Denny?s Breakfast Treat – 3

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“Oh damn, I’m cummminng. Fill me with your seed. Cum with me NNNOOOWWWW!” Her body shuddered and her pussy clamped down on my shaft as she pushed down for the last time. I shot gobs of cum deep into her womb. This was the best sex I had experience with her since we had met. Her pussy milked the last drops from my shaft and Mercedes collapse on my chest. “Thank you lover, I feel so warm inside now.” I started to roll her to one side. “Don’t, leave it in and let me sleep this way for a while. If feels good as I pulses inside me.” She rocked on my shaft some more and the motion made me hard again.

“Do you want more?”

“No I just want to lay here and enjoy the full feeling you give me.” Two minutes later she was breathing softly and sound asleep.

Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 3

I woke up 5 hours later at 1 in the afternoon. Mercedes was still asleep laying half on me. Rose was on the other side of her on her back with the covers half off. I laid there taking in the view. Thinking how many times I had seen something like this in a movie and wished it was me. I carefully slipped from under Mercedes. All she did was moan a little and turn facing Rose. She never opened an eye. I stepped around the bed to where Rose was laying and looked at her. Her legs were spread letting her outer lips peek out of her slit like flower petals. Her 34B breasts were smaller than Mercedes but looked wonderful on her.

I couldn’t resist, I bent down and kissed each of the dime sized nipples. She took a deep breath but did not wake up. I moved down to her mound and slid a finger thru her slit and brought it to my lips. She had a sweet musky taste. I moved between her legs, kissed her lips and sucked on them. She moaned and raised her hips to my mouth. I slid my tongue thru her slit one more time then got up and left these to beauties to their slumbers.

I went out to the pool. It was hot out and the water was really refreshing. After doing a few laps and just floating on my back for a while I got out and laid back in one of the loungers. I was daydreaming about all of the great sex I was having, and would have with, Mercedes and Rose. I had let my hand drift to my dick and was stroking it absent mindedly.

“Need some help with that?” I opened my eyes and there was Mercedes standing at the foot of the lounger rubbing her mound. I took my hand away and she sat down between my legs. “Let me return last night’s favor.” She put her hand on my dick and started stroking slowly. She was wiping pre-cum over it, making it slick as she rotated her hand and stoked. She used her other hand to cup and caress my ball sack. She seemed to sense when I was close and would slow or stop stroking. She looked at me smiling. “Do you want me to make you cum?” When I nodded my head she took her hands away and leaned down. She blew on my dick, making it jump. She put her lips on the head and stabbed her tongue at the pee hole as she sucked on it.

I watched her luscious lips stretch over the head of my dick as she eased her mouth half way down. She pulled back up releasing me with a pop. She smiled and slid halfway down and back up with another pop and a smile.

“Are you having fun down there?” She didn’t answer she just kept going halfway down and coming back up doing her pop and smile. After a minute or so she pulled up and just sat there looking at me.

“After a long pause she said do you want more? You have to say pretty please.” Right now if she said ‘Get on your knees and beg” I would have, to get her sweet mouth back on my dick.

“Would you continue your fabulous oral ministrations on my sexual appendage, pretty please?” She giggled at me.

“Sir, it would be my pleasure.” She giggled again just before her lips slid over the head and down my dick until it hit the back of her mouth. Once again she was pushing down and coming back up with a pop and smiling only this time she was hitting the back of her mouth with several inches to go. After a minute or two of my dick banging against the back of her mouth she pulled me out of her. “There are two inches left. I know what you want and I should make you beg, but I won’t, because I don’t want you to ever have to beg me.” with that she kissed the head and slit down until the tip was once again against the back of her mouth. I felt her throat open and pulse around the tip of my dick. Instead of pushing all the way down, she moved maybe ½ inch at a time. Her throat pulsing and contracting as she moved so slowly was sending shocks all the way back to my balls. When she was all the way down I could feel the breath from her nose on my pubes. Her throat was pulling and clenching as it tried to pull me deeper.

She pulled up and repeated what she had just done. Just before she hit bottom the fourth time a shock went up my shaft and I grabbed her hair pulling her mouth tight to my crotch. Cum boiled out of the end of my dick into her throat and stomach. I was so tense that when I stopped squirting cum down her throat I was finding it difficult to relax and let her up. She never struggled, rising only when I let go. She licked her lips and then licked up a drop of cum that appeared on the tip of my shaft. “Well lover did you enjoy yourself?”

“I don’t know where or how you learned to do that, but that is without a doubt the best most unique blow job I have ever experienced.”

“I guess that means you like it. You are the first. I practiced with a dildo but yours is the first real cock. Maybe the only cock that I will ever do that for.” I pulled her up next to me and held her tight in the warm afternoon sun.

“I’ve been wondering what I’ve done to deserve you. I haven’t figured it out yet. We have the next two days and night together. What would you like to do.?” She put and arm and leg across me as she snuggled close.

“I’m good right now. Let’s just enjoy the day and do something later.” Having her next to me felt right, we laid there for the next hour dozing in the sun until rose came out. She was wearing her required attire for home. She was nude. All she had on was a pair of 4” heels. This was the first time I had seen her nude in the bright sun. Her slender, but toned body, with her 34C breasts and long flowing blonde hair made a beautiful vision. Even better, in exchange for my promise to take care of her and living in my house, with Mercedes and me, she had given control of her body and life to me. She had promised to be my cum slut.

“Have you and Mercedes thought about lunch yet, master?”

“No, but there is something I want you to do for me. Take off your shoes and get on your knees at the edge of the pool facing the water. Spread your knees apart and lean back holding your ankles.”

“Like this master?”

“Perfect. Now arch your back and lay your head back. Stay like that and enjoy the sun. I will be over in a little bit.” I asked Mercedes to go get the remote for the vibrating egg that rose still had in her from last night. When she came back I took the remote, put it on level four and gave Rose a two second test. She jumped so hard she almost fell in the pool. That was a good level. I gave it back to Mercedes and reminded her that there was another one for her if she abused Roses.

I went over to Rose. “Open your mouth wide.” I turned around and backed up until I was straddling her face and my balls were on her mouth. “Now suck my balls.” I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up filling her mouth with my sack and pressing her nose to the base of my dick. At the same time Mercedes hit the power button on the vibe. Rose’s body jerked and she tried to yell but with her mouth tight to my crotch and full of my meat marbles all that came out was ‘MMMMMMFFFFFFFFTTTTT’. I looked down at her wide eyes staring up around my dick. When they started darting around frantically I lowered her head, letting her take a deep breath before pulling her back against my crotch. Her tongue was swirling around my balls as she sucked on my sack. Each time I let her breath Mercedes would turn on the vibe as I pulled her back to my crotch.

After 5 minutes of having my balls sucked and licked I released her hair and lowered her head. She was taking deep breaths as I stepped away and turned around. With my left hand under her neck I used my right hand to put the head of my sick in her mouth. “Suck.” Her lips closed around my dick and she sucked it like a straw as she ran her tongue around it. I pushed a couple more inches into her mouth and paused to let her tongue rub over the top of my shaft. I pulled back until only the head that was in her mouth. As I stroked into her mouth I added an inch every 10 or so strokes. When I did I would pause to let her adjust to the extra meat in her. When Mercedes saw me pause deeper in Rose’s throat she would turn the vibe on for a few seconds. Rose would shake and shudder. Her attempt to yell came out as gurgles with my shaft buried in her throat. The vibrations from the yell were having an effect on me. I was ready to blow.

I pulled my dick from her and pointed it at her mouth. “Open wide and don’t swallow.” I stroked my shaft until I had pumped the last of my seed into her mouth. I looked down at the puddle of her juices under her then stumbled away on rubbery legs. I lay down next to Mercedes and took the remote from her. I put it on level one. “Rose, stand up, walk over next to Mercedes and kneel.” As soon as she was on her feet I turned the vibe on and left it. She shook and walked like she was not in control of her legs. When she kneeled she was shaking like she was freezing even though it was 90 degrees out. “Show Mercedes the present I gave you.”

As Rose leaned shakily towards Mercedes I turned the power to five. “OH MY GOD” she yelled spraying Mercedes breasts and stomach with the cum she was holding in her mouth. She collapsed to the deck with one hand holding her stomach and the other in her crotch. “OH PLEASE, TURN IT OFF. PLEASE, PLEASE.” I hit the power button and turned it off. She remained on the floor trembling. When she got up she looked at Mercedes. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” Mercedes burst out laughing.

“I thought it was so funny. You should he seen the look on your face.” She got up took Roses hand and started for the pool. Rose looked at me and when I nodded she mouthed ‘Thank you.” I watched them splash around in the pool until they stopped and put their arms around on another. They smiled and Rose crooked her finger for me to join them. When I got in the water with them, they wrapped their arms around me and hugged me tight.

Mercedes said “Rose cares for you as much as I do. You know that either of us would do anything you ask so I want to ask a favor. Please release Rose from being your slave.” When I looked at Rose she had her head down. I raised her chin so she was looking at me.

“Is this what you want?”

“I just want to make you happy, master.”

“Do you think you can do that without me telling you to? That was the condition of you moving here”

“Yes master.”

“Then you are free to make your own decisions. I will no longer tell you what to do or what you can or cannot wear. When we get out of the pool you can remove the vibe. ” Rose jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs tight around me, kissing me as she spoke.

“Thank you…… Thank you…… Thank you……Now when I do stuff for you, you will know it’s because I care, not because you ordered me too” as we got out of the pool, Rose stopped in front of me and in what used to be ‘The Position’ bent over at the waist, grabbed he ankles and asked if I was ready for seconds.

“How about we go somewhere for lunch and pick up some groceries on the way home so we can cook out tomorrow? We can figure out what we want to do tonight when we get home.” They agreed and we went in to get dressed. I was unceremoniously run out of the bedroom as soon as I had my clothes together. When they came out half an hour later, they were wearing red and black cowgirl boots, really low rise jeans and read tank tops with a deep plunging neck line and no bras. Their hair and makeup was perfect. They looked like two country girls headed on a date. “Who’s the lucky guy? I hope he knows what he’s getting into.”

Mercedes said “If he doesn’t already he will tonight. We’re going to make him feed us, take to the movies and then take him home and let him breed us.” They thought that was cute and started laughing.

“Where I he supposed to be taking you to eat?”

Rose said “We want Bar-B-Que in Lockhart.”

“All the places you could go and you want Bar-B-Que?”

“We want him to know we like simple things.” We headed for Roses vehicle and Mercedes said she would drive. Rose wanted me to sit in back with her. I sat with one leg stretched out on the seat so she could sit between my legs and lean back against my chest. She wrapped my arms around her and held my hands on her breasts.

“Since we can’t all ride up front, we decided this was the way we want to ride, if you like it of course.”

“Why wouldn’t I like being chauffeured by a pretty woman while another one snuggles up to me and holds me like this, but what about Mercedes?”

“We’re going to switch each time we go somewhere, unless you say different. Be warned, we plan on doing a lot of teasing before we get back home. We want tonight to be memorable for all of us.” She raised her tank top and put my hands on her bare breasts. “15 minutes to Lockhart. Let’s make the best of it.” As I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples, she unbuttoned her jeans. She slid one hand inside and rubbed her mound. She ran fingers thru her slit and soon was squeezing and rubbing her clit. I was pinching and pulling on her nipples when she leaned her head back on my shoulder and moaned softly. To Mercedes she said “Oh sweetie you’re going to love this. It has to be one of our best plans.”

“Well you might want to start getting decent, well be there in a couple of minutes.” Rose took one of my hands and slid it into her pants and pushed two of my fingers into her wet hole. She squeezed her thighs together and gave a little shiver. She pulled my fingers from her and put them to my lips. They smelled and tasted like strawberry nectar. She turned so she could kiss me then sat up, pulled her top down and fastened her jeans as Mercedes pulled into an empty parking space. Rose and I got out of the back seat and Mercedes came around to us.

“Oh Miss Rose, look at your nipples poking out of you top. If you hold on to him everyone will know he excites you.” Rose took my hand she had held in her pants and held it up for Mercedes. She took a deep whiff and then snaked her tongue around them. Mercedes looked at me and grinned.

“You’ve gaziantep escort kızlar already had dessert?”

“Just a taste.”

“I’ll just have to see about giving you another choice later.” We went in and filled plates with potato salad, Beans, cornbread and everything else that goes with Texas Bar-b-que. We ordered a couple pounds each of brisket, sausage and ribs. They put it on paper on a tray and we went and found a booth. While I got drinks they spread the food out on the table. When I came back I sat with Mercedes on my right on the inside and Rose across from me. I was hoping for a simple meal but that soon went out the window. I looked at Rose. She had a piece of sausage she had poured sauce over in her fingers. She put it in her mouth, pursed her red lips around it and sucked on it as she pulled it from her mouth with a small pop. She looked me in the eyes with the wicked grin I had come to know.

“Ahhh, that’s all a girl needs, a good piece of meat with a great sauce.” Mercedes laughed as she took a bite from a rib.

“Yep, good meat, good sauce, great night.” As she ate ribs and Rose worked on her sausage, she put her left hand on my thigh under the table and squeezed my shaft each time rose pulled that sausage from her mouth. Each time she squeezed I jumped a little and Rose would put her lips together in a kiss. “Are you a little jealous of that sausage, dear? Your turn will come and so will you.” These two minxes were serious about their teasing. I was just hoping to get out of here without blowing a load in my pants. They finally let up a little so they could eat but still couldn’t resist a little tease every now and then. Rose would wipe a little sauce from the corner of her mouth, put the finger in her mouth and suck on it. Mercedes would reach down and give a little squeeze once in a while to make sure I stayed hard. When we had eaten enough we wrapped the rest and headed for the Expedition. Rose grabbed the keys and headed for the driver’s door.

I got in the back set with Mercedes and before Rose backed out of the space Mercedes had pulled her top off, wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands on her bare breasts. It was her turn to tell Rose “Your right, this is good. It’s real good with no top. Where are we going now?”

“We’re heading by the house to drop off the bar-b-que, change and then Bills taking us to the movies.”

“Oh good, I have an idea.” Mercedes kicked off her boots, sat up and slid off her jeans. Now I have a head start.” She turned and unzipped my pants so she could pull out my shaft. She turned back around and leaned back against me, pulling my arms around her. I started playing with her breasts as she reached behind her and placed one hand on my shaft. She put her other hand on her mound and was rubbing her clit. When I said I was getting close she said “Oh no baby, you can’t do that until after the movie.” Then she sat up put my dick back in my pants and zipped them up. “We want you to have a really big load ready for us to share tonight.”

Mercedes leaned back against me again and went back to rubbing her clit and slit. I was pinching and pulling on her nipples. When her body went stiff, she laid her head back on my shoulder and moaned “Oh my stars.” She closed her eyes and went limp. She opened her eyes again just before we got back to the house. I had been holding her naked, unconscious body for at least five minutes. She took my hand and placed it on her mound pushing my fingers into her slit. “Remember, I promised you another dessert choice.” She rubbed my fingers in her wet slit several more times then moved them to my lips. Cherries, she tasted like cherries.

“You taste like cherries. Where do you two come up with these tastes?”

“Probably the same sex shop where you get your warming lube. Do you like it?”

“MMMMmm good. Do I get two desserts tonight? You know dessert comes right after dinner.”

“As soon as we get inside Rose and I will get your desserts ready.” Rose pulled into the driveway and she and Mercedes jumped out. “Wait 5 minutes and then come in.” Mercedes grabbed her jeans, top and boots then ran naked into the house. I sure liked watching her naked ass wiggle across the yard. I waited 5 minutes and went inside. “We’re in the dining room.” I stepped in and there they were. Both were naked, lying side by side on their backs on the dining room table with their legs pulled back behind their arms. They had put a line of whipped cream from their little puckered butt holes to their clits and placed a cherry over the clit. They were both grinning. This time Rose spoke.

“Here are the two desserts you asked for. If your good and finish both of them when we get home from the movie we’ll give you something better. Now sit down and eat your dessert.” I pulled up a chair and sat down looking at two delicious looking pussies. Where to start? I slipped two fingers of my left hand up thru Rose’s whipped cream covered slit until I could slip them whipped cream and all into her tight hole. She used her fingers to spread her outer lips to let me push deeper. “Mmmmmm that feels so good.”

I did the same thing to Mercedes, except that as I slid my fingers into her I put my mouth over the cherry and whipped cream. I sucked her clit between my lips and nibbled on it. I pulled my mouth off if as I sucked hard on the hard nub. It came free of my lips with a pop. Mercedes jumped like she had received an electric shock. “Don’t stop now. Suck my clit more.” I put my mouth back on her mound and this time as I sucked her clit she took my head in her hands and pulled me so tight to her that I could barely breathe. I stroked my fingers in her hole as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. She jerked her hips against my face as her body shuddered. Cherry flavored cum gushed from her hole. She relaxed and released her grip on my head. “Wow, that was so intense. Now I want to see you finish your 2nd one.”

“Just a minute girly, I’m not finished with you yet.” I put my tongue on her asshole and licked all the way to her clit, sucking up all of the remaining whipped cream. I could feel shivers going thru her as I did. By the time I got all of the cream and cum licked off her whole body was shaking.

“OH my gosh, I’ve never been made to tingle all over like that. I hope you plan on doing it again?”

“Guess that will depend on how often I get these desserts.” She lowered her legs and sat up on the edge of the table as I moved to Rose. I gave Rose the same treatment except that now I had both hands. When Rose’s orgasm started and she pulled my face into her slit. I pushed two fingers coated with the whipped cream into her puckered asshole. Her strawberry flavored cum squirted onto me as her ass clamped my fingers like a vise. She was shaking like she was having a seizure.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, finger my ass and suck my clit. It’s sending shocks all thru me. Don’t stop please don’t stop.” I stabbed my fingers in her ass and pussy as I continued biting on her clit. Her body stiffened and she cried out. “Don’t stop, I’m cumming.” When she relaxed I kissed her clit and rose up. When I pulled my fingers from her ass I rubbed them thru her slit collecting some of the whipped cream mixed with her cum. Mercedes grabbed my hand asking if she could have it. When I said yes, she put the fingers to her mouth and sucked on them, using her tongue to clean them completely.

“Rose tastes so good. Can I finish this dessert, Bill? Please?” I pulled my fingers from Rose’s pussy and told Mercedes to be my guest. She nudged me aside and started licking Rose from her ass to her clit. While she did that I held up the fingers I had just taken out of Rose’s pussy.

I asked Rose “Do you want a taste to?” when she nodded yes I put them to her mouth. She grabbed them with her hands and stroked them between her lips like a small cock as she sucked her juices and the whipped cream from them. When she finished and Mercedes had licked every drop from on and in her pussy she sat up on the edge of the table.

“I feel so weak. It takes a lot out of you having all that dessert.” Mercedes helped her stand on her rubbery legs. After a moment Rose said to me “You have whipped cream on your face. Let us take care of it for you.” They started kissing and licking my face, a lot more than was needed I’m sure. When they finished playing they told me to wait here and they headed for the bedroom. When they came back out in 30 minutes their hair was in ponytails, they were wearing sundresses that buttoned up the front and 3 inch heels. To anyone that didn’t know them like I did they were two nice, innocent young women. “We’re ready to go to the movies now.” Well let’s find out what they were up to next.

I got the keys from Rose. I thought I would be better off driving than sitting in the back. They wanted to see some chick flick and told me what theater to go to. A couple of miles down the road I heard Rose moan in the back seat. I looked in the mirror and saw Rose with her dress open to the waist. She was rubbing one breast and fingering herself with the other hand. She smiled at me and said “You should be back here with me. It would be a lot more fun.” Motion in the front passenger seat caught me I and when I looked down Mercedes had her dress pulled up above her waist. With one hand she was pinching her clit and the other one was fingering her pussy. Now it was Mercedes turn to smile.

“If you were over here with me you could have a taste of my sweet cherry pussy.” Looks like the tease was back on, at least I was just looking and not having my dick squeeze or stroked. I could make it thru this. As I pulled into the theater lot they buttoned their dresses back up. They sat and waited for me to open each of their doors before they got out.

Rose turned sideways on her seat and put her arms out for me to help her. As I helped her down she pulled me into a kiss and pushed her tongue into my mouth. She tasted sweet, like strawberry’s and honey. When she released me and saw the grin on my face she said “Do I taste as good as you like?”

“Much better.”

When I opened the door for Mercedes and reached to help her out she took my hand and slid it up between her legs to her mound. She rubbed it thru the moisture on her lips then moved it up to my lips. There was that sweet cherry taste again. “I know you like it. We know you enjoyed desert also. We won’t make the movie to hard on you because we have a very special night planned when we get home.” she got out and with her on one arm and Rose on the other we headed for the theater. I bought tickets and we inside. The theater for the movie they wanted to watch didn’t have that many people in it but they wanted to sit in the back row.

They sat on either side of me with their feet pulled up under them. The arm rests moved up out of the way so they were sitting against me with my arms around their shoulders. They were very good until the lights went down. When the room was dark they both unbuttoned their dresses enough to place my hand on a breast and hold it there with one hand. So far so good but I just knew they there would be more. 15 minutes into the movie Mercedes put her other hand on my thigh and slid it up until it was resting on my shaft. She squeezed and rubbed until it was rigid. She held it against my thigh and continued to rub it very slowly, just keeping it hard. Half way thru the movie I realized that Rose had the middle of her dress unbuttoned with her hand inside rubbing herself. She saw me looking, smiled then took her hand out and wiped her fingers across my lips.

“I can’t wait until we get home. I’m wet just holding you and thinking about it.” She put her hand back inside her dress and started fingering herself again. I told Mercedes she had to stop or there was going to be a big wet spot in my pants. She patted my shaft and put her hand on my leg.

“We’ll finish that when we get home, lover.” The rest of the movie was pretty quiet, if you call two hands full of breasts and watching one of the women finger herself to orgasm quiet. I hand to let go of Rose’s breast and put it over her mouth because she was about to get noisy as her orgasm hit her. When the credits started they did enough buttons to get us out of the building but when we got to the SUV and I opened their doors they both took off their dresses and got in naked. “As soon as I got in they both said ’Take us home, so we can get you naked.’ I drove as fast as I could and not get a ticket, the whole time with Mercedes in the mirror and Rose in the passenger seat, rubbing their breasts and pussy’s while urging me to hurry.

As soon as I stopped in the driveway Rose grabbed the keys, told me to wait 5 minutes again and then come in. when I walked thru the front door Mercedes and Rose were in ‘The Position’. When they had first moved in with me I had told Rose she was to assume ‘The Position’ whenever I told her to. ‘The Position’ was bent at the waist holding her ankles while wearing 4” heels. Now I had both women in front of me in that position.

Mercedes said “Take off your clothes and then you have 5 minutes to have more dessert. After that we will give you your special treat.” I didn’t need to be told twice. In 30 seconds I was naked and on my knees behind Mercedes eating her pussy. After several minutes I moved to Rose. They both were wet and slick. I stood up then helped them up. Rose went to the kitchen and came back with something behind her back. They went towards the bedroom Mercedes said “Don’t come in until we call you.” There I stood in the middle of the living room with a hard dick waiting to be summoned. I sure hope this was worth it.

One of them hollered for me to come in. when I opened the door Rose was laying on her back with her head at the edge of the bed and Mercedes was on her hands and knees in a 69 position over her. Mercedes Rose up and looked at me. “Do you think you can put your beautiful dick in our six holes tonight? Don’t make us wait too long. Oh, Rose has a request.” Then she put her face back into Rose’s crotch.

Rose stopped sucking and licking Mercedes long enough to say “There is bottle of chocolate syrup on the night stand. We have been having a craving for a chocolate covered dick, would you help?” I collected the chocolate from the table and moved to stand with my dick pointed at Mercedes pussy with my balls on Rose’s mouth. I pushed into Mercedes hole and she moaned into Rose’s pussy. I dribbled the chocolate on her asshole, letting it run down coating my dick as I pulled it out. I put the head of my chocolate and cum covered dick on Rose’s lips. She opened her mouth snaking her tongue over the tip. She put her hands on my hips pulling me forward and taking my shaft into her mouth sucking the chocolate off as she went. She licked and swallowed until all 8” were buried in her throat with her nose buried in my ball sack.

She pushed me back slowly until the head popped out of her lips. “That was so different and delicious. Do it one more time.” This time I put the tip at Mercedes chocolate covered asshole and entered her not stopping until my balls were pressed against her slit. Mercedes was pushing back against me as I held my dick deep in her bowels.

She looked back over her shoulder “Oh damn, I have been waiting all day for you to fuck me. Now stop wasting time and fuck my ass.” I started making hard full strokes in her ass as Rose licked her clit and my dick as it slid in and out. As I pounded hard into her she shuddered, arched her back and her ass clamped my shaft so tight I could not move. “god I love your cock in my ass.” When she relaxed and I could slide my dick out I put the chocolate on the head again, then put it on Rose’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmi I love the taste of your chocolate cock.” Without a pause she licked the head clean and pulled me down her throat. Within her hands still on my hips she stroked me and out of her throat until she felt me tense and start to cum. She pulled me deep and held me there as I shot what felt like a gallon of my seed down her throat. When she had milked the last drop out of me, she pushed me back taking my dick from her throat. She put one hand on the deflating shaft and stroked as she kissed the head. As it once again grew hard she said “Remember your only half way there.” I looked up to see Mercedes looking over her shoulder at me.

“Do I get s taste of that chocolate dick now?” I took the chocolate and moved to the other side of the bed. Mercedes had a pillow under Rose and had pulled her legs back behind her arms. Rose’s slit was spread open and wet from Mercedes sucking and licking. Supporting herself on her elbows, Mercedes took the chocolate from me and guided my dick to the entrance to Rose’s pussy. I pushed in hard and fast as Rose groaned. I was fucking Rose when Mercedes stopped me when I had just the head in. “Stop for a minute, I want a taste.” She dribbled chocolate on the top of my shaft and Rose’s pussy. Her tongue snaked over my shaft and Rose’s clit cleaning up all of the cum and chocolate mixed on them. She took my shaft from Rose’s hole, poured chocolate down her slit and used a finger to put some into her puckered asshole. She placed the head of my dick at Rose’s pucker and pulled me to her until the head was being clenched by her sphincter. She put more on my shaft and licked it as I slid into Rose’s ass. When I was all the way deep inside Mercedes held me to them as she sucked chocolate off of Rose’s clit.

When I started fucking Rose’s ass it wasn’t long before she started shaking and squirting her juices. Mercedes was doing her best to suck up all of her girl cum but some was flowing down her slit and coating my dick as it pumped in and out of her ass. I pulled out of her and let my dick rest on her mound in front of Mercedes face. She squirted it with chocolate. Put it to her lips and pulled me to her, slowly engulfing me in her mouth and throat. Her throat felt like it was trying to pull me deeper with each stroke. Soon I had my hands wrapped in her dark hair and was pumping her throat like it was a hot, tight pussy. My cum boiled up and blasted out of my dick. I pulled back shooting into her mouth and watching some leak from her mouth as she tried but failed to swallow it all.

“UUmmm, thank you. When you cum down my throat I don’t get to taste it. It tasted good in my mouth and was so creamy mixed with the chocolate.” I fell over and lay on my side watching as they finished tonguing each other. When they were done they crawled up and lay hugging me.

“Thank you ladies, this was a special evening. This whole day has been special. What say we take a shower then crawl into bed and sleep in, in the morning?”

“That sounds good, let’s go.” Thirty minutes later we were cleaned up and under the covers sleeping peacefully as we snuggled together.

When I woke up Sunday morning it was almost 11am and I was alone in the bed. I got up and wandered thru the house looking for Mercedes and Rose. I heard their voices on the deck and went out to join them. Rose was lying on a towel on the deck while Mercedes was doing laps. Rose saw me and smiled. Do you have room for one more down there?” before she could reply I threw a towel down beside her and lay down. She rolled onto her side facing me then leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. “How are you doing this morning, sleepy head?”

“Pretty good, but if you had been next to me when I woke up, we would be feeling a lot better.”

“Is that an invitation?”

Nope that chance has passed.” She put a fake pout on her face.

“Are you sure? We could catch up right here.”

“Sorry, now I just want to lay in the sun for a little bit.”

“We’ll see about that” as she rolled over away from me. Mercedes got out of the pool shortly after that, came over to where I was and laid on top of me still soaking wet.

“Did you miss me this morning?”

“I sure did. Why didn’t you get me up?”

“I thought you needed your sleep?”

“What I needed was your body on top of me.”

“How about right now? I would love to have you inside me.” She sat up straddling me, taking my shaft in both hands. She stroked it until it was rock hard and then slid the head thru her slit making it wet and slick. She put it to the entrance of her pussy and eased down. When she was all the way down she lay back down and held me. “I know I have said this before but I really care you and the way your cock makes me feel when it is buried in me. I want to be with you for a long time.” She gave me a deep, lingering kiss and as she did, she started moving up and down on my shaft. She felt like a hot, tight, silken sleeve gripping my shaft. This was slow loving sex, not the frantic, do everything possible sex we usually had.

I had my hands on her hips helping her slip up and down on me. She used one hand to hold one breast placing the nipple where I could run my tongue around it and suck it between my lips. She looked in my eyes with passion, not the hot lust we usually shared. She was in love. I didn’t know what I felt. I know the feeling of her hot flesh wrapped around me was something I wanted to last. As her muscles contracted and massaged my shaft I sensed the pending eruption of my seed. For some reason, I don’t know why, I had to fill her womb with my sperm. Suddenly I felt it shooting and I thrust my hips up to meet her sliding down. I held her with my dick deep inside shooting my seed into her womb. She arched tensed her body and threw her head back.

Oh god, I can feel your hot seed inside me deeper than it has ever been. Fill me with your cock and baby makers.” When my dick stopped twitching and her sleeve finished milking me she lay down on my chest and closed her eyes. We lay like that in the warm midday sun for about half an hour before she opened her eyes again. “I was afraid that if I opened my eyes I would find out this was a dream. But now laying here with my eyes wide open and your cock buried deep in my pussy, I just want this to last forever.”

Rose sat up next to us. “Do you realize that other than last night’s chocolate dessert we have not eaten since lunch yesterday?” my stomach decided at that moment to rumble loud enough to be heard. “Sounds like I’m not the only one that’s hungry.”Mercedes rolled off of me and we both sat up with Rose.

I told them “we can find something to cook or we can go out. What’s it going to be?”

Mercedes said “Why don’t we order a couple of pizzas and watch a movie?” Rose agreed, so we went inside to order and pick a movie on pay per view. Rose called in the order and they said 30 minutes. I got the money to pay with and we went to the family room. We were sitting on the couch with me in the middle watching our movie and they kept rubbing my thigh and dick distracting me.

“Do you two think we will ever do something without sex involved?” before they could answer there was a knock on the front door. Rose jumped up and headed out to answer the door.

“Hey are you going to put something on?”

“Nope, it’s his special tip.” We heard the door open and then some laughing. The door closed and Rose came back with the pizzas.

“Did he like his tip?”

“It was a girl. She said I was the third naked woman this month. When we stopped laughing she said just once she wanted a good looking naked guy to open the door.”

“You should have invited her in.”

“You mean it?”

“Sure, why not?”

Rose went back towards the living room and came back with a cute brunette in tow. “This is Cathy, that’s Mercedes with Bill and I’m Rose.” She was about 5’6”, her breasts looked to be the same size as Rose, 34C. Her slender body looked athletic. She was wearing shorts, a polo shirt with the company logo and a ball cap topped her pony tailed hair. Her eyes were glued to Mercedes slowly stroking my 8” shaft with its purple head. “There’s your good looking naked man, what do you think?” she was still locked on Mercedes hand on my dick and hadn’t said a word.

Mercedes broke the silence, “Beautiful isn’t it. Do you want to touch it?” Cathy just nodded. “You have to say something.”

“Can I?”

“Come over here and you can sit on the floor between his legs.” Cathy moved like she was in a trance. Instead of sitting down she got on her knees.

“I look’s so big. It’s definitely the biggest I’ve seen.” Mercedes asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She smiled and said “If I go back and tell my girl friends I had a chance to hold this, and didn’t, I’ll never hear the end of it. She reached out hesitantly and wrapped her had around my shaft above Mercedes and gave it a gentle squeeze. Having this pretty brunette holding my shaft almost caused me to shoot a load. I did moan and she looked up at me.

“It doesn’t seem quite right that you are holding my dick with all your clothes on and we’re naked. While she looked at me and held my shaft with one had she took off the hat and tried to pull up her shirt with no success.

She asked me “Would you like to help?” I reached down, grabbed the bottom of the shirt slowly pulling it up over her head. She pulled on arm out and after she switched hands slid the shirt off of her other arm. She was wearing a blue lace half bra that exposed her pink areola with their aroused nipples. I realized how long I had been looking at them when she said “Are you going to take off my bra or just stare.” Her bra fastened in the front and when I released it those two round orbs did not move. They stood out firm and proud. She looked back down to my shaft and started slowly stroking the length of it. When she got to the head she would rub her thumb around it spreading my pre-cum for lubrication.

I had my head back against the couch with my eyes closed enjoying her soft hands stroking my shaft when she said “Can I give it a kiss?” My eyes popped open to see her grinning up at me. “Did that get your attention?”

“Hell yes. You can do whatever you want.”

“I don’t have enough time to do what I really want but I get off at 9pm and I would love to come back and visit,”

Mercedes said “We share everything. Are you ok with that?”

“I don’t start work until noon, will I make it?”

Do you want any sleep?” When the laughing stopped Cathy licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip of my dick then she placed her lips on it and gave it a soft kiss. She licked her lips then paced them back on the tip. I watched as her lips stretched as she slid them over the head and part way down the shaft. As she slid up and down she engulfed more of the shaft until it hit the back of her mouth with 2” still outside her lips. She pulled up and stroked half of my shaft with her mouth and half with her hand. I was close to cumming when she put her other hand on my ball sack and softly rubbed them. I tried to warn her.

“I’m ready to cum. Do you want me to pull it out?” Her reply was to push down on my dick as far as she could and hold there as I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She was looking at me as she tried to swallow it all but some was leaking out and dribbling down her chin. When my dick stopped pumping and she had sucked the last drop out of me, she let my dick fall from her mouth and looked at Rose and Mercedes.

“Let us help you with that.” They licked and sucked the cum that had leaked out off of Cathy’s chin and neck. They stood up together sharing kisses and helping Cathy get dressed.

I stood up and said “How about me?” Cathy hugged me tight pressing her breasts into my chest then kissed me as she gave my shaft a squeeze.

“See you tonight.” We walked her out to her car and watched her drive away.

I looked at Mercedes and Rose “Anyone up for some cold pizza?” we went back in and warmed up the pizza and went back to the movie. When the movie ended I asked Rose if she had called her parents about moving. When she said no, I told her there was no better time to call them than now. She got her phone and we heard her talking in the living room.
She came back in and said “There, done.” But there is a little problem. I told them what you said about the extra room and they thought that was a great idea. So great, they are going to be here Friday for a visit on their way to California and they want to stay until Wednesday.”

“Well it looks like we will all be on our best behavior for a few days.”

Mercedes said “Yeah, and we have to wear clothes and Rose has to sleep alone.” We laughed and Rose groaned. After that we went out on the deck, turned on the lights and spent the next few hours slashing around the pool and just sitting on the deck talking until we heard a voice say “I knocked but no one answered.” We looked around and Cathy was walking towards us. Her hair was brushed out and hung below her shoulder blades. She was wearing a short red skirt and a top that just hung across her breasts and was open to her navel.

I said “You look good enough to eat.”

“Good, that’s the look I was going for.”

“My girls won, I have to wait until later.”

Can I go for a swim first?” She unfastened the top, letting it fall to the ground, then unzipped the shirt and let join the top. She was not wearing panties, so now she was standing in front of us nude, except for a little 1” wide by 2” high strip of hair above her slit. She spun around for us to look then went over and dived in the pool with Mercedes and Rose right behind her. I watched them splashing around in the water until they looked my way and asked me to join them. As soon as I got in Mercedes and Anna each grabbed an arm and hugged me. Cathy stood in front of me and held her arms out to me.
“May I join in for tonight?” Both girls were already smiling when they nodded yes. Cathy slipped her arms between them and me and hugged me pressing her bare, firm breasts against me. My shaft was rigid again and she was rubbing her mound on it holding it against my belly. Having her firm young flesh pressing against my felt exotic but I suddenly thought of the one question we had not asked.

“I hate to break the mood but I need to ask, how old are you?”

She giggled and replied “I may look like I should be in high school but I’m 21. I even have my own apartment if you ever need a break from these two beauties.”

I don’t see that happening for a while but you are welcome her any time.

“How about this weekend?”

Rose said “My folks will be here Friday and want to spend a week. They think I’m just renting a room here so this weekend will be a little weird. Next weekend would be great.”

I’LL get a number for you guys and call Wednesday or Thursday and see what you have planned. I’m ready to get out and play.” Mercedes asked if she wanted to go inside. When she said inside and we got out of the pool, I got to dry Cathy while Rose and Mercedes dried each other. Cathy leaned back against me with one hand on my shaft as I rubbed her breasts, stomach and crotch dry. I must have done a good job. She was moaning as she turned around pressing against me as I dried her back and buttocks. “I want some more of that later.”

I grabbed a beer as we moved to the family room. The women sat on the couch with Cathy in the middle and I sat in my recliner to watch. Mercedes and Rose had one hand rubbing Cathy’s breasts as they were licking and sucking her nipples and with the other hand they had spread her legs so they could play with her clit or finger her pussy. Cathy kept her eyes on me except when she would close them and moan as one of the girls touched the right spot and she had an orgasm. I watched Rose move between her legs, spread her lips then use her tongue on her clit. As soon as her tongue touché her she gasped and jerked her hips up to Rose’s mouth. Rose sucked the nub between her lips as she continued running her tongue across it. Cathy’s head was back, her eyes were closed as she moaned and gasped for air. “Oh fuck, stop for a minute.”

She pushed Rose back and moved from the couch to the floor pulling Rose to her knees a straddle her face. As Cathy pulled Rose’s slit to her mouth, Mercedes pushed Cathy’s legs back and apart, spreading her lips. She ran her tongue from one end of her slit to the other and back. She pushed her tongue in to her pussy and pressed on her nub with a thumb. Cathy’s legs shook, her toes curled and she tried to yell but Rose had lowered herself to her face muffling the sound. Rose had been rubbing her own breasts and pulling her nipples when Cathy had yelled, she jumped like she had received a shock. “Oh shit I’m cumming.” She ground her crotch into Cathy’s face until Cathy pushed her off and she lay next to her.

Cathy took Mercedes head in her hands and pulled her up until she could kiss her. “Ummm we do taste good and thank you but now I want to finish what we started this afternoon.” She crawled over to me, took my hand and pulled down to the floor with her. “You said I looked good enough to eat. Let’s find out.” She moved on top of me as Mercedes and Rose moved to sit and snuggle on the couch. Her pussy was dripping from Mercedes playing with it as I pulled it o my mouth. I licked it from end to end then concentrated on her clit as I felt my dick slip between her lips. Her musky taste was like honey on my tongue. I was rolling her swollen nub between my teeth when the head if my dick hit the back of her mouth.

She kept trying to push more into her mouth and I could feel her throat moving but she could not get it down. Finally she gagged and pulled up off of my dick. After a deep breath she pushed back down, harder this time but gagged again. “I’m sorry, I’ve never deep throated before.” Then she pushed down again. She held it as deep as she could until she almost threw up. I pushed her up and had her turn around where she was sitting with her slit on my dick.

I pulled her down and held her tight. “Don’t worry it just takes patience. Maybe next time it will go.” She lay there for a moment sliding my shaft thru her wet slit then she sat up taking it in her hand and guiding it to her wet hole. She tied to slide it into her but she only got the head in when she stopped and gasped.

“It feels so big, I don’t think it’s going to go in.” she had her hands on my side holding herself up. I grabbed her hips and started to push but she hollered and said “Not yet. Give me some time to get used to this.” I didn’t know how long I could wait. He pussy clenching and unclench my dick made it feel like a virgin fuck. I felt her push another 2” in as she gritted her teeth and sucked in a sharp breath. I knew what she felt. It was so tight it felt like trying to push a 3’ rod thru a 2 ½” hole. It was tight and oh so warm. She took a breath and Rose up until only the head was inside. Just as I thought she was quitting she forced herself down hard taking all but the last two inches inside her. She threw her head back as her body shuddered. “Oh god I’m cumming and I haven’t got it all in yet.” She stayed motionless with 6” of my shaft inside her gasping. “I’m going to get your entire dick in me tonight.”

She made several very slow strokes lubricating us with the juices that were trapped inside her from her last orgasm. Once again she forced herself down, this time getting all 8” into her. I could feel the tip hit the back of her uterus. She tensed again, dug her fingernails into my sides and she looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t get her breath. When she spoke it was between gasps. “Now…..I…..know why….they… love you and stay here.” Her grip on my sides relaxed and she Rose up slowly. This time she pushed all the way down and came back up without gasping. “I’ve never had so much dick in me. It feels so good sliding against my insides. It hits all the right spots at the same time.”

As she slowly rocked on my dick I took her breast in my hands rubbing them in time with her sliding on my dick. She had her eyes closed and was moaning each time the tip hit the back of her uterus. When I pinched her nipples and pulled on them she had another orgasm and her tight velvety sleeve felt noticeably slicker but still super tight. I brought one of her nipples to my mouth and sucked hard on it. I took her hand and placed it on that breast then grabbed her by the waist. As she held her breast to my lips I held on to her waist and pumped hard into her as she came down. I was ready to spray her with my cum so I rolled her nipple between my teeth and bit gently on it. She shuddered again. “Oh god I’m cumming again.” I rammed as deep as I could into her hole and blasted the opening to her womb with what seemed to be a quart of my seed. “I can feel you’re hot cum inside me. How soon can we do this again?”

“Tonight or in the morning, your choice.”

“Why not tonight and in the morning? Since I won’t get to visit for at least a week?”

“Let’s get comfortable in the bedroom and see how long it takes the three of you to make me rise to the occasion.” Cathy rose up pulling my dick from her tight hole with a pop. As she stood straddling me several gobs of our mixed cum dropped onto my stomach. Rose licked her lips as she watched them splatter.

“UUmmmm, is that dessert? Can I have it?” as she slid off the couch and knelt down over my stomach.

Cathy looked at Mercedes. “There’s more where that came from.” Mercedes held out her hand beckoning Cathy to her. Cathy moved to stand in front of Mercedes sitting on the couch. She placed one foot on the couch opening her sex for her. As Rose licked and sucked cum from my body, Mercedes sucked on Cathy’s slit using two fingers to pull more cum from her pussy. When Rose had cleaned the cum from my stomach, she held my dick with one hand and licked it, and my balls, free of Cathy’s juices that had collected on them. Rose then took my semi-hard dick in her mouth sucking the top and stroking the bottom with one hand.

When she had me hard again she turned to Mercedes and Cathy now sitting together on the couch. “Ladies I think we should move to the bedroom.” We stood up and the four of us headed for the bed. I had Cathy stand facing the bed and bend at the waist with her breasts on the bed. Mercedes lay on the bed and slid down putting her love mound under her face. Rose got on her knees between me and Cathy. As Cathy was spreading Mercedes lips so she could suck on her swollen nub, Rose mouth on Cathy’s slit and stabbed her tongue into her love hole. Cathy moaned into Mercedes pussy as she closed her legs on her head.

Rose turned to me and sucked my shaft all the way into her throat. After several strokes to ensure it was well lubed she pulled it out and guided it to Cathy’s slit. I moved close and she put the tip at Cathy’s hole. I pushed my shaft all the way until it hit the back of her uterus again. Her head came up and she gasped “Oh shit, I felt it hit inside me. God tell me that’s all of it.” I pushed her head back down and started thrusting into her, the head of my dick hitting bottom each time. She grunted into Mercedes crotch each time.

Rose had one hand under Cathy rubbing her hard nub and one hand between my legs rubbing my balls. Every few strokes I would pull out of Cathy and wait as Rose sucked my dick then Cathy’s pussy. Mercedes was rubbing her own breasts and pinching her nipples. While Rose was sucking on Cathy’s pussy I wet in finger and rubbed circles around Cathy’s little puckered anus. Each time I rubbed across it, it would tighten up. I pushed my index finger in to the first joint. She squeezed her cheeks together and yelled, “Oooowwwww, I’ve never had anything put on my butt.”

“I can stop or you can relax and try it. Your choice.”

She stuttered “Ddd…..don’t stop, just be gentle, please?” I pulled my finger out and pushed it back in several times before pushing it in as far as it would go. She gasped but instead of yelling she pushed back against me. When I felt her anus relax slightly around my finger I slid a second finger in. as I stroked her with the two fingers she pushed back harder with each stroke. When I added a third finger and pushed in she stopped and shuddered. “Oh fuck, I should have tried this before. I have shivers running up and down my spine. Do it some more.” She rocked back and forth as I resumed fingering her ass.

When I could get all three fingers all the way in I pulled her head up to me. “Do you think you’re ready?”

“Yes” she hissed. I turned Rose to face me and put my dick in her mouth to make it wet and slick. When she finished I have her lean back with her head between Cathy’s legs holding herself up with her hands on Cathy’s back. I stroked my fingers in Cathy a couple of more times then pulled them out and guided the head of my dick to her ass. I pushed and as they head popped past her anal ring I heard her take a sharp breath and gasp. I held still as she breathed fast and hard. I could feel Rose lick on the bottom of my shaft and around part of Cathy’s anus.

“It’s so big and tight. Please don’t stop. Go slow but don’t stop.” I pushed again and a couple more inches slipped in. she clenched her butt cheeks and tried to say something. All that came out was ‘MMMMffffppptttt’. Mercedes had had pulled her face back down to her crotch and was holding her there. I pulled back until the head was just in her and pushed again, this time harder, burying 6” in her ass. She was squirming and trying to yell but all she was doing was exciting Mercedes with the vibrations in her slit from her mouth. Held it there while Rose cupped my balls and kissed them and the 2” of my shaft still to penetrate Cathy’s bowels.

I pulled back and made gentle strokes not trying to go deeper. As her cheeks unclenched and she grunted with each stroke I went a little faster. Without warning I rammed my dick in until my balls hit her slit and I could go no further. This time Mercedes could not hold her down. “OOOHHHHH………. SSSHHIIITTT……… Stop……. No more……… please……. it won’t fit” as she gasped for air.

“I did fit lover it’s all in you. Tell me when you’re ready for me to give your ass the fucking it deserves.” As I held my dick deep in her bowels Rose was sucking on her clit and massaging my balls. I hoped she was ready soon because if not I was going to fuck her anyway my balls were not going to hold out much longer.

She finally looked over her shoulder at me with a smile on her face and said, “I’m ready now. Fuck me, fuck my ass like it deservers and don’t stop no matter what until you fill it with your cum.” I put my hands on her hips and started slowly fucking her ass. I gradually moved faster and harder. Listening to Cathy moan into Mercedes pussy and Rose massaging my ball sack while I fucked the ass of a gorgeous brunette was bringing me close to cumming.

Mercedes started yelling “Lick my cunt. Lick it hard. I’m going to cum” as she locked her legs on Cathy’s head. Cathy’s body stiffened and she was yelling unintelligently in to Mercedes pussy. I could hear Rose trying to suck in all of the juices flowing from Cathy. All of this pushed me over the edge. I pounded into Cathy’s ass one more time. As the head of my dick hit the back of her uterus again I unleashed a torrent of cum. Her ass milked the last of my cum out then pushed my deflating dick out. Cum dribbled out of Cathy onto Roses chin. Rose wiped it with a finger that she put to her lips and licked clean. Before I could move away Rose had grabbed my limp dick and was licking my dick clean. When she was satisfied it was complete she stood up and hugged me.

We stood and watched until Mercedes calmed down and released Cathy from her legs. Cathy and Mercedes got up and joined Rose and I in a group hug. Cathy broke the silence with “that was so wonderful. I fantasized about doing something like this but never thought it would happen. I hope you let me come back for more.” Then she kissed each of us, saving me for last. “Maybe one day your girls will let me have a night alone with you.” Then she gave me a long passionate kiss.

Rose replied “Only if he lets us have a weekend with you.” I thought I sounded fair to me. I herded the girls into the shower for a quick cleanup before we went to bed. After a lot of groping and rubbing we finally got out and dried off. We got into bed with Cathy in the middle, Rose on one side and me on the other, with Mercedes spooned behind me. Rose and I went to sleep with a nipple in our mouths and Mercedes had her hand between my legs holding my dick.

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