Dear Diary Ch. 02

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You’ll never believe what happened last night! I am feeling a tingle in my pussy just thinking about writing out what happened but here goes.

I went swimming yesterday, diary and I’m finding that I’m at the pool for longer and longer periods of time as of late. I used to be able to keep it down to about 30 minutes of swimming per day, now I’m finding that I’m alternating between lying out in the sun and jumping in the water for an hour and a half some days.

Well, I got home from the restaurant pretty late last night – around 9:30. I worked 12 hours yesterday and I was exhausted but I wanted to work out badly so instead of going into the house, I went straight over to the pool. I knew it closed at 10 and I didn’t have much time so instead of going to work out with the weights first, I went right into the enclosure where the pool is located.

I don’t know what got into me, but I remember thinking that it was late and dark and I was sure no one would see me so I dropped my khaki work pants right on the concrete next to one of the patio tables and I went to jump in the pool.

The water was SO cold! My nipples were so hard that my breasts were hurting but all I wanted to do was finish my workout so I started in on a breaststroke (no pun intended!) and swam quite a few laps around the pool as fast as I could.

Before I knew it, I was out of breath and I needed a rest so I swam slowly over to the steps and sat on them. I looked down at my chest and I saw my breasts rise and fall with every breath I took. My white, button-down work shirt was absolutely soaked and I could see the magenta and black of the cups of my bra through the material.

This is where things took a turn for the worse… or better, in my opinion!

I couldn’t help thinking that maybe someone was looking at me through a window somewhere. I started imagining my make-believe peeping tom while I sat on the steps, with the water swirling around my belly and hips. I thought maybe he was tall, with dark blonde or light brown hair. I knew that he wouldn’t have opened the blinds all the way so I figured he was just peeking through one blind, slightly pulled to the side.

I saw myself through his eyes, and I saw my full breasts, fighting to get out of my work shirt, moving slowly up and down in rhythm with my breathing. I saw my long brown hair, soaked and stuck to my face and neck, glistening in the moonlight. I saw my legs part, under the water, and my right hand slip between them, seemingly aimless but knowing it was on a course somewhere… we both knew where.

Then I did something totally unlike anything I’ve Escort Akbatı ever done. I was so caught up in thinking about my peeping tom enjoying my moonlit appearance that I didn’t even think about it… I just did it.

I stood up straight and I slowly, deliberately pulled my panties down past my thighs. My panties I was wearing last night are my favorite pair. They match my bra; both are magenta with black swirlies on them. My panties are the lacey boy cut type, because I like the way they hug my ass and how the curves of my ass look in them.

I didn’t look up, because I didn’t want my peeping tom to think I knew he was there (if in fact he even was). I didn’t want to scare him off so I continued with my impromptu strip tease. In the middle of it, I got a little scared, because it wasn’t really late, but I knew the cleaning lady would be coming in about 15 minutes to lock the door to the pool and the workout center.

I hurried and took my shirt off and threw it in a pile with my khakis and my panties. I took my bra off quickly and let it join my other clothing items and I began swimming again.

It felt so liberating and so free, diary! I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt, skinny dipping at only 9:45 at night, not caring who saw me or what they did about it.

I was doing the backstroke when I realized that at this point, my peeping tom must be in the middle of a great masturbation session. I imagined him, still peeking through one blind with his left hand and rubbing his cock with his right hand. I could almost hear him moan softly when my arms went out perpendicular to my torso to get ready for the downswing and push that went with the backstroke. I could see his eyes widen when my naked breasts moved with the flexing of the muscles on my chest. I knew his balls were trembling and his hand was moving faster up and down his pole when he saw my pussy glistening in the moonlight.

In my head I saw that cock of his, not too long, but thick and veiny. I saw his cock glistening with saliva and I could almost hear the soft, squishy “thwack thwack” that was a telltale sound of how fast and hard he was pumping his meat. I could almost smell the sweet musky scent that he gave off, and I thought maybe he was close to coming.

I remembered I was in the middle of a swimming pool, but at that moment my pussy was wetter than it’s ever been in my life. I couldn’t help it, diary. I stopped swimming and moved over to the edge of the pool. I held on to the edge with my right hand and I rubbed my pussy with my left hand.

I let myself float to the surface on Aksaray escort my back and I continued rubbing my clit. I heard myself moan loudly, though my ears were submerged in the water. I felt water on my face, and I knew that I had arched my back so much that I was about to drift under the water. I couldn’t do that because I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to see me rub my pussy and I wanted him to shoot his cum all over those blinds at the same time that I came.

I decided then, to sit on the steps again, and rub my pussy. I swam over and when I got to the steps, I quickly shoved two fingers in my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as I could and I rubbed my right nipple with my right hand while I finger fucked my pussy with my left. I heard the water slosh in and out along with my hand and it became so much more real that I was outside, in public, masturbating that I felt a new gush of honey on my fingers.

My pussy was convulsing around my fingers and I knew I would cum soon. I turned around and got on my knees, with one knee on one step and the other knee on a lower step, so I could spread my pussy and let him watch me finger myself.

I bent over more at the hips so the cold water could wash over my breasts in time with my fingers pistoning in and out of my pussy. I knew I had to get it over with quick so I slipped a third finger inside and started rubbing my clit with my thumb. Before I knew it, I could almost feel my peeper’s prick inside my cunt, instead of my fingers.

I looked up at the clock and saw it was 9:55 so I knew I had to get dressed quickly. I threw on my wet clothes and damp pants and no sooner had I gotten the zipper up, did I hear the cleaning lady call my name as she reached for the iron gate that let visitors into the pool.

I had to cum, I could feel my pussy aching and I just didn’t want to go home right then. I asked her if she would let me get in the sauna for half an hour since I had just finished working out. I saw the wheels turning in her head and I was sure that she would say no, but to my amazement, she said yes! She told me in no uncertain terms that she would be back in 30 minutes to lock the workout center and that I should be ready for her arrival.

I took one last look at the apartment building I’d imagined my peeping tom lived in and (even though it sounds a bit silly) I gave a little wave, as if he was still watching and maybe feeling disappointed because he hadn’t been able to feel my pussy squeeze around his cock while we both came.

Instead of going to the sauna like I told Elle (the cleaning lady) that Ankara escort bayan I would do, I immediately made a beeline for the hot tub. I shut the lights off and twisted the dial to make it run for 15 minutes, though I knew I wouldn’t need that long, I was so close to coming that every step had made my labia rub against my rock hard clit, sending a shiver through me… 15 mini orgasms for the 15 steps it took to get from the pool to the hot tub room.

I immediately ripped off my wet clothes again and jumped right into the hot tub. I thought about my peeping tom wanking his cock faster and faster. I saw him sitting on his couch with his legs spread out as wide as they would go.

I imagined that he was jacking himself off with his left hand and holding his balls, occasionally caressing them with his right hand. I saw his hips move up and down slowly at first, then faster as he quickly rubbed up and down on his thick, delicious cock.

I positioned myself right above one of the bubble jets in the hot tub and I thought about that cock being shoved into my pussy inside the hot tub. I wanted him to fuck me from the back and grab my hair. I wanted him to pull me back onto that cock and fuck me as fast and hard as he could.

I rubbed my clit while the jet pushed water over it and my pussy opening. I found myself bouncing up and down and moaning as loud as I could, because I knew no one else was in the building.

O my god, diary! It was so hot, and so sexy, with the water all over me and the air cooling my skin up top while my legs were in the swirling heat of the Jacuzzi.

I saw him let go of my hair and reach both his hands around and latch onto my breasts. He was squeezing them, molding them like soft clay, putting his fingerprints in the terrain of my nipples. I felt him pushing his cock into me farther and faster than before, and by the sound of his harsh breathing, I knew he was about to cum. I wanted him to shoot his load inside me while the bubble jet from the tub roughly caressed my clit.

I saw in my mind that he had leaned his head back and was grabbing my breasts as hard as he could. I wish it could have been real, diary, because I wanted bruises from our passion… me and my sweet peeping tom.

I almost heard him scream my name and slide one hand up quickly to my throat while he thrusted upwards into me and stayed there, I could almost feel his cum spurting from the head of his cock inside my pussy.

I felt myself come back to reality as my orgasm approached and I rubbed my clit harder, finally spreading my lips completely with my index and middle finger and letting the water course over my clit. I bounced up and down faster, and I leaned my head back and screamed as loudly as I could, finally letting go and enjoying a delicious orgasm.

God, even now diary, I can feel my pussy dripping again… maybe it’s time for another visit to the pool.

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