long haired chap. She was undoing his fly, and as I watched she took his cock out and started sucking it.

His voice was clearer now. “Oh yes… I’ve missed you… I’ve missed that… Oh god.”

I leaned back upright, my head reeling, my cock stiring, my guts churning. I’d never been a voyuer before, unless you count watching porn downloaded from Betturkey the internet, but this was something different. This was there, in front of me, and they didn’t know I was there. Did they? Oh shit. I leaned forward again and looked. No, they didn’t, or if they did, they didn’t care. He was leaning back against a stack of logs, his head tilted back, his hands on her head. She was bobbing her mouth up and down his cock, one hand on the base of his cock, the other appeared to be down her jeans, possibly playing with her pussy.

“OK, this is real, what do I do?” I thought to myself as I stood up again. I knew I wanted to watch, but I didn’t want to get caught watching. Was it possible if they caught me watching they might ask me to join them? I’d read stories about that, some claimed to be true, but I didn’t know anyone it had happened to, and I wasn’t willing to be a test case.

I looked to my left and right, to see if there was any way I could watch without being seen. And then I noticed it. A narrow, trodden down, patch of grass leading off to the right behind the side of the clearing. I quickly stuck my head out again; they were both still otherwise occupied, so I ducked across the path and down behind the side of the clearing.

The trodden down path carried on for a few feet, curved round so as to be out of sight of the side path, then dead ended. Turning round I realised that the trees and bushes were much thinner here, and I could clearly see through them, across the clearing, to the logs where she was still sucking his cock, her shirt now lifted up and her right breast exposed, her hand tweaking her nipple.

There was a convenient tree behind me for me to lean on, so I did. The view was still excellent, and I wondered if someone had carefully arranged this clearing, the stack of logs, and the space I was standing in? I guess I’ll never know.

Throwing caution to the wind, I undid my belt, unzipped my fly and unbuttoned my jeans. Opening my jeans I pulled my undies down a bit and released my cock. I started gently stroking it, as I watched events unfold across from me. The light had started to fade slightly as some clouds drifted over the face of the moon, so I’m extrapolating some of this, but it’s what I saw, or what I think I saw, and it all contributed to the end result!

She let go of her tit, released his cock from her mouth, and stood up. Leaning over him, she kissed him hard, her hand still fondling his cock. I heard him say “how? and where?”

She looked down at the ground where she had been kneeling, and I spotted a long coat on the ground. Then she looked at the logs. She paused for a moment, thoughtfully, then she stepped to one side and picked up the coat. He moved away from the logs, which she then drapped the coat over.

She turned back to him and pushed her jeans down her legs. Her knickers followed, and she stepped out of both items. Turning her back to the logs. she hoicked her bum up onto the coat and put her feet on the edge of the uppermost log. This left her pussy exposed to him, with her able to see what he was doing.

He then took a smaller Betturkey Giriş coat which had been hung on a branch behind them and drapped that where the long coat had been.

I didn’t know if he was going to fuck her, or to lick her, but I was well positioned to see the action. Almost. I needed to be a little to the left to be able to lean on the tree comfortably. As I shifted my weight a twig cracked under my foot. I froze, my cock still in my hand, and looked across the clearing.

She was looking straight at me; almost making eye contact. He had turned, but hadn’t worked out where the sound had come from. He whispered something, but I couldn’t make it out. She took her gaze away from me and looked to the right and left of me. I heard her say “no, I … see anything. … just a bird.”

He shrugged, and turned back to her. Kneeling before her he leant forward and started licking her pussy. Her eyes were still roaming back and forth across this side of the clearing. As his tongue touched her, she softly licked her lips, and brought her eyes back to exactly where I was. Either she knew about this space, or there was something else telling her where I was. I was sure of it

She closed her eyes, turned her face back towards him and put her head back. He hadn’t seen her look over towards me. I stroked my cock faster as I watched her tweaking her nipples again while his head gently bobbed up and down on her pussy.

I hadn’t notice the clouds clearing until suddenly the scene in front of me lit up. It was nearly a full moon, and it had come out from behind the clouds. It took a minute or so for my eyes to adjust, but I could see more clearly now.

As I watched the scene unfolding in front of me I could feel my balls tightening, so I slowed down again, not wanting to cum too soon.

He did something different, I couldn’t see what, but she could clearly feel it. Her legs lifted up, her knees bending, and her head went back. She was panting “oh yes… oh… oh… oh god…” The sound, and the sight, and the unknown (did she know I was there?) all added up to make this one of the most erotic experiences I’d ever had.

Suddenly she put her hands on the back of his head, her ankles crossing over his back, as she let out a load moan “don’t stop! don’t you fucking dare! I’m cumming!” He didn’t, she did. A long drawn out moan, as her legs shook and her head went right back.

My hand started speeding up of its own volition, as I got more and more turned on. I didn’t think I’d be able to last out the whole show, but that was OK with me, I’d already seen more than enough.

Her whole body relaxed, her head came forward again, her legs went back down, her hands were still on his head. He lifted his head and looked at her. I heard a whisper. “Fuck me”. Simple, to the point. She wanted his cock and she wanted it now.

He leant back on his heels, his cock sticking up from between his legs. I’m no judge of cock size, but he seemed to be slightly over average size. Placing his hands on her knees, he lifted himself to his feet, leaned over her and exchanged a long kiss with her. As he leant forward, he also stepped forward, and I assume, from the way she wiggled, that he was pushing his cock inside her.

He stood still for a minute, still kissing her, then lifted his upper body up and started rocking back and forth. I could see his bum clearly, and the moon light was glistening off the sweat on his lower back as he thrust in and out of her. I was still stroking my cock and I found that my hand was moving in time to his action.

I’d leaked some pre-cum, and I could feel that making the head of my cock wet as my hand slid back and forth, the side of my thumb rubbing on the edge of my cockhead. I looked down to make sure that my cum wasn’t going to land on my shoes or trousers, and as I looked up I realised he’d stopped. Oh shit! Had they seen me? Had the moonlight given me away? I froze, my cock still in my hand, and watched them.

He stepped back, and stood there, his cock proud, with moonlight glistening off the juices she’d left on it. As he did so she also stood up, turned around and leant over the logs, her legs spread.

A change of position; they hadn’t seen me; a relief. I started stroking my cock again as I watched him step forward and slid his cock into her again. He had his hands on her hips to steady himself as he started slowly, but then speeded up. Again my hand kept pace.

She was moaning, as he thrust into her; he was gasping, as he banged against her arse cheeks; I was doing my best to keep quiet, as I wanked.

I could feel my balls tightening, and knew I wasn’t far off coming. I figured I needed to be long gone before they finished, so I let myself relax and just enjoy the moment; the feel of the bark of the tree pressing into my back, the sound of the wind gently stirring the leaves above my head, the sight (and sounds) of two people having sex and the feel of my orgasm arriving.

My balls tightened, my cock stiffening and throbbing, as the first wave of orgasm washed through me. I bit my tongue to stop myself moaning. My balls pumped cum through my cock, sending it flying into the bushes opposite me. One spurt, two, three, then a small one, then just the last tiny trickle hanging off the end of my cock.

My knees had gone weak, and I’d slipped down the tree slightly, but I could still see them. He was still fucking her, so I figured this was a good time to go. Pulling my undies and trousers up, I looked to make sure I hadn’t splashed myself with cum and then, with an unsteady gait, walked quietly out of the dead end back to the path.

I was sure (don’t ask me how) that the lighter I’d found belonged to one of them, and I wanted to make sure they found it. As I walked down the path, my knees gradually recovering, I found a spot where a clearing in the leaves allowed a shaft of moonlight through to illuminate the path.

I put the lighter in the middle of that space, arranged so that it would reflect the light towards the eyes of anyone walking down the path, then briskly walked back out to the main path, and home, musing about the experience.

I wonder if they found the lighter, if they worked out they were being watched, if I’ll ever go back there, if they go there on a regular basis, what might have happened if they’d known I was there. I’ve already had two good wanks thinking about the latter possibilities!

So, dear diary, as you can see, the day improved!

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