Diablerie Ch. 17: Master’s Routine

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“Good morning Dad.” I took his firming cock and licked the edges of the top as he looked down at me with sleepy eyes. Sucking on him until he was rock hard in my mouth was always a favorite, and the joy in feeling him swell inside my mouth and start to gag me brought a smile out.

“Good morning pet.” He extended his hand and let me shift my attention to kissing his knuckles as a sign of worship.

I was covered by the large fishnets he had picked me for, and underneath the assless panties my cock strained against were catching the clear drips of my precum. Slamming his cock to the back of my throat like I was taking a shot, I started deepthroating him enthusiastically to see how fast he could cum. My record was fifty seconds and each day I was supposed to try and beat it. Evan lifted his hands to avoid interfering with my practice and was already biting his lip to avoid cumming. My lips were overrun with spit, my hands holding each other behind my back to prevent interference, and my ass wiggling in the air as I prepped to have a stomach full of his sweet cum.

Evan let out exasperated breaths as he tried to hold back, my lips keeping a wet suction on the tip of his dick. “Gabby I could probably use a shower.” In defiance I wrapped my mouth around him tighter, pulling and trying to coax every drop of cum I could. “Fuck!” Evan pushed himself into my cheek and starting pumping cum as hard as he could. It splashed onto my tongue and started to drip down my throat as I hungrily swallowed all of it.

Pushing his cock again to the very back my throat, I kept stimulating him until he gave another twitch of potential cum. My stomach felt the warmth spread down to it with excitement for more. I hoped that Evan could spend the day filling me to the point of it running down my legs.

Tamara would be gone most of the day with her summer job as a service agent for a local factory, and might come home with only enough energy to help me milk Evan’s cock at night. For the next few hours, the heat Evan put me into was driving my sex drive through the roof, and couldn’t be ignored. If he wasn’t so strict I could get away with it, and if Tamara wasn’t so horny she didn’t need a constantly sore pussy, I’d consider masturbating like Id been hopeful to over the last few days. As if he knew I was planning to sneak off and play with my pussy, Evan leaned down and put his hand under my jaw so I’d look him in the eyes.

“I saw how you drank my cum, so you’d better speak up the minute you can’t taste it anymore. I’ll your throat soaked in it all day.” He grinned, stretching finally and pulling his boxers back up. “What’s on the agenda today?” He asked cheerfully.

“I’ll be preparing you breakfast soon Sir, and then its your day to do with as you please.” Standing up and grabbing the clothes set out for him, I helped dress him, and stood back to admire his features. “May I get food together for you Sir?”

“You may.” He smiled as he buttoned his shirt.

In the kitchen I cracked two eggs into a pan and enjoyed the soft sizzle them. In a few minutes, Evan was just over my shoulder, his hands running down the the curves of my body. He hugged me from behind and started to kiss the edge of my jawline. With the slow cook of breakfast, I gripped the edge of the stove and cried out as Evan teased my breasts slowly. He tortured and pulled, sucked and flicked, bit and dragged his tongue across them before the eggs were done, and as he sat at the table I panted into my hands.

“Dont get too worked up now Gabby. I cant have you spending all day too horny to let me play with Tamara.” He chuckled. Evan scooped down his breakfast as I munched cereal to cool my blood, and together we curled up onto the couch for a few episode of a favorite show.


“She’s going to be gone for at least a few more hours.” Evan let me drape my legs over his and stretch out, his hands jumping to my stomach to grab at the skin revealed by the shirt. Giggling and pulling away we locked eyes when he climbed onto me with his hands at my sides for more.

“I’m starting to wonder what it felt like before this. You’ve changed me inside and out. Hell, people at work started noticing every time we have an off day or when I get all excited and gushy from seeing you.” My face turned red as he spoke.

I thought of how he had kissed after our first time together. Our heads resting on the same pillow in his bed and the feeling of his sweat still on my skin. “I know what you mean. Now I’m scared of moving too fast. I want to do as much as I can with you. Tamara keeps changing week to week it seems. With how much she’s coming out of her shell it’s like were waiting to see who she wants to be.”

“Yeah it’s a little weird sometimes. I get this feeling like she’s going to outgrow us just by finding out who she’s been underneath all of the pain and the bullshit. The sexual addiction too.” He had a glance to the side. “Worried sometimes we might be hurting her growth with that too.”

“She’s bursa escort not outgrowing us, Dad. She’s in love with us. You’re not immune to it either, ever since that first night when I got to hold you close and hear you let down all of those walls you’ve grown more than I can say. You keep opening up and showing the both of us how much you had inside there for so long. It’s beautiful to watch.” I meant it too.

The way he had started to take compliments about himself and truly believe them was beginning to change and more emotion was behind every action he had. “Evan. Dad. When we started you had feeling and passion but it was struggling to survive behind the bars it was put in. I can’t even imagine how different it feels to finally let that out and in a way you want to. You’re inspiring me.” He had little tears in the corners of his eyes and tried to distract me so I couldn’t talk about it.

“Is everything set up for when Tamara gets back by the way?” He asked and his face soon shifted to a confused look as I crawled in his lap and straddled him.

“Dad. Everything that comes next no matter how scary or intense it might be is better. You get to live a beautiful life. I know you look at me with all this potential but for you I see more joy in you shedding it all, and being you. I love that man inside. Give him a chance okay?” A few more kisses to the side of his face and then I pulled him into my chest. “Every time I get to see you just voice what you want and where you want to go next, you get happier. You’re not just my role model, you’re my hero.”

We both seemed to have light tears in our eyes as we touched our noses. “What about the problems with porn?” Evan asked.

“I don’t feel like I look at it that much-” I started but Evan was shaking his head.

“No, I mean Tamara. Her phone, her email, her computer, Gabby, she has it everywhere.” I was confused as he said it. As far as I knew she had only been looking at it once or twice. “Pretty much anytime I’m with her she’s looking at something.”

“Wait really?” I paused, confused at why he was seeing it so much more than I was. “That’s really odd.”

“My baby girl has so much sadness in her, and my lovely pet is struggling to break free of her old thoughts. I just feel like I cant help and I want to.” Evan looked like he was nearly buried under his own guilt.

“You give us hope and inspiration, you give us kindness and inadvertently heal our bad habits, and you have a knack for making me smile. Trust me. You help. You can’t save everyone all at once, and who would we be if we needed saving instead of being partners who have something we offer you back.” As I looked into his eyes I saw them start to fill with tears.

“Dad. Come here.” Pulling him into my chest, he let out more of the internalized fear and pain from having so little encouragement over the years. Everytime he muttered an off handed comment about himself, I kissed his cheek and asked him to be kinder to himself. Evan wouldn’t give himself room to see that his beautiful qualities kept shining through day after day. He wasn’t seen by Tamara or I with rose colored glasses, he was our miracle.

Holding him for a few hours, we shared some of moments he never knew were my favorite. When we could talk and crack through our layers to appreciate how good company could be, we learned more about each other every time. He put his head in my lap and let the sunlight run the clock despite his urge to get up and hustle to another task. It was after five when he finally saw he need a day of love and relaxation.

“I’m home!” Tamara called, opening the door and setting her backpack next to it. She looked at us on the couch and bounded over. “Cant miss a chance for cuddles.” She bounced happily.

“Have you eaten?” Evan asked, taking her collar out and putting it around her neck. When she nodded with a grin he fastened it. “Do you need sleep, or meds, or anything you should have done today?”

“No sir.” She said, curiously looking to me. Shrugging in response, she looked back at Evan who leaned down for a kiss. “I ate and I’ve been good today.”

“Good girl.” He took her by the collar. “You can get undressed and enjoy your time home naked now.

“Thank you!” Tamara pulled at her clothes and had them piled on the floor in seconds. “Master I’m really horny, can I touch?”

“I dunno pet, I can help you, but only like this.” Evan held up two of his fingers firmly. “Masters fingers will be right here, and you can grind and cum on them all you want if you’re so pent up.” He said authoritatively.

“But Sir, its not the same as having you inside me! I wanna feel you hit my spot.” She stamped a foot with a little fuss.

Evan shook his head. “Show me you can enjoy just my fingers, and tomorrow, Master will reward you very well.”

Tamara huffed at him, folding her arms. “What’s the reward?”

“Master will take you out for a vibrator you’re allowed to use.” This got her bursa escort bayan attention and made her sit right up. “You can pick out a toy to ease that needy pussy if you’re good today. You have to cum on Masters fingers fully, and you can’t use anything else.”

Tamara nodded excitedly, and ran to the counter where she could lean over. Evan followed, and put two of his fingers along the inside of her thigh so she knew where they were. Without looking, she lowered her hips and started to work on soaking his fingers with just her pussy lips. Evan had a way of creating these random and exciting tasks for us that only proved his natural dominant skills, despite no formal training or any BDSM experience.

He whispered in her ear, as she was starting to run thick and sticky strings of cum down his palm and onto his wrist. “Dirty little pet, you don’t even need the toy. You’re slit gets dripping the minute you know Master is thinking of indulging those naughty thoughts.”

Tamara moaned and shuddered with her arms wrapping around Evan to beg right in his ear. “Master your fingers feel so good.” She cried out with her hips circling his knuckles. Gripping him tighter, she bit at his neck and rubbed herself into his chest hair as she steadily worked herself to a peak. “I missed you so much today. All I could think about is how good you taste.”

“Of course you couldn’t get me out of your head pet, you’re a naughty little slut.” Evan chuckled. “Show Master just how bad you want his fingers and just maybe I’ll let you swallow every drop of my warm and sticky cum tonight.” Tamara wimpered as he spoke, and even as I watched I ached to feel his two fingers pushing against my prostate. Slowly her eyes widened and she looked into my Dad’s as she started to mumble that she was cumming. Kissing her roughly and biting at her lip, he leaned into her ear. “Cum you filthy little toy.” Tamara’s legs vibrated with heavy bounces as she relaxed and soaked his fingers, her cunt taking his fingers all the way to the back.

Pulling his fingers out of the drooling mess that was Tamara, he pushed them into my mouth and her sweet cum flowed across my tongue as I cleaned them. “Get your ass upstairs Gabby.” He said hungrily, smacking my ass hard enough to leave a handprint setting in. Evan stood and pointed to Tamara. “Prep dinner when your head is clear, Pet.”

Pushing me forward as he followed, his cock poked up through his jeans and looked like it was straining painfully against the fabric. He shoved me onto the bed with one hand while he undid his pants, and soon the warmth of his firm cock was against my asscrack.

“Fuck me Sir!” I begged. Evan just leaned down and spit right onto my hole, his dick starting to push past my ring roughly. Little by little he sunk into my ass, finally reaching the base and letting out a deep groan. He gripped the sides of my ass and pulled back, thrusting in roughly and deeply.

“Daddy please!”

“Please what baby?” He said almost mournfully as he fucked me hard enough to jerk my head back and forth if he wasn’t holding it in place.

“Please knock me up! Please fill me and let me swell for you.”

He leaned down and growled into my ear. “If that’s what you want you better beg just right so I breed your little hole.”

“Dad I want my breasts to swell for you, I want my stomach to keep me slow and gentle, and then you can have mine months of dumping every drop in my cunt without worry. I want people to see my body change for Daddy.”

Evan’s hand smacked my ass and then gripped above my waist. “You’re gonna become Daddy’s little incest breeder?”

“Yes!” I screamed and felt my cum forcing out each time he thrusted and was balls deep inside me again.

“You want me to keep your pussy full?” He growled and rammed harder.

“Please Dad! Cum inside me. Break my cervix if you have to, please force my pussy to serve you.”

“You don’t have to be forced, daddy’s perfect slut just opens wide every time. Time to make good on your promises baby.” The pulse in his cock was strong and clenched tightly as he stuffed me with cum, each pump making the entrance to my ass tingle and shudder with pleasure.

The pull of his cock as it flooded me made me twitch in turn, which grasped him tighter and demanded more. He couldn’t keep himself from being milked by my clenching hole. Despite him cumming in the morning, he had a thick and heavy load dripping around the edges of his cock. “Holy fuck Dad it’s so much!”

“Because I think we both know you’re dying to feel me breed you.” Gasping and twitching, I kept dripping and cumming right onto his stomach. Trying not too fall right off his dick, I leaned forward, panting into his ear. “That’s it Gabby. Just keep Daddy inside and let it all soak in.”

Rolling off of him, we sat groaning and trying to find the energy to go back downstairs. “Jesus you two keep me completely tapped.”


Propping up Tamara so she could learn back escort bursa against my chest, I squeezed the loofah and sent warm water down her breasts. She sighed with a lofty smile. “Gabby, that feels so nice.” I kissed the side of her face and pulled her hair behind her ears with a gentle press of the lips to each side. “This life is turning out to be better than I ever could have hoped. Living like this feels regal. Tomorrow I get to stay home and literally clean your Dad’s cock for fun, and repay you for this wonderfully relaxing time.”

“There isn’t anything more you would ask for?” I placed a hand under her chin to coax her head into a gentle position so the loofah could drag against her neck and collarbone. “Any items, any people, or any kinks?” Tamara thought for a minute and had a look of wanting to express herself, but bit her lip and shook her head. “You sure sweetie?”

“I’ve had a curiosity for wetting, and I’ve always wanted to join in for a large group. Id love to put the gloryhole to use. There this one fetish I’ve never found an exact name for, but its a huge turn on for me.” Raising an eyebrow I waited while running the soap over her arms.

She held her hands up out of the bathwater to gesture, lightly splashing as she did. “Its when a girl just opens her panties and lets someone cum right on her pussy lips, and then she plays with it on the lips, or she just goes about her day. The idea of getting knocked up from being covered like that is really hot to me.” She smiled as I reached down to gently wash her pussy, happily groaning. “I absolutely love cleaning Evans cock when he leaves or gets home. I also really want like a sticky mess inside me. I wanna go about my day constantly creampied.”

“Alright that’s pretty fucking hot I can’t lie.” Scrubbing her back I thought of my own unexpressed fetishism. “Almost everything I can ever think of, we do, or we work towards. I’ve wanted a gangbang, like you, but I’ve also always wanted to be trotted around naked in public. Sort of a way for me to be unashamed of my trans body and just let it go free.”

“Before we started dating, public play seemed really scary for me. I wanted to do more shower sex, and maybe the occasional rope.” She shifted, nuzzling me over her shoulder.

“Rope? Should we set up a suspension section of the dungeon?”

“I’d be curious to try some more elaborate ties or be suspended.”

“Girls its bed time.” Evan sang into the bathroom, smiling at us in the tub together. He watched as I flicked the drain and kissed Tamara’s cheek before she stood. Handing us towels one by one, Evan just stood happily as we dried off. “What a sight.” He sighed with a grin. “I love seeing you two just relax and bond.”

“You’re always welcome to bath time Master.” Tamara said curiously. “Can’t say I’ve ever done that.”

“Sounds like tomorrow we have a bath time planned.” Evan smiled. “Although I hate to have so much fun while Gabby serves coffee.”

“She gets you all to herself when I’m at work, its only fair Master gets to play with me when she’s gone.” Tamara stood, holding out her arm for the towel that Evan refused to give, instead taking it to her gently and drying each part of her body. Watching as Evan looked over her like a sculpture, I drained the tub and stood, waiting for my turn.

“I’d rather you two play than not. Its good to know you have a good time instead of having to deal with my customers.” Looking at Tamara’s cheeky grin I raised my hands in defeat. “Alright your clients might be worse.”

Tamara crossed the bathroom with her dripping body to Evan, his hands taking her by the hips and pulling her close. Smacking her on the ass roughly, he led her to the bedroom and sat her down, pulling at his pants. Following behind her and taking Evan’s cock in my hands, I stroked it firmly at the tip to milk precum onto her lips.

Kissing him passionately, I let his breathing and rough hands grip me as Tamara started her nightly duty. She let a large glob of her spit cover the tip of his cock and stroked him, her tongue swirling around the head. Evan tortured my nipples, pulling one to watch my face beg longingly as his turned red from the stimulation below his waist.

Shifting down, Tamara and I licked him at the sides of his cock, running our hands up and down his wonderful body. Evan was still getting used to having so much attention paid to him, and as we dripped and drooled spit down his throbbing cock, we stroked and rubbed his muscles.

Tamara dragged her tongue up and down the shaft of Evan’s cock while I rubbed the tip against my lips. “Master, which one of us gets to swallow it tonight?” She asked, her tongue now running over his balls.

“Oh little pet, don’t make me choose.” Evan was gripping the blankets on the edge of the bed trying to last longer.

Tamara was now licking him faster and faster, her lips opening to let one of his balls fully feel her mouth, and moaning as she did. Running the very tip of my tongue along the curve of his cock head, I smiled up at him before sinking him entirely into my throat. Evan let out a loud moan. “Little pet, hold out your tongue.” Taking my mouth off of his cock, Tamara got right in position and opened her jaw wide with a happy smile.

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