Dirty Daughter has Dirty Laundry Ch. 02

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**Questions, comments and constructive criticism are always welcomed and appreciated. Also, I edited chapter one, so I encourage you to reread it. Also also, I’m editing Mom and Son’s Bathroom Tryst and working on the sequel, but I’m easily distracted, so have patience.**

Dirty Daughter Has Dirty Laundry Chapter Two: Not Yet

In the moments before I fully awoke, while my mind teetered between conscious and unconscious, my thoughts were filled with lewd memories of the past two days and lucid dreams of the near future, both fueled by current actions that I was simultaneously aware of and oblivious to.

It all started when my daughter, in response to my prodding, admitted that she got off on the smell of my cum. The following day was a wild ride I kicked off by gifting her a garment soaked in my cum for her amusement. The day progressed to mutual masturbation, then symbiotic masturbation, and concluded with us making out for a while before spooning naked in my bed and drifting off to sleep. And somewhere in there, we watched The Princess Bride, which is always a good time.

Half asleep, eyes still closed, I took in a myriad of stimuli, some of which were familiar, some were unexpected. The first thing that I recognized was the sound of birds outside, so obnoxiously close and loud that going back to sleep was never an option. And by the firmness of the mattress and the weight of my comforter, I could tell that I was in my bed.

But I was warmer than I should be, and my sense of touch was overwhelmed. I hadn’t woken up next to a woman in many years and I hadn’t slept so well through the night while spooning since early times of my relationship with Karen, so waking up with my daughter’s body pressed snugly to mine, I was overwhelmed.

As my crusty eyes eased open and my dry lips broke apart, I realized that my face was buried in Lily’s dark, bushy hair. I felt stiff and tight, so I shifted my limbs and rolled my torso and head slightly, and I discovered that I was entangled with my daughter. Our legs were overlapped and she was embracing the arm that I had wrapped around her, my hand cupping one of her breasts firmly. And best yet, my morning wood was filling the bit of gap between her thighs, nestled up to her warm, moist pussy.

I squeezed Lily’s tit and gently gyrated my hips, and soon she was going through the same rush of senses as I had experienced a moment ago. Once she gained her bearings, Lily swiftly dropped a hand to my thick tool, pushing on it from under as her hips began to sway.

“Mm, good morning,” Lily said as she teased along my hard on. The way she applied pressure and moved her body, she was threatening to impale herself with my rod. A couple of times, I felt her tight tunnel expand for a second, welcoming me in, before the moment was lost and the crown of my cock recoiled and scraped sharply over her clit, soliciting a coo and a tensing from my daughter.

When she tilted her hips and wrapped her fingers around the shaft just below the head, part of me wanted to let Lily take my cock inside her. I wanted nothing more than to feel the grasp of her cunt around my cock, to join our bodies together and fill her with cum until it overflowed and soiled the marital bed that she had been conceived upon— but it wasn’t time yet.

“Not yet,” I grumbled, my voice unready, as I pushed my hips forward, jutting the head of my cock forward, through her slick labia and away from her opening. She groaned with disappointment and rolled over to face me.

“Come on, I’m so horny, and you said we would!” Lily pleaded before planting repeated kisses on my lips and chin and neck. I wanted so badly to relent and pin her down and fuck her with everything I had, but I wanted our first time to be more ceremonious than that, so I put a hand on her chest, above her breasts, and pushed her away.

“Not yet,” I repeated, and she sighed and rolled onto her back.

“Fine,” Lily forfeited. “I’m going to take a shower and make breakfast.” She slid out of my reach and out of my bed, and I watched as she stood. She stretched her nude body, flexing her slender legs and reaching for the ceiling, tempting me with her tight and curvy twenty-year-old figure.

“It’s not working,” I lied, wishing I had climbed on top of her a moment ago and driven my cock into her eager snatch.

“Your loss,” Lily said as she left, her hips swinging hard, making me regret my decision more with each step.

I sighed deeply when she disappeared and rolled onto my back, stroking my stiff wood and thinking about what could’ve been. But I managed to replace those thoughts with a vision of the future, and that vision required hydration.

I climbed out of bed, went to my private bathroom and drank handfuls of water from the faucet. The cool drink was invigorating, but I needed much more to refill my reservoirs.

While I showered, I thought about the day ahead. I wondered what Lily would make for breakfast, what she would be wearing, and how bursa escort long I could go without fucking her. The idea of taking her out to dinner was floating around in my mind, but it was bad enough that I was planning on having sex with my daughter, did I really want to wine and dine her like a true romantic partner?

I was distracted and aroused by all these lewd thoughts and struggled to refrain from masturbating while I cleaned myself. After I mindlessly dried off, I sat naked on my bed and, despite my doubts, decided that I should indeed take my daughter out before I bedded her.

But while I was searching local restaurants, a better idea hit me. I abruptly abandoned the task and got dressed promptly, excited for the day and night ahead.

As I dressed, I observed myself in the mirror as I often do. I always find small aspects of my appearance to critique, but when l take a step back and look at myself as a whole, I’m comfortable with how I look. Sure, I have a few wrinkles and a bit of gut, but my body is toned overall and my looks haven’t abandoned me yet. Plus my personality has always been my best aspect.

As I exited my bedroom, I noticed the sound of running water; Lily was still showering. I went to the bathroom door and opened it quietly. I poked my head in as little as necessary to get a good look. She was barely obscured by the clear shower curtain and I could easily discern her figure and her movements.

I watched my daughter play with herself, her back against the wall opposite the shower head, groping her tits while her other hand worked busily between her thighs. She was whimpering often and groaning occasionally, her hips rolling about as she gave herself the pleasure that I had deprived her of minutes earlier.

I opened the door fully, leaned on the frame and enjoyed the show for the short moment that it lasted. Right as I reached for my swelling dick, Lily perked up, turned toward me and pulled back the curtain.

“What are you doing?” she asked, half annoyed and half curious, while water streamed down her curves.

“You look so sexy right now,” I offered in lieu of an answer. And she really did. Her hair was soaked and matted to her skin. Water adorned her nubile body, drops of it accumulating in random and obvious places, such as the flat expanse of her tummy as well as the stiff horizontals of her nipples.

“Sexy enough to get in here and fuck me?” she asked, tilting her head to the side. I took a moment to consider it, and Lily did her best to convince me, shoving two fingers into her cunt and pleading, “I want your dick so bad, Dad, fuck me, please…”

“Not yet,” I replied reluctantly, and her expression and demeanor turned to that of aggravation.

“Seriously, I’m so fucking horny right now, so if you’re not gonna get me off, just leave me to it.”

“Well maybe there’s another way I can help you out,” I hinted as I stepped into the room. Lily looked at me skeptically until I held two fingers in front of my mouth in a V-shape and flicked my tongue between them, and her attitude shifted.

“Yeah?” she wondered, her posture weakening as she shut off the water.

“Yeah. And tonight, you get what you really want,” I offered, and she froze for a second as she stepped out of the shower.

“Really? Tonight? You promise?”

“Come on, have I ever lied to you before?”

“Um, Santa Claus,” she started, and I knew instantly that I had overstepped, “permanent records, when you convinced me that dating is illegal for anyone under 18, when you said my hamster die—”

“Okay, okay, I promise.”

“What do you promise?” Lily asked softly as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her wet, nude body against mine, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“I promise— that I will— fuck you silly— tonight,” I replied, kissing her gently every few syllables. Then I picked her up effortlessly and sat her on the counter top. I took my time kissing my way down my daughter’s nubile figure, planting a few on her sharp jawline and several more to her neck. As my mouth moved down to her collarbone, my hands came out from around her, one settling on her hip and the other on her thigh, so near to the top that my thumb was a wiggle away from her honeypot.

At her breast, my lips pulled hard on her tender flesh just above the stiff nipple for long enough that when my mouth dropped to envelop that nub, a bright red mark was left on the top of her breast. My time kissing and licking and sucking her breasts was extensive, and I left a couple more hickeys. When I continued south to her stomach, my grip on her thigh shifted slightly and my thumb grazed her lips. From that small touch, I could tell that her fluids were flowing freely.

I picked up the place, traversing her soft tummy with three brief kisses, and at last I dropped to my knees and was eye-to-eye with my daughter’s cunt. Her outer curtains were fully drawn and open, and her exposed pink petals glistened appetizingly.

Lily bursa escort bayan leaned back some and spread her thighs wide invitingly. I started my meal with a long, lasting lick, dragging my tongue slowly up through her folds, humming my delight for her flavorful pussy. When I enveloped the top of her tasty twat and lashed at her clit, Lily put a hand on the top of my head and clenched my hair in a loose fist.

I lost track of time, drunk on my daughter’s nectar. Her thighs were on my sturdy shoulders, her heels pulling against my back, and I could feel every flex of her legs. She was begging me to make her cum, but no matter how much attention I showed her clit, I just couldn’t get her over the edge.

So, defeated, I positioned a hand under my chin, pushed a single finger in, stroked her g-spot firmly, and my girl climaxed within seconds. Her walls clamped and flooded around my finger. I felt her heels leave my back when her feet kicked the air involuntarily and her thighs trembled around me.

I pushed back against her pussy’s grasp and wiggled my finger against the ceiling. Lily writhed and whined and her face twisted awkwardly as she drowned in pleasure. After a minute or so, she pulled away from my mouth and hand, overwhelmed and exhausted.

As I stood up, my dick was painfully hard, straining against my pants and begging me to pound Lily relentlessly right then and there. Not yet, I reminded myself.

“I think I need a nap,” Lily said with a faint smile. I was inclined to agree, seeing her body slumped and her eyes half open, and I found a strong sense of satisfaction in that. The urge to take her hit me again, but the need to make a joke of it was much more pressing.

“Wait, I changed my mind, I wanna fuck you right now, you ready?”

“Noooo,” she protested with a laugh, her strength returning enough for her to lift her arms and legs to keep me at bay.

“Alright, I’m thinking we hit the mall sooner than later, come home and chill for a bit, and then we go out for dinner. Maybe… Dino’s?” Lily sat up sharply with a gasp.

Dino’s was a steakhouse, my favorite steakhouse and Lily’s as well through indoctrination. The food there was fantastic, plus it had skee ball, so I didn’t have to sell it all that hard. We used to go there two or three times a month, up until it burned down about seven years ago.

But the owner had another restaurant, Johnny’s Bar and Grill, which was very similar in layout and ambiance, had a near identical menu and quality of food, and it even had skee ball as well; only trouble was, it was an hour away. We went once a month for a couple years, then dialed it back to a few times per year, then once a year, and now the last time we had gone was for Lily’s 18th birthday more than two years earlier.

“Seriously?” Lily asked, trying to contain her excitement.

“Seriously,” I confirmed.

“Yes! This is going to be the best day ever! Alright, leave me alone, I gotta get ready so we can get this day going.”

Neither of us felt like making breakfast, so I suggested we stop at a deli along the way, but Lily insisted that we go to Starbucks. Once we arrived, we placed our orders, then she went to get us a ‘good table.’ There weren’t many other patrons sitting in, so I couldn’t see the necessity, but I didn’t bother to object. The table she selected was near the back and against a window, which was nice except for its proximity to the bathrooms.

“So, what’s my spending limit for today?” Lily inquired as we neared the end of our meal.

“Three-hundred,” I replied after some consideration.

“How much if give you a blowjob in the bathroom?” she asked quietly, and a second later I felt her socked foot on my groin. I checked if anyone was looking, and, relieved that no one was, contemplated her proposition.

“Four-hundred,” I answered, and she opened her mouth to negotiate, but I headed her off with, “five if you can make me cum in less than five minutes.”

“Deal. Men’s room or women’s?” I looked around the place and noted that there were more women than men.

“Men’s. You go first, I’ll be right behind you.” I looked around casually while Lily stood up and made for the bathroom, and I noticed a couple guys turn to check her out.

The bathrooms were isolated and out of sight in a small hallway at the back of the coffee shop, though I did notice a security camera that was surely recording me following my daughter into the bathroom.

I barely had time to lock the door before Lily was reaching for my hard on, squeezing and groping it through my jeans.

“Hey, hey, no fair, the clock hasn’t started yet,” I said as I pushed her hands away.

“Doesn’t matter, once I get my mouth on your dick, I’m gonna have you cumming in less than a minute,” she boasted as she dropped to her knees and undid my pants while I opened the clock app on my phone.

“Alright, ready?” I asked, glancing down at my daughter, her face inches from escort bursa my rigid cock. She replied by wrapping her hand around the the trunk, pointing my wood upward and dragging her tongue up the length. I started the stopwatch as she reached the top and her mouth enveloped the head, sucking eagerly.

I watched with lustful glee as my cock swiftly disappeared between Lily’s lips, until the tip touched the back of her mouth. She kept my bulbous head at the top of her throat and tears filled her eyes, but she didn’t gag. When her lips retreated to the head, a thick coat of her saliva was left on the shaft.

Lily concentrated on my crown with her mouth, jerked me with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. She was clearly determined and was going about the task in a perfunctory manner, using what she knew about me to her advantage and avoiding superfluous flair. And it felt amazing.

“You’re definitely going to win the bet,” I told her.

“I know,” she gloated with a smile, her chin streaked with spit. I checked the clock as she turned her attention back to my cock; just 90 seconds had passed and the pleasure was building fast; I wasn’t going to last three minutes, let alone five.

My heart was pounding, unsurprisingly. Getting my dick sucked by my beautiful daughter was crazy enough, but doing it in a coffee shop bathroom was wild. I knew I should be listening for any movement outside, but I was too enthralled with the sight and sensation of Lily lips and fingers moving about my manhood.

I was right at the edge, my breathing shallow, body tense. Then Lily tilted her head back enough to look up at me, and, when our eyes met, I lost it. My dick flexed against the grip of her mouth and hand, and my balls churned in her palm, and a second later I was spraying hot cum across her tongue.

After she gulped down the bulk of my load, she continued massaging my sack and milking any remaining jizz directly onto her tongue, savoring every last drop. But post-nut clarity was setting in for me and the realization of how risky the situation was hit me like a baseball bat.

“Come on, we gotta go,” I ordered as I stepped out of her reach of her hands and lips. Lily pouted jokingly as she stood up and I put my dick away. “I’ll go out first. If I see anyone, I’ll say that you got sick. If you hear me say that, pretend to puke, then flush the toilet and turn on the sink like you’re washing your hands and face.”

“Okay, okay,” she replied, hearing the urgency in my voice and reflecting it partially.

“Actually, you should wash up anyway. Maybe rinse out your mouth too.”

“I will, just go,” Lily insisted. My hand was shaking as I grabbed the door handle, but my worries washed over me as I stepped out of the bathroom and into the empty hallway. I leaned against the wall opposite the bathroom and casually waited for my daughter. She appeared a moment later showing no hint to the fact that she had just fellated me and drank my sperm.

Just as we were about to get out of there, a young man walked around the corner. Lily and I were surprised and fidgeted nervously, but he froze at the sight of us and his jaw dropped when he recognized Lily.

“Oh. Hey, Charlie,” Lily greeted her former classmate awkwardly and he mumbled a reply. “I haven’t seen you since graduation, how have you been?”

Before he could answer, another man appeared and stopped dead in his tracks as well. This guy was much older than Charlie, around my age I estimated.

“Oh,” Lily said before a thoughtful pause. “Hi, Mr. Peterson.”

“Hello, Lily,” he replied reluctantly. By his regretful expression and his anxious demeanor, I could tell that Mr. Peterson would rather be set on fire than continue this interaction. And Lily handled it tactfully.

“I’m sorry, I’d love to catch up with you both, but we’re running late,” she lied, and I took the cue. “Take care,” she said politely as we walked past Charlie and Mr. Peterson.

“Wasn’t Mr. Peterson one of your teachers?” I asked Lily as we approached the car.


“And Charlie was in your class, right?” I followed up.


“Alrighty then. I mean, who are we to judge?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she agreed, sounding distracted.

“What’s up?”

“Well we know what they were doing, do you think they suspect us too?” she posited.

“I doubt it,” I answered after a moment of thought. “They looked like they were too worried and ashamed of their own situation. Plus, they only saw us in the hallway, and most people would not jump to the conclusion that a father and daughter are hooking up, let alone in the local coffee shop. I mean, who would be stupid enough to do that?” I assured her, my voice rife with sarcasm at the end.

“So we’ll go out of town next time?” she replied with a smirk and I just shook my head and chuckled.

We spent the next four hours at the mall. Four. Hours. I carried the bags and bench-hopped while she binge-shopped. We stopped at more stores than I was willing to keep track of and I only recognized the name of one of them: Victoria’s Secret.

“Mind if I come in with you? I could use a couple new thongs,” I joked.

“Maybe next time. What’s your favorite color for lingerie?”

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