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(For my husband, with love)

Heat. The road shimmered in front of me as I swung my hire car onto the motorway that ran from the city of Palma up to the north of the island of Majorca. Overhead, an incoming holiday jet screamed its way to the airport and the intrusive noise heightened my feelings of stress and anger. I could feel tears gather behind my eyes but with speeding cars coming at me from all directions, I had to stay concentrated on the journey for now. The tears and despair would no doubt hit me later…

I settled into the far right lane and let my mind wander for a moment. Even though my foot was pressed against the accelerator my brain was telling me to stop, turn the car around and head back to the airport.

Despite the air-conditioning turned up high, I could still feel the full force of the sun, feel its rays beating down on top of the car as if it wanted to invade me. The heat and discomfort I was feeling finally made the tears flow, my vision blurring as I sped along, ignoring the curious looks of the other drivers who overtook me.

I shouldn’t be here. I should be on my way to Ibiza now, not driving towards my parents’ villa to spend four boring weeks with a group of strangers with whom I had nothing in common…

And Jake…I slammed my fists into the steering wheel in frustration at the thought of the house party that would be taking place every day at Gina’s villa in the hills. He would be there, as would every single one of my friends…

The outskirts of Palma gave way to arid countryside, the occasional small finca surrounded by palm trees and olive groves. The mountains to my left were piled up, one against the other, their rocky peaks a stunning contrast to the intense blue of the sky. But even this familiar sight did nothing to lighten my mood. I was furious with my parents for making me travel out to see their new villa instead of allowing me to holiday with my friends. They had used subtle blackmail and every trick in the book to make me agree to their demands and at twenty years of age, I was also furious with myself for giving in.

“You can always catch up with your friends later,” they had insisted. And with my father recovering from an operation and my mother pleading help, I had no choice but to agree.

Of course, they had said I could bring a friend with me, but nobody had fancied accompanying me to a remote villa in the countryside around the small Roman town of Pollensa. How could that possibly compare with the clubs of Ibiza?

I imagined my friends arriving at their villa, laughing and joking and preparing to dance the night away. Their days would be a mixture of sunbathing and sleeping, not a care in the world. And Jake would be there as well…Jake, who, without me by his side, would soon turn his attention to the sweet and pretty Alicia…

I could feel small beads of perspiration run down my back as I imagined him kissing her, his hands covering her smooth, perfectly formed body, the pair of them entwined on the bed in the villa, the morning sun shining down on them. It was bound to happen. I wasn’t that naïve to think that he would wait until after the summer to resume our fledging relationship and I now regretted not sleeping with him when I had the chance.

I was so immersed in my tortuous thoughts that I nearly missed the exit sign for Pollensa and slammed the steering wheel again. My mother had hinted at a single man as part of the group who were staying and my heart sank. She had never been keen on Jake and I was certain that that was one of the reasons why she wanted me to go out to Majorca. He wasn’t the type she wanted for her precious only daughter and I dreaded to think who she had invited that was more suitable.

The view of mountains had been replaced by pine forests on either side of the road and I concentrated on the signs, knowing that the villa was along a narrow, single track lane. I hadn’t taken much interest when my parents were choosing their holiday home as I had been away at University and consumed with thoughts of Jake. Wishing now that I had at least accompanied them when they flew out to finalise arrangements, I searched desperately for a sign that would show me the way.

It was half an hour later when I eventually drew up in the large courtyard of an imposing new-build villa. My parents had recently come into some money, left to them by an ageing and distant relative and they were determined to enjoy their new-found wealth. No expense had been spared in the design and build of the house and its shuttered windows looked down on me impassively as I turned off the car engine.

I opened the driver’s door and was hit by a blast of heat, the noise of the crickets the only sound in the silence of the afternoon. I had been warned by my parents that they might be out, but I had a key with me and as I struggled to the door with my luggage I noticed how quiet and remote the villa was. There were no other cars in the courtyard and I opened the heavy oak front door slowly, listening carefully for any voices but there Karaköy escort was only a deep and heavy silence.

A note from my mother greeted me and pointed out which of the five bedrooms was mine. Sinking gratefully onto the bed I lay still for a few minutes before heading for the shower and welcome relief.


The feeling was intensely pleasurable…hands were stroking my body and my nipples responded as warm lips licked softly at them. I moaned and arched my body as the lips moved lower, drawing tiny circles over my skin. My fingers reached out to press a dark head closer, at the same time urging him to go further down and ease the ache that was threatening to make me explode…

“Ahem…it’s Lorna, isn’t it?”

My eyes flew open and I recoiled in shock at the dark figure looming above me. The sun was behind him so I couldn’t see his face and for one moment I thought that I was at the mercy of an opportunist burglar.

“Who are you?” I gasped and hastily covered my body, which was naked apart from a tiny bikini bottom. I was aware of what I must look like, my nipples no doubt still erect from my delicious dream.

“Sorry to wake you, I’m Peter. Your mother invited me…”

I sat up in confusion and reached for my wrap. “I didn’t think there was anyone here.”

“There wasn’t. I’ve just come back from the town.”

My head hammered with the sudden movement but Peter made no move to avert his eyes from my body. I could now see him clearly and my heart sank once again. He was just as I guessed, lanky and spotty with a hopeful, almost dog-like expression on his thin face. He must have thought it was his lucky day and I wondered how long he’d been standing there ogling me before speaking.

Now covered, I stood up and made my way back into the villa, tiny hairs standing up on the back of my neck as he followed me. We were totally alone in the house and he was a complete stranger.

“I’m going to make a drink,” I said, as he almost ran to keep up with me. “Would you like one?”

I looked back and he nodded, a grin on his face. “That’s great, thanks. Your mother told me you were coming to stay. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

I groaned quietly and opened the fridge which dominated the large kitchen. My parents had spared no expense here either and the room was stuffed with appliances and massed ranks of white, gleaming cupboards, the floor tiles cool on my hot feet. Searching around for glasses, I could feel Peter’s eyes follow me.

“How do you know my parents, then?”

“They’re friends with mine. They all met when your mum and dad bought this villa.”

“So…are you staying here?”

He grinned. “Yeah. Just for a while. There’s someone renting our villa at the moment and I’m out here to keep an eye on things. Your mum and dad let me stay here rather than rent an apartment. Good of them, wasn’t it?”

I groaned inwardly. If this moron was staying here as well it meant that my mother had ideas of us getting together. I thought of Jake and my eyes misted over again. What was he doing now, I wondered?

I found a chilled bottle of Cava in the fridge and opened it expertly, the sudden explosion of sound loud in the quiet room. Peter smiled lasciviously as I gave him his drink and I felt like screaming. How could I stand weeks of this? Surely my parents would relent when they knew what I was missing in Ibiza?

“Cheers,” he said and downed the drink in one long gulp, almost choking on the frothy bubbles. “Do you fancy going for a meal tonight?” he gasped, his eyes hopeful. “I know a great restaurant in Pollensa.”

Resisting the urge to slap him, I pushed my way past and took my drink outside. The heat had lessened slightly and I sat down heavily on a padded lounger, the stunning view of the mountains making me wish I was alone to enjoy the peace and quiet. I should be happy, I thought. This beautiful villa, an idyllic island to explore and freedom from studies for the next few weeks, but I felt trapped, like a wild animal, unable to escape.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Jake lying next to me and how his muscular body would be glistening under the fierce Mallorcan sun. How he would love the pool and the terraces, and how much fun we could be having if he hadn’t been so insistent on travelling to Ibiza with his friends from University. He had pretended to be sad, but I could sense his excitement as he waved me goodbye at the airport, and I knew his thoughts were already buzzing with plans for Ibiza, even before I had disappeared into the Departure Lounge…

I yearned for his touch so much it hurt. I could feel a dull pain in my stomach at the thought of being apart from him. He hadn’t contacted me since we’d said goodbye and in all honesty I hadn’t expected him to. Even I knew that our relationship was heading for the end.

I took a long sip of my wine, enjoying the contrast of the chilled liquid and the hot and sultry afternoon air. The hit of alcohol made me dizzy and I realised I hadn’t eaten Kayaşehir escort bayan since the morning. I looked up to see Peter lounging against the doorframe, a smile on his lips as he watched me.

“What’s the matter?” I snapped.

“Nothing,” he replied, a silly grin spreading over his face. “I was just admiring the view.”

I stood up and stormed into the kitchen, my irritation threatening to explode. Four weeks of this? My mind was made up.


The sound of raucous laughter filled the air and I groaned again. The setting sun was sinking languidly behind the mountains and I gazed into the depths of my wine glass, knowing that a petulant scowl had distorted my otherwise even features. I could feel my mother’s eyes on me and felt like screaming out loud, just like the little girl they wanted me to be.

“Lorna…please!” my mother hissed. “At least try and look happy to be here. Your father…”

“Can I talk to you a minute?”

She looked startled. “Of course. What’s the matter with you?”

I grabbed her by the arm and almost pushed her back into the villa. The group around the table hardly noticed our departure, so intent were they on telling jokes, the loud shouts of laughter echoing around the grounds of the house.

“I can’t stand this!” I shouted as we faced each other in the kitchen. “This is so unfair of you to make me stay here! Do you know what I’m missing? Do you have any idea of what my friends are up to at this very minute in Ibiza? Without me?”

She shuddered and reached for a cloth to wipe the worktop. “I dread to think, Lorna. You know I need you at the moment, what with your father the way he is…how do you think I can cope with him on my own?”

“You’ve got Eve! Why can’t she help?”

“Eve’s here to enjoy herself, not tire herself out looking after Dad.”

“So what am I then? An unpaid skivvy?”

“Oh, Lorna…don’t be silly! I just need your support, that’s all. Your father needs you here as well. We thought you’d be pleased to spend the summer here. It’s a free holiday, after all!” She laughed and draped the dishcloth over the taps. “Don’t make me feel bad. It’s not much to ask, is it? We paid for your flight and the car.”

“Who is this Eve, anyway? And why is she staying here?”

“I told you about Eve, darling. She’s just got divorced and needed a holiday.” She smiled and tapped her nose. “In fact, I’ve been doing a little match-making, but don’t say anything. A friend of your father’s is arriving tomorrow and, well…I think they’re very suited. He’s just got divorced as well and you never know…” She tittered. “I rather fancy an Autumn wedding!”

“I don’t believe it! So I suppose the lovely Peter is destined for me, is he?” I almost spat the words out. “Well don’t think for one moment that there’s going to be a double wedding, mum! No way!”

She looked disappointed. “Oh. I thought you two would get on well. He’s about the same age as you.”

“What about Jake? What about the fact that he’s now probably with someone else?”

She shrugged. “If he is, then he’s not worth it, is he?”

I felt like screaming. “I do not want to stay here,” I said slowly, gripping her wrist. “One week and then I’m booking a flight to Ibiza.”

My mother’s face dropped and I felt a momentary pang of guilt. But I was adamant. The thought of spending the summer in the company of the screeching Eve and, even worse, fending off Peter’s pathetic attempts to seduce me was not going to happen…not even if my mother went down on her knees and begged.


After my outburst in the kitchen I’d spent the rest of the evening in my room, sending a text to Jake and trying to get hold of one of my friends who was out in Ibiza with him. But no-one was answering their phones and after a while I gave up and sat on the balcony overlooking the mountains. The night was like black velvet and dotted with a myriad of stars. It was so romantic and there was nothing I wanted more at this minute than to sit sharing a bottle of wine with Jake before spending the night making love with him in the huge bed that dominated my room.

I spent a restless night dreaming of him again and woke the next morning early, the pillow damp with tears. Glancing at the clock I realised that everyone would still be asleep and the thought of a quiet swim was too good to resist. I grabbed my bikini bottom and a towel and quietly made my way down to the pool, the dawn sun bathing the house and gardens in a golden glow.

Heaven. Only a few birds could be heard singing in the trees as I slipped into the cool water. I looked around and waited but no-one appeared and, feeling very naughty, I removed the bikini bottom and started to swim. The water was like chilled silk against my skin and I could feel the tensions of the night draining from my body.

I swam for a while, reluctant to get out of the pool and start the day. It was so much easier in the water to let my thoughts drift and wander. But the sound of a distant Escort Küçükçekmece dog barking made me realise it was getting later and worrying that Peter would fancy an early swim as well, I emerged from the pool and went to lie on one of the loungers behind the house which were hidden from view.

The sun’s rays soaked into my naked body and I idly stroked my breasts, my eyes closed against the glare. Five minutes, I told myself. Five minutes and then I would go and get dressed and see if I could book a flight to Ibiza. My body was quivering and I felt a tremendous sense of desire course through my pussy. Being naked in the open air always had an arousing effect on me and I trailed my fingers slowly down to the neat triangle of hair that covered my vagina. Dare I finger myself here? I shivered with excitement at being discovered, but no windows overlooked the terrace and I would hear footsteps if anyone approached.

The desire to masturbate was now overwhelming and I knew I could bring myself to orgasm within minutes. The tension inside me was building and I listened for a minute in case anyone was up.

I couldn’t resist the feeling any longer and slipped the fingers of my right hand into my pussy, already wet with arousal. With my left hand I pinched the nipple of my right breast and sighed with contentment as the pleasure mounted.

It didn’t take long for me to reach orgasm, my fingers rubbing my clitoris hard as I bucked and gasped my way to ecstasy. I looked down at my breasts and took pleasure in seeing how round and full they were, how the skin glowed in the morning sunlight. I was proud of my figure and glad that I wasn’t stick thin like some of my friends and had been only too aware of how Jake’s gaze had lingered on my boobs when he thought I wasn’t looking. Oh Jake…how would he feel inside me, I wondered? What would it be like to have him between my legs, thrusting hard as he watched my reaction?

I shook myself and stood up, the sudden movement making me feel dizzy. I stretched in the sun and reluctantly put my bikini bottom back on, covering the rest of my body with the towel before making my way back to the villa. It was still quiet and I wondered how much alcohol had been consumed last night to sedate the others so heavily.

“Enjoying yourself?”

I almost fainted in shock at the words and spun around to see a tall, dark haired man leaning against one of the balustrades. He was carrying a rolled-up newspaper and the smirk on his face made my heart lurch into an erratic beat.


“I said, are you enjoying yourself?” He straightened up and walked towards me, his smile deepening as he noticed my discomfort. “It’s such a beautiful morning for a…er..swim…”

“Who are you?” I demanded, wrapping the towel tightly around my body.

“Oops, sorry! Where are my manners?” He held out his hand and I noticed how brown and rugged it was. “Greg. Greg Summers.”

I ignored his outstretched hand and continued to stare at him. He was in his mid- forties, tanned and tall, with a lean, almost athletic physique. The type who made old ladies swoon, I figured and said nothing.

“Your parents very kindly invited me here for a couple of weeks. I assume you’re Lorna?”

I nodded. Not normally someone to be tongue-tied, I couldn’t think of anything to say, my mind suddenly consumed with thoughts of him making love with the ageing Eve who would no doubt go weak at the knees when they were introduced.

“You know, I didn’t expect you to be so quiet,” Greg mused. “Your mother hinted at a certain feistiness when she said you were coming to stay…”

“My mother has a lot to answer for,” I finally said as I turned away and made my way back into the cool of the house.

“I don’t suppose you’d fancy making some coffee, would you?” he asked. “The stuff they served on the plane was crap and I’ve been up half the night.”

I stopped in my tracks and laughed. “I’m not your bloody servant! All the stuff you’ll need is in there.” I pointed to the kitchen and without another word strode off to my room.


While everyone was having breakfast on the terrace, I slipped out of the villa and drove into Pollensa to visit an internet café. My parents had conveniently forgotten to hook the villa up to the web and I wasn’t sure whether this was deliberate or not as they knew how I liked to keep in contact with friends via instant messaging. Seething with annoyance, I parked the car on the outskirts of the town and made my way to the beautiful square which was alive with locals and tourists enjoying coffee and pastries at the numerous cafes.

Sipping coffee I tapped away at my laptop, desperately searching for flights to Ibiza, the screen barely visible in the glare of the sun. I was hot and tired and would far rather have been lying by the pool, but the thought of spending any more time with my parents’ guests made me shudder. I had heard Eve laughing as I passed and was certain she was delighted with the new arrival who appeared to be flirting back with her. I gritted my teeth and logged onto Yahoo to see if Jake had sent me any messages but my inbox was full of junk mail and I stared at the screen in disbelief. Was I right in deciding to go to Ibiza? Jake had not contacted me at all since I’d left for Majorca and nobody had bothered to call me to see how I was.

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