Debts Paid

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I was so nervous and wanted to run. But I needed to do this. My family’s debt would be wiped clean. I just had to endure the night, and tomorrow, the dark cloud of debt would be forever gone. I just have to keep thinking about how much peace it would bring to everyone. One night of humiliation and degradation is worth my family’s freedom.

I was in the middle of a home office belonging to Saul “The Viper.” He was the one who ran the local mob. They’d move all the furniture to leave an open space in the middle. Saul and some of the other mob bosses were in attendance.

“As a peace offering, my friends. This one has offered himself up as a sacrifice to pay his family’s debts. And so, I offer him to you, as a sign of good will and a new beginning of our families,” Saul announced. The 4 other bosses looked at me like a perfectly seasoned and cooked steak.

Saul snapped his fingers and it was to begin. I started to take off my clothes as some of the goons dragged in a full size mattress. They tossed it to the ground and I noticed it was pretty used. I could only imagine who else had been defiled on it. I kneeled on the bed as the bosses started to ease towards me. They wanted me to unbuckle and undress them.

My heart was racing. I’d never done anything with another man before let alone a group. I dignity was melting away at the clanks of belt buckles and zippers being undone.

“Hey, don’t feel so bad. You might even enjoy it,” said a tubby old boss. There were now 5 cocks pointed in my direction. They slowly encircled me as I tentatively grabbed one.

“It’s ok. They won’t bite,” chuckled a tall and skinny boss. I grasped his thin but long cock and felt the warmth of it. It felt disgusted with myself. I was fondling another man’s cock like so whore bitch. The tubby boss grabbed my hand and made me grasp his manhood so I started to slowly stroke them.

I was surprised at how alien they felt. They were velvety and getting hard. Saul stepped in front of my with cock in hand. I opened his mouth, giving me the hint I should follow suit. As I did, he said, “Stick out your tongue.” I shuddered and obeyed. Saul started to slap his semi erect arap porno cock on it as the men laughed.

Feeling the encouraged, Saul then slapped it on all over my face. I felt it get more rigid with each slap. I glanced around and saw the darker boss slowly stroke his meat as he watched. I noticed the bald mob boss was missing but then quickly found out where he was. I tensed up and his hands groped at my ass. He spread them and let them go. He then slapped my ass a couple times and laughed, “damn! This one’s ass jiggles like my old lady’s.”

The men roared with laughed again. As I was thinking how horrible this was, Saul thrusted his cock in my mouth. Surprised, I almost bit down, but luckily I stayed composed and kept thinking of my goal. All of this is worth it, for my family’s sake.

“Come on honey, suck for me,” Saul encouraged. I thought back to all the porn and the few blowjobs I’d gotten. The faster I could tired then out, the faster this would be over with. I pursed my lips and began to move my head back and forth. Saul stood like he was superman as I bobbed my head.

I felt the precum start to get all over hands as I continued to jack the cocks. The bald one pressed close to my back.I could feel his hard cock on the small of my back. His hands reached around and started to pinch my nipples. The dark boss pushed between Saul and tubby. His cock aiming at me.

I took the hint and alternated sucking his and Saul’s dicks. As I was now being used as a sex toy, the bald boss whispered in my ear, “You’re doing a good job. Maybe you’d like to make some extra cash after tonight. I think a little slut like you would look great in a school girl’s outfit.” I closed my eyes and thought of my family.

That image was interrupted as baldy’s finger trying to invade my asshole. I was about to panic but then I felt his other hand on my cock. Horrified, my cock was hard as a rock. Baldy started to slowly stroke me as I continued to suck off Saul and the dark guy. The tall one put some kind of container to my nose.

I started to feel a little more calm. Everything seemed to pause for a second. Hands on me bedava porno repositioned me to laying on my back. The men shuffled around. Two different cocks were in my hands. Baldy’s and tall boss’ cocks were now on either side of my head. I took one in my mouth and alternated between them. I just wanted to get them off so this would be done with. Saul lifted my legs and someone put a pillow under me.

My heart pounded as I knew what was coming next. I stroked and sucked with vigor. Anxious for what was about to come. I closed my eyes and felt a cold liquid drip down my virgin ass. I heard low moaning as the tip of his cock made contact with me. I kept telling myself to relax. That’s all I had to do was relax.

Saul rubbed it up and down my awaiting hole. I wanted him to hurry and get it over with. He took a long pause so I looked down to see what he was doing. He watched my face like a predator that caught his prey. He slowly pushed in. The pressure was nearly unbearable. I saw his face of dominance and arrogance as the head of his cock was in me.

I wanted to cry. I clenched my teeth and thought of my family again. He wasn’t moving. He wanted to savor this moment. But I wanted to at least have a little victory, so I pushed down and made him sink further in me. It burned a little but it wasn’t as bad as the initial entry.

“Whoa boys! Looks like we have an eager one,” the dark mob boss announced as he slapped me with his cock to get my attention. I don’t know what got into me. But if it’s a hot fuck they want, then that’s what they were gonna get.

“Come on Saul, let’s see what you got,” I challenged while continuing to jack off the other two cocks. With a devilish grin and then a sneer, Saul started to thrust in and out of my asshole. I sucked the two cocks like a cum hungry whore. Moans and groans filled the room.

Saul didn’t last long. He gave my ass a good ramming for 5 minutes before depositing his seed deep in me. I got two shots of cum from baldy and tall boss down my throat. Tubby had taken Saul’s place after he was done. Saul walked over and grabbed a drink while dark boss shot his load on my cüce porno chest.

It was just me and baldy now. He started off slow. Enjoying the slickness of my cum coated hole. But then he got an idea. He pulled out and tabbed the side of my ass. I knew what he wanted. I turned over and lifted my ass. He grabbed my ass and plunged in. I felt his belly brush me with every thrust. His balls slapping mine as he fucked me. I felt so dirty, so humiliated. But I didn’t care. This wasn’t so bad.

Tubby didn’t last long. With a last grunt, he shoved his cock in me and blew his load. He got up and the tall one was going to replace him until the dark boss motioned me to him while he was in a chair. He patted his lap as he grasped his cock with his other hand. With my back to him, I lowered myself onto him. A moan escaped my mouth as I impaled myself. The tall boss came over and lifted a little under my knees.

Oh no! He isn’t thinking…”Ahhhhhh!” I yelled as he joined in my hole. Panting and in a little pain, I looked down as I saw two cocks were now in me. I felt dark boss starting to gently thrust up as the other cock do the same.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” came out of me as the two of them destroyed my ass. I saw flashes of lights. Baldy had a camera in his hands. I didn’t care at the moment. I was enjoying the feeling of ecstacy and freedom of being a live fuck doll.

“You’re too loud,” reprimanded Saul so he stuck his cock in my mouth to muffle me. He gripped my head and fucked my mouth like an animal. Once again, two cocks found their way in my hands. For the next couple hours, I sucked and was fucked thoroughly. When they were done with me I was covered in sweat and cum. Cum also lined my insides, my ass, my mouth, my throat.

I was exhausted. I felt like I could sleep for days. I felt some of the dry, crust semen around my eyes and in my hair. I saw the men wiping themselves off and getting dressed. One by one, they shook Saul’s hand and left. The last to leave was baldy, but before he did, he tossed me a stack of money.

“Think about what I said cutie.” he said and then left. Saul straightened his collar and told me the debt was done. He also said that he owned me now. If I didn’t want the pictures and video of what happened tonight to be released, I’d better be a good boy and listen to him. Saul pointed to a door and told me to shower. As I was about to walk in, I couldn’t help but smile and ask, “You coming too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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