Desert Overnight

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All characters in the story are 18+ years old.

September 5, 1992, Palm Springs, CA

**SATURDAY 6 to 9 AM**

Peri opened her eyes and peered over Carter’s bare back and shoulders into the dark bedroom. The clock on the bedside table clicked and she saw its minute flap flop. 5:47 a.m. Carter breathed heavily and regularly. “Not quite a snore,” Peri thought, “but at least he is asleep.” She remembered yesterday morning as if it were yesterday morning. Smiling, she licked her plump lower lip and moved her right hand gently along his curled spine toward the edge of the sheet across his hip.

Dipping below the sheet she paused, palm flat against his hip point, and listened. Carter’s breathing was unchanged. Peri pushed her hand a few inches along his right thigh, then she felt carefully where she hoped his cock might lay between his legs. “Lucky in love!” she said to herself, discovering his morning wood, stiffly protruding, waiting for attention. Her hand closed lightly around the firm shaft just below the rim of its helmet. She extended her forefinger and traced the bell-shaped ridge with her nail. His dick hopped in her loose grip.

Slowly, careful not to disturb his slumber yet, she curled her fingertip up and onto the top of his mushroom, sliding along its slit. Carter’s pre-cum, already welling up, was slippery under her moving pad, but tacky when she raised her finger from the soft skin. Peri removed her hand from under the sheet, scooted back and stuck her digit in her mouth. “Mmmm,” she hummed, drawing the finger out again with a wet, kissing smack.

Peri touched Carter’s hip again and delicately urged him to roll onto his back. Still he slept. Peri edged her body down, under the sheet, beside Carter’s extended right leg and pulled herself into a kneeling crouch. “Stop. Look. Listen.” She thought to herself, “That’s good advice for crosswalks or cocksucking!” She laughed quietly. Convinced Carter was still asleep, she moved right, straddling him and softly pressed the backs of her hands on his inside thighs. He responded by spreading his legs another few inches. Peri paused again. Carter’s breathing was as regular as before. She ducked down, flattened her chest to the mattress, ass in the air, between his legs and tentatively sucked his right testicle into her warm mouth. Pursing her lips around the heavy, hairy canape she savored its tangy, salty taste on her tongue. She loved that it moved easily within its sack within her mouth as her cheeks and palate varied the pressure they exerted on the manly egg.

Peri put her left hand on Carter’s thick stalk. She moved up and down, stroking slowly and gently at first, gathering speed and increasing pressure as her thumb felt the blood throb in the corded vein under his penis. Her right hand emulated her mouth, as best it could, on his left nut, rolling it and gently pulsing her palm while scratching the scrotum with her nail. When she noticed his loose skin tighten like saran around his left ball, she quickly opened her mouth, letting his right nut retract with its brother into the shrinking bag. She raised her head, capturing Carter’s plum between her teeth and closed her right thumb and forefinger, as a collar, around the newly formed onion bulb at the base of his dick. Sucking, tugging, stroking and squeezing, Peri no longer cared if Carter was awake as she coaxed his inevitable release.

At 6:00 o’clock the alarm buzzed. Carter’s strong hands seized Peri’s head, holding it immobile against his crotch. His ass and hips rose from the mattress, pushing his cock to the back of her mouth, fucking her face, firing its ropy strings of semen. His seed seemed unending as Peri coped with the intruder stuffing her throat. She worked hard, clearing the volume without gagging, outlasting the deluge. She felt elated as Carter ceased pumping. Depleted and deflated, he loosened his hold on Peri’s head, allowing her to lift away from him. Sliding his hands under her armpits, he hauled her onto his chest and jammed his mouth against hers, tasting his cum on her lips.

“Good morning, baby!” he said, breaking the kiss. “are you ready for another day?” Laughing aloud, he hugged her closer.

“Oh, yes, Uncle!” she spoke excitedly into his neck “What else are we going to do today?” she asked.

“Oh, you’ll see, Sweetie,” Carter replied cryptically. “How about making the coffee for us?” he playfully pinched her bottom through her gold satin cat-suit and pushed her to the end of the bed.

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” Peri replied, pulling her arm straps back up, adjusting her breasts to fit the cut-outs and cups. Peri leaned over, picked up her kimono from the floor and slid it on. Leaving the room, she turned her head, stuck out her tongue and winked sassily as Carter rose from the bed, and walked naked to the bathroom.

Carter stood under the shower stream, shaving and reflecting on recent days. He was very pleased by Peri’s receptivity, as well as her lesson retention. “Goddamn!” he said, “Smart as a whip, built for fucking and willing to please! How izmit escort great is that?” He could hardly keep from grinning long enough to shave the corners of his mouth without nicking himself. Stepping from the shower, he dried himself and put on a thick terry robe. As he started to leave the bathroom, he stopped. Reaching into a cabinet drawer he opened his silver cardboard box and pulled out an object. Dropping this in his pocket, he continued to the main part of the house.

As Carter approached the kitchen he smelled the coffee brewing and bacon frying. Peri stood at a granite counter, faced away from him, and vigorously stirred something he could not see. Something he could see, however, was her bottom, shaking equally vigorously under her kimono as she worked. He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her gyrating hips. “What are you fixing, Sweetie?” he asked, kissing her neck just above the robe’s collar.

“Oh!, Hi!” she said, “I know you aren’t a ‘big breakfast kind of guy,’ but bacon and French toast seemed easy and I was hungry…that’s OK, isn’t it?” she asked, rolling her shoulders as Carter spread his kisses outward.

“Mmmmm,” he answered, “It’s very alright. I’m pretty hungry, too, this morning.” Slipping his right hand around and through the kimono’s folds, where it had opened below her sash from the shaking, he stroked his fingertips up and down the satin triangle covering Peri’s crotch. Carter continued, “Are you making any juice for me?” His fingers found the open seam between her legs and rubbed, with increasing pressure, until he had invaded her pussy, two knuckles deep, with his middle and ring fingers.

“Uhhh…mmm..maybe…” Peri stammered. She stopped whisking the egg mixture and thrust her butt back against his groin.

Carter slid his other hand up, over her flat tummy, and cradled her left breast in his palm. Hefting it in its satin cup, he plucked at her exposed areola. When her nipple grew stiff, he tucked it between his first and second fingers and gave it a tugging twist.

“OOO!” Peri yipped and then moaned, “oo..mmm” as the sudden sharp sensation faded and a hot, electric bolt shot through her body to her vagina. Carter’s right fingers slid easily further up her wet cunt.

“Oh, I’d say no ‘maybe’ about it, Sweetie.” He chuckled, “But I was thinking orange or grapefruit…Not that I don’t love your apricot!” he added quickly and plunged his digits still deeper and harder.

Peri’s entire body squirmed and writhed while her breathing shortened and sped up. Without warning, Carter spun Peri in his arms, turned, backed her up against the adjacent smooth stainless steel refrigerator, opened her kimono wide and pressed himself hard against her. She was pinned before she realized it, but instantly threw her arms around Carter’s neck and squashed her lips on his. Their teeth clicked on impact and neither one noticed.

Carter quickly pulled his hand from Peri’s pussy, dipped into his robe and retrieved the dildo he had put in his pocket earlier. It was larger and longer by half than his own natural equipment, yet the plastic cock slid smoothly into Peri’s well-greased cunt.

“UHN! UHNCLE!” screamed Peri in surprise. “My…me…muhh…unh!” she stuttered incoherently as the massive piston stuffed her. Carter slowly thrust it in to its extreme before pulling it back. Peri panted and gasped while Carter repeated the to-and-fro at a deliberate, maddening, slow pace.

“Come on, baby, come on!” he crooned, “Come on baby, come for me, now!” until with a rending scream, Peri broke. Her orgasm, more powerful than any prior, was a building avalanche; a limitless crescendo. In the middle of her ecstasy, Carter whispered, “Presto!” in the girl’s ear and held her as she slumped against him.

“Peri, he said, “No matter who you fuck, no matter when, where, or how you fuck, remember this: Dr. Carter fucks best. Dr. Carter is the source of your deepest sexual satisfaction. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr. Carter.” she replied.

“Good. Tell it to me please,” He commanded. “Who fucks Peri best?”

“Dr. Carter fucks me best.”

“Who is the source of Peri’s deepest sexual satisfaction?”

“Dr. Carter.”

“Can you…Will you…fuck other people, Peri?”


“But who will fuck you best? Now and forever?”

“Dr. Carter fucks me best. Now and forever.”

“Good. Very, very good, Peri” Carter said before whispering again, “Presto!”

“Oh My Gosh! Uncle!” Peri wailed, “You are so fantastic!” She kissed him excitedly as her body came back from its explosion.

“You are kind to say so, Peri,” Carter quietly replied. “May I have that breakfast, now? I think the coffee is ready, at least.”

“You bet, Uncle Bill!” She chirped. “Sit down and I’ll serve in a jiffy.” Peri laughed as she pulled her kimono closed and returned to the egg batter.

A short while later she put a plate, piled with French toast slices, a pitcher of O.J. and another plate of crisp bacon strips on the dining room table. Carter had the coffee poured and the places set. He watched her every move appreciatively as he sipped.


Peri stood to clear the dishes but Carter stopped her. “I’ll take care of that, honey,” he said, “why don’t you go grab a shower. I’ll come in after a bit and we can get dressed and packed. We need to leave soon.”

“Packed? Leave?” Peri asked with concerned curiosity. “Where are we going? For how long?” she overflowed with questions.

“Don’t fret, Peri,” Carter assured her. “Not far and not long…just an overnight out to Palm Springs, or maybe Idlewild, or possibly both. It’s spur of the moment and Labor Day Weekend so a motel may be tough to book.” Continuing optimistically, he said, “We’ll see, but it is certain to be a fun adventure!”

“OK, Uncle, anything you say is great with me,” she said, her dimples a mile apart. “I’ll go clean up. I’m so…STICKY!” Giggling, she walked that walk down the hall. Carter choked on his coffee as he studied her shifting bottom.

Carter cleared the table, scraped the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and squared away the kitchen. Stepping down the hall, he satisfied himself he heard the shower running then he returned to the kitchen, picked up the wall phone by the door to the garage and dialed Ruth Cohen at home. It was 7:45.

The phone rang a half-dozen times before Ms. Cohen, groggily, picked up and said, “H’llo?”

“It’s Dr. Carter, Ruth,” he replied, “Are you still in bed and are you alone?”

“What? Yes, I’m alone, if it’s any of your damn business,” she retorted angrily, “and, of course, I am still in bed! Any sane person would be on a Saturday morning at this hour!”

“Ah, good,” Carter said, placidly, adding, “Presto!” and then asking, “Are you paying attention to me, Ruth?”

“Yes, Dr. Carter,” she answered immediately in a neutral voice.

“Good. Did you take care of the bookwork for Ms. Halstead, as I asked?”

“Yes. She was deleted from the system.”

“So Periwinkle Halstead was not in our office, what about her dorm?” Carter inquired.

“She never was enrolled as a student. She hadn’t reported to her Residence Hall and claimed her reserved room. There is no Peri Halstead at University, Dr. Carter.” Cohen amplified.

“Good work, Ruth,” Carter praised her. “You deserve a special reward. Would you like a treat, Ruth?”

“Oh, yes, Dr. Carter.”

“Good. Here’s what you are to do. Now, listen carefully, there may be a quiz,” he warned her. “Get up, pack an overnight case for a trip to Palm Springs. Bring your bathing suit! I’ll pick you up at 9:00 o’clock, sharp…you may nibble a little something to take the edge off, but don’t spoil your appetite, my pet! Do you understand?”


“Good. When will I pick you up?” he questioned her.

“9:00 o’clock, sharp,” she answered.

“That’s right. What are you bringing?”

“An overnight case with my bathing suit.”

“Correct, again, Ruth.” Carter smiled into the phone. “and Ruth, are you going to eat anything?”

“Just a piece of dry toast and a small glass of juice, Dr. Carter. Just to take the edge off.” Cohen repeated.

“Excellent, Ruth.” Carter praised her. “I will see you at 9 with a PRALINE!” He spoke the key word, unlocking Ruth’s box.

“Bill?” Ruth said into the phone, as she recognized his voice, “What do you want? I still have to pack, can’t it wait until you pick me up at 9?” She asked. “It’s just an hour or so more.”

“Well, no, it couldn’t wait, Ruth.” He answered. “I forgot to mention I am bringing my young niece, Peri along. I am sure you will love her the moment you see her, and she needs an older girlfriend to help her along with some things. Like picking out a bathing suit, for instance!” he chuckled.

“Oh, I see what you mean,” Ruth said. “Sure, OK, I’ll see you at 9, then.” She hung up the receiver.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Peri brushed her teeth and took the last active birth control pill from the packet in her purse. As she swallowed it, she hoped Uncle Bill had picked up the new prescription Dr. Chad had written. She not only did not want to be a mommy, she also liked that she didn’t have periods hardly at all. “I’m sure Uncle has taken care of that detail,” she thought with a grin, “He isn’t wearing a condom when we do it so he must be pretty sure it is safe,” she reasoned.

Peri stepped into the steamy stall and lathered up. Rubbing a soapy, rough/soft, terrycloth rag across her breasts always excited them. She looked at the bubbly white soap peaks on her brown nipples and coins puffed against her creamy ivory skin. “Just like parfaits!” she observed, and wondered if there would be fancy deserts in Palm Springs.

“Quit dawdling, in there, Peri!” She heard Carter yell from the bedroom.

“OK, OK, I’m finished,” she called back. Turning off the spray, Peri stepped out of the shower, fresh and relaxed.

Carter stood in front of her holding out a towel. “Here,” he said, handing it to her. His eyes travelled over her shining, pink-tinged, fresh-scrubbed body. They paused at the wet, curly, strands of hair on her mons, dripping streams of shower water, then returned to her bright, clear, young face.

“Thanks, Uncle,” she said, smiling, stepping forward and taking the towel. “Dry my back?” she asked, as she turned to face the frosted glass shower-wall.

“I don’t think so, honey,” he answered amiably, “we need to hurry along and you might, um,…distract me.” Carter and Peri both laughed.

“Alright, then,” she agreed, “I’ll do it myself.”

A few minutes later Peri walked into the bedroom. Her towel was a make-shift dress around her thighs and bust and a second towel formed a turban, not quite hiding her still damp hair. Tucking the body towel’s corner into her cleavage, she saw Carter laying clothes out on the bed by an open suitcase. He was wearing khaki chinos, leather top-siders and a dark green silk shirt with a bold silver and gold palm frond pattern.

“Oh, good,” Carter said, turning his head toward Peri and smiling, “Perfect timing! Come here and tell me which dress to pack and which you want to wear today.”

Peri looked at the bed and saw the white linen wrap-around sundress with the gathered waist and belt ties she fell in love with at The Gap yesterday. Carter thought the hem, at mid-calf, was a trifle long but got it for her, anyway. Beside it was a brushed denim button-front jumper with overalls-style shoulder straps. Peri recalled it fell straight from her breasts to her hips. She thought it made her look ‘chunky’ until the salesgirl cinched down the cute little attached denim-and-hemp belt, pulling the skirt up and in, defining her bosom. “There you go, cowgirl!” the clerk had said to her, while undoing the top jumper button, and plucking up the neckline points, “The boys will want to rope you in, for sure!”

“It’s difficult, Uncle,” Peri said, stroking her chin, “I like both. Do you have a preference? I don’t even know where we’re going, really…” her voice trailed off, her hand dropped and she stuck out her bottom lip in her indecision.

“OK, Sweetie,” Carter replied agreeably, “wear the jumper and we’ll save the dress for dinner. It will be better for evening, now that I think about it.” Carter picked up the lined linen dress, neatly folded it and put it in the bag. “Your tuxedo low-heels and sandals are already packed. Your new wedgies will be good with the denim,” he remarked, closing the lid.

Carter left the room, carrying the luggage, and headed for the garage. Peri dropped her body towel and pulled on the cotton briefs laying beside the jumper. There was no bra laid out. “Uncle Bill must not want me to wear a bra,” she deduced, “I hope the dress isn’t all rough and scratchy,” she continued to herself.

Stepping into the dress, she discovered it had a thin, cotton liner in its top which was soft against her breasts. “Oh, that feels nice,” she mused with a smile, adjusting the shoulder-strap buckles to a comfortable tension. Remembering the salesgirl, again, Peri undid the top button and poked up the neck points into a small “v” calling attention to her own larger “V.” Finally, she drew the cinch-belt tight around her waist, slipped into the wedgies and went looking for Carter.

“Hi, Sweetie,” he said, as Peri appeared in the kitchen. “That looks terrific! All set to head out?”

Peri nodded, continuing toward him and hugging up against his silk shirt. “Thanks for helping me. I am glad you like it, Uncle.” she answered, dimpling the corners of her mouth.

“Like it? I love it!” Carter exclaimed, as his hands roved across her denim-covered back down to her ass. Patting her gently he said, “Get in the car” and turned to the door to the garage.


Carter backed the Taurus out and touched the garage door trigger, saying “PRESTO!” and watched as Peri promptly closed her eyes, head lolling to her left against her seatbelt.

“Peri,” he said, “Pay attention, please.”

“Yes, I will,” she said.

“Good. We are going to pick up a woman named Ruth Cohen. She will join us for the weekend. “Do you understand?” he asked.


“Good. Ruth is an old lover and you must not be jealous or angry because she is with us. She can be a good friend, or like an older sister, for you,” Carter continued. “She knows you are my niece and my very personal assistant and she is not jealous or angry because you are with me. Do you understand that?”


“Good. I want you to be very nice to her for the whole trip. Especially I want you to remember you love me totally, unconditionally and forever. No matter what. Will you remember that?” he asked.


“Good. I believe you.” Satisfied, Carter said “PRESTO!” releasing her from her trance, and continued driving.

Shortly thereafter, he pulled the car into the drive-up lane of his pharmacy, identified himself and Peri to the clerk and collected the newly filled prescription for her 21-day combo pack of birth control pills. “Here you go, Sweetie,” he said, tossing the sack to Peri, “tuck these away in your purse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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