Different Tonight

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(Story contains explicit Incest themes/content.)

I knew it would be different tonight than it had been the night before, but then again last night had been so unexpected that I still couldn’t believe it had happened. The mood of the entire house had been changed when I arrived home for winter break, and only part of it was due to Mom having moved out since I left for college.


Their divorce had not been unexpected, since for years I had suspected that they were only going through the motions for my benefit and with me now grown and gone off to college there was no need for the charade.

What had been the surprise was the reason for them splitting up for real, and very amicably too from what I’d heard from both of them in the months since. Mom had been vague about the reasons but Dad had been surprisingly forthright about it, although he was only able to do it late at night after a couple of drinks, and in my bed.

Dad had come in, not sneaking but just tapping on the door and asking if he could come in, and when he came in he sat on the edge of the bed and just spoke in the near darkness, with only the moon providing the minimal lighting.

Them splitting up had been Mom’s idea but Dad said she had been reluctant to it and would have been happy to keep on going on as they were, but she had to tell Dad that she had been having an affair for five years and was tired of sneaking around.

Dad said he wasn’t surprised because there had been something missing in their relationship for quite a while, but he was surprised that the person Mom was in love with was another woman. For his part Dad confessed that while he hadn’t strayed he had been keeping a secret as well.

“That’s why I admire you so much, son,” Dad had said as he delivered his bombshell. “You’re not ashamed of what you are. I was embarrassed about the way I felt about other men and only got married because it was expected of me back then.”

“Different times Dad,” I said, although in fact I wasn’t one to broadcast my sexual orientation either, adopting a don’t ask don’t tell policy and only bringing it up when it was necessary. “And as for me thinking less of you, that’s crazy.”

Close to the truth would have been that knowing my father was gay, or at the least very bisexual, would have only made me love him more. You see, I had often fantasized about being with Dad like that, since he was my hero in so many ways, but never even suggested my true feelings.

As for Dad, the fact that I nearly fell off the bed when he broke the news spoke volumes about his ability to not reveal his real side because if he had ever made so much as the slightest hint to me I would have been all over it. So much for this “gaydar” I thought I possessed.

“Can I have a hug?” Dad had said after the words stopped, our roles reversing in a way after 19 years, and I tossed the sheet aside and let him in.

It was just a hug, a very warm hug that we probably had given each other a hundred times over the years, but never in a bed with us wearing only briefs. Somebody made the first move, but I’m still not sure which of us did. All I do know is that soon Dad had slid down and had my stiff cock in his hand while his mouth took in the head.

It was bad at first, the combination of my father not having done this in so many years along with him never having experienced anyone as well developed as I am (his words) making the initial moment a rather uncomfortable one, but I guess it was like riding a bike in that you never really forget.

That initial fumbling passed and soon Dad’s lips were sliding easily up and down the top half of my cock while his fist spun over the rest. The sight of my father’s head bobbing up and down in the dim light while I ran my hand through his thinning grey hair was as erotic as the act itself.

I wanted it to last forever but it was all too much. Grunting a warning to dad that I was about to cum, his response was to suck harder and take me deeper while the hand that was working the shaft of my member went down to my balls and milked what was an incredible orgasm out of me, one that left my body trembling as Dad swallowed my load with hardly a hiccup.

After a time Dad came back up to join me, perhaps a bit embarrassed about what he had just done but I was having none of that. I brushed off his mild resistance as I nibbled my way down his pale, slender body on my way to getting a look at the equipment that had helped give me life.

I had seen my father naked once, many many years ago as a lad when we rinsed off in a bath house at a beach. I still remember my reaction when I had seen what had looked like a monstrous organ swinging between Dad’s legs, so intimidating that I turned away in horror, and it was that fleeting glimpse that I had carried with me all these years.

That was why that when I reached the tuft of grey pubic hair and looked lower I was a bit shocked at what I saw. Shocked should not be construed as disappointed however, because while gaziantep escort what I was reaching for bore little resemblance to what my child’s eyes had seen and my imagination had preserved, Dad’s penis was beautiful.

Perhaps my first perception of the modest size of his member was tainted by the fact that resting below his slender manhood were the biggest pair of balls that I had ever seen. Residing in a sac that looked better suited for a bull, the fat plums hung in a wrinkled pouch that was resting on the bedding, a fact I learned when I raised and brought the wonderfully shaped penis to my lips.

Ghostly white and uncut, with a foreskin that was very long and tapered at the tip highlighting what was a conical glans, Dad’s cock fit perfectly between my lips, and I heard him groan when my nose dipped into his pubes. Whatever nervousness that had caused Dad to lose the erection my body had felt when we had hugged was disappearing by the time my lips drew back up to the tip, and soon my mouth was working up and down about 5″ inches of delicious cock.

I wanted to suck on his balls as well but they were too big. Even the smaller right one was too large for me so I licked his balls while slowly jerking his dick, enjoying seeing Dad’s legs churning in response to my affection.

I sensed Dad was about to cum so my mouth went back to his arching tool, and when I felt his dick pulsate I slowed my bobbing head. My palm, which had been lazily rolling his nuts while I sucked, tightened around his balls and stretched and pulled on his sac. I felt like I could tie the over-sized orbs in a knot as I churned them, and Dad cried out as he arched his back upward while he spurted his seed into my throat in a series of blasts that nearly had me choking until they finally slowed and then ended.

“I love you Dad,” I whispered after sliding back up the bed, and although he was sobbing a little he told me he loved me too while we embraced, and that was how I fell asleep.

I woke up at some point in the middle of the night, and it took a second for me to remember where I was and that I was not alone. My bedroom looked the same except for the fact that there was a naked man next to me, and while that wasn’t unheard of when I lived here full time, the naked man was never my father.

Dad apparently hadn’t been able to sleep like I had, and what he was doing had likely been the cause of my waking. Our legs were still a bit tangled, and it felt funny to feel Dad’s relatively smooth legs against my hairy ones. Dad’s had been hairy once too but I guess as he aged much of the fur had disappeared.

Dad’s hands were busy as he gently rubbed his calves against mine, and I tried to make it seem like I was still asleep while trying to decipher what was making the tip of my cock tingle so. Dad was holding my mostly flaccid cock in one hand while holding his own very rigid member in his other, and it felt like he had pushed the tip of my dick into the end of his long foreskin.

It felt so good as the tips of our dripping dicks met under the flesh shroud but even better than the feeling was listening to Dad as he massaged our cocks together. He was trying to be quiet, which made the faint noises he made even more erotic. It was just the tiniest whimpering that began to get quicker and more frantic as he seemed to be nearing orgasm and then he let out a high pitched soft squeal, after which I felt him ejaculating all over my dick.

After that, silence except for the light breathing sounds for a couple of minutes. Dad’s hands kept our cocks pressed together until he went limp, and after that he continued to hold my cock, rubbing the gooey dick which was not erect but getting there.

“Brad?” Dad whispered but I kept silent for a second until he leaned over and kissed my collarbone continued. “I love you son. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not,” I whispered back, startling Dad briefly when he learned I was awake. “This is the greatest night of my life. What’s happening is like a fantasy to me, although I admit I never really thought about it as much as I wanted to because it was so far out of the realm of possibility.”

“I never did either – at least not until I learned you were gay last spring,” Dad explained as his hand kept stroking my cock. “Even then though – I guess that I’m just so lonely now. Even though your mother and I weren’t – you know – at least she was good company.”

“You should get out and meet guys,” I told Dad. “You’re a good looking man.”

“Haven’t got the nerve, at least not yet,” Dad said. “Sounds stupid coming from a man who has his hand on his son’s penis.”

“No, I understand completely.”

“Funny how much things have changed so much,” Dad replied. “Time was I was the one comforting and trying to make things better for you and now it’s reversed. Even physically, I feel like a child next to you. Hard to believe how well endowed you are, because you obviously didn’t get that passed down from me.”

“You’re still the man of this house. Always will be,” I said. “I’m just happy being your son.”

“Woke up and couldn’t resist touching you,” Dad confessed. “You were bigger limp than I was hard, and now… amazing… let me…”

“Wait,” I said, stopping Dad from sliding down to apparently take care of the erection he had caused. “Can I do something?”

“Sure,” Dad replied, and then I got him to lay on top of me, sliding him up a bit so that my cock was pressed back between my stomach and Dad’s package, most noticeably his balls.

“Don’t want to hurt you,” I said while beginning to slowly grind myself into Dad, the sensation of the underside of my cock rubbing hard against Dad’s huge scrotum sending shivers down my spine.

“Hurt?” Dad gasped as he caught on to what I was doing and began to do a little moving of his own. “Far from it. Reminds me of something the first lad and I used to do with each other. He used to kid me that I was all potatoes and no meat.”

We both chuckled at that but I had to add while his nuts rolled around my erection, that I thought he had the most amazing pair of balls I had ever seen.

“They managed to help produce something incredible,” Dad was saying as we got into this amazing rhythm, very sensual and almost painfully slow as it became clear that this was something we were both loving. “So good.”

“Don’t want this to ever end,” I said while looking up at my father, leaning up to nibble of the nipple over me, licking the sparse silver hairs around the bud.

“Me neither,” Dad grunted as our frottage grew in intensity, droplets of sweat gently falling on me as his wiry arms held his upper torso above me with his hands beside my head.

I had reached up and was helping hold him up as we did our horizontal dance, my thumbs stroking the moist sprays of hair that filled his deep armpits as I began to have trouble stopping the inevitable.

“Dad,” I gasped as the feeling of his balls and dick relentlessly massaging the underside of my cock became overwhelming.

“Cum for me son,” Dad was saying in response, and then I erupted, sending what felt like an endless staccato of my seed all over us.

My cock was still twitching as it went limp, and then I brought Dad down on top of me against as we basted in my semen. Our semen.

“Think I came a bit myself,” Dad suggested after he eased down next to me. “You’re making me feel like I’m 19 again myself.”

“I love you,” I said as we hugged.

“I love you too Brad,” Dad sighed. “I just hope you’ll still love me in the morning.”


Dad got his answer to that in the kitchen after I managed to crawl out of bed. Early riser as always, my father had already dressed and showered and already had the coffee brewed and pastries out.

“Morning,” Dad said as he looked over at his very disheveled son as I stood there clutching my bathrobe around me while trying to figure out why I felt older than my old man even though I was well over 30 years younger.

“Morning?” I said as I approached my father, whose greeting was very reserved and nervous sounding. “That won’t do.”

We hugged, and as we did I felt his tension melt away.

“That answer your question?” I asked, and Dad nodded while his eyes filled up.

“You still want to go up to The Hyde?” Dad asked, referring to the art museum that we often visited when a particular program caught our interest, and I assured him I did.

“Be a good idea to get out of the house,” I suggested with a wink, and after that we were our usual joking selves.

I took a shower and after I dried off a bit retreated to my bedroom to finish the drying and get dressed. As I briskly toweled my hair I noticed Dad on the hallway looking in at me.

“Come on in,” I said, any thoughts of modesty at this point silly in my mind.

“Couldn’t help watching you,” Dad said as he stepped inside. “You’re an amazing looking specimen of a man.”

“I think you’re looking through a father’s eyes,” I said, although he had no other options of course.

“I remember when I first figured out you were gay last spring,” Dad recalled. “You had that friend of yours from school – Gary – and late at night I passed your room and heard you two trying to be quiet.”

“Whoops,” I said with a shrug.

“No, you were quiet,” Dad assured me and then laughed while adding, “I had to put my ear to the door to hear well. Gross right?”

“No, I used to do the same at your bedroom door on Saturday nights,” I admitted.

“I was so jealous,” Dad admitted. “Of you. Of Gary. Mostly I was mad at myself for living a lie most of my life. I got married because that was what you did back then. Get married and have kids. The kid part I’m obviously happy about but the marriage? I love your Mom, but like a sister.”

“Does Mom know?” I asked. “About me – or you for that matter?”

“I think she might suspect about you but refuses to admit it,” Dad said. “As for me, she knew I had been with guys before we met, so it wouldn’t bowl her over if she saw me with a man, although…”

I nodded, silently agreeing that she would not understand his company of the night before.

“It was your mother’s idea to have you circumcised,” Dad said as he nodded toward the dick I was drying. “Everybody was doing it back then so I went along. How do you feel about it?”

“Doesn’t matter either way to me,” I said. “There are times I admit that I wished I wasn’t but as long as it works I’m fine with it.”

“It’s beautiful, but you already know that I suspect,” Dad said as he walked towards me. “The museum doesn’t open for another hour or so.”

With that Dad went to his knees, gracefully for a man of his years, and as he took my cock in his hands he looked up at me and smiled.

“Have a lot of wasted years to make up for,” Dad said before he took me into his mouth.

Last night Dad’s efforts had gotten off to a shaky start but had improved greatly as he went on. This morning was different however. No uncertainty or anything approaching regret or shame, and as I looked down at the man with his hand wrapped around the shaft, spinning and pumping while his mouth slid up and down the rest, it was tough to believe this was something he hadn’t done since he was my age.

We made it last, as I tried to fight the urge to cum while Dad seemed to enjoy bringing me to the brink of orgasm before backing off. Dad would take his mouth off of my cock only to catch his breath every once in a while, using that time to wrap both hands around my cock and stroke it before diving back down onto it.

Dad even tried to deep throat me a couple of times, and I marveled at the way he tried to force his lips all the way down, managing to get all but the last couple of inches of the nine before the tip would hit his throat. I came eventually, my knees buckling a bit as I cradled his head in my hands while he siphoned my cock until I had no more to give.

“That was…” I said as I helped him to his feet. “Amazing. You know, if you haven’t done that since you were my age – I mean – if you have done it since then I wouldn’t judge you or hold it against you.”

“No, I haven’t. If I had I would admit it. No sense not being truthful at this point,” Dad said. “I was tempted, believe me, but I never did. Matter-of-fact, the father of one of your friends came on to me once. Nice guy too and I was tempted, but no. I didn’t.”

“The father of one of my friends?” I said. “Oh man, now you have me wondering.”

“I could never tell you of course,” Dad said. “It was quite a while ago, but it wasn’t my imagination. I mean, when a man grabs you by the crotch and tells you he wants to give you head it’s a real come-on.”

“More fun just trying to figure it out,” I said while going through the mental Rolodex of friends I had over the years. “So he did this?”

“Yes,” Dad said with a chuckle before taking my hand off of his goodies that I had seized through his clothing. “We better get going.”

“Do I get a rain-check?” I asked.

“I won’t come in here tonight,” Dad said. “I felt a bit the predator last night. I mean, what happened was what I had hoped would happen but I still felt a little strange about it. The surprise was that I finally had the guts to go through with it for once in my life.”

“You’re the most courageous man I know,” I assured him, remembering all of the times when he was a volunteer fireman and would tear out of the house at all hours when the siren would go off. “If you don’t come in here I guess I’ll have to pay you a visit then.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” Dad said, and then said something to me that surprised me.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Never been more sure of anything in my life,” Dad said. “I mean, if it’s something you don’t enjoy…”

“No, I mean I don’t really know if I enjoy it or not,” I admitted. “I only tried it once and it – well let’s just say that it didn’t work out.”

My one and only attempt at anal sex had been a disaster, and only the fact that it wasn’t my idea and the guy wanted me to do it to him kept me from feeling worse about it. My inexperience and my size had combined to make it a very unpleasant evening, and now Dad wanted me to take him anally.

“It was my first homosexual experience,” Dad related. “I was young and he was much older, but he was very gentle and it turned out to be an amazing thing. Experiencing it again only with someone I love will only be better.”

“Expect a knock on the door,” I said before we headed to the museum, but my father shook his head.

“You won’t need to. The door will be open,” Dad assured me. “But for now Monet is waiting for us.”


At the art museum I found myself looking at my father as we went through the Monet exhibit as much as I did the displays, in many ways for the first time.

Maybe this would strike people as something “gay” for a father and son to do together, but when I thought back through my childhood I recalled many times Dad would take me to museums and would take me along with Mom to plays and concerts that a lot of other kids would make faces at.

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