Debts Too High Ch. 02

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Big Cock

Friday approached all too quickly, despite having one of the most erotic experiences of my life I dreaded further contact with Mrs Watkins. I drove slowly down the motorway conflicting arguments raged in my mind stand at the door and take the money, no contact, but what about her massive breasts, those huge nipples, her mass of greying pubic hair and the slightly rancid smell that emanated from between her legs. Far from dissuading myself I became increasingly aroused all thought of what I stood to lose vanished as my cock replaced my brain in guiding my actions.

On reaching the front door I found it ajar and entered the dark musty passageway

“Anyone home”

“In the kitchen” came a husky reply

It was pitch black as the front door silently swung shut, I felt my way along the wall until I felt the kitchen door handle, it was stiff but eventually turned and the door flew open. The harsh fluorescent light momentarily blinded me then I saw her sat on the same chair as in previous visits only this time she was completely naked it was only as she started to stand that I saw that she wore a tight black thong. Folds of fat and her massive drooping breasts obscured the waistband the crotch disappeared between her hairy lips not to reappear until the small of her back. She linked her hands below her navel and pulled rolls of flesh up to reveal the thong in all its glory.

“Is this what you had in mind, I’ve had it on all week just for you I really like the feeling of string up my arse doubt its ever been as clean”

As she walked toward me she stroked her nipples my cock stuck out so firmly I was afraid that the trousers of my new Paul Smith suit would split.

“Sit” she commanded and I slumped into a soiled armchair.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to her breast to the erect nipple she had been stroking I licked bonus veren siteler it then sucked then ran it against my teeth. Force built on my hair at first pulling me further into her sagging chest and then forcing it down to the level of her knickers

“Smell my fresh knickers you were so keen on” They smelt anything but fresh, my mouth went lower, I sucked on the right lip that protruded from the thong.

She reached down with her free hand and pulled the gusset of her new underwear out of her cunt and placed it in my mouth, the acrid smell hit me first then the piss ridden taste with a variety of textures most notably small patches of creamy emission. My brain was in overdrive why was I allowing this disgusting woman to treat me in this way, I controlled every aspect of my life but here in this shabby house I was treated like a sex toy and loved every minute of it.

“Finger my arse and lick the front of my privates through the knickers” I did as I was told pulling apart her heavy cheeks moving the rear strand of her thong and gently running the tip of my fore finger around her rim. My fingers pushed inside her arse forcing her harder onto my face I bit into her pubic mound her wiry grey hairs coarse against my face. The aroma was changing as my movements both front and rear started to excite her, I pulled the knickers aside with my free hand and parted her dark lips. I lapped at her sopping cunt like the cat that had got the cream my tongue probing so deep I found it difficult to breath my nose hurt as she ground into me with increasing force. All the while my two fingers played inside her arsehole their tempo increasing in time with her thrusts suddenly her body tensed and my face was pushed even further into then her grip relaxed.

I extracted my stinking fingers from her and looked up at her blank face bedava bahis then grabbed the new panties pulling them roughly over her massive hips.

She reached down and silently undid my trousers pulling them down with my boxer shorts to just below my knees freeing a rock hard penis that sprang straight into her mouth. Her teeth ran over the swollen purple head it engulfing it then pushing along the length until barely an inch was visible smoothly she worked on it her teeth grating as she swallowed my pre cum.

Without warning she stopped took my hand that had recently been embedded in her posterior and sucked hard on the two fingers that smelt the worst she was incredibly dirty and with these actions increased my arousal to the point where I was almost passing out. Releasing my hand she turned and bent forward over the stool her legs were parted her cunt was open beckoning me to fill it while her arse jutted into the air.

In an instant I shrugged off my clothes walked up behind her and slipped deep into her it was like fucking a jelly whilst I could feel the soft wet sides and bulging lips of her cunt it exerted no hold on me, she moved against me rubbing hard into the base of my cock. My hands parted the flabby cheeks of her bum and my fingers roughly re-entered her anus slowly working in and out at differing rates to my cock. As I pushed two then three fingers deep inside her breath came in shorter pants and the pressure as she pushed back onto me increased, she grunted and what little contact my cock had disappeared in a deluge of fluid that ran out of her down my balls and across her thighs.

By now my thoughts were concentrated on her arse I pulled out of the sopping crack, pushed her lower and withdrew my fingers, she reached behind and held her cheeks apart eyes tightly shut. I slipped into her back passage with deneme bonus ease my cock well lubricated from our earlier exploits and start to fuck her at first slowly but as she relaxed the tempo increased. Her fat, jiggling cheeks rose to meet each thrust her grime encrusted fingernails biting into the flesh of her bum holding it open allowing the deepest possible penetration. I pounded her in a way I had never done before with no concern for her comfort, safety or enjoyment intent only on my own needs, she continued to grunt and increased further the stroke rate I buried my cock in her with a final push and came for what felt like minutes spurt after spurt poured into her voluminous arse.

She pulled away turned bent and sucked the final drops of my semen out of me cleaning all traces of arse at the same time as I soften I thought of this and retched she giggled. “What was that worth?” she asked

“A debts a debt” I replied “you still owe £200 same as when I came in and I’m expecting £50 today”

She rose, her legs glistening and damp, fluid oozing from her backside squashed out by her massive cheeks, and walked to the fire place withdrawing a small bundle of notes from a novelty teapot, she turned spread her feet and rolled the money into a tube before deftly inserting it into her still wet cunt then crossed back across the tiny room.

“Help yourself and make sure my money doesn’t get mixed up with the other suckers that rent from you”

I reached out hooking two fingers up inside her pulling her close so the massive tits hung in my face, it was too much I took the giant nipple into my mouth and sucked hard, my hand located and extracted the expensive tampon, releasing her tit I pointedly smelt the cash running it along my top lip

“No chance of that, see you next week”

She looked at me blankly and lit a cigarette

“Fuck off out of my house”

I dressed hastily and left as I walked up the dark passage leading to the front door I heard soft footsteps at the top of the stairs,

“Sod this” I thought and legged it out of that house vowing again never to return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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