Didn’t Make the Grade

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I failed to get the required grades in my exams to go to university; to say I was upset was an understatement.

I knew I’d messed up in my final exam, I’d revised, I was ready, I knew my stuff. On the day though it wasn’t there, I had a mental block and I knew I’d failed. This was what happened last time, but luckily it was only one exam this time round.

When the results were released they confirmed what I already knew; I wasn’t going to university that year. Retaking the subject for another year loomed in front of me.

I realised that spending time at College studying one subject was going to give me a lot of spare time. However, my parents were determined that I wasn’t going to be loafing around the house and that I would get a part-time job. They said it would give experience, and some savings.

I wanted to study business management at University, and as luck would have it my mother had a friend who knew someone who was looking for some admin support at a local company who supplied parts for the construction industry.

I thought it was far from exciting, but trying to put a brave face on things I accepted. I had nothing else lined up, and my parents weren’t going to let me just sit around.

On my first day there I met the staff, it was a largish company with quite a few staff but I was working in an area with about four women who were responsible for keeping track of stock levels. It tuned out to be very busy, but actually quite enjoyable. This was where I met Bernie; her name was Bernadette, but everyone called her Bernie; including the guys in the warehouse.

The guys in the warehouse were quite an intimidating lot, and part of our job required the production of stock lists. It was all computer controlled, but any computer system is only as good as the people who use it. So any stock levels that weren’t matching up had to be checked by the warehouse guys, and on occasion we were required to go down and chase these reports.

Bernie was a very bubbly character and had a body to match her outgoing persona. She was 25 and about 5′ 6″, with spiky blonde hair, she was curvy with large breasts; I later found out she was a 36DD. She dressed well but always had something on that showed off her figure, and she always flirted with the warehouse guys when we were down there. I just couldn’t join in with the sometime sexually explicit banter that went on; I just wasn’t worldly wise enough, and besides I quite fancied Bernie, so teasing her didn’t feel very gentlemanly.

Yes; I’m that kind of guy.

As a result I was often referred to as Bernie’s toy boy, or sex slave.

“Don’t let it get to you” Bernie said to me right at the start, “The guys will push and push to try and get a raise out of you, so just suck-it up and don’t be a prick.”

I’d said that I wasn’t a prick; but maybe in too sulkily a way.

She just laughed, Bernie had a laugh that implied very naughty things, and told me that to them I was a high flier because I was off to University, and this kind of job was all they could do. I felt that this was a little harsh, but I followed her advice.

I had stock hidden, the lights turned off on me when I was deep into the warehouse, I was sent off the find stock they hadn’t had in years; just the general piss taking that goes on in some work places.

However, I took Bernie’s advice and didn’t get upset, I just ‘sucked’ it up and after a bit they accepted me and I was left to get on with my job. I found out that in the past they’d had temp workers come in and just not do the job properly which in turn made their job harder. When I started actually tidying up some of the records and suggesting ways of improving some of the processes they stopped being dicks.

I enjoyed the work there, but I didn’t shirk my College work as the months went by. Bernie would give me a right bollocking if I’d ever skipped some revision when she asked; she seemed more determined than me that I get the right grade.

We actually got on really well, and it was nice working with her. I liked it when the other women weren’t around and it was just the two of us chatting; this happened quite often as two of the other women worked part-time hours, and the other full-time worker Janet was often out at meetings or sorting out her son at school.

It was during one of these chats that I found out why the lads in the warehouse flirted so much with Bernie. She told me that after an office party a few years ago that she’d ended up screwing one of the guys in the warehouse; she explained it in quite graphic terms; Bernie loved a good dirty story. The guy had then told the rest of the warehouse team, so now they all thought they might have a chance; hence I got my nicknames. She said that they thought I’d be in with a chance because I worked with her all day.

When she said that I just sat there thinking that I’d jump at the chance. Bernie must have seen the look on my face because she just laughed her laugh and told me to dream on! That was my fantasy shattered.

“Anyway” she said, “A boy like you should be Cebeci Escort beating them off with a stick; that gym work is paying off.”; as well as working and studying, I was also going to the gym regularly, and watching what I ate.

When I’d said that I didn’t have a girlfriend she’d been amazed.

“Seriously?” She’d asked, “Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin”

I’d admitted that I was, but tried to defend myself by telling her that lot of people were still virgins, and that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

“Yes, that’s true.” she’d said “But I’ve already told you I’m not a virgin, and at the moment I don’t want a boyfriend, they just complicate things.”

Then she just looked at me, “So have you actually seen a girl naked?”

At times Bernie was very direct. She dragged me over to her computer once to comment on some bras she was thinking of getting. “What do you think?” She’d said, “The blue or the red? Of course the blue one seems a little flimsy; you’d see everything through that!” She’d gone with both in the end, and a week later had me staring at her chest to see if I could see her nipples through her blouse. That has been an intense experience, but that was what Bernie was like.

I managed to say that yes I had seen a girl naked, but before I could explain Janice came back into the office, so nothing more got said.

I could see that Bernie was dying to know more; she was always asking me things about myself.

Luckily for Bernie, Janice was finishing early that day, and the moment she was out of the door Bernie rounded on me.

“So?” she demanded with a half smile, “Who’s the girl you saw naked?”

There was something about talking to Bernie that maked you want to explain yourself, but I didn’t want to give everything away, so I just said that it was woman who’d live opposite my parents, and that it was last year.

This wasn’t enough for Bernie. “Go on.” She promoted, “Tell me everything.”

So I did. I explained about the weather and getting caught in the rain, then explained in great detail watching Nicole.

It was a good job I was sitting at my desk, because by the time I’d finished I had a raging hard on, and Bernie looked just as flushed too. Her eyes were sparkling and I could see a red flush across her chest.

I was feeling daring so I then told her what I did after Nicole disappeared. I wanted to see what Bernie would say; I wanted to see if Bernie would suggest that maybe the next time I saw a girl strip off in front of me it would be her.

Instead, she just looked curiously at me. “You tell a great story.” was all she said, and then turned back to her work.

I was left a little confused, so I got on with my work. This episode wasn’t mentioned again until I was leaving.

A few months after this I sat my exams and got the result I needed to get into University.

I was due to finish work at the company at the end of August and then have two weeks off with my parents before leaving to go to University. I was to be studying in a city a few hours away.

There is a national holiday at the end of August, and the company let everyone leave at midday on the Friday.

As a result I’d had my leaving do the day before because most staff were going away for the weekend. It had been really nice, and I received quite a few nice gifts from everyone, even the guys in the warehouse.

So the day after the building was quite quiet and approaching midday most people were gone. Bernie was still in as we were working on getting a stock report finished, and she’d asked that we completed before we left.

By one everybody had gone apart from Bernie and me.

We’d been chatting about my impending University start and my holiday and it all seemed very normal. Bernie was off in the warehouse do a final check on a stock line, and I was in the little seating area making a coffee.

I hear Bernie come back into the office, and called out to see if she wanted a coffee.

She came over to the kitchen and said that she didn’t want a coffee. I finished making mine and went to return to my desk.

“We can have a bit of a break.” Bernie said, “We’re almost done.”

I sat down on the one of the soft chairs as Bernie poured herself a glass of water.

“I told you a while ago that you tell a good story” She said turning to look at me, “The way you described that girl you saw was a bit of a turn on I’ll admit.”

I looked up her as she lent against the fridge looking at me; I was beginning to feel a certain tension in the situation.

Bernie looked amazing; she was wearing a pleated green tweed skirt. I loved seeing her in this, it finished just short of her knees and I loved the way it flicked around when she was walking showing off her smooth legs. She also had on a pale blue blouse and knee high brown leather boots.

Now I’m not the most confident of people when I came to the opposite sex, but I didn’t want to mess this up. Whatever this was.

“It was a bit of a turn Çıtır Escort on for me too” I said trying not to squeak; I’d suddenly gone very dry of mouth.

“So, how would you describe me?” Bernie asked.

“Pardon?” was all I could say.

“Describe me, how you described her.” she said

Oh Christ!

“Well” I started, “I’d say that you were a nice person to work with, very easy to get along with. You don’t take any crap from the guys in the warehouse, but you are also easy to chat to.”

“And how do I look? Describe how I look; just like you did with your neighbour.”

Oh really Christ!

I felt bolder thinking I knew where this was going. “Okay. I’d say that Bernie is about five foot six; she has short spiky blonde hair. She’s has a lovely curvy body, with a great ass that looks amazing when she wears nice tight trousers. I’m not sure what bra size she is but she has a beautiful pair of boobs that look great in the tight tops she wears. But I especially like it when she wears this little skirt she has; it’s pleated and really shows off her legs when she walks.” I stopped, “Was it something like that what you were after?”

“Yes” She breathed quietly, “exactly that. Now I’ll describe you.”

“He’s about five foot ten, short dark messy hair. He’s smart, likable, and very easy to work with. He listens well and does as he’s told. He’s been working out at the gym for the last few months, so he’s in shape. He dresses himself well and has a nice ass. I also suspect that he has a nice size dick.”

Bernie smiled at me. “Shall we find out if we’re right?”

“I know I am.” I said.

“Well in that case if you know you’re right, then I need to know if I’m right!” Bernie said smiling; she sat down on one of the other chairs, and looked over at me, “Strip!”

I looked at the office.

“There’s no one in the whole building, they’re all gone. That’s why we stayed.”

I laughed nervously “You’ve got this all sorted out haven’t you?”

“Yes. Now stop dawdling!”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. There’s fancying someone in the office, and then there’s actually being able to do something about it.

In the office.

With someone as hot as Bernie.

I stood up and stripped off as Bernie watched.

She stopped me once I had my shirt off. “Let me feel those pecks,” She said standing up.

Moving close to me she ran her hands over my chest and down across my stomach. “My” She purred in my ear as she stood behind me, “Working out in the gym has done wonders for you hasn’t it?”

I nodded not trusting myself to speak because Bernie’s right hand was now just above the waist band of my trousers. Slowly she slid her hand into my trousers and over the material of my briefs. Her nail brushed the head of cock before she pulled her hand out. She kissed my neck and whispered “Not just yet.”

She sat down again crossing her legs and showing a lot of leg.

I kicked off my shoes and socks and then slowly unbuttoned by trousers. Dropping them I stop there in my briefs. They were tightly stretched across my erection and Bernie’s eyes were fixed on them.

“Now come over here.” she said.

I followed her instructions and moved to stand in front of her. She slowly rubbed her hand over my hard cock and gripped it through my briefs. She pulled my shorts down until the head of my cock appears over the top of my briefs.

“There we go.” She said looking up at me. “Can I kiss him?”

I nodded, “Please.” I managed.

Bernie lent forward and flicked her tongue over the top of my cock before give it a very warm kiss. She slipped her lips over the head of my cock and flicked her tongue over it again. I had never felt anything so sexy.

Then with my cock still in her mouth she pulled my briefs right off sliding her mouth further and further over my cock, until she had almost all of it her mouth. Slowly she drew my cock out of her mouth, finally giving it one last kiss.

She looked at me and licked her lips, “I love the taste of your cock, and I was right; you are fit. Now sit down and we’ll find out if you were right.”

I sat down as Bernie stood up. She came over to me and stood right in front of me, then slowly turned around to give the full view of her outfit. As she stood with her back to me she bent forward slightly and gave her skirt a flick. I caught a brief glimpse of her ass, she either had a g-string on or no knickers; either way it looked amazing under her skirt.

“Blouse or skirt?” she asked when she turned around.

“Blouse” I replied immediately.

As Bernie slowly undid the buttons on her blouse more and more her beautiful breasts came into view. She was wearing a lacy white bra that created a fabulous cleavage.

Bernie paused and ran her hands over her breasts and slid a hand between them, leaning forward placed her hand on my check letting me feel the warmth of her cleavage.

The blouse slid off her shoulders and reaching to her back Bernie unclipped Demetevler Escort her bra and slid it off. There was no messing about just her beautiful large breasts swaying in front of me. Her nipples were dark pink and large.

Running her hands over them she smiled at me, “Are they what you dreamed of?”

I nodded, “They’re even better!” I managed to say.

“What did you do when you were thinking of them?” Bernie breathed, “Show me what you did!”

Slowly I started rubbing myself, sliding my hand up and down the shaft of my cock.

“Show me all of it.” Bernie said gazing at me.

I pulled my foreskin right back exposing the shiny purple head of my cock. “This is what I did!”

Bernie stepped forward on to the chair as I continued to slowly stroke myself.

Straddling me I gazed up at her, and watched and she slowly began to lift the front of her skirt; I was about to find out the answer to my question, G-string or no knickers.

The answer was no knickers, and I was staring at Bernie’s trimmed pussy.

“You never mentioned that when you were describing me”

“I didn’t know it was like that. But now that I do I’ll definitely mention it!”

The skirt had buckles at the side, and one by one Bernie undid these until she dropped the skirt behind her on the floor.

Standing over me in just her knee length boots she looked amazing.

“This is your leaving present” Bernie said smiling down at me, “I couldn’t let you go to university as a virgin. I wanted it to be who got your cherry.”

As she said this she lowered herself down on to me until she was straddling me and the tip and cock was pressing against her pussy. Reaching between her legs Bernie grabbed my cock and held it there, I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she slowly rubbed my cock along her slit.

“I want you to remember this when you’re at university,” she said looking down at me, “So until you get a girlfriend you’ll have this moment to remember when you touch yourself.”

“Oh I’ll remember all right. ” I said drinking in every details of Bernie as she crouched over me. I couldn’t resist running my hands over her large soft breasts, and around her now pert nipples.

“Gently, you don’t need to pinch them,” She said watching me play with her breasts, “That is unless I tell you to. We’re not meant to be pawed at, you need to treat us girls nice; and when you do you get to play with us, and you get a reward like this.”

Bernie guided my cock into her pussy and lowered herself down onto me. The feeling of her hot, wet pussy enveloping my cock was ecstasy. Leaning forward she smothered my face with her breasts. I kissed and licked her chest and sucked her nipples as she rode me. At first she was slow, gripping my shaft deep into her pussy, and then she started to speed up, but always taking me as deep as she could.

I could feel her hand rubbing her clit furiously. Then she brought a slick juice drenched hand up and slid her fingers into my mouth as she kissed and licked the juice from her hand and smeared it over my mouth and face as she kissed me. The sour taste of her juices was beautiful; I’d never thought that it would taste the way it did, I didn’t even know that girls did that.

Still Bernie continued to kiss me as she rode my cock faster and faster. We were both panting now and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we both came.

Bernie reached between her legs again and rubbed furiously, and again brought wet, slick fingers to my mouth, and again licked her own juices from her hand as she kissed me.

Then as we were kissing I felt my orgasm coming, I wanted to last longer to savour the moment, but I couldn’t. I cried out as I drove deep into her as I came, I tensed and kept pumping as Bernie stiffen and really start grinding herself against me. Her hand slid between her legs again and she started rubbing her clit, faster and faster. I kept my cock as hard as I could tensing my muscles as she ground again me, then with a shudder and a low moan turning to a squeak and a short scream she pushed herself down hard on to me as she came.

Again her hand came up from between her legs and into my mouth, but not only could I taste Bernie’s cum juices, I could taste some of my own. Again Bernie was licking her fingers and kissing me. “I love the taste of it.” She said between kisses, “I love it!”

“I’ve never tasted it before, either of them.” I managed between kisses.

“No? Well then try this!” and she raised herself off me and held herself above my cock as it flopped onto my belly. I watched as a thin trickle of cum and juices dribbled onto it.

Bernie climbed off me and taking my cock in her hand she licked the juices and cum off me. She then lean forward and kissed me forcing the mix of her juices and my cum into my mouth, her tongue followed as she kissed me hard; it tasted sour and sweet all at the same time and I could smell her sweat, it felt wonderful and naughty.

She lifted her face from my and it glistened with we our wetness. “Now eat me out.” She said standing up, she turned and sat on another chair and spread her legs wide.

Taken up in the sheer sexual excitement of the moment, I knelt between her legs and pushed my face into her wet sex. The mix of juices was intoxicating as it smeared over my face. I forced my tongue as deep as I could lapping at the juices until my mouth was full.

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