Deidre Ch. 01

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I am a very, nasty, very promiscuous lady; if anyone really considers me a lady at all. LOL.

Even though I started doing gang-bangs at the age of 18, it still took me quite a while to formulate my current perverted outlook on sex. Do you find that surprising? You shouldn’t. It really takes a while to get as extreme as I am. But if you’ll read on, I’ll tell you all about how I got there.

I never knew my father. My mother had me in the backseat of an old Desoto when she was a teenager. It’s a miracle I survived. My grandmother was the one who raised me while my mother grew up. Eventually she married a guy who was twenty-five years older than her, and a drunk, to boot. But he had a job, and we had food on the table and a roof over our heads. All in all, he wasn’t so bad; he was always loaded, and would come home, and either watch television, or fall asleep in his recliner. The big thing was he didn’t beat my mother, or me, as some of my friend’s fathers did them. And to his credit, he never fucked around with me.

First Time

Here I was, eighteen and a virgin. Not by choice, mind you, but … let’s call it happenstance. As you read on, you might think I intended to get laid that day; with the skimpy little outfit I put on. But I never even thought of it as a possibility. That was just how my girlfriend, Elsie dressed; and I wanted her to feel comfortable enough with me to tell me the juiciest details of what it was like getting laid. Besides, it wasn’t uncommon for girls our age to dress skimpily when the temperature was pushing 102 degrees outside.

True to form, Elsie was barely out of bed when I got there. When saw her face in the window of her side door, she looked pissed at being disturbed. But when she saw it was me, her eyes widened in surprise, and then her face lit up. I guess it’d been nearly a month since I’d last spent any time alone with her.

She flung the door open, and greeted me with a big hug. I could smell her hairspray, and a hint of some perfume she’d put on the previous day. I let myself melt into her, as her embrace tightened into something more than just a friendly hug between school chums. I felt very close to her at that moment, and I even remember the sting of tears in my eyes; although for some reason I’m not sure why to this day.

She finally pulled me away, but left her hands on my shoulders, and from only inches away, she stared into my eyes. I had to look up at her, since she was several inches taller than me.

“Don’t tell me,” she said with a smirk, “You’re in heat again, right? And on the hottest day of the year you came over to talk about boys, didn’t you?”

I felt my face heat up with a furious blush, as a silly grin spread across it. I could only look away and shrug my shoulders, a little ashamed that I was so readable to her. Of course, looking back, that really had been the main reason I’d ever go over to see her. Our private discussions had always been about boys and sex. We never had much other common ground to talk about.

She must have seen something else in my face, because she put her arm around my shoulder and asked, very softly, “You’ve got it bad, today, don’t you?”

“Oh, Elsie,” I sobbed as she walked me to a couch, and sat down next to me, holding me tightly with my head against her breasts, “I couldn’t even sleep last night, it was so bad. I just can’t stop thinking about it! I mean, I did myself for half an hour straight this morning, and it hardly helped at all!”

I held her hand, felt her squeeze it, and asked, “Why me, Elsie? Does anybody else have it this bad?”

“You’re just a typical horny, hot-blooded, girl, that’s all,” Elsie replied, soothing me by rubbing her hand through my hair.

“A lot of hormones in that little body of yours are fucking with you, and that’s all. It’s normal to feel that way, honest to God.”

She began to rock me back and forth. After a moment, I pulled away, sniffling and wiping away my tears with my hands. “You’re right, I’m being pretty stupid.” I said brokenly.

“You’re not stupid, Dee, just horny! I think it’s time we got you laid.”

I looked at her, trying to see if she was joking. The serious look on her face told me she wasn’t.

“What?” Was all I could manage, for she had definitely shocked me.

“You need to start having sex, Deidre. It’s the only thing that’ll give you any relief. Believe me, I know.” Elsie said.

I realized I was all for it. At that moment, there was nothing I wanted to do more than find out what sex was like. Some of my friends had already done it, and loved it, but they had boyfriends. I didn’t.

“But … I don’t even have a boyfriend,” I pointed out, and wiped a tear away.

“Dee, I’ve talked to several boys who think you’re pretty hot. You just seem a little unapproachable to them. Remember, guys our age can be pretty immature.”

“Who’d you talk with?” I asked, titillated by her disclosure.

“Jonesie and Lee seem the most interested, but there are others.”

“Them? bursa escort But they’re like twenty something. All they do is tease me, and play stupid tricks on me, like I’m a little kid!” I said, shocked that they had professed an interest in me.

“Silly, that’s because they want your attention. They’re afraid you’ll reject them if they let you know their real feelings for you. I told you, guys can be very immature.”

I sat there, digesting that. Jonesie and Lee liked me! I liked them, too, really, especially Lee. ‘Why hadn’t they told me, instead of tormenting me?’

“Feel better, now?” Elsie asked, seeing my face light up.

I nodded.

“Who do you think you’d like to go out with the most, Jonesie, or Lee?” Elsie asked.

I wanted to say both, but told her I liked Lee the best.

“I’ll get to work on it for you, then. You’ll be getting some good cock soon, I promise.” Elsie assured me.

“Have you had sex with either of them?” I asked, thinking her reference to good cock was from experience.

Elsie just laughed. “No, not them, but Jonesie told Allan that he desperately wants to fuck you.”


Yes! And Allan says Lee told him he fucks his big sister, Joanie all the time.”

My mouth dropped open at the news of Allan doing his older sister.

“Don’t let that bother you. Believe me, you’ll appreciate his experience.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an inexperienced little boy firing his load before he even gets started.” Elsie said, obviously speaking from experience.

I just smiled, embarrassed at becoming a charity case for her, but at the same time growing wet between my legs at the thought of finally getting laid.

If I had only known that I was less than an two hours away from finally losing my virginity! I think I would have fainted.

Having calmed me down, at least from crying my eyes out, Elsie got up from the couch and announced that she was going to take a quick shower, and invited me to keep her company. With the temperature as high as it was, I readily agreed, and followed her down the hall to her bathroom.

She pulled off her nightshirt as she was walking, and suddenly I was following her bare butt. I couldn’t help admiring its fullness and the way it swayed with her walk. It sure was more attractive than my tight, boyish little bottom.

Elsie went straight to the bathtub and started the water. When the temperature was to her satisfaction, she activated the shower and closed the shower curtains. She twisted around to look back at me, and I could see the side of one breast, pale and pear-shaped, with a light-pink areole and nipple.

“Wanna join me?” she asked, “I’ll scrub your back if you scrub mine.”

I started to protest … to say that I’d already taken a shower; but I felt indebted to her for what she’d just offered to do for me, so I just nodded and began to take off my clothes. If she wanted her back scrubbed, I’d give her the best scrubbing she’d ever had.

She spent a moment adjusting the showerhead, and when she glanced at me, I was already naked. She did a double-take, then turned around and put her hands on her maturing hips, the one hand dribbling water down the side of her leg. She gazed at me appraisingly for a long moment. I wondered what she saw in me. Later, much later, Elsie told me what she’d seen in me.

“I saw a short, skinny girl with straight, shoulder-length dark brown hair that curled in at the neck in pageboy style. Your eyes were a deep brown, with full, black eyebrows arching over them, your nose was thin, and turned upward at the end to show a little too much of your nostrils, and your lips were thin and pale, with a chin tapered to a delicate, dimpled point.”

I still shiver when I recall her description, for it was after we’d made love for the very first time.

Back in the shower, I could see her eyes lingering on my small, conical breasts, and then on my thatch of pubic hair. Elsie nodded slightly as she noticed that my vaginal cleft was parted slightly in its nearly permanent state of arousal, displaying my treasured pea-sized clit and delicate inner folds.

I took the opportunity to admire her more developed form. She had very short blonde hair; shorter than many boys in those days, blue eyes, a lot of freckles, and a small nose and beautiful, lush lips. Her breasts were about the size of oranges, but narrow at her chest. Her areoles looked huge to me, with big, fat nipples on them. She was a little pudgy, with no real waistline, but her hips were wide and womanly. A sparse nest of golden hair covered her mons, while her slit hid itself father between her legs in its own little forest of golden strands. My heart quickened at the thought of all those nice cocks her golden little vagina had already experienced.

Raising her eyebrows, Elsie observed, “You’re breasts are coming along nicely.”

I just smirked at that, knowing I was less developed than most of my friends, but accepting bursa escort bayan Elsie’s compliment in the spirit it was given.

Elsie smiled back at me.

“You’ve got a nice body, Elsie.” I told her, and her smile grew.

“That’s what they tell me,” she said with mock conceit.

We both laughed.

She pulled back the shower curtain, and invited me to step in first, which I did. Elsie took the opportunity to give my little bottom a slap as I passed by. The water was cool and refreshing after walking through the heat outside.

When Elsie joined me in the shower, I impulsively asked her if she’d like me to wash her back first. She was agreeable, and I soaped her back and listened to her hum with pleasure as I made it a light massage.

“Want me to shampoo your hair?” I asked, and got a firm nod from her as she turned to me and bent forward, so I could reach her head. I lathered her hair while keeping the suds from her face, then rinsed her hair off.

“Could you do my back again?” Elsie asked.

“Sure,” I replied, and quickly began to scrub her back for the second time. Her soft, slippery skin felt nice and cool beneath my fingers, and I carefully made sure I scrubbed every inch between her shoulders and her pretty bottom. At one point, my attention lingered at the base of her spine, not quite daring to go any lower.

Understanding my hesitation, Elsie said, “Go wherever you want, Dee. You’re doing fine.”

I felt a tremor of excitement at her words, and dropped to my knees and rubbed the soap along her bottom, luxuriating in the feel of her smooth soft globes. I remember wishing that my bottom would be as full and nice as that one day.

When my fingers slipped into her crack, Elsie opened her legs slightly, and I took that as permission to explore further. Almost on their own accord, my soapy fingers worked their way into her cleft, and kept going straight to her puckered anus.

The moment I touched it, I felt the heat of her. Elsie sighed. If she hadn’t done it I would have moved on, but that sigh … well, suffice to say I spent a generous amount of time loitering in that area, until Elsie grunted with contentment, and I decided it might be better to move along, and did.

I soaped both her legs in turn and when I reached her heels, she turned around. I worked on her feet, then up the front of her legs. When I got to her thighs, my face was only inches from her hairy little pussy. I stared at it, fascinated, as I thoroughly scrubbed her thighs.

When my hands got near the top of the inside of her thighs, she planted her feet farther apart, silently inviting me to explore her pussy. I was fascinated, and found my hands moving on their own up into that special place.

Elsie’s pussy hairs were stiff and bristly, but the skin underneath was very soft. As I watched, her outer lips seemed to swell and part for me, growing a rosy red color under the hair. I gasped in amazement, as her clit emerged and swelled until it was the size of a small pebble. Her inner lips also began to uncurl until they were flaring out like little flower petals. The tender skin inside her outer lips seemed more reddish than the delicate pink of my own.

I hadn’t realized that I’d stopped scrubbing until Elsie croaked, “Keep going … I want you to.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah … I’m sure. I’ll do you too, I promise.”

I had never fooled around with another girl before, and found myself giggling.

“What’s the matter?” Elsie asked, concerned that something was wrong with her and I was laughing at it.

“Nothing’s wrong, Elsie,” I said and wiped my eyes clear of the water spewing from the showerhead. “I was just thinking, I never got this far with a guy, and here I am with you, a girl. I never thought this would come first.”

“Oh,” she said, and I heard a kind of relief in her voice, and knew she was worried that I was going to stop what I had been doing. But I had been horny all night, and still was when I got to Elsie’s place. At that moment I was as horny as I’d ever been. I wasn’t about to stop. After all, Elsie’d said she’d do me next, hadn’t she?

Elsie began to gasp with pleasure as my slippery fingers slid over her mons, gently rubbing and massaging the soft skin. She grabbed for handholds, and placed one foot on the edge of the tub. Her head fell back and began to sway, as I continued to massage her sensitive clit and inner tissues the same way I did my own.

It was an arousing experience to be sure, but I discovered that I was enjoying the power I had over her at the moment, and derived a great deal of satisfaction from it.

I kept returning to her clit. I loved doing this to myself, and I could tell by the way her back arched, that she was enjoying it, too. Then with the other hand, I stuck my middle finger between the swollen inner labia and into her pussy. She yelped, and clamped down hard on my finger, trapping it, until all I could bursa merkez escort do was wiggle it against the sensitive walls. I was surprised at how strong her cunt muscles were.

Her hips began to thrust back and forth, and I let the fingers teasing her clit stay still as she rubbed against them at her own speed. Spasms inside her pussy continuously squeezed at my probing finger. And even though we were under the shower’s spray, I felt her juices begin to seep out, and as a consequence, I was then able to move my finger in an out in time with her thrusts.

I could feel more room inside of her than my little pussy had, so I tried to stick another finger inside. Sure enough, it popped in easily, and sent her to brand new heights of pleasure.

Elsie was no longer in range of the shower spray; most of it was now pouring against my shoulder blades, and cascading down my back and behind. I was able to see her juices collect in the palm of one hand, then held the hand out and watched the water wash a long, gooey strand of it away.

I kept fingering her and teasing that lovely clit of hers and suddenly, Elsie’s body stiffened, and she let out a loud wail. I felt her clit disappear into its sheath, and her cunt squeezed hard around my two fingers, and then relaxed. She grunted, and another huge spasm gripped her cunt. A second may have passed, and then she repeated the spasm, again and again and again. Then she lowered her leg from the top of the tub to the floor of the shower, and slowly sank down until she was in a sitting position. A couple more seconds elapsed before she did it again. All in all, I counted eight spasms in her orgasmic seizure.

Her juice was dripping down to the water in a continuous rain of sticky strands. My hands were coated with it, too, clear evidence of a job well done.

And when her orgasm finally subsided, Elsie crawled to me and asked me to help her to her feet, grabbed me in her arms and hugged me close. My knees slid to either side of one of hers, and my right knee banged against her hairy little crotch. My tiny tits crushed against hers, and as our nipples touched, I felt sparks of pleasure race straight down to my clitoris.

I gasped, and dropped the soap, caressing her back with my hands. Our heads rested on each other’s shoulders as we embraced, cooing and moaning at each other.

Without a word, Elsie stooped and picked up the soap and placed it in the soap holder. Then with a Mona Lisa like smile, she had me lean back and pulled my legs forward so that I was sinking downward until I was sitting on my bottom at the back of the tub with the cool water splashing down on my face and chest, stimulating my hard little nipples.

Elsie, kneeling at the front of the tub, spread my legs and lifted one over each shoulder. Then she bent forward and placed her face in my crotch. I began to tremble, realizing what she was about to do for me. When I felt the heat of her tongue on one of my sensitive outer cunt lips, I moaned happily. As she continued to lick and suck, my trembling increased, my legs became tense, and my toes curled. Instinctively, my tiny hands went to her wet, sticky hair, and held her head tightly against my sex.

This was sex. This was my first real, undeniable sex with another person. I was having sex with Elsie. I giggled as the irrational thought that I should have licked her there as well first popped into my head.

I giggled and squirmed underneath Elsie as her tongue laved my outer lips from bottom to top, alternating between the two. After a few minutes, I calmed down a little, and as her tongue moved up to my less-sensitive mons my trembling stopped, and my body slowly relaxed.

I recall groaning aloud when her teeth began pulling on my pubic hairs; and calling on the Lord Almighty when she scraped that tongue of hers along the inner lips of my pussy.

“Do that! Do that! Please … do that!” I screamed the moment her mouth discovered my clit and gave suck to it.

She did.

She did that … and more.

“Like it?” she playfully inquired.

“Love it! Is getting laid better?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she said teasingly.

“Oh, God!” I shuddered. “Don’t tell me that!”

Elsie giggled, and continued to take her time with me. She grabbed the upraised globes of my ass and held me still. I held onto her head for dear life, panting, gasping, and giggling with pleasure. Then, when I was little more than a tight little ball of sexual tension, she let her tongue dip down into the top of my sensitive furrow. I let loose with an ear-splitting squeal as the moment I had been anticipating finally arrived.

“I think … I’m…”

Her tongue had just made it down to the base of my clitoral sheath when I went off like a case of dynamite. My hips bucked hard, and her tongue was forced down across my lewdly distended clit and into the hungry entrance of my cunt. I gave an ungodly shriek when I felt that happen, and it seemed like my orgasm was having an orgasm. I’d never felt anything so intense in my life.

My thighs pinioned Elsie’s head against my crotch, my head came up, then jerked back, only to slam into the tiled wall of the shower. I saw nothing but stars, and whether they were caused by the orgasm, or the head slam I never figured out.

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