Destined Lovers Ch. 08

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The punch Ivan had given him had been so painful. Henry bled for minutes before it finally stopped. He was so happy that he had finally found out Ivan was George. Even the punch he had given him could not stop his happiness.

“I am going to follow him.” He said as he stood up.

“It’s very late and I am sure he will not allow you to see him.” Andrew hissed.

“Whatever it takes I must have him back.” He asserted.

“That all depends on him.” Claire replied as she came into the living room. “As it is right now, you have really messed up and I am sure he will not make it easy for you.”

“I will make him mine once again.” He restated.

Just then Jake entered the house and he was really mad. Henry wondered why he was in his house at

“How could he embarrass me like that?” he babbled.

Henry had a headache and he didn’t want Jake to add to the problems he had already. Soon as he saw him, he began heading upstairs leaving Andrew and Claire to handle Jake.

He got into bed thinking about how much he had missed George and how happy he was feeling knowing that he had finally found him. Henry felt like he had created a gap between them because of what he had done. First he had thrown him out of his life and then he had kidnapped his son. This was really too much and he did not know where to start.

The door opened and the furious Jake came inside the room.

“What are you doing here Jake?” he asked.

“Why is my boyfriend asking me what I am doing here? Shouldn’t you be happy that I am here?” Jake spitted.

“It’s late and I am not in a good mood.” He hissed.

“I am also not in a good mood… I met that silly boy and he embarrassed me in front of my fans.” He glowered as he threw a newspaper on the bed.

Henry took the newspaper and read.

‘ Famous celebrity embarrassed at Rodriguez suns hotel.’

Henry began laughing which made Jake look even angrier.

“You have already met with him too.” He laughed.

“What do you mean by that?” Jake asked.

“He was the one that gave me this.” He said as he pointed to his nose.

“Why did he do that to you? Does this mean that you have been meeting him?” Jake mumbled.

“It’s none of your business.” Henry said as he pushed himself under the covers.

He saw Jake as he stripped to his boxer briefs and came into the bed and put his hand on Henry’s chest.

“Are we going to have sex tonight?” Jake asked enthusiastically.

“No! I am too tired.” He replied removing Jake’s hand from his chest.

“That’s all I have been hearing for the past 2 months now.” He sneered. “This started when we came from that party 2 months ago… You are always too tired to fuck me.”

“I have been doing a lot of work at the office and I am always tired.” Henry hissed. “And if you love me like you say you do you would understand.”

“Does it have to do anything with the return of George?” he demanded.

“Don’t bring him into this and even if it does, why should it matter to you?” Henry countered.

“Maybe it does and I hope all this is not true because you are only mine Henry… Nothing will ever change that.” Jake shouted in his face.

Henry’s headache got worse as they continued arguing. He couldn’t take it anymore so he left the room for Jake and went to another room leaving the troublesome Jake on his own though he objected for Henry to leave the room. Henry threw him on the bed and left.


Ivan was in the living room playing with his son. He had decided not to go to the office for he wanted to spend the whole day with his son. He had been so scared the whole night after what had happened to him with Henry. He was busy chasing his son in the living room when the guard came inside.

“Sorry to disturb you sir but Mr. Rosenberg is at the gate demanding to see you.” He apologized.

Ivan wondered if Henry would ever leave him alone at all. Now that he knew he was George it would be hard to avoid him with any excuse.

“Tell him I don’t want to see him and under no circumstance should you allow him inside.”

The guard went away and he continued playing with his son though his mind was outside talking to Henry and telling him how much he loved him.

A few minutes later he could hear Henry’s voice outside shouting his name. He ignored it but he wanted to go outside and talk with him. He stood there his mind absent when he felt his son’s tiny hand.

“Daddy, are you okay.”

“I am fine.” He said with a smile.

He tried to play with his son but Henry was really getting to him with all the shouting he was doing outside. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go and see Henry to put him in his place. He called his son’s nanny and asked her to play with his son while he went outside for a moment. As he got outside, the noise increased and Henry was still shouting his name.

“George! Come out and see me… I won’t go if I do not see you.”

Henry was banging on the gate and it was making a lot of noise in the whole compound. porno Ivan dismissed the guard and told him he had it under his control. As soon as Ivan got out of the compound, Henry ran to him and hugged him tightly but he just stood there doing nothing.

“I knew you would come out.” Henry exclaimed.

Ivan released himself from the hug and looked straight at George with a serious face.

“What do you need here Henry?” he sighed.

“I came here for you my love.” Henry answered excitedly as he held his hand.

“Can you hear yourself, Henry?” He laughed. “You and I share no relationship.” He said as he released his hand.

“We used to…” Henry answered.

“That was all in the past and I have forgotten about it all… And what do you think, that because you know who I really am you can just come here and I would receive you with open arms? I am not that stupid Henry.” He sighed. “You even have the guts to kidnap my son.”

“I was helpless.” Henry mumbled. “I needed to know the truth.”

“And then what?” he hissed. “Has it changed anything?”

“It has not but I am willing to change it? Give me a chance.” Henry begged.

“You never wanted me in your life. Why has that changed suddenly?” he sneered. “I am warning you Henry, stay away from me because you might not like the outcome.” He threatened.

“I am ready to suffer if it means you will forgive me… I am even ready to die.” He reassured.

“Just get out of here and leave me and my son in peace.” He begged.

Henry was silent and looking really pitiful. Ivan really wanted to tell him that he still loved him but he was scared of getting hurt. He turned to go back into his compound but Henry grabbed his arm, turned him around and kissed him.

The kiss felt like heaven. Henry had his hands on Ivan’s arms while he tried to penetrate his mouth. Ivan couldn’t resist the kiss. For the first time when he was with Henry, he felt weak and just allowed Henry kiss him deeply. He wanted to allow Henry’s tongue to enter his mouth but he came to his mind, broke the kiss and left without saying anything. As soon as he closed the gate, he leaned towards it while tears run down his face. He did not hear Henry’s voice outside the gate but he also did not hear his car’s sound which only meant that he was still outside.

Henry was giving him a hard time and if he continued being persuasive, he would soon make him confess his love to him. All this was making him feel very nervous and scared.

He didn’t know how he would hide his feelings from Henry, now that he knew that he was George. He could hear sobs coming from outside the gate and knew that Henry was crying from everything he had told him. His heart was weeping from the inside and it was really hurting him.

Ivan rubbed tears from his face and began walking to the house slowly. He really wanted to tell Henry he still loved him but he still did not know his intentions and was afraid of getting hurt again so he courageously went into the house trying to forget about what had happened.

As he entered the house he stopped in the door way and watched as his son played with his nanny. This brought a smile to his face and he was able to forget that he was having a hard time forgetting Henry. The way his son was laughing while he played with his toys brought peace to him. He thanked God for finding his son because he wouldn’t have known how his life would have been if his son had never been in his life.

He entered the living room and continued playing with his son but it was not long before all the memories of Henry came back to him. He tried to forget them with happy thoughts but this time it was inevitable. Henry was just some one that he had to live the rest of his life loving.

The following day Ivan did not see Henry anywhere and he had a happy day at work. For the first time, Henry was not bothering him. Maybe what he had told him got to him for once. He went home happily and had a good time with his son.

On a day he was coming from having his first photo shoot in a magazine, he met Henry who was looking really messed up. He was looking like he had not had a good night sleep in the four days that he had not seen him. Ivan felt bad that he was the cause of what Henry had been through the past few days he had not seen him.

“I know you said I should leave you alone and I am going to grant your wish.” He said quietly. Ivan could feel the pain in his voice.

“But I can I see you for one last time?” he begged as he put his hands together. He was about to kneel before Ivan interrupted.

“Please don’t do that. It might ruin your reputation.” He replied.

“I will grant your wish too.” He said as he smiled.

“Come with me.” He begged.

Ivan nodded and Henry smiled at him. Ivan felt bad as he followed him but he was granting him his wish and would soon leave him alone. Ivan had two guards following and what surprised him was when Henry turned around and instructed them.

“I’ll take care of your boss. Go home in his car and japon porno I will bring him back in mine.” He literally begged them but they were all standing there looking at him.

“It’s okay. You can go home without me.” Ivan instructed.

He looked at Henry and he had a big smile on his face. Ivan realized just how much he had missed Henry. Henry held his hand and took him outside to his car. He opened the door for him and closed it when he had entered the car. Henry held his hand and he just smiled at him.

He started the car and they began moving from the photo shoot site. Ivan was feeling really nervous that this might be the last time he might spend with Henry but it was what he wanted and Henry was just fulfilling his wish. If he had it his way, he would have loved for Henry to be in his life but maybe this was for the best.


Henry couldn’t believe that George had agreed to go with him even though he did not know where they were going. He had made all this after he had gone home crying after George told him to leave him alone. He found Jake in his room who had apologized for the way he behaved all this time with him. From that day, he had decided to grant George’s wish and leave him but he couldn’t just leave like that. He needed to spend some time alone with George.

He was taking him to a beach house a few miles away from town where he would get to talk to him before he left. He had some people clean it before he took him there. It was only going to be just him and George. Henry was driving fast because it was to be a comeback journey like he had promised.

What surprised him was the fact that George never asked questions even when they got out of town. He just stared outside the window and looked lost in thought. Henry never said anything but just kept on driving to his destination. All the way he never uttered a word and neither did George. Finally after an hour’s drive, they arrived at Henry’s beach house. It was really beautiful with flowers decorated on its white walls. It was looking really romantic like it was their honey moon and Henry just hoped that George did not mistake it.

After Henry had parked he wanted to go and open the door but George was already out. He might have changed his name but to him, he would always be George.

“Welcome to my beach house.” he said loudly.

“Thank you so much.” Ivan said as he looked around.

“This is a nice place.” He added.

“Yes it is… It’s just a place I bought a few years ago to remember you when I couldn’t find you.” Henry gushed.

“Henry… I…” Ivan stammered.

“It’s okay. I understand.” Henry replied.

They went inside the house and it was fully decorated. The living room was beautiful with white couches covered with flowers. The dining room was full with all kinds of fruits. Henry showed Ivan around and in no time they found themselves walking on the beach.

First they walked on the beach silently without saying anything as if they were strangers.

“I really love this beach.” Ivan said to him with a smile.

“Me too… It reminds of me of the first time I kissed you.” Henry replied smiling.

He was surprised that Ivan did not say anything but was just smiling as well.

“If it all started on a beach then it should also end on the beach.” Henry said as he chuckled.

They just stayed for a few minutes and went inside and had some fruits. Henry had planned on cooking for Ivan but he objected to it.

When they had finally sat in the living room, Henry just wanted to pour his heart out to him so that all the pain would go away.

“First I would like to apologize for what I did a few days ago… Believe me I did not plan it but I was desperate.” He said.

“When you left me five years ago, I … I had a hard time moving on up to now.” He whispered. “I couldn’t believe that you had really left me… I spent most of my time in sorrow wondering why I had driven you away… I regretted ever telling you all those things I told you but before I realized everything, it was too late… I am really happy for the kind of life that you have right now. You really deserve to be happy and I deserve punishment for whatever it is that I have been doing to you.”

Henry felt tears building up in his eyes and he could feel as a tear run down his face. He really did not care that he was crying in front of the man he loved or that he was a 31 year old man crying. All he wanted to do was get rid of this burden and finally leave Ivan in peace after he had forgiven him.

“The truth is that I was really mad when I found you that time.” He sobbed. “It is not easy to find love but I found it and I screwed up everything… I lost something that I will never be able to find on this earth and that is you… I want to clear all this misunderstandings between us.” He cried.

Henry knelt down on the floor holding Ivan’s hands as he drowned in his own sorrows.

“Henry, please… You don’t have to.” Ivan begged.

“No! I have to lezbiyen porno do this.” He said as more tears run down his face.

“I was such a jerk that I could not even trust you but right now I feel like the biggest fool on earth… after everything that I had done to you, I still came back into your life like nothing had ever happened.”

“Three days ago when you asked me to leave you alone, I had a lot of thinking to do. I could not even sleep well but in those three days I had decided to grant your wish and let you leave peacefully.” He cried. “I know this will give me peace too even if it will hurt me so much… I shouldn’t be asking you this but please forgive me.” He cried more as he held on to Ivan’s hands. “I beg you.”

Ivan held his face close to him and Henry could see that his eyes were teary too.

“I am so sorry for everything.” He cried.

“This is the only thing that I am asking of you.” Henry cried as he fell to the floor.

“This has been very painful for me too…” Ivan consoled him. “I could have probably acted the same way you did if I was in your shoes. And like you said, we both want to live peaceful lives… for this reason…” He sighed. “I forgive you for everything. I should have done this a long time ago.”

Those words brought more sorrow and tears to him.

“Thank you so much.” He said happily.

The good thing was that Ivan had forgiven him but the bad thing was that this would be the last time he would be with him because he had promised to leave him alone. It felt so good and so painful at the same time. If they had still been together, Henry would have kissed him but right now he had to know his boundaries.

Henry laid his head on Ivan’s lap as he cried even more. Ivan tried to console him but the tears kept on flowing. He was really going to miss Ivan and he did not even know if he would ever fall in love again. This was the only moment he would spend with him. He must have cried for at least 30 minutes before he stopped and got up.

“I am sorry for that. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” He apologized.

“It’s okay.” Ivan responded smiling.

When Henry looked at the clock on the table it was already 4 pm and he knew his time with his love had expired.

“Excuse me for a minute.” Henry said as he went to wash his face.

He quickly washed his face and came back to the living room.

“Shall we go?” He asked. “It’s getting late and I am sure Noah is waiting for you.”

“Yes!” Ivan replied as he got up.

It was the last time he would get to see Ivan like this, Henry said goodbye to him in his heart. As soon as they had come out of the beach house, from nowhere there was a strong wind which began blowing. Ivan had his hands on Henry’s shoulder which brought tears to Henry and he rubbed it before Ivan noticed. They continued heading to the car and soon as they stepped on the ground, the rain began falling heavily from nowhere. The sky was dark and they ran to the car but it got worse. It was looking like it was going to be a storm and Henry knew better than to drive in a storm.

They were all dripping wet and Ivan was looking very worried.

“Looks like a storm. We have to go back inside for our safety.” Henry suggested.

“You are right. We cannot go home in this storm.” Ivan replied.

They ran back into the beach house and they were all dripping wet. Henry just hoped for the storm to soon clear but it was getting worse with every wish he made. Maybe it was because evening the heavens wanted them to be together. Henry could see that the cold was getting to Ivan.

“I have a few clothes upstairs. Come with so that you can dry yourself and change into something warm.” Henry said loudly hoping Ivan had heard him.

Ivan nodded and Henry led him upstairs to his room and gave him a towel and a few choices of clothes to change in. he took a towel himself and a set of clothes and left the room. Henry went to another room where he quickly dried off and changed his clothes. He went back to the room he had left Ivan but did not see him. A few moments later, he saw him coming from the bathroom. He stared from toe to head.

The jeans were a bit tight for him and they really showed his curved sexy waist which Henry realized was feminine. The shirt was also tight which showed his pointed big nipples which looked so inviting to Henry. And when he reached the face he thought he was dreaming. Ivan had untied his hair and was drying it. His face looked angelic with his long dark hair untied. He was looking so sexy than Henry remembered he had been. A lot had changed about him and all this was making him yearn for him. He thought everything was moving in slow motion. The way Ivan dried his hair, the way he moved as he came into the room, the way he smiled when he saw Henry. This was all turning him even more. Why was life doing this to him?

If Ivan had still been his lover, he would have grabbed him and kissed his brains out but he knew better than to mess with a guy like Ivan who had become so famous, so powerful and even richer than he was. If he was not mistaken, at 24 Ivan was currently the youngest and probably richest business man in the country. He had become so influential and famous that he was even the talk of every channel and social media in the country.

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