Deviations Ch. 03

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Here it is. The long awaited chapter three. Apologies for the delay and as always, I hope you enjoy!

Andrew awoke the following morning with his head spinning. As he laid there waiting to fully woke up, Kelsey had walked into his room.

“Good morning” Kelsey exclaimed giving Andrew a full smile.

“I came in earlier and you were still asleep. I also noticed the mess you left last night so I cleaned it up for you.” she said still smiling.

Andrew looked up at Kelsey, placing his arms behind his head. She had her hair pulled back with a few strands resting against her cheek.

“You really got me going last night. I really thought we were going to go further than it did for a bit there.” Andrew rolled over to his side keeping his eyes on Kelsey.

“I want to, but I figured we better take things slow for now. I need to know you won’t just up and leave once you get the full treatment.” Kelsey sat down on the edge of his bed next to him.

“C’mon now. You know I wouldn’t do that to you. You’re my sister, and I’ll always be by your side whether or not this continues on or not.” Andrew gave a reassuring smile.

Kelsey leaned down and gave Andrew a firm kiss on the lips. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” She said before kissing him again.

Andrew kissed her fully this time, not holding anything back. He was ready to be in this for the long run. Kelsey then stopped him. “No more teasing, please…” Andrew thought to himself.

“Dad left us chores to do. You have yard work to do and I have to make sure the house is clean.”

Andrew could only groan in response as he let his head fall back into his pillow. Kelsey then laid next to him and pulled his arms around her. They laid there cuddling each other for no more than five minutes.

“I made you some breakfast so you can eat something before starting on the yard.” Kelsey said nearly on top of him now.

“Alright. I’ll be down in a couple minutes.” Andrew replied.

Before Kelsey got up she pushed her hips into Andrew’s groin gently, grinding across the length of his morning wood. Andrew was helping she wouldn’t have noticed, but Kelsey had seen it as soon as she stepped into the room.

“I’ll see what I could do to make it worth your while later.”

Kelsey then gave Andrew a kiss on the cheek and then a wink before she left the room. Andrew then went over to his dresser to grab some clothes to get dressed. He quickly washed up before heading downstairs to eat the breakfast Kelsey had made for him.

As he walked into the kitchen, there was a plate of bacon and eggs with a side of toast. Across the kitchen on top of the counter he could see the note that was left with the chores assigned. Andrew really had no idea what Kelsey had in mind for later, but he could think more about that while mowing the yard.

Andrew sat down in the table and could hear Kelsey cleaning away with the vacuum on the other side of the house. Having no one to talk to, Andrew finished his breakfast in no time at all. He rinsed off his plate before sticking it in the dishwasher for the next load. He then promptly went outside to get started.

The chores that were left by dad was the usual list: Mow the lawn, trim the hedges/grass around the house, and make sure everything is cleaned up before putting anything away. While normally this doesn’t seem like a lot, it was for Andrew.

They had two acres with various trees and shrubbery in the way. While hedges were only in front of the house, he still had to weed-eat along the sides and back. All in all, it was an all day job Andrew was ready to endure.

Andrew took a break after mowing the front yard, then a second break after the back yard. On his second break, Andrew went inside and got a glass of water. He was also hoping to see Kelsey inside as well. She had finished the downstairs part of the house and was cleaning the upstairs family room.

Seeing how Andrew didn’t want to track any grass or dirt through the just cleaned house, he stood there enjoying the A/C. As he was cooling off, Kelsey came downstairs.

“Hey Andrew! Almost done with the yard work?” Kelsey seemed very happy to see him inside so soon.

“Oh no. I just finished mowing the yard. Still have to get around the house.” Andrew took another sip of his water eying Kelsey up and down.

“Start in the front, and when you come around the back look inside.” Kelsey gave a stern look, then smiled as she ran back upstairs.

“That was odd” Andrew thought to himself. He finished the last of his water in a couple of big gulps before going back outside following the instructions left by Kelsey. He started in the front trimming the hedges. While he was going around the sides with the weed-eater, he could see steam coming out of the upstairs bathroom window.

Once he finished the sides, he looked back up again but didn’t see any steam. He then proceeded to the back yard. He was nearly done when he looked up and could see Kelsey diyarbakır escort through the window. She was completely naked and Andrew could only stare as his jaw dropped.

Her hair was still wet as beads of water fell onto her shoulders and upper back. And while he wasn’t close enough to see the details, he could clearly see that she was completely shaven. Before he could react, a bulge has formed in the front of his pants. He ignored it and continued to stare at Kelsey.

He had been staring for so long and not paying attention, the weed eater had stalled out. When it did, Kelsey looked right at him before giving a smile. She then disappeared from view as she went to another room in the house. At that point, Andrew heard a car door close in the front of the house which brought him back down to earth.

He shook his head trying to clear his mind of the nude images of Kelsey. Looking through the window again, their Mom had just walked into the house. That was more than enough to make his erection subside and the images of Kelsey to go away for the time being. Andrew then restarted the weed eater and finished the rest around the back of the house.

It wasn’t long before Andrew was finally done and had the weed eater and lawn mower cleaned up enough to put back into the storage building. As he walked into the house, Kelsey was there to greet him already dressed for the evening. Kelsey gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Mom’s taking a nap.” Kelsey said quietly to Andrew. Even though their mom was on the other side of the house and upstairs.

“Well I still need to take a shower, I’ll meet you down here in a bit.” Andrew said.

Andrew then went up to his room and threw his dirty clothes into the hamper and grabbed a towel. As he went into the bathroom, Kelsey followed him in.

“What, are you going to help me shower too?” Andrew said with a chuckle.

“I wanted to, but you took so long with the yard we didn’t really have a chance.” Kelsey then placed her hand on his chest, pushing him back towards the shower door. Andrew took small steps back, not wanting to fall over anything. Kelsey meanwhile had a mischievous look on her face.

“You’re going to watch me shower..?” Andrew asked as his back hit the shower door.

“Not quite. You saw me earlier, so now I want to see you.” Kelsey wrapped a couple of fingers around the towel Andrew had wrapped around his waist. The bulge from earlier was making it’s return.

“I suppose it’s only fair.” Andrew took a deep breath as his heart started to race.

Kelsey stood inches away from him and wouldn’t move. So Andrew brought his hands to his waist and removed the towel, letting his erection spring free. 7 and a half inches that was again begging to be touched by Kelsey’s warm hand. Kelsey looked Andrew up and down when it was apparent that he was blushing. Kelsey then gave a look that Andrew couldn’t quite figure out.

She then squeezed his side un-expentantly causing him to flinch, giving a huge grin before turning around to leave the bathroom. Kelsey opened the door, and before leaving she told Andrew “I know what you’re thinking of doing, but don’t. It’ll be much better later.”

Andrew nodded with a disappointed look on his face. He did as instructed and got in the shower to only clean himself. It wasn’t until after the shower that his member had calmed down. He then dried himself off and pulled the towel around his waist again.

He opened the bathroom door and went back into his room. Picking out some jeans and a nice shirt to wear for the evening. Once he got dressed he made his way downstairs where everyone was waiting on him. Their dad had gotten home while Andrew was finishing up his shower.

Kelsey was in the living room wearing a tank top and a tight pair of jeans. While she wasn’t dressed up, the jeans showed the curves of her ass extensively. And the shirt made her breasts more prominent.

As they left the house, Kelsey and Andrew had been informed that they’re actually going out to eat before going to the movies. But they were picking up Stacey and Brittany. Their dad then said “It might get a little cramped in the back seat.”

“That’s fine!” Kelsey said enthusiastically. “I can sit in Andrew’s lap if it’s okay with him.” She walked over to him giving him a huge hug.

“I don’t mind.” Andrew said as they all got into the car.

Andrew and Kelsey climbed in the back seat while their parents naturally sat in the front. It was about a 20 minute drive to pick up Brittany. During this time, Kelsey had been holding Andrew’s hand. While they haven’t done this in a few years, their parents didn’t notice in the least. When they finally got to Brittany’s house. She made her way towards the car. She wasn’t as dressed up as Kelsey was, but still looked great to say the least.

Brittany could almost pass as Kelsey’s twin if it wasn’t for the hair. Instead of dark brown hair like Kelsey, Brittany’s was blond. She stood at 5’5″ and was one bra size lower than Kelsey’s 32 Cs. She too looked really good as she walked up to the car. She was wearing sandals with a pair of jeans. And was wearing a long sleeve shirt as she’s naturally cold.

She got in the back seat beside Kelsey, having Kelsey move to the middle being pressed up against Andrew. He didn’t mind this at all as he wanted to be close to her. At that moment there, he couldn’t quite look at Kelsey as his sister.

While taking the 10 minute drive to pick up Stacey, Kelsey’s hand had made it’s way on top of Andrew’s leg. It was only in the middle of his leg, and while this wasn’t a problem what came next was. He remained quiet as Kelsey and Brittany began their girl talk. Whispering to each other in some parts, and laughing uncontrollably during others. In the middle of all this, Kelsey moved her hand down Andrew’s leg.

Andrew knew what exactly she was doing, and the result of all this was him being completely hard by the time they reached Stacey’s house. Kelsey then turned to Andrew and gave him a quick peck on the lips that no one saw. Then smiled at him with that mischievous look again.

Stacey was a brunette like Kelsey, and while she was the same height as Kelsey, her breasts were much larger. They were a 34 D, and she had a few freckles across her face. Stacey loved to get attention, even more so she loved dressing up to show.

She walked up to the car wearing a black mini-skirt, only coming half way down her leg. If she bent over at all you could see the bottom curves of her ass. She was also wearing a black shirt with little skulls all over it. She opened the door and saw the back seat completely full. Everyone made a joke how she would have to ride in the trunk or on the roof.

Laughter aside, Kelsey then made her way onto Andrew’s lap. He was doing his best to conceal the erection that Kelsey had caused. She kept adjusting until she was sitting completely on it, with an ass cheek on either side. Andrew could feel the pressure instantly start to build as he let out a quiet groan. Stacey climbed into the car, putting Brittany in the middle seat. Andrew didn’t have any where to rest his hands, so one ended up going on Kelsey’s waist while the other was on the arm rest.

It was another 20 minute drive to the restaurant. After about 10 minutes of girl talk, one of them suggested some music. In response Kelsey’s mom turned on the radio.

All three girls began to dance, moving their arms and waists mainly. Kelsey was doing this in such a way, she was actually grinding Andrew through his jeans. This had caused a spot to form on Andrew’s pants from all the pre-cum that was being driven out by his sister. Luckily the music was loud enough to silence the groans he made. While the other two girls were too distracted to see the face he was making.

Every couple of minutes, Kelsey would look back at him with that smile of hers. And while doing so, she’d grind his entire length slowly in one direction. Then proceed to “dancing” like she was. “Damn her” Andrew could only think as he was nearing the edge.

He was so close to making a mess of his pants, he was actually thankful for when they pulled into the parking lot. Their dad turned off the music and quickly found a parking space. As they parked and everyone started getting out, Andrew said he’ll take a minute to get inside. Everyone but Kelsey gave him an odd look as he slowly got out of the car, making sure to hide his erection.

A couple minutes passed before he was ready to go inside. When he did, he heard “Over here!” As he looked in the direction where it came from, he saw his sister waving at him.

“I convinced Mom to let us four get a separate booth, and they’re both on the other side of the restaurant.” Kelsey said pulling Andrew by the hand.

Andrew was mostly quiet the whole time sitting there with Kelsey and her two friends. They all kept looking at him though, which made him a little uncomfortable. Kelsey eventually sat closer to Andrew, allowing her to place her hand once again on his leg. Andrew could only go with it at that moment as his member began hardening.

Every time Kelsey laughed with her two friends, her hand moved up towards his member. Eventually her hand was on top of it. While she didn’t exactly whip it out in the restaurant, she did give him a few squeezes through his jeans. Keeping him hard through the duration of the meal.

At that point, Andrew decided to try and get pay back for the car ride. He then placed his hand on her leg, slowly working his fingers towards her inner though. Kelsey could only let out small shivers as she was trying not to get caught. As Andrew’s hand neared the prize, he could feel the heat radiating through her jeans. Kelsey could only respond to the close proximity by giving harder squeezes to Andrew’s member.

“What are you two doing over there?” they both heard Stacey ask.

Andrew coughed clearing his throat. “Oh, she keeps wanting to hold my hand but I need it to eat my food.”

Brittany gave a strange look to both of them. “Riiight.” they both said in unison.

“Did you want to see if we could go watch a different movie too, Kelsey?” Stacey asked.

“I can try, but we’ll have to bring Andrew with us. He’ll make sure we don’t get into trouble.” Kelsey playfully pushed up against him, accidentally letting his hand come free from between her legs.

The rest of dinner carried on normally, Andrew still rock hard underneath the table. Once everyone had completed their meals, Andrew’s and Kelsey’s parents came over. “We better go now before we’re too late for the movie” they both said.

They then paid the bill and everyone climbed back into the car, Kelsey again in Andrew’s lap.

The drive to the movies was uneventful and quite normal in a sense. Kelsey thought she had teased Andrew enough for this part of the night. Andrew, however, wanted to take care of everything that had built up throughout the evening. But for now he had to wait.

They all arrived at the movie theater and proceeded to head inside. Before getting in, Kelsey asked if they could watch a different movie.

“Sure, but wait for us in the lobby if your movie finishes before us.” Their mom said.

Kelsey then gave her a hug and in return she got money for the tickets. Since Andrew didn’t really have a say in what movie they should watch, the three girls all agreed on a chick flick. Everyone then grabbed some refreshments before heading towards the theater the movie was being shown in.

The group quickly made their way towards the top row. Stacey and Brittany went down the row of seats first, followed by Kelsey and Andrew. The girls continued talking while Andrew could only sit there and endure it. Finally the lights dimmed and the previews began showing.

Since the movie they were watching was out since the previous weekend, there was no more than 20 other people in the theater. Andrew had a slight suspicion that Kelsey had planned this, but passed over the thought quickly. Kelsey did however leave the armrest between her and Andrew upright so there was nothing between them.

When the movie started, Kelsey leaned over and rested her head on Andrew’s shoulder. Andrew didn’t mind this, though if she tried anything else he would have to excuse himself. A few minutes of the movie passed before Kelsey grabbed Andrew’s hand to hold it. Stacey and Brittany were watching the movie so much that they didn’t even bother to notice.

Since Andrew didn’t really enjoy chick-flicks, he actually started to drift off to sleep. But was awoken quickly an unknown presence in his lap. As he looked down, he could see that Kelsey let her hand on his lap once again. “Oh God. Not this again.” Andrew could only think to himself.

Kelsey’s hand moved once again over his oncoming erection. Andrew gave her a little nudge trying to tell her to stop, but his plea was refused as Kelsey’s hand began running her fingertips along the length. Andrew glanced over at Stacey and Brittany to see that they were captivated by the movie, and to settle his anticipation he also saw that no one else decided to sit in their row. With his mind at ease, Andrew relaxed a little and let Kelsey do as she pleased.

A few minutes of this passed, and while Andrew was harder than a rock he wasn’t turned on as much as he was earlier. Until Kelsey stopped touching him lightly, and slowly reached up to unbutton his jeans. Andrew gave a small but noticeable flinch as his pants was unbuttoned. “What are you doing?” he whispered to Kelsey’s ear so no one else could hear.

She said nothing, and to Andrew’s surprise the other two girls didn’t pay any attention to him. Kelsey then unzipped his pants and reached her hand inside. She grabbed the full length of Andrew’s erection over the boxers, giving gentle strokes. Andrew sat there trying not to give any sudden movements as they could draw attention to himself.

She then started to reach under his boxers, but enough was enough. Andrew’s fear of getting caught made him take Kelsey’s hand and push it away as he buttoned his pants back up. And seeing as he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself any time soon, Andrew excused himself from the theater to do so.

He went to the mens bathroom and checked no one else was in there. He then went into a stall once he was sure the coast was clear. There he undid his pants and lowered them, then began stroking his member. This time he was more comfortable with the thoughts of Kelsey. As he was working the length of it, his breathing quickened as he got to the edge. He then heard the bathroom door open.

He stopped and quickly pulled his pants up, not wanting to be discovered. The person that had entered walked the length of the bathroom. Andrew heard Kelsey’s voice. “Andrew?”

Andrew let out a quite groan as he opened the stall to find her standing there. Without hesitation, Kelsey entered the stall and closed it behind her. Quietly, Kelsey kissed Andrew. And in between kisses Kelsey said with a smile “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night.”

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