Dinner with the Boss Ch. 02

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Removing the cap from my red lipstick and applying a thin coat on my soft lips. Checking my reflection in the bathroom mirror and smiling at the attractive reflection smiling back at me. Running my fingers once more through my long blonde hair, I head downstairs, grab my car keys, and hurriedly make my way to the garage. As the engine kicks over and my car comes to life, my mind drifts back to three days ago, Christmas day. Semela’s voluptuous curves, delicate fingers, warm smile, and of course that special sparkle held deep within her dark eyes. My eyes happen to glimpse the time on the radio and I throw it into drive and speed off up the street. Ten minutes later, I anxiously walk into the shop and try my best to disguise my initial shock. In front of me stood Jonathon, the assistant manager. Where is Semela I wonder? I walk into the backroom and find myself alone as I hang my leather coat on the back of the bathroom door. I look at the schedule and sure enough Semela was scheduled to be here.

Jonathon makes his way to the front of the shop and stands quietly observing the customers. Finally he informs me that he would indeed be working this evening. Apparently Semela had called in at the last minute stating she was using a personal day. Referring to my feelings as disappointment would be a gross understatement. Worry also accompanied my new misfortune. It wasn’t like Semela to miss work especially last minute. I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps her and her husband had gotten into a fight that morning?

Luckily the shop was buzzing with activity most of the day, keeping my mind involved in my work instead of worrying about Semela. The shop phone rang as I headed out for my break. I quickly answered it, hoping it would be a short call because I was hungry and needed a break. The person requested precise directions to our shop as he was unfamiliar with this part of the town. I gave him the best directions I could offer and after a sarcastic comment he hung up on me. “Can’t wait to meet him later in the afternoon,” I thought to myself. orhangazi escort The phone rang yet again and I answered it immediately thinking it was him again. The caller hung up after I said our required greeting leaving me to listen to the dial tone. I hung up and headed out of the shop to grab some lunch thinking my directions were helpful enough for the gentleman after all.

Slipping my cold fingers into the leather gloves as I walked out of the shop at the end of the day, I started across the parking lot to my car. I certainly am not one for the front parking spots. I prefer to park out in the middle of nowhere, the north 40 as I refer to it. Although I must admit, on cold nights such as this, I wish I had parked in the front spot. Halfway across the parking lot, light splashes over me and I realize a vehicle is behind me. I turn around and the small car stops. Straining to make out the model of the car, they turn their headlights off and I realize it is Semela’s car. I walk to the passenger’s door and knowing it would be unlocked, I quickly open the door, slide into the seat and close the door. Semela doesn’t say a word, just puts it into drive. We drive past my car and leave the parking lot altogether.

After awhile we end up at a nearby park and Semela pulls up alongside the curb and shuts the engine off. I look out into the night, the moon shining brightly. For the first time that evening, I look over at Semela. Oddly enough, I wasn’t a bit surprised to see her dressed in a business suit as I had requested before leaving her home that day.

“It was you on the phone wasn’t it?”

“I had to see you again,” came the reply.

I leaned over and ran my fingers down her cheek, her eyes closing at the feel of the cool leather.

“You took a personal day because of me?”

“I couldn’t see you at work. That afternoon was amazing. I haven’t felt that good for a long time, I felt certain feelings that I thought I had shut out years ago. I couldn’t wait to see you again and talk to you, but I had nilüfer escort this fear. I don’t know, I thought if I saw you at work, all of this would be lost. I would feel as if I was waking up from a wonderful dream.”

Her eyes looked deeply into mine as she confessed her fear.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

My fingers quickened there pace on her soft cheek. Her own fingers wrapped around my index finger as she took my finger into her mouth, sucking on the leather material. I felt a deep stirring within and softly gasped at the contact. She pulled her head back and seductively stripped my glove from my left hand.

“Your fingers are still a bit cold dear,” she teased as she placed now two fingers into her mouth and gently sucked.

I used my teeth to pull the glove from my other hand so I could push her head back and kiss her while my hands traveled across her suit jacket. The material of the jacket only fueled my desire. Our tongues danced wildly together, little moans escaping every few seconds. We finally pulled apart and I began unbuttoning her black suit jacket. Underneath the jacket she wore a silky white blouse. I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. Not only was she wearing such a beautiful blouse, but also a black bra underneath the white material. Semela laughed as she watched me stare at her chest, knowing I wanted to kiss and lick her breasts. Semela pushed me back in my seat and there I stayed, feeling as if I was suddenly paralyzed. At that very moment I couldn’t move, all I could do was watch. Semela removed the jacket and began loosening the blouse as my hungry eyes looked on. Within seconds, Semela opened her blouse, my eyes glued to her cleavage and sexy black bra. This bra was different from the one she had worn the other afternoon and surprisingly, it turned me on more than the previous one.

Her delicate fingers began tracing her breasts, quickly moving across the center of each cup. I licked my lips unconsciously when her manicured nail dug into the top türbanlı escort of her left breast and ran down leaving behind a fresh, red mark on her delicate flesh. Suddenly I grabbed Semela and my lips crushed hers with such intensity. Her fingers unbuttoned my leather coat and she helped me rid myself of it and it fell to the floor mat. I pushed the passengers seat as far back as possible and Semela moved the steering wheel up and climbed over onto my lap. I found the clasp to her bra and quickly undid it, leaving the bra and silk blouse to fall between us. My hands groped her breasts, my thumbs stroking her hard nipples every few seconds while we continued kissing. Semela moved so she was able to straddle my leg, her pussy resting on my thigh. As she began pushing her pussy harder against my thigh, I drew back so I could suck on her nipples. The car filled with pleasing sounds. Semela moaning continually and the sound of me sucking harder on her nipples while she continued to grind against my thigh.

“No more teasing,” she breathed heavily. “I want your fingers inside of my pussy, I want to feel you.”

I readily obeyed and seconds later, I maneuvered my fingers into her soaked panties and to her inviting pussy. My fingers slid easily inside of her and I watched as her eyes closed once again and her mouth opened slightly.

“Fuck me,” she ordered.

I stroked her inner walls, my pussy now openly drooling with my own excitement. Once my thumb caught her throbbing hard nub, she began humping my hand, focusing on her oncoming orgasm. I felt her body shudder as she rode her orgasm out, my hand covered in her sweet juices. I held her while she remained like that until she slowly raised up a bit so I could pull my hand from inside her pants. I brushed her own juices on her breasts and then slowly kissed and licked them.

“What are we doing?” I asked her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and continued sitting on my lap much to my enjoyment.

“You are an employee of mine, a friend of mine, and I definitely wish to have you as a lover.”

I grinned as I realized our relationship would be that of lovers and friends.

“Let’s go back to the shop,” I suggested with a daring smile.

Her eyes sparkled and quickly she began climbing back over to the driver’s side.

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