Digital and Denim

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Kyle walked slowly through the scorching heat, determined to get a little down time during his first leave since being assigned to this base. But as he had discovered, August in southwestern Oklahoma was a far cry from his central Wisconsin suburban background. The heat was relentless, each day fused to the next with highs over 100 degrees.

But Kyle hadn’t joined the Army for the normal reasons of duty and honor, although he believed in those ideas. He’d joined hoping the Army would cure him, to make him into a man instead of a fag who liked guys. For as long as he could remember he’d been drawn to guys, and as he got older he realized that it wasn’t normal to be attracted to someone of the same sex. After puberty, the pull had become almost unbearable. In high school he’d resisted the urges, dated girls and had actually gotten a reputation as a player since he never dated a girl very long.

Having escaped high school with his secret intact, he’d hoped that college would be the time he’d leave these unnatural feeling behind. But his roommate had been on the college lacrosse team and was well over six feet tall with rippling muscles. The sight of Clint walking around the room naked on a daily basis left Kyle in a near constant state of arousal. After one particular drunken episode, Kyle woke to the dim memories of sucking a cock, and the faint taste of cum. In a panic, Kyle had left school and enlisted. He’d told his parents that he needed some time before college, but Kyle had hoped the military would cure him.

But it had only gotten worse. Surrounded with hot young guys on a daily basis was only making Kyle into a walking erection. Some of the guys had even started teasing him about needing a woman so his morning wood didn’t last until nightfall. He was hoping a little time away from the barracks would help. Kyle desperately needed something to change.

Pausing to look for the hallmark blue door of the bar, he spotted it through the simmering heat only a block or so away. He quickened his pace and was soon grabbing the scorching hot handle and yanking the door open. Kyle stepped into the inky blackness and let the door shut behind him. Pausing to let his eyes adjust to the dim light, Kyle enjoyed the chill of refrigerated air across his sweat-drenched skin. As he’d hoped, the bar was largely deserted on a hot Saturday afternoon. The only other person in the room was a damn cowboy listlessly knocking around the balls on one of the pool tables.

The sight of the cowboy just served to make his already bad mood deteriorate. It hadn’t taken Kyle long after arriving in Oklahoma to realize he intensely disliked the locals. They were all backward southern rednecks so far as he was concerned, and he really didn’t want to get to know any of them. A few had tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he had cut them off quickly, making it clear that he wasn’t anyone’s buddy, son, friend, dude, or any other homey expression, all of which he hated. He didn’t want friendly, he didn’t want homey. Regardless of what anyone else might feel, Kyle didn’t find the quaint country folk persona at all appealing.

Kyle walked to the bar and ordered a beer. Raising the glass to his lips, he drained half of it without stopping, it’s icy content going a long way to improving his disposition. After only a few minutes, he had emptied his first glass and motioned to the bartender for a second. Leaving money on the bar, Kyle walked over and watched the cowboy while savoring his second beer. As he watched, he realized this guy was about the same age as himself, which lessened his distaste some. Lining up his last shot, the cowboy finished his game, glanced up to Kyle and nodded.

“Hey, interested in a game?”

“Sure, why not. Name’s Kyle.”

“Ian. Pleased to me ya, Kyle,” came the reply, “What’s your pleasure?”


Ian smiled and handed Kyle the rack, “Rack ’em, dude.”

Kyle quickly setup the game. As they played, Kyle was surprised to find that he was relaxing in Ian’s company. Afternoon melted into evening with a few more people wandering into the bar. Kyle was actually enjoying the companionship with Ian, the evening slid past as they played game after game. At some point in the evening, Kyle had started ordering tequila shots for the two of them, but he drank the lion’s share of the liquor. Eventually the bartender cut him off, much to his distain.

“Fuckers!” slurred Kyle, “They cud jess give’m my fuck’n drink.”

“It’s ok, Kyle. It’s probably time for us to both head home,” said Ian.

“Fuck. Whatever. Base’s close, I walked.”

“You sure you don’t need a ride?” asked Ian.

“Soldiers don’t get rides!” Kyle said, and then giggled. “Oops, that wasn’t a manly laugh was it.” He stammered out.

Ian chuckled at the drunken soldier, wondering if he should let Kyle walk back. Looking up, he saw Kyle stumbling toward the door. Quickly he put away their cues and raced after him. Kyle barely made it through the doorway before pornhub he had to catch himself on the door frame to keep from falling face first onto the concrete sidewalk. Ian chuckled as he took Kyle by the arm to steady him.

“Easy there. I’m not sure you can walk a few feet, much less a few miles. Come on, you can crash on my couch tonight and I’ll drive you back to the base tomorrow.”

“I kin walk . . .” Kyle said with a slur.

“Come on, Private. Let’s get you to bed before you pass out,” said Ian. With that, Ian wedged his shoulder under Kyle’s armpit, then brought his arm around Ian’s shoulders. Almost carrying Kyle, he managed to get the very inebriated man to his pickup. Yanking open the door, Ian shoved Kyle into the seat and buckled him in for the ride home. Ian had a vague worry that he might have taken on more than he could deal with, but he couldn’t leave Kyle to fend for himself as drunk as he was.

The trip to his house ended quickly as Ian’s mind kept wandering to the man passed out beside him. Pulling into the gravel driveway of the small house provided as part of his job as ranch hand, he soon found himself struggling to get the passenger into his tiny home. After he lowered Kyle to the couch, he rummaged through his closet and found an extra pillow and sheet. Laying the bedding beside the couch, Ian looked down at the hunky soldier, trying to decide if he should leave him dressed, or try to make him more comfortable. Ian wasn’t sure what the morning fallout might be, but if he didn’t Kyle was going to spend the night sleeping in clothes soaked with sweat and spilled beer. The decision finally became a practical matter; if he stripped Kyle he would only have to wash the sheet, not end up trying to get stink of stale beer out of his couch. Ian had learned to be very frugal with his limited money ever since his parents had thrown him out.

With the decision made, Ian moved quickly get it done. He started by slipping off Kyle’s shoes and socks, to be enveloped in the strong scent of a man. As the pheromones drifted through his system, Ian could feel his cock begin to swell and stiffen. Unbuttoning Kyle’s shirt, Ian was having an almost overwhelming need to run his hands over the hard body leaning against him. Finally getting the shirt off Kyle’s body, Ian let him slump to against the cushion and stepped back to regain self-control. Looking down he realized this hot army boy was even more handsome than he’d originally thought. Even in the dim light coming from the small kitchen light, he couldn’t help but marvel at the deep olive skin and the wonderful fan of hair covering Kyle’s chest.

Mesmerized, Ian reached down and almost touched the man sprawled across his couch. He desperately wanted to let his fingers slide through Kyle’s hair chest. But Ian’s integrity refused to allow him to betray someone’s trust that way, even if the other person would never know. As he struggled with himself, Kyle suddenly moaned softly and shifted his body across the couch. The movement brought Ian back to reality and he was shocked that he’d even considered what would amount to molestation of the unconscious soldier.

With his morals back firmly in place, Ian quickly unbuttoned Kyle’s pants and slid them off. He carefully laid them across the back of a chair with the shirt that he picked up off the floor. Ian paused again to look at the real life wet dream lying on his couch. The firm chest and its light coating of hair, the flat stomach and a dense treasure trail that plunged from his navel to disappear into his boxers. Ian could feel his now rock hard cock flex in his jeans as he stared. Realizing he needed to leave the living room before he did something he would regret later, Ian covered Kyle with the sheet and walked quickly to the bedroom.

Once he was behind the closed bedroom door, he stripped to his white briefs and looked down at the raging cock jutting from his crotch. The growing wet spot was clear evidence that the hot guy passed out in the next room was having a strong influence on him. Reaching over to the nightstand, Ian turned off the last light in the house, plunging it into darkness. The night filled room allowed Ian to relax. Spreading his legs, Ian moaned softly as his hand played across the fabric trapping his cock and balls. Closing his eyes, he began to fantasize about the hot soldier in the next room.

Ian had long ago recognized his attraction for men, but because of a combination of factors, he was still a virgin. At his small town Oklahoma high school, life was miserable for those people who were even suspected of being gay, and Ian had worked hard to not to be suspected. His total sexual experience thus far was a mutual grope session with his best friend. But that had only happened once, and they had never talked about it. Kyle looked to be a few years older than Ian, and while Ian was sure he was straight, he couldn’t help but fantasize about being with Kyle. Ian pushed his briefs down to his thighs porno 92 and then coated the palm of his hand with spit. He wrapped his dripping hand around his now throbbing cock and imagined it was Kyle’s hot mouth. Ian closed his eyes, imagining the scene with the smoking hot soldier looking up at him with his mouth filled with Ian’s granite hard cock. The thought of his cock stuffed in the handsome man’s mouth was enough to elicit a rumbling moan from Ian.

As the fantasy progressed, Ian reached lower, fondling his nuts as he vividly envisioned his first oral sex with this relative stranger. Gripping his cock tightly, Ian pulled his fingers upward, stripping its accumulated precum. Rubbing his hand over the glistening secretion, he quickly smeared it over his dick, covering it completely. Gripping the head of his cock tightly, Ian rotated his hand around his cockhead, imaging Kyle’s tongue swirling around its rim. The sensation flooded Ian’s system with jolts of lust, the thought of the hot man sleeping just feet away firing the passion even harder.

“Oh fuck, Kyle. Shit yeah! Suck it, lick my big cock,” whispered Ian.

Ian let his hand trail lower, using his finger to tease his pulsing hole. Pressing his finger tight against his puckered ass, he reveled in the stimulation of a major erogenous zone for him. As he stroked his work roughened finger against his hole, his cock belched up stream after stream of precum until his crotch was wet with the viscous secretion. Ian ran his finger through the pool of clear discharge, coating it with the precum. Quickly shifting his dripping finger against his pulsing hole, he pressed inward feeling his gut slowly relax as his finger slid deeper and deeper. Once it was completely buried, Ian let out a moan at the sensations flooding his body. Slowly pumping his finger in and out, he again was engulfed in his fantasy, imagining Kyle pushing his thick cock inside him. In the past when Ian had found his sweet spot, it usually started a full body orgasm that left him gasping for breath. This time he was better able to control himself, his body shaking as he gently stroked over his prostate.

Eventually ready for more, Ian’s let his finger slide, and then stuck two fingers in his mouth. Licking and sucking on them, he again drifted into a world where Kyle was his lover. He could almost feel the soft skin over the steel hard cock as he imagined Kyle’s cock slipping over his lips. The fantasy continued for several minutes before Ian released his wet fingers with a popping sound. Dropping his hand to his butt, Ian again pressed them into his gut, sucking in a breath as his ass stretched to accommodate the thicker intruder. Soon his finger thrusts were becoming more and more urgent, while his free hand gripped and squeezed his hard cock. Ian felt himself plunge into an orgasm as his entire body began to shake.

Cum shot from his cock, leaving a trail of white across his chest. Ian’s muscles locked as he tried to keep from screaming with the release. His body trembled as his orgasm rolled on and on. Distantly Ian was amazed at the ferocity of his climax, but finally he was able to relax. As he squeezed the last drops of cum from his softening cock, he looked down and smiled at his coated chest. Dropping his fingers to slide through the thick cum coating, he sadly smiled toward the living room in the acknowledgment that this attraction could never be more than his imagination.

“What the fuck! Where am I! Where are my goddamn clothes!” shouted Kyle.

“Good morning to you too,” said Ian with a groan as he walked from his bedroom trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. “You’re at my house and your clothes are beside the couch. You were too drunk to walk back to base last night.”

Kyle kicked off the sheet, and immediately tried to cover his morning wood that was pushing his boxers obscenely from his crotch. Turning his ass to Ian, he grabbed his pants and started yanking them over his legs. Once they were fastened, he quickly pulled on his shirt, then the socks.

Ian yawned and stretched; his jack-off session late last night seemed to have satiated his cock since it was behaving well this morning. He had enjoyed the sight of Kyle’s round tight ass and was a little sad when he sat down to finish dressing. Ian watched for a few more minutes while Kyle seemed frantic to get out of his tiny home.

“If you’ll wait a minute I can fix some breakfast for us,” said Ian with another yawn.

“I don’t want no fucking redneck cooking for me, ever,” spouted off Kyle. Realizing he might not want to insult this stranger just yet, he added, “No offense . . .”

Ian’s eyes narrowed to slits as he watched the solder finish dressing before he responded, “Oh fuck no, that’s not offensive at all. Next time I’ll just let you pass out in the damn alley and see what you have left in the morning, if you wake up the next morning,” said Ian blisteringly.

Kyle paused, looked at Ian and then pulled out his qiqitv porno wallet to see if he still had his money. When he looked back up, he found the younger man’s face was deep red with fury.

“You must be fuck’n kidding me! You think I robbed you? You asshole!”

Kyle stopped, started to apologize, and then decided there was no need. He knew he would never see Ian again, so what difference did it make if they left on good terms or not. Pulling on the last of his clothes, Kyle looked around the couch to make sure he had everything and then glanced back at Ian.

“Thanks,” said Kyle. Turning, he walked out the door, and froze on the porch. Surrounding this little oasis was mile after mile of rolling prairie. There wasn’t even another house that Kyle could see. He turned back to Ian with desperation etched across his face. He wasn’t even sure which direction he was from the base.

“Wha’s wrong buddy? Ya’ll can’t git back inter town er sumton?” drawled Ian with a nearly indecipherable accent.

“Hey look. I’m sorry. I’m just not looking to make friends. I already told you I appreciated you bringing me back. Now can you take me to town?”

“Let the backward redneck have his breakfast, then we’ll see how I feel about helping your rude Yankee ass,” said Ian with more than a little venom.

Ian disappeared into his bedroom and quickly came back pulling on a t-shirt. He brought eggs and bacon out of the fridge and without another look at Kyle started looking through his pantry for ideas. Smiling to himself, Ian decided it might be a good morning for some made-from-scratch biscuits, or maybe French toast. Hell, maybe he’d just fix both. He suddenly had a tremendous appetite.

Weeks later the memory of Kyle remained sharp in Ian’s memory. Once the anger at his rudeness began to lessen, he realized there was an attraction he didn’t quite understand. When he arose each morning before dawn to begin his work on the ranch, he thought of the night with Kyle sprawled across his couch. Even when he was building new fence through the miserable August afternoon, thoughts of Kyle drifted through his mind. He wasn’t quite sure why this particular soldier had stuck with him so tenaciously, but he was constantly daydreaming about his hot young stranger. Ian thought the feelings and memories would fade, but they only seemed to intensify. Even a hot Saturday afternoon trip into town for supplies was no exception. As he was dwelling on Kyle yet again, he caught the sight of a soldier walking down the side of the rural highway. Slowing, Ian pulled beside the slowly walking figure and rolled down his window.

“Need a ride?”

Ian was shocked when Kyle looked up at him. But it was no less than the surprise etched across Kyle’s face when he realized that he knew the driver.

“Nah, I’m fine. It’s only a few more miles,” said Kyle.

“It’s 15 miles and it’s already 90. If you wanna walk that’s fine. No skin off my nose.”

Kyle paused, looking down the road to see the heat already creating a shimmer over the asphalt. As he felt another drop of sweat slowly roll down his backbone, he decided his stubborn pride could rest for today.

“Yeah, ok. I wouldn’t mind a ride. I just need to get back to the base,” said Kyle.

“Well I have a couple of errands to run. I can drop you off wherever once I’m done,” replied Ian.

“That’s fine. I don’t actually have to be back until Sunday night,” said Kyle, who quickly jumped into the truck. As the pickup rolled down the largely deserted rural highway, the two of them began to talk with each other and soon discovered they had a few things in common, a few favorite dishes and a love of Mexican food to name a few.

Ian stopped at a drive-in for lunch and the two of them shared stories of growing up. Kyle described being the only child of upper middle class conservative parents. Ian talked about growing up on his family’s farm. Ian shared his memories of a childhood spent outdoors, working with animals, and Kyle could tell it was a life Ian loved. But Ian also noticed that Kyle only talked about memories of childhood, nothing past adolescence. Finishing the last of their burgers, Ian turned and said, “I’m done with the errands. Where did you want me to drop you off at?”

Kyle paused to consider, finally breaking the long silence he said, “Actually, I was enjoying just hang’n with you. Do ya want to go back to your house and chill for a while?”

Ian looked at Kyle with suspicion in his eyes, not certain he could trust his intuition about Kyle again. But something inside told him to give Kyle a second chance. If nothing else, he rationalized, more time with Kyle would give him more material for his fantasies. Deciding to take a chance, Ian turned to Kyle and nodded.

“Sure, but my AC isn’t working too well so it’s kinda hot,” said Ian.

“Is the beer cold?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah,” said Ian with a laugh.

As soon as they walked into the house, Ian started stripping. Within minutes he was walking around in nothing but a tight pair of white briefs. He turned on the arthritic window unit that slowly coughed into service and started blowing cooler air into the room. Ian flipped on the television and turned to see that Kyle hadn’t moved.

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