Decisions , Consequences

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(This story precludes, developes, and introduces the characters of my recently published story, Spiraling Down the Funnel of Sin. But, for reasons I’d rather not get into, that one was accidentally published before this one. To all my fans. Thanks for reading……Love, Laurie.)

Jennifer Gordon brushed her brown hair straight back and tied it into a ponytail. She took one last look in the mirror and decided that she was as ready as she was going to get. Oliver was picking her up for their date in about five minutes. Thankfully, her dad wasn’t home from work yet. Her parents liked Oliver. His dad was the pastor at their church, Calvary Baptist, and her mom taught Sunday school with Oliver’s mom. The two families got together two or three times a month, and Oliver had been one of her first friends when her parents had moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Arlington, Texas fourteen years ago when she was four years old. They’d finally decided to start dating ten months ago.

Both families were thrilled with the union, but that still didn’t stop Jennifer’s dad from asking Oliver around a hundred questions every time he came to pick her up. When her dad worked as an electrical engineer, he’d always had Saturdays off. But his company had folded a couple of months after she started dating Oliver, and the only work he’d been able to find was as a maintenance man at an apartment complex which was owned by another couple from church.

Before her dad got laid off, her mom had been an assistant instructor at Taekwondo Texas, but she’d had to quit and go to work as a sales rep for Hudson Pharmaceuticals. She knew her mom hated quitting her other job, because she loved teaching Taekwondo. There was just no way they could make ends meet without her changing jobs though. Maybe when her dad got another engineering job, Sandy, that’s what everyone called her mom even though her name was Jamie, would be able to go back to Taekwondo. Jennifer sure hoped so. Her mom was cool.

Her dad was cool too. Mom just understood things better. Like right now. Mom had helped her pick out the pale, blue baby tee she was wearing and the stone washed hip hugger jeans she had shoved down into her beige cowboy boots. She had asked her mom if not wearing a bra under the baby tee made her look too slutty and Mom had said, “It makes you look sexy, baby. Not slutty. There’s a difference.”

Not to her dad. As far as Dad was concerned, sexy was slutty. That’s another reason she was glad he was still at work. No way she’d try to leave the house without a bra on with Scott Gordon there to inspect her first.

Just then her little sister knocked on the bathroom door. Not so little actually. At five- eight, Alyson was three inches taller than Jennifer. Jennifer was five-five, just like her mom. She also weighed 125 pounds just like her mom. She had brown eyes and brown hair just like her mom too. Her hair was a little darker brown though. Mom’s was the color of wet sand, hence the nickname Sandy. The similarities didn’t stop there. They both wore 36 C bras, although Sandy’s breasts were just a bit fuller; and both had the kind of rolling round ass one usually only saw on black girls, even if Jennifer’s was just a wee bit tighter. Another knock, and Jennifer heard Alyson say, “Come on, Jenn. I’ve got to pee.”

“Okay,” Jennifer said as she opened the door.

Alyson came in without even bothering for Jennifer to leave and immediately sat down on the toilet as she pulled her bikini bottoms to her ankles. Jennifer smiled. Alyson wasn’t shy. She liked that about her sister. It made her easy to talk to. Sometimes she hated her for being able to eat whatever she wanted and never gaining a pound, but she knew Alyson was jealous of her curves so it worked out.

Jennifer finished applying her lipstick and tried not to giggle as she heard Alyson sighing with relief over the sound of her pee tinkling into the toilet bowel. Alyson wiped her pussy clean when she was finished and stood up, leaving her bikini bottoms down at her ankles. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and dropped it and her bikini top down on the floor as she stepped out of the bikini bottoms. Jennifer whistled and said, “If I had a dollar, I’d throw it at you.”

Alyson laughed and said, “Got to wash the sweat and the tanning oil off. I’m going out tonight too.”


“Don’t act so surprised,” Alyson said.

“Dad know about this?”

“Nope,” Alyson said as she shook her head and grabbed Jennifer’s purse off the counter.

“Hey, bitch,” Jennifer cried. “What are you doing?”

“Just checking,” Alyson said as she opened the purse. “Yep. He knows as much about me going out as he knows about these being in your purse.”

Jennifer put down her lipstick and snatched the cigarettes and condoms out of Alyson’s hand. Then she snatched the purse and put them back in the bottom.

Alyson smiled and said, “Our little secret, right?”

Jennifer grabbed one of Alyson’s nipples and pinched hard. As soon as her sister yelped, she said, “It damn well better be.”

“Let Maltepe Escort go of my tit, dyke. You know I was just teasing.”

Jennifer let go and said, “Of course you were, and I was just coping a free feel.”

“Damn, girl. You know I’d never tell. Besides, have you even used any of those condoms yet?”

“Not yet, but you never know when tonight might be the night.”

“Yeah, right,” Alyson said. “You’re too chicken and you know it.”

“No. I’m just waiting for the right time.”

“When’s that going to be?”

“I don’t know,” Jennifer said. “Where are you going tonight?”

“A party at Maxine’s house. Her parents are gone again.”

“Cool. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Other than fuck your boyfriend, that doesn’t disclude much.”

Jennifer laughed and said with sarcasm, “Yeah, I’m the original wild child.”

“Well,” Alyson said. “Unless you want to join me in the shower to get warmed up for Oliver, we’ll have to chat later.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “Not this time.”

She left the bathroom for Alyson to shower in peace and stepped into her room to grab her jacket. They were going to eat ice cream before they went to the movies and she didn’t want a lot of people staring at her if her nipples started poking through her shirt. As she grabbed her jacket, she waved hello to her Jennifer Capriati poster. She’d started playing tennis when she was eight and Jennifer Capriati had always been her favorite. Not just because they had the same first name, but also because she loved her style. When she was fourteen, someone had sent her a picture that they’d found on the Internet of Capriati dancing in a nightclub with a cigarette in her mouth. The next party she went to, someone offered her a cigarette and instead of saying no like she’d always done in the past, she took it and had been smoking ever since. And athletes say they’re not role models.

She heard her mom yelling that Oliver was there, so she checked her face one last time, waved bye to her Jennifer Capriati poster, and walked out of her bedroom with the hope that tonight WOULD be the night.


Sandy Gordon opened the front door and said, “Hello, Oliver. Come on in. I think Jennifer’s all ready to go.”

Oliver Bolton stepped into the Gordon house and felt his cock stir. Mrs. Gordon was wearing a thin white tee shirt that only came down far enough to cover the top half of her black bikini bottoms. Underneath the tee shirt, Oliver could easily see the outline of the bikini top that held his girlfriend’s mother’s generous boobs in place. Someone had told him once if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in twenty or thirty years, take a good look at her mom. If that were true, that alone would be enough reason to never break up with Jennifer Gordon.

“Thanks, Mrs. Gordon,” Oliver said as he finished stepping into the house.

“Come on, Oliver. I taught your bible school class when you were in kindergarten. Call me Sandy.”

She gave me boners back then too, he thought. “All right, Sandy,” he said. “I will. Have you been swimming?”

“No, Alyson and I were laying out in the back,” Sandy said. Then she turned her head and raised her voice, “Jennifer. Oliver is here.”

As Oliver was thinking how much he would have loved being a little bird flying in the yard watching those two sunbathe, Jennifer immerged from her bedroom and for at least the hundredth time Oliver couldn’t help being amazed at how alike Jennifer and Sandy looked. They could almost be twins.

“Ready to go,” Jennifer asked as she offered him her cheek.

He kissed the cheek softly and said, “I’m ready.”

“Where are you kids off to?” Sandy asked.

Oliver cleared his throat and said, “We’re going to go get some ice cream first, and then we’re going to a movie. After that, we’ll probably just go hang out somewhere.”

“Well,” Sandy said. “If you get too caught up while you’re HANGING out, just remember Jennifer’s father will HANG you out by your foreskin if you’re not home with her before midnight.”

Oliver blushed and Jennifer said, “My God, Mom. What are you doing?”

Sandy smiled, “You know your dad. Just protecting your virginity and Oliver’s balls. But, have fun.”

Just then, the phone began to ring. “That’s probably him right now. You better leave before he asks me what you’re wearing and I have to lie about it for you.”

They rushed out the door as she answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Sandy?” her husband asked.

“You don’t know your wife’s voice?”

He laughed. “Honestly. I can never tell if it’s you or if it’s one of the girls anymore.”

“Jennifer just left, and Alyson is in the shower, but she’s staying at Max’s house tonight. Why don’t you hurry up and get that sexy bod of yours over here and fuck me silly?”

“Sandy! Alyson might hear you.”

“Yeah, so. She does know we’ve fucked before.” Of course, Sandy thought. It’s been so long that I have to qualify that by saying it in the past tense instead of the Anadolu Yakası Escort present.

Scott paused before saying, “There’s a lot of stuff to do here. I’m going to put in the overtime.”

Not believing her ears, Sandy said, “Scott. Didn’t you understand what I said? Alyson will be gone all night, and Jennifer won’t be home until midnight. We can be together. Alone.”

“Sandy,” he said. “You know it won’t matter. So, I’m working.”


“Are you sure nobody ever comes out here?” Jennifer asked as Oliver pulled his mom’s old Chevy to a stop. They were at the American Legion baseball field and Oliver was parked directly behind the concession stand.

“Relax,” he said. “There’s no reason for anyone to come here and we can’t be seen from the road. It’s perfect.”

Before Jennifer could say anything else, Oliver was leaning his lips to hers. As her lips parted and their tongues met, she forgot about whether or not this was a good spot to park.

Oliver hesitated briefly before placing one hand at the hem of her shirt. When she let the hand stay, he inched it inside the tee shirt. Encouraged by not being pushed away, he slowly slid the hand up until he was cupping her breast. Jennifer moaned as Oliver gently tweaked the nipple of that breast.

Sensing that no resistance would be offered, Oliver slid his other hand into the tee shirt and was soon cupping and massaging both her breast as they desperately mashed their lips together and dueled with their tongues. Jennifer moaned again and lifted her arms. Needing no further prompting, Oliver lifted the shirt over her head and tossed it into the back seat. Then he lowered his lips to the nearest nipple and began to suck. Jennifer rubbed her fingers through his hair and held him to her breast.

After spending a moment sucking one nipple, his lips left that one and began to suck the other. As he sucked the nipple like a hungry baby, his fingers found their way to the snap of her jeans. In a moment the snap was undone and he was sliding open the zipper. Still no resistance and his hand was slipping past the lace at the top of her panties. His fingers found their mark and he began to rub her clit until Jennifer was moaning and purring like a sated kitten.

She lifted her hips and he needed no further signal to indicate that it was time to tug down on her jeans. He got them past her knees before they both realized that she still had her boots on. If a camera had been on them, the resultant video could have easily made an America’s Funniest excerpt. Despite the desperation, they still managed to get both her boots and jeans off with each item immediately joining her tee shirt in the back seat.

She opened her legs for him and he began rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties. She groaned and squeezed her legs together. This was as far as she’d ever let him go. He’d get everything off of her but the panties, and then she’d stop him. Tonight though, he was thinking, she’d let him take everything off so quickly. Maybe this was finally going to be it.

He abandoned his rubbing and hooked his fingers over the top of her panties and slowly began to roll them down her hips, onto her thighs and past her knees. When they were down to her ankles, she began to kick and pedaled them off. This was it. He had Jennifer Gordon completely naked for the first time. Their eyes met. Then they brought their lips together again, softly at first, then with renewed heat. As their tongues danced a slow waltz, his fingers found their way to her pussy and he slowly entered her with one finger.

She gasped as he teased the lips of her pussy with his index finger and began to push her hips up and grind her clit against his knuckle. Sensing her need, he roughened his approach and concentrated his knuckle against that throbbing clit. In seconds, she was screaming with orgasm.

His hand left her pussy and began to undo his belt. As soon as Jennifer had come down a little from her orgasm, she realized that Oliver was rubbing the head of his penis along the lips of her pussy. She wanted to let him put it in. She wanted it so fucking bad. That’s right she wanted to fuck, and she wanted it fucking bad.

Still, she tensed up, and began to mumble. “No, Oliver.”

“Come on, baby,” he said. “Please. I want you so bad.”

She shook her head and said more forcefully, “No, Oliver. Not here.”

“Please, Jennifer. God, I want to fuck you so much.”

She pushed him away but instead of backing off, he began to kiss her neck. He softly kissed a trail down to her tits and briefly sucked each nipple before leaving them and planting kisses on her tummy. After sucking a small hickey above her bellybutton, he left her navel and kissed another trail down to her pussy. Then he locked his lips around her clit and began to suck for all he was worth.

“Oh, shit,” Jennifer moaned. “Oh, my God. Oh, my fucking God. I’m cumming again. Oh shit. OH SHIT! OH FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!”

Then she dropped almost dead onto her back and Oliver climbed Ümraniye Escort between her open legs and pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. Were it not for her hymen, he would have made it all the way, but as soon as she felt pain and resistance, she snapped out of her spell, sat up and pushed him off.

“NO, OLIVER!” she said firmly. “Not here.”

“Oh, baby,” he pleaded. “I need it so bad. You’ve got to let me.”

“Sit back,” she said and pushed him upright. She gripped his cock in her hand and slowly began to pump her fist up and down the length of his shaft. God, it’s big, she thought. It must be at least eight inches.

In less than a minute, Oliver was groaning and shooting his load up onto her tits. She kept pumping until no more semen shot out of his cock. Then she kissed him and said, “Get me my clothes and something to clean up with, before I break down and let you fuck me in your mom’s car.”

“Hmm,” he said. Satisfied, but still wanting more. “Is that supposed to make me hurry?”

She giggled. “No, but the fact that it’s a quarter to twelve and my dad REALLY will hang you up by your foreskin might.”


Alyson, Jennifer and her friend Dina had skipped out of the sermon early and were sitting in the backseat of the Lincoln Navigator owned by Dina’s parents. The windows were darkly tinted, and even if someone did walk by they wouldn’t be able to see the girls passing around the cigarette that they were smoking. Dina, a pretty as she was tiny Persian girl with short black hair, took a long drag on the Camel and handed it to Jennifer. As Jennifer was sucking the smoke into her lungs, Dina said, “I can’t believe you got that close and you didn’t fuck.”

Jennifer blew a stream of smoke in Dina’s direction and handed the cigarette off to Alyson. “It just wasn’t right,” Jennifer said. “Not in his mom’s car. Not our first time anyway.”

Alyson finished the cigarette and rolled her eyes as she dropped the butt out the window. “The eternal virgin.”

“Fuck you, Alyson,” Jennifer said. “There’s only one nonvirgin in this vehicle and you ain’t her.”

Dina smiled proudly and said, “That would be me.” Then she added, “You could have at least given him a blowjob instead of a lame ass hand job.”

Jennifer ducked her head and said, “I don’t really know how to give a blowjob.”

Alyson snickered and Jennifer said, “And just how many dicks have you sucked, Miss Blow Job expert?”

Alyson blushed and Jennifer said, “That’s right. None.”

“All you have to remember,” Dina said. “Is that it is sucking and not blowing. The term blowjob is what fucks chicks up. Just suck the guys dick like you would a straw when you’re trying to finish off a milkshake and you’ll be a blow job queen.”

“Alyson’s main goal in life,” Jennifer said.

Before Alyson could reply, Jennifer pointed and said, “The sermon must be over. There comes Oliver. Go find Mom and Dad and tell them we’re going to Fudruckers with Dina.”


Scott Gordon pulled his Chevy Tahoe to a stop in front of his friends Quincy and Samantha Farrell’s house. As he was shutting off the engine, Sandy looked inside her purse and realized that she didn’t have her cell phone.

“Shoot,” she said.

“What is it?” Scott asked.

“I didn’t bring my phone.”

“It’s Sunday, Sandy. Give it a rest.”

“I can’t do that. A client or someone with a lead might call.”

“You sell to doctors, hospitals and clinics. Who’s going to call you on a Sunday?”

“Just go inside. I’ll drive home real quick and get the fucking phone.”

“Language. Language.”

“It used to turn you on to hear the preacher’s daughter cuss.”

“What makes you think it still doesn’t?”

“Because nothing seems to turn you on any more, Scott.”

“You’re right, Sandy,” he said. “One of your doctor friends might call. You better go get that fucking phone.”


Oliver and Jennifer let the front door shut behind them. “Wow,” Oliver said. “I can’t believe we’re here alone.”

“Neither can I,” Jennifer said as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

He cupped her ass cheeks and kissed her back. When they broke the kiss, she said, “Want to watch TV?”

He shook his head and kissed her again. When they broke the second kiss, he said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

She giggled and said, “So bold. What if my dad comes home?”

Oliver smiled. “They went with my mom and dad to the Farrell’s. They’ll be there all afternoon.”

She smiled and took his hand. She led him by that hand past her bedroom, down the hall, and to her parent’s bedroom. Standing at the foot of her parent’s California King, she kicked off her sandals and crawled up onto the bed. Oliver took a moment to look at her and then kicked off his dress shoes and joined her. She pulled at his shirt and got it out of his pants. In a flurry of fingers and buttons, they opened each other’s shirts, leaving his chest bare and exposing her white, lace trimmed bra.

His fingers found the snap to the bra, and with much deliberation, he managed to remove it from under her shirt. The bra ended up on the floor with their shoes as he began to suck her nipples. She lay back enjoying the pleasure he was taking in playing with her tits and thought, this is it. I’m going to get fucked.

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