Deviant Dorm Rooms Ch. 00 – Prologue

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This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

Angelica and her high school friend, Bobby, sat awkwardly on the couch. Angelica pushed her glasses up her freckled nose. Her sister had just run back upstairs.

Angelica’s younger sister, Abbey, was in high school and knew full well about the “No Boys in the House” rule. But Angelica was already in good graces with her sister. She promised to help her throw a party for her sister’s 17th and would also buy her sister’s prom dress.

So keeping a secret like this was something she could do.

“Sorry about her,” Angelica said, turning to Bobby. She was in her volleyball sweatpants and a tank top that did little to hide her hard nipples. Her long reddish-brown hair was draped over her tits.

Bobby turned toward Angelica. He was amused that he had almost been caught fingering Angelica by her younger sister.

“I want you to do something for me,” Bobby said, sliding his hand down Angelica’s stomach and back into her loose pants.He effortlessly moved his fingers against her swollen clit. He dipped his middle finger in and hooked her G-Spot immediately. Angelica jerked her head as she gasped. Her body stiffened before relaxing.

Angelica had been fingered more than a few times over the course of the summer, mostly by Bobby. They worked together on bounce houses and she liked him alot.

“I want you,” Bobby began, his left hand walking across Angelica’s shoulders. “To come down here with me.”

He firmly gripped the back of her neck and brought her head to lay on his flat stomach. Bobby kicked his feet up so he was laying on his back. His hands were still in Angelica’s pants and just barely tickling her clit.

Angelica was jarred out of her sexual bliss when she was shoved roughly toward his groin.

Before she even realized what was happening, Bobby had pulled out his dick.

She admitted to herself that he was tactless when it came to romance.

Even now, the first time she had ever seen his dick, it had been unceremoniously whipped out in front of her face like a twizzler stick.

“What are you gunna do with that?” Bobby said, waving his dick back and forth.

Angelica thought it looked like a bowling pin.

She sighed and opened her mouth.

‘I am going to college. Might as well get this over with,’ she thought as she lowered her lips over the head. Her friends had talked about giving blowjobs before and soon her tactics had Bobby breathing deeply.

She sucked his dick for five minutes, pausing twice when they heard footsteps near the top of the stairs. Just when Bobby started to feed more of his dick into Angelica’s mouth, she heard the garage door opening. Her mother was home early.

“Oh Shit!” Angelica said. “Front door.”

Angelica and Bobby scrambled off the living room couch. He zipped his pants and he was fumbling into his tennis shoes.

“Mom’s home!” yelled Angelica’s youngest sister, Aubrey, as she came down the stairs.

“Go! Go!” Angelica whispered, pushing Booby out the door with his shoes untied and button undone.

“Thanks for-….”

Angelica shut the door in his face. She turned just as the back door opened.

“Help me with the groceries,” her mother yelled, carrying bags into the kitchen barely glancing into the living room.

“Fine,” Angelica groaned as she moseyed to the garage.

* * * * * * * * *

High-school graduates Kaci and Ash walked into the bathroom at a Scotty’s Pubhouse. They had roped a couple of college students into dinner.

The two fools were blinded by Kaci’s stunning blue eyes, perky boobs and plump booty. Their seduction was helped along by Ash’s flirty demeanor.

“I think you’ve got that stupid guy ready to pay for our whole meal,” Kaci said, as Ash fixed her jet-black hair.

“Well if he can’t, he’s going to have to explain to the wait staff why he’s been buying drinks for an 18-year-old all night,” Ash said, pulling out the fake ID in her wallet. Her own brown eyes stared back at her. Though curly now, her hair was straight in the photo.

“I don’t know who Steve Tomlison is, but he’s definitely not the Indiana Commissioner,” she chuckled.

After she left the stalls, Kaci joined Ash at the mirror. She washed her hands and looked at her own blonde-haired reflection. Kaci took out a one-hitter and packed it with weed.

Ash looked at her friend. She knew Kaci was thinking about college.

“You really think he isn’t going to find six or seven different people down there to help him with his…… problem?” Ask asked as she hopped her small frame onto the bathroom counter.

“Don’t you start,” Kaci said, digging into her purse for a lighter. “I was worried about the same thing he was, until Porno I remembered my cousin Lana was in Vincennes.”

“You don’t think his little problem has more to do with….you,” Ash asked, as Kaci lit the one-hitter while staring at herself in the mirror.

Kaci inhaled deeply, her big tits rising in her blouse. She exhaled the smoke and turned on her heel toward her friend.

“Don’t start,’ Kaci said. They left the bathroom.

The two high school graduates looked over at the two college-age boys they had roped into dinner and drinks. They were both holding their dates’ jackets by the door, waiting patiently for what they each thought was a sure thing.

“You aren’t really going to fuck this Carl guy, are you?” Ash asked, turning to her tall blonde friend.

“Nope,” said Kaci. “I’m just here for moral support. Are you going home with….um…What’s his name? Steve?….Steven?………Mike?”

“Fuck no,” Ash blurted out. “I’m here for the drinks!”

They laughed together as the men helped them into their coats before leading them to Carl’s car. Neither guy got laid that night.

* * * * * * * * *

Erica had been dragged through almost every room in her boyfriend’s house. If she was horny right now, it was nothing compared to Darin. He had frantically snuck her away from his family and they were now at the opposite end of the empty house.

“Down here!” Darin whispered to Erica after opening the basement door.

Erica looked down the wooden stairs. A single light bulb flickered as it swung back and forth. She could see a few spiderwebs at the bottom of the railing.

“Seriously!?” Erica whispered back, incredulously. “Here!? And what are we gunna say when your Momma come’s down here looking for us.”

She was steered down the basement steps as Darin closed the door behind them. He had hardly been able to contain himself since she’d arrived. It was a hot day in Indy.

When he saw Erica in her short jeans shorts, a red cutoff shirt with her hair pulled back into a fro, Darin immediately started planning on how to get her alone.

They quickly got to the bottom of the stairs. The concrete floor was covered in dust and a huge furnace dominated the basement.

Darin walked her over to the washing machine in the corner.. He quickly reached under her cut-off shirt and squeezed her large breasts from behind.

At 5’8, Erica’s booty rested against Darin’s groin. As he fondled her under her shirt, Erica sighed and pressed her ass and hips back against his jeans.

“No time,” she moaned, feeling Darin’s bulge through his jeans.

She unsnapped the button on her jeans and Darin rushed to undo his belt and zipper.

Erica managed to pull her tight jeans off of her fat ass just as Darin was bending her over the washer.

He pulled his dick through his fly and rubbed it against her slick slit. Still wet from their actions earlier, Erica’s pussy easily parted to accept Darin’s penis.

He pushed his dick into his girlfriend until her plump booty rested against his groin. Darin grimaced as he felt Erica’s warm pussy clamp down on his dick once he bottomed out. He wished he could savor the familiar feeling of Erica’s tight pussy while it squeezed him…. but they had to hurry.

Darin grabbed Erica’s hips with his left hand, pushed against the small of her back with his right and quickly pulled out and slammed back into her. He repeated his actions while watching his shaft disappear past her lips into her pink pussy.

“Ungh!….Ungh!….Ungh!…” Erica cried out. Her grunts spurred Darin on. Her ran his right hand up Erica’s back and gripped her short afro.

Erica arched her back and moaned into the air. She felt her pussy walls spasm as Darin began hammering into her. She was already worked up from Darin’s fingers.

Couple that with the thrashing she was receiving and Erica was already rushing toward an orgasm. Her ass slapped against Darin’s thighs and the sound was audible over the hum of the basement’s furnace.

She held her breath. She could feel it building around her waist as Darin continued pounding away. She stretched her arm out and gripped the side of the washing machine.

Her leg stiffened and she cried out as the orgasm washed over her. Her pussy walls contracted around Darin’s dick. He grunted and moaned softly as Erica’s pussy squeezed his dick at the base while she came. He held into her for a few seconds before picking up the pace again.

He continued ramming into his girlfriend who hadn’t yet recovered from her first when a second climax rocked through her.

She cried out as the orgasm raced its way through her body. She arched her back more, pushing her pussy back to meet Darin’s rapid thrusts. Darin could feel her pussy creaming all over his dick.

Her torso went limp against the machine. Darin grabbed both her arms and crossed them behind Erica’s back. With better leverage and a willing participant, Altyazılı Porno Darin savagely pounded his girlfriend from behind.

Her cum was running down her own leg and into her shorts, which were stretched across her thighs. She was sputtering and moaning as she was forcefully fucked through her climax. Darin did not slow down and continued at this pace.

Darin fucked Erica through one more mindblowing orgasm before he felt his own balls churning. He continued pummeling Erica until he released a flood of cum into her vagina. He held his dick inside her and savored Erica’s vice-like grip as she squeezed her pussy muscles.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time to revel in the afterglow as they had to get back upstairs.

The two quickly did their pants and scrambled up the stairs. Darin opened the door slowly and peered into the living room. It was empty as most of his family was still outside enjoying Darin’s “College Send Off Party.”

They each emerged and Darin closed the door. Erica was fixing her shirt while they made their way toward the back porch, when Darin’s Auntie Tish came around the corner and spotted the horny teenagers.

“What the hell are you two doing?” She asked. “Why were you in the basement?

She looked the two up and down. They were sweaty and Darin’s shirt was still rumpled around his waist.

“We were just…uh….” Erica started.

“Looking for some tools…..For Jimmy’s car,” Darin said. “Like he said he needed earlier.”

She stared at them for a full 15 seconds in silence. The only sounds were from the party outside behind his aunt and their own panting.

“You wanna try that lie again?” Auntie said.

Darin gulped. Auntie Tish sighed. She glanced behind her and lowered voice.

“Look… don’t go worryin’ your mother before y’all even leave,” Auntie said. “Just control yourselves for a month. Then you can do whatever you want at college. Stop thinking with the wrong head, Darin.

“And you young lady,” Auntie Tish snapped at Erica. “Have some damn class! I mean….The basement!? Sheesh!”

Tish rolled her eyes and motioned for them to follow her outside.

“Where the hell have you two been!?” Darin’s mom yelled, once she saw the pair.

“Ah! They were with me, Shelly!” Tish butted in as her sister barred down on the two. “I needed some help finding some tools in the basement for Jimmy’s car. Y’all ain’ t got nothing down there.”

“What?” Shelly said. “There are a bunch of tools downstairs. How could you not find them? They all next to the washing machine.”

“Oh really,” Tish said, as she looked over at the two students. “I didn’t see any, did either of you?”

They shocked their heads fervently.

“Hmmm, we must’ve missed them,” Tish said, glaring at Darin as his mom turned away.

* * * * * * * * *

David was on edge. He glanced at his open bedroom door. It was not allowed to be closed. David looked back at his red-headed girlfriend Christa. Her brown eyes were full of lust.

“It’ll be fine,” Christa said. She smiled excitedly as she watched the look on his face. “Cum for me.”

David looked down at Christa’s hand encircling his cock. She had been jerking him off for a few minutes. David could hear his mom, setting tables in the kitchen.

“She’s going to come back here,” David said.

The two froze when they heard footsteps in the hall but then heard a bathroom door close. Christa did not stop stroking. Someone went to the restroom. Christa renewed her focus on jerking her boyfriend. David inhaled deeply.

“She’s almost done,” David whispered.

“I know she is,” Christa whispered excitedly in David’s ear. “But you aren’t leaving until you cum all over this bed.”

Without warning she dropped her head and sucked David’s dick into her mouth. For a few seconds she blew him, engulfing his shaft with her tongue, before coming back up. She was still jacking his dick when she felt it twitch in her hand.

David was clenching Christa’s arm as he came. He put his face into her shoulder to muffled his groans while he spurted onto Christa’s hands. Christa kept jerking David’s dick as a third and fourth glob of semen poured onto her knuckles.

“Dinner’s ready,” David’s mom called from the hallway. David’s dick was in his pants at lightning speed. Christa stood with her hands behind her back just as David’s mom appeared in the doorway, knocking on the open door. “I sure hope you brought an appetite Christa.”

“Yes ma’am,” Christa said brightly, her perky tits bouncing in her conservative top. “I can certainly say it smells delightful, Mrs. Woodhurst.”

“Aren’t you sweet,” David’s mom said, smiling at Christa. “Did you win your game?”

She glanced at the Playstation game that was paused on the small bedroom TV.

“Yeah–,” David grunted hoarsely. He cleared his throat as he stood. “We finished…er….came…I mean….we almost did..”

Christa and Mrs. Woodhurst Brazzers both stared at him, as he struggled to gather his thoughts.

“Are you okay hun?” his mom asked.

“Yes,” David sighed. “I’m just hungry.”

“…Okay,” she said. “Well wash your hands and come eat.”

They filed out of the room. David’s mom whispered to Christa as David entered the small bathroom first.

“I think your pretty face has got my son all flustered,” she said.

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Mrs. Woodhurst,” Christa said blushing. Her hands were still wet behind her back. “I’m the nervous wreck, meeting you all today.”

“Just keep in mind,” she said. “I know it’s college and it’s all a bit of fun; but don’t feel pressure to do anything you aren’t ready for. Boys may be boys, but ‘No’ still means ‘no’.”

“Yes ma’am,” Christa replied. “I’m sure with the classes and both of our extracurriculars, that the majority of our time spent together will be studying. And your son is the best study partner.”

“I know. You are such a nice young woman,” she said. “I’m more concerned with him. He’s my baby but…we all know you are the sweet one.”

Mrs. Woodhurst moved to the kitchen while Christa waited for David. When he finished washing his hands Christa walked up and whispered in his ear.

“When we get to campus, you are going to fuck the fucking daylights out of me.”

David left the bathroom wide-eyed, while Christa washed his cum off her hands.

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer’s boyfriend had moved his drink to the opposite cupholder and raised the armrest so she could scoot closer. Jennifer was enjoying the movie despite having missed the first 20 minutes.

The movie theater was semi-crowded and they were in the back row near the center. Jennifer by now had caught up to the thrilling plot and had even grasped the mid-plot twist. With the movie more than halfway over Jennifer was really looking forward to the ending.

“Hey,” her boyfriend whispered.

“Hey,” Jennifer replied, looking at him before returning attention to the film’s action. “This is good huh? You think we can trust that lady?”

“Huh?” he said. Her boyfriend wasn’t listening, he was focused on undoing his zipper.

“I think she’s in on the scheme,” Jennifer said.

“Let me have your hand,” he said.

Jennifer was happy to hold his hand. After three months they’d only just become intimate. Jennifer could tell that his experience outweighed hers and she was glad to not be headed to college as a complete novice in the sexual department.

She felt her boyfriend tugging at her arm as she tried to laced her finger in his. When she looked over she saw his cock poking about from his jeans, just visible in the darkened theater. He was trying to get her hand wrapped around it.

“Seriously!?” Jennifer whispered. “Babe, we just did this.”

“Just hold it for a while,” he whispered, leaning into her.

Jennifer sighed and gripped his member. She looked down the row and saw the other moviegoers were engrossed in the film. Her boyfriend put his arm around her and she scooted closer to him, jerking his dick.

Before long she felt him pulling her closer to his groin even as she tried to focus on the movie. Eventually she relented. Jennifer peeked down the row again, before opening her mouth and engulfing her boyfriend.

He groaned when he felt Jennifer warm mouth around his cock. He was still slightly sensitive having just cum earlier in the movie.

He put his hand through Jennifer’s brown hair, holding it out of her face while she bobbed on his dick.

He returned his attention to the screen and grabbed his cup from the holder. He gulped his soda, before sighing deeply as he enjoyed the movie. Jennifer could hear the movie plot progressing as she sucked her boyfriend’s cock.

The protagonist was obviously running in this scene and she heard the audience’s surprise when something exploded.

Eventually there was a discussion involving a traitor and Jennifer wondered if she had been right about the woman. She couldn’t focus too well as occasionally her boyfriend would start thrusting into her mouth.

Jennifer’s head was buried in his lap for the next 20 minutes.

When she felt his cock swelling, she also heard the familiar grunts coming from her boyfriend. Luckily the movie was also reaching its climax and no one but Jennifer heard her boyfriend ejaculating into her mouth. She gagged gulping as much down as she could. It wasn’t as much as earlier.

He held her head in his lap, until he was finished cumming. When he finally released Jennifer and she straightened back up, it was clear the movie was ending. The main character was walking beaten and bruised but smiling as he was joined on screen by his foxy costar.

Jennifer sighed, wiping her chin, as she watched her boyfriend zip up. She would have to re-watch this movie when it came to DVD. She loved a happy ending.

* * * * * * * * *

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the adventures of these horny teens. Please vote and comment. Thanks to Beta Readers Lovecraft68, Nuna13, HeatherC, TheMadscribbler1970 and DThomas. Feedback is greatly appreciated. More to come.

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