Diary of a Lesbian Love Slave Pt. 12

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Yesterday was a pretty good day.

In my afternoon yoga classes I spotted a familiar face on the other side of the studio: a girl named Sukhi that I’d gone to high school with. Sukhi’s Pakistani-American, with a pretty face, a killer bod, and the most gorgeous nut-brown skin you’ve ever seen. I had a little crush on her in high school. OK, a big crush. But she never gave me the time of day, even though she was known to be bisexual. I always thought she thought she was better than me.

But today when we talked after class she was super-friendly. Either she hadn’t noticed me craning my neck repeatedly to check her out, or she had noticed and was OK with it.

I’d never seen her look so hot. She had highlighted her black hair a very becoming shade of red and the yoga pants showed off her magnificent rear end. She had the kind of ass that caused numerous boys to walk into lockers; it had almost happened to me once.

Yesterday Sukhi was so sweet, flirty even, that I was a little taken aback. But this has been happening to me a lot lately: I think that the confidence my Mistress has given me makes me more attractive. After a while I worked up the nerve to ask her back to the house for a cup of tea, and she accepted.

It’s only about a half-mile walk, and as we strolled we caught up on what we had been doing since graduation. I had to be evasive about my own escort situation, so I kept asking Sukhi questions and she seemed happy to keep talking about herself. She had started college, but after a year decided she didn’t like the school she was going to. Now she was working at a cafe while she tried to figure out her next move. She thought she might transfer to a different school, or she might travel for a while, or she might just keep working; she was undecided, and seemed to be pretty happy just living in the moment.

At the house I made tea and we sat out on the porch, which though shaded was just this side of too hot. After a while we started to run out of things to talk about, and I could feel a sexual tension creep into the air. We decided to go back inside and when I held the door open for her, she brushed against me on the way past. We stood in the kitchen looking at each other, and I could tell that she thought I was going to kiss her. So then I had to explain to her how I live, and who is really in charge here, and what the rules are.


When my Mistress arrived home she found me naked with Her drink in hand and a big, silly grin on my face. I could hardly wait to show Her what I had for Her.

“Come with me,” I said, and my Mistress followed me to the bedroom where Sukhi was laying face-up, bound hand and foot, naked as the day she was born.

“Well, bursa eve gelen escort well,” said my Mistress, “what have we here?”

I wasn’t sure whether or not that was a rhetorical question, so I didn’t say anything. My Mistress sat down on the side of the bed; I saw Her eyes travel the length of Sukhi’s delectable brown body. “You, Sam,” she said, “are a very, very, very good girl.” I flushed with pride and delight. Turning to Sukhi, she asked, “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

Sukhi told Her and she said, “Welcome to our home, Sukhi.” My Mistress sat Her drink down and leaned over to plant a kiss on Sukhi’s lips; at the same time Her left hand traveled down Sukhi’s chest, squeezing one breast, then the other. Sukhi sighed a very cute, girlish little sigh.

My Mistress kissed Her way down Sukhi’s neck, then closed Her lips gently around Sukhi’s left nipple. Suhki sighed again, this one a little louder and deeper in tone. As my Mistress moved across to the other boob one hand was sliding across Sukhi’s stomach, through her curly black pubes, and down between her legs.

When my Mistress slipped a finger inside Sukhi arched her back and her eyes rolled back in her head. She was clearly ready for more but my Mistress pulled the finger out and brought it to Her mouth, licking it slowly and appreciatively, görükle escort purring a quiet “Mmmm.”

Then she picked up Her drink and said, “I want to watch you two first.”


After my Mistress got Herself situated in the chair facing the bed — skirt and panties off, legs splayed, drink in hand — I sat down and leaned over to kiss Sukhi, softly and searchingly. Then I followed my Mistress’s trail down her neck to her chest, but I also dangled my boobs over her face so she could suck on them while I worked on hers.

I could smell her wet pussy from there — not to mention my own — so I allowed myself to be drawn down, kissing and licking my way across her belly and pubis as she did the same to me. Looking up from between Sukhi’s legs, I saw my Mistress smiling at me, egging me on.

It took me a while to get used to how much she likes me to fuck other girls. I wondered, doesn’t she get jealous? But now I get it. She knows that in the end I’m always coming back to Her; in the meantime, she enjoys seeing me indulge the healthy desires that every lesbian has.

I grinned back at my Mistress and wrapped my arms around Sukhi’s thighs, then used my fingers to spread her pussy lips from underneath. The bright pink inside her was a beautiful contrast to the darker colors surrounding it. The smell of her excitement was now overwhelming: it was musky and rich and multifaceted, though the little hint of curry was probably only in my imagination.

My tongue pushed into Sukhi just as hers pushed into me. We seemed very attuned to each others’ bodies, and we began the journey toward ecstasy together as only two vigorous, red-blooded women can do.

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