Denise’s Tale 1

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I know all about familiarity breeding contempt, so I make sure that nothing becomes too familiar between my husband and I. To keep things hot we explore different – some would say unusual – areas of sexuality including exhibitionism and, more recently, threesomes with other women. My husband usually joins in these threesomes, though sometimes he just watches, but either way Al really gets off on it. I’ll never forget the first time I went down on a woman – it was so hot! And Al got to see the whole thing. Being with other women has made me a better lover: it’s given me a guy’s perspective. When I strap on a dildo and penetrate a woman, I know how it feels to be a man.

I’m a good-looking girl, slim, blonde and tall. My name is Denise and I measure a neat 35-22-35. Both Al and I are in our early thirties and work out so we keep in good shape. In addition to our three-way sessions, I also occasionally have sex with other women without Al being involved, and I have a couple of regular partners who don’t know I’m anything other than a full-blooded lesbian, and who Al doesn’t even know about. They’re both girls who I meet when I’m away travelling on business; one in Miami, the other in London. Although I love having threesomes with Al and another woman, I confess that I really enjoy my secret sessions as well. I have, from time to time, had sex with other men, though I have pretty strict rules about doing this. Only when I’m away on business, only with men I haven’t met before and won’t meet again, and only if I’m travelling on my own. Within these rules, however, I have had some pretty wild sex with some terrific guys.

I’d like to share with you two recent experiences, one with Al; the other on my own.

Al and I often go out to bars and clubs to pick up girls for one-night stands, and a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to introduce a new variation. We went to a new nightclub which someone had recommended to Al where I danced with a young guy of about eighteen. The club was a mixture of disco and strip joint, and there were quite a number of hookers about. I was dressed in a very short, tight dress, with no bra underneath; long, black, hold-up stockings and a pair of incredibly high, “fuck-me” stiletto heels, so the guy naturally assumed I was a hooker when I asked him to dance. As Al watched from a table close by, I led the boy on, by pressing my leg into his groin, then by feeling his dick through his loose-cut trousers, pulling on it and getting him hard. This encouraged him to start squeezing my tits and soon he had my dress hiked up, exposing my stocking tops, tiny thong panties and bare asscheeks. Nobody minded – it was that kind of club! – though I was aware that people were watching us. He began to fondle my ass, using both hands and pulling me towards him. With Al nodding his encouragement, I guided his hand down the front of my panties. I was very wet, and his fingers slipped easily into my pussy. I ground my hips down on his fist as he finger-fucked me to orgasm. You should have seen his face when I thanked him and told him that I was going to sit down with my husband! I suggested to Al that we get a hooker to finish the evening off nicely, and he called over a really gorgeous young mulatta girl. If she was surprised at the fact that we were a couple, she didn’t show it, and sat between Al and myself. She rubbed Al through the crotch of his jeans, and asked him if we wanted company for the night. Al nodded, and she opened his zip. We weren’t gorukle escort at a particularly secluded or dark table, but the girl nevertheless brought Al’s cock right out of his jeans and began to stroke his foreskin back and forward. She smiled as it got bigger and bigger. Stroking his boner, she turned and asked me if I just wanted to watch or whether I would be joining in, and seemed genuinely pleased when I said I’d definitely be participating. She kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue seeking out mine, and her hands fondling my tits. Easing down my shoulder straps, she sucked on my nipples, which quickly got really stiff. I was extra turned on by seeing that quite a number of people were watching us. “Mmm, I’m going to enjoy this!” she said, as we agreed on 100 dollars for her to come home and have sex with both of us. What a night we had! She and I played around in the taxi on the way home, much to the enjoyment of the driver, who was watching as much as he could in the rear-view mirror. She undressed me completely in the taxi; slipping my shoulder straps down and easing my dress off over my hips; then we got into some pretty heavy petting while the driver watched. I could see he had his cock out of his trousers and was jerking himself off. At home, we both fucked the hooker in our bedroom, with me strapping on a dildo and joining Al to give her a sensational double penetration fuck. It was the first time we’d paid for sex and it really heightened the excitement for both of us. It gave us a real feeling of power; we were paying so we didn’t feel we had to ask if we could do certain things. We did things we’d never even talked about, never mind done before; things about which I certainly wasn’t even conscious of even having fantasised! After the double fuck, Al pulled out of her asshole before he’d come and ejaculated all over her face, something he’d never done with me or to any of the other women we’d fucked. It made me really excited to see the girl so degraded, though she certainly didn’t object, or turn her face away as gob after gob of cum spurted over her. I was amazed at how much jizz Al shot; it seemed he was never going to stop jetting it over her, and she was really covered in goo by the end! I got into the act by having her suck on my strap-on dildo, getting almost all of it down her throat and making her lick off her pussy juices. Then, and I really don’t know where I got the idea, I opened up her pussy with my fingers; first one, then two, then three, until finally my whole fist was inside her. It gave me an unbelievable sensation of power! She came so powerfully as a result of my fisting that she actually pissed herself.

Reflecting on this episode later, I realised that one of the things that had turned me on the most, something I hadn’t done before, was the public nature of what we’d done. The playing around in the nightclub in full view of everyone there, then getting completely naked in the taxi, and knowing that the driver was watching me have my tits sucked and pussy eaten by another woman. Showing off my body in public and having sex in front of a complete stranger had been a huge trip for me, and I knew I wanted to do both again. About a month after this, I went on a business trip to Manila and managed to squeeze in a weekend on a fantastic island called Boracay. The place I stayed was great, and my cabin was right on the beach. I wore a really revealing bikini the first morning, much more daring than eskort bursa any swimwear I’d ever worn before, at least on a public beach. It was a tiny thong which left my asscheeks completely exposed, and I felt great as I wandered along the sand to buy some cigarettes in the little village nearby. On my way back, I saw a place advertising henna tattoos, the ones that last about 10 days and then fade, so I went in and had a look at the selection. I chose a nice little black panther, which I thought was appropriately man-eating, and asked the assistant, who was a boy of about fifteen, to apply it for me. He asked where, and I turned round and said “Here, on my ass!” pointing to where I wanted it, on my right cheek. Back at my resort I found a spot on the sand, and soon noticed I’d got the attention of a good-looking young European guy who I’d spotted on the plane down. I upped the ante by taking my top off and teasing my nipples to erection, then wandering over to ask him for a light for my cigarette. We chatted, I joined him, he produced some hash and we shared a fat joint, and I made sure that my nipples stayed stiff by pulling on them every few minutes, which I could see was getting him turned on. Then I took the rest of my swimsuit off and went swimming stark naked. Normally I use what’s called a “Brazilian” trim on my pussy hair, which is just a thin line of fuzz, but for this beach weekend, because of the really tiny thong I’d brought to wear, I’d shaved my pussy completely. So I was showing off quite a lot when I took my bikini bottom off. I didn’t put my bikini back on after my dip, but stayed naked and let the guy enjoy looking at my body, taking great delight in flashing my shaved pussy at anybody who came past where we were sitting. The beach was quiet, but there were enough people around to give me a real kick about showing off. A man came along selling beer, and my new friend called him over and asked for two bottles of San Miguel. Whilst the man opened them (very slowly!) I opened up my pussy lips with one hand and slipped my middle finger inside, all the way to the last knuckle. “Jesus Christ!” exclaimed my friend, after the beer seller had dragged himself away, “You are really something else”. I continued to finger my slit and pull on my nipples as we carried on chatting, not bothering to stop even when people walked past; I was high both on hash and on sexual stimulation. Later, having discovered that the guy’s name was Louis, he was twenty-two years old and a management student in Manila, I asked him back to my cabin for a beer and we fucked alfresco on the sofa on my cabin’s veranda. I called room service for some more beers, and made sure that, when the attendant called to replenish the fridge, the door was unlocked and we were “caught” in mid-fuck! I was straddling Louis on the sofa, and didn’t let the room-boy’s presence stop me! Maybe he’d seen this kind of thing before, but he certainly was interested enough to watch us over his shoulder as he stocked up the fridge. I changed position and got into a “reverse cowgirl” facing away from Louis so that the room-boy had an even better view of me moving up and down on Louis’ boner. To complete the show, I got off his cock and finished him off with a blowjob, taking his cum in my mouth and then facing the room-boy and letting Louis’ jizz run out, down my chin and onto my tits. Afterwards, Louis told me he’d never been with a woman who liked showing off the way I did, and that karacabey escort it had been really special. That night we went to a bar, or rather a girlie bar, where we invented a game called strip pool. I’m sure you get the drift of how it worked! I lost, and once I was naked, my new boyfriend challenged me to one final game. He cleared the table quickly, and claimed his prize by pushing me down on the pool table and fucking me, with everybody in the bar watching us! He enjoyed showing off as much as I did, and for a moment, after he’d come inside me, I actually thought he was going to offer me to the other men in the bar for a gang-bang! I was quite disappointed when I realised he wasn’t going to do this, and joined the stripper who’d been gyrating on a little stage in the corner. To the applause of the audience, I began by sucking on her neat little tits and we ended up on the floor slurping on each other’s cunt in 69 position until we both came.

Louis and I spent the night together and the next morning we went back to the beach. I went naked again, and didn’t even take a bikini with me. Before too long we were joined by Jules, a friend of Louis’ from Manila, who had been delayed by a day. Jules said he was impressed to find his friend on the beach with a naked woman, and took off his shorts to reveal a brief thong underneath. He was very good-looking in a slightly effeminate way, almost pretty, though the bulge in his thong was anything but effeminate! The outline of his semi-erect cock was clearly visible through the thin, unlined material. He wandered down for a swim, and I saw that he had the most gorgeous ass I think I’ve ever seen on a girl or a boy. He had a fantastic all-over tan, I also noticed. While Jules was in the water, I told Louis that there was no way that I was going to miss having a threesome with them. He looked at me with a sly smile, and said that yes, that would be cool. Jules came out of the sea and lay down on the sand. I went to lie next to him, French-kissing him and sucking on his nipples. I pulled his thong off and threw it down on the sand. Although he had quite a lot of thick blonde hair on his chest (probably bleached, there was too much of it to be naturally blonde) he had shaved his pubic hair, leaving just a small tuft immediately above his dick. His heavy balls were clean-shaven, and his cock was quite long; I stroked it to full erection, working his foreskin back and forward, fondling his balls and easing a finger into his asshole. We were lying just in front of my cabin, so I suggested we all go up to the sofa on the veranda, and while Louis rolled a joint and got some beers, I started to give Jules a blowjob. Louis joined us, kneeling behind me and taking me doggy style. Then I got a real surprise! Louis began to kiss me and, before I knew it, he had his friend’s cock in his mouth! Wow! And from the way he was going down, I could see that he’d given head before! We shared Jules’ prick until he was nearly ready to come, then Jules moved behind Louis and fucked him in the ass whilst Louis fucked me! It was fantastic! We spent the whole day having some of the most debauched sex I had ever experienced, including a quite incredible double penetration; my first with two men, though I’d been double-fucked by Al and a girl wearing a strap-on dildo, a couple of times before. Later, Jules asked me to give him a golden shower. I drank two bottles of beer in quick succession, smoked a joint while waiting for the beer to work through me, and then we went into the bathroom. Jules lay on the floor, stroking his boner, and I squatted above him and pissed all over him; on his chest, over his face and, finally, right into his open mouth.

I’ll send you more stories soon.

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