Della’s Delightful Derriere Ch. 02

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By Patty Parker with Karin & Karinna Parker


Part 2 in the Series: Lesbian Incest/Anal/Strapon/

A few days later…

Della finds herself in a familiar position, one she always feels a bit awkward in: on hands and knees, knees spread widely apart. As Andy climbs onto the bed behind her, that nagging little voice pipes up again, imploring her to STOP, CEASE, PUT AN END TO THIS IMMORAL UNGODLY, AND DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR THIS INSTANT!; her morals will have to take a backseat for now: Mommy needs to be FUCKED, FUCKED HARD in her ASS by her Daughter’s big thick black dildo!…

Her submissive side is most certainly ‘flying it’s FREAK FLAG’ now: Since their earliest encounter, Della finds her mind in a constant ‘loop’ of raw WANT; her mind has been re-wired from firmly heterosexual wife and Mother to Lesbian Anal Sex Slave to a very demanding Mistress…her own Daughter…

Andy doesn’t waste any time; she spreads her Mom’s well-padded buttocks wide, settles the big greasy bell-knob of her big penile substitute against her target, and pushes IN, hard and deep in a single thrust. Della’s eyes shoot open and she yelps with a mixture escort bursa of surprise, pain and pleasure as the over-sized latex rectal-plow bogarts its way past her defeated sphincter and into the deepest part of her inner ass. GAWD, it is so long and THICK, stretching her poor bunghole impossibly, DELICIOUSLY wide. The sensation is heavenly, and with every inch that Andy pushes into her, she craves even more…The Young Domme purposely takes her time, feeding her wanton slut of a Mother’s anal craving an increment at a time, bit by delicious bit…Della lowers her belly like a ‘true bottom’, and when the front of her darling offspring’s pelvis contacts her plush glutes, a hoarse croak escapes the besieged Mother’s trembling red lips:

“GAWD…it’s b-b-BIG”, she whimpers. “J-jj-just a few seconds Mistress…so that I can g-get used to it.”

Della realizes suddenly that she’s forgotten something, and hastily adds “Ma’am”.

This amuses Andrea, and benevolent Mistress that she is, she agrees to her Mother’s request.

“Sure, Slavey…one minute should be enough”

Times up! Andy begins slowly; her thrusts slow, steady, rhythmic…there is a ragged intake of breath as Della’s bursa merkez eskort itchy rectum is forced open to the limit in order to accommodate the fantastic girth and length of the in-boring bludgeon. Her mouth gapes open and her eyelids clamp shut. A tremor racks her feverish body. She emits a cry not unlike the bleating of a lamb when the fist-like head of Andy’s in-rushing rubber dong blazes a wicked path deep into her anal cavity. The bedsprings croak and rasp as they always do when Andy is ultra-horny, as she is now. Andy is panting in hard, shallow gusts, as she bangs into her mom with deep, exaggerated, ass-stretching strokes. Moans and sighs of sexual delight pour continuously from Della’s parted, quivering lips. The thickness of Andy’s pumping prong cause the inflamed petals of Della’s shop-worn anus to fold inward with each buggering in-stroke. On the out-stroke, the dark, striated, now-smooth pucker clings to the retreating shaft tightly, distending out obscenely from her body as if reluctant to lose the precious dingus for even a fraction of a second.

It seems that Della is caught in a whirlpool of uncontrollable and unrelenting INCESTUOUS bursa sınırsız escort LUST: INCESTUOUS ANAL LUST…

Her Darling Andy, for all of her rough, energetic, hip-grinding buggery, is a considerate lover; she reaches around to rub pleasurable little circles around her Mother’s clit with her thumb, using just enough pressure, and no more, on the sensitive nub. Della’s eyes have gone blurry with her desire. She feels impossibly, inextricably impaled…rough anal sex is becoming more and more a part of their bedroom games, and Della responds like a true submissive, just as she did with her dear departed husband…she gets a wicked charge from being ridden and ravished so forcefully. Andy is treating her like a common slut. She is ramming that huge dong of hers in and out of Della’s sore anal portal with complete disregard for her poor mother’s discomfort. The unusually brutal anal assault is turning Della on like CRAZY! After another dozen or so almost vicious thrusts into Della’s oily, thoroughly-loosened back-door, and Andy heaves into Della’s writhing, bucking body to the very hilt.

“WWWHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Della screams, throwing back her head as the full force of her orgasm washes over her like a surging tidal wave on a tropical sea. Both women shudder ecstatically, with Della sobbing brokenly while her daughter grunts and groans her way through her own blinding spend…Della is in a slight state of shock as the last of her orgasm ebbs away…


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