Dirty Fantasy Becomes Reality

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Closed Eyes

-This is a fantasy of a man (me) being forcefully taken by other men and contains some things that not all may want to read about, including spanking, anal sex, pissing, enemas, etc. If you’re not into this type of fantasy please don’t leave negative feedback. If this turns you on, please send me a message. It’s written in a casual style, not a heavy, formal writing style. That makes it seem more realistic to me. Thanks, and enjoy..

I just “met” you online a couple of weeks ago and invited you over to my house to get acquainted. I can do that now that I live alone again. My girlfriend recently left me. For three years she refused to let me into her ass and I tried everything I could think of short of forcing my cock into her ass. My anal fetish was so advanced that she also found out that I was corresponding with gay men in order to have some contact with others that shared my sexual interests and in some cases, my extreme fetishes.

You wrote me after seeing my profile and pictures and were intrigued by someone who seemed to have the same thoughts, the same dirty, nasty, thoughts, as you did. When you came to the door I can’t lie, I was very nervous. I was imagining all sorts of crazy things that could go wrong, the types of things that a person reads about every once in a while. You seemed like a nice guy with a dirty mind, though, just like me, so I took a chance that you wouldn’t be a violent wacko. I’m so glad that I answered the door that day, now I have an equally horny sex partner that matches, and in some ways exceeds, my own fetishes and does so in a way that’s forceful but not hurtful. I couldn’t ask for any more than that. It’s like you’re the clone of myself that I used to dream about.

We talked for a couple of hours, getting to know each other and talking about what turns us both on, in person instead of online. We both also have a couple of glasses of wine too many and we start stripping each other, almost unceremoniously. We’re acting like we both know almost exactly what the other person wants so why prolong the foreplay. It’s time to get down to business. It’s time to see how far each of us is willing to live up to the hype of our dirty online chats.

After we’re both naked and anticipating the evening, we rub baby oil on each other and you start chasing me around the room! What better way to really get acquainted?! I mentioned in several of my e-mails that I have a fantasy of being taken against my will, by more than one person even. a gang rape fantasy. And you know that I’m all about anal anything.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so open and willing to jump right into things since I just met you. It’s too late now, we’re both naked and you’re chasing me around my house with a huge hard on! Your hot, slippery, fat, dick is hanging out as you’re trying to catch me as I run around the room, flopping back and forth. I can hear it slapping your legs as you chase me around the living room furniture, the island in the kitchen, up the back stairs in the kitchen and down the main stairs all the way down to the basement. I make my way to the small exercise room that I set up down there and you try to grab onto my as I run around the weight machine. Both of us are buck-naked and horny as hell and bouncing off of the big, over-stuffed furniture down there.

You’re almost catching me and the excitement is making both of our cocks stand at attention. We’re both rock hard and our cocks are swinging around as we run around the room. I turned the AC off a couple of hours ago and it’s in the mid-80’s in there now so we’re both slippery from sweating so much in addition to the baby oil that we rubbed all over each other to get things started. Both of us are oiled up, slippery, hot, and sweaty and as horny as either us has ever been, or at least I am, I just met you so I can’t speak for you, yet..

Every once in a while you’ll get close enough to me to reach out and SLAP my jiggling ass cheeks and try to grab onto me, but I’m just too slippery from the sweat and the baby oil. You jab at my asshole with your fingers as you’re running after me, too, sometimes landing on (IN!) the sweet spot.. YAAAA, right up my ass! You’re starting to get closer to catching me and you grab a handful of ass cheek more often than not. Maybe I’m getting tired, or maybe I’m so horny that I’m purposely slowing down.

Finally, you do get a grip on me and pull me down to the floor and lay me over an exercise ball that’s on the floor and tie my hands together with some velcro straps so I’m hugging that exercise ball, totally helpless, my shiny, slippery butt is up in the air and I’m guessing that it looks pretty inviting. Just being draped over that warm, vinyl ball feels good enough, but I know what’s coming next. You get on top of me; your hot, oiled-up, sweaty, slippery body is laying on top of mine. Your cock is between my legs and my butt cheeks and you’re gliding your cock between my clenched-up ass cheeks, just fucking my slippery ass cheeks, pushing them together as hard as you can. The big exercise ball is at the perfect height for fucking my ass when I’m draped over it. You slide your cock between my butt cheeks for a few minutes but the feeling is too bursa escort much with the underside of your bulging, throbbing cock rubbing on my asshole and cheeks, and you finally SHOOT your hot, sticky sperm up on my back!

“AHRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMMMMM…RRRRRRRRRR…” Your cum is shooting up and over my ass and onto my sweaty back! I can feel it splashing down in hot gobs against my sweaty, naked back and it’s running down into my ass crack. I feel you rubbing the underside of your spurting cock on my asshole and I know that feels so good. Ahh, your soft but still firm cock head is rubbing on my asshole, tickling it, teasing it, taunting it. You’re good at this game so far. I wonder what else is on the agenda for the evening. Little did I know that you had a fully-orchestrated session planned for me.


You start spanking my ass as I’m still draped over that big exercise ball, your cock still dripping cum on my legs and my back is covered by your still warm cum. I know that my ass is in the perfect position for spanking and fucking!


“Ass boy, get ready for a good spanking.”..


“OWWW!!.. hey!”

Then you start rubbing your cum, that’s still on my back, down to my ass and you’re rubbing it into my asshole! Pushing in as much as you can with your fingers. Probing the tight, little puckered hole that you’ve heard so much about. The hole that you were soon to know very, very well.

It feels so good, so nasty, so dirty, to have someone, anyone, especially a total stranger, rubbing and pushing into my tight hole. You’re trying to make sure my shit chute is good and slippery for what’s about to happen next. Your cock is nice and hard again from the excitement of spanking me and rubbing your cum into my poor little puckered love hole. You just touch your cock head on the rim of my ass and lightly rub it around on there in your own cum for a minute, making sure that it’s nice and slippery. The circular motions of your soft cock head rubbing around on my asshole as I’m tied up and helpless and draped over my exercise ball is almost too much. I can’t believe that we’re this far into things already after just meeting in person a couple of hours ago!

Then you lay down on me with your sweaty, oily, slippery chest on my slippery, sweaty, oily back and you put your legs on the outside of my legs as I’m still on the exercise ball. Then you slide your cock IN my ass, in one motion! The first time a cock has been in my virgin ass! Well, “virgin” if you don’t count the bananas and ring bologna and zucchini, etc, that have been in there over the years.


PUSH.. in it goes! Your fat cock slides up inside my ass right up to your balls, just like a snake going into a hole. You hold it there, pressing into me, laying on me with your full weight. You start pulsing your cock in my ass and in return, I clench my asshole at the same time. That’s the feeling that I’ve wanted to experience for so many years, even when I was seventeen or eighteen I’ve wanted to have someone put their cock in my ass. I don’t know where this fetish comes from, I’m just glad that you’re here to satisfy my cravings.

Then, you start in on a marathon ass-fuck session. You can go a long time now that you’ve already cummed so you just start pumping in and out, and in and out, and in and out, holding onto my slippery hips and slapping my ass.

“Rrrrrr.. mmmm.. ahhhh.. mmmm..” fuck, fuck..

“Rrrr..rrrr.. mmmmmm.. uhhhrr.. ass boy, I’m gettin’ close, you’d better get ready for a butt load of cum, literally.” You know that I love being talked to in the most dirty, nasty way, that really turns me on and you’re good at that, too. And, obviously you know how to fuck an asshole so there are two fantasies fulfilled so far. So far, so good.

I can feel you speeding up!.. You’re really slamming into my ass, slapping against my butt cheeks with your full weight, plowing into my asshole as far as your big cock will go! We’re bouncing up and down on that exercise ball and I’m helpless so you have to hold me upright so I don’t roll over. My feet on the floor behind me are the only way I have to keep myself from rolling over like a helpless turtle on its back.

“NOOO, that’s too fast and hard.”, I say, knowing that makes you even more horny when I pretend to resist. Then you get up off of my back and stand above me with just your cockhead still inside of my asshole, just keeping the tip of it in my tight hole, and you just LET LOOSE with your second load of hot, spermy goo, this time INSIDE my asshole!

“MMMMMMMM..RRRRR!!!!!!!.. ASS BOY! HERE IT CUMS, my hot, sticky load of cum, shooting up inside of your ass! Filling your dirty ass full of my sperm!!”..

I can feel your shooting hot cum hitting my insides and shooting up in my rear, filling me up! “UUUUUhhhhh.. mmmmmmmm… it’s so much, it’s filling my ass up, and it’s so hot and sticky! That feels sooo good, your hot sperm shooting up my poor, abused little butt hole…” I know that you love dirty talk too.

You finally stop jerking and shooting cum in my ass and I try to görükle escort clench up my asshole as tightly as I can to keep it all in there. But, a dribble leaks out, and with that, SLAP!! “KEEP THAT HOT CUM IN THERE, ASS BOY!” So, you pick up a buttplug that you brought with you and you slide it in my ass to keep your warm cum up inside of me.

“Try this on for size, cum-lover.” Plop! In it goes. “Now it won’t leak out.” Then you start slapping my ass again and I hear the door open and hear someone else coming in the room. Then I feel a blindfold being put on me! What the? I’m being blindfolded and there are now two guys in the room and I’m still laying over this beach ball with my hands tied, my ass all full of sperm, and there’s now another stranger in the room! I barely know you yet and you’re already having other guys come over to my house? What’s next? I figure that you must have planned this with one of your friends but I have no idea who it is or what’s going to happen to my poor little ass next. Is it some homeless guy you picked up on the street; one of your friends? Who is it?! I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the gang rape fantasy.. but I’m still horny as hell so maybe it’ll turn out ok… it’s been great so far.

As I’m lying there still draped over that exercise ball, I feel a hand come down on my left ass cheek, SPANK!


Then another on my right cheek, then another.. Then it’s constant spanking and I know that my ass is becoming all red and hot and it probably looks great! It’s weird having this new stranger in my house though, I hope he’s not too mean or abusive to my poor little ass. You obviously told him about our chats and my fantasies and that I love all things anal. Hopefully he’s not some psycho but just another dirty, horny guy like you are.

“Uuuuuu.. OHHHH!” I feel a hand on the butt plug, the slippery fingers are gripping it, digging into my ass, and then I feel it turning inside of me. Someone’s turning the buttplug that’s jammed up my ass and they’re turning it around and around and they’re also spitting on my asshole with the buttplug that’s jammed in my ass! It’s getting so it’s slippery!.. What a dirty feeling, having two strangers doing this to me! Two nasty strangers spitting on my buttplug-filled asshole as I’m helpless and tied up and bent over my exercise ball in my own basement! Now these two guys know where I live. That’s either a very good thing, or a very bad thing. Sometimes a bad thing is a very good thing.

I feel something on my lips. It feels like a big sausage, but it’s all sticky. It must be your cock, the one you just rammed up inside my asshole, all full of cum and my own ass juice! I’m being forced to clean it off. And while I’m doing this, I feel the butt plug being pulled out, “EEEEEEEEoooowww..”

Then I feel another cock going up into my cum-filled ass, a different sized one! It feels great. This is only the second cock that’s ever been in my asshole! I’m blindfolded, my hands are tied around this exercise ball, and am being butt-fucked by some other stranger that I haven’t even seen yet! Talk about starting out my first fantasy session full speed!

I’m being forced to clean your dirty cock off at the same time this other guy is ramming his longer, but narrower, cock way up inside my ass! He’s bottoming out, pulling his snake all the way out and then crashing down onto me, and into me, with all his might! We bounce when he crashes into my ass and back.

Now BOTH OF YOU are slapping my ass! You’re in front of me with your cock in my mouth and the stranger is behind me holding onto my hips and forcing me back onto his cock; fucking my ass like there’s no tomorrow. You’re reaching back and spanking my ass and he’s doing the same from behind! I hope I don’t regret asking you to come over.

Well, I know that you’re rock-hard again because your cock is in my mouth, so I clench up my ass as much as I can, and I hear, “Ohhhhh noooooo.. noooo, Joe, I’m going to shoot my cum in this guy’s ass, NOOO! MMMM.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, here it comes man, here’s my hot cum spraying up inside of your tight, little asshole!!!! I can’t stop!”..

Then I hear you say, “Do it man, let’s fill this guy’s ass with as much of our hot sperm as we can!”..

“Hey, you said your name was Jeff and he just called you Joe?!”, I ask.

“Whatever, man. Did you really think that I was going to use my real name?” Oh oh..

And with that, I feel another load of cum being shot up inside my poor little asshole, mixing with yours, being forced in my colon! His cock is so long that I can’t believe his cum isn’t shooting out of my mouth! It’s mixing with your cum that’s already in there and oh boy, I’m getting so full of hot cum now! The new guy is grabbing onto my slippery hips and really driving his cock in and out as he’s shooting his cum up in me, until he finally stops. I can feel him getting off of my ass and feel his still hard cock plop out of my abused little hole. Whew. I’m being raped by two total strangers! That’s what this is turning into, me getting gang raped by two strangers! I know I mentioned that was a fantasy of mine but I’m starting to wonder bursa escort bayan if things will get out of hand. I’m as dirty and nasty as they come but I don’t know what these two have in mind. And, being blindfolded and tied up so I’m helpless adds another dimension to things.

Well, the rest didn’t last for long, as now I feel your fat cock in me again, and you’re pistoning in and out like a machine! RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM.. Squeezing between my butt cheeks and driving deep into my pinkish-brown hole. In and out your fat, slippery cock goes, and it goes like that for a LONG time.. Oh no, not another cock at my mouth! It’s the stranger’s limp, cum-drenched, ass-juice cock now… Well, I’d better get to work on it.

Oh oh, is that the doorbell again?!.. I hear another voice, “Hey Joe, it looks like you’ve got this guy right where you wanted him, stretched over something with your cock pounding into his ass. Is this that guy you met on the internet? The horny, dirty, nasty guy? The guy who likes sweaty, sticky, stinky, shitty ass fucking and dirty talking and spanking and veggies and cocks and enemas and shit like that? I can’t wait to get my cock in this guy’s ass after you’re done with him. I’ve always wanted to find a nasty slave to rape. Get him good Joe, yeah, get him good. Your cock looks soooo good plunging in and out of that guy’s tight little hole.”

I don’t recognize the voice at all. Who is this guy now? Then I hear the other guy say, “Yeah man, this guy’s ass is super tight, and now it’s super slippery with all of our cum in there. It’s just like a bank vault, we’re filling it up but we’re not going to let any of it come out.”

I feel your cock stop pumping and feel just the tip of your cock in my ass again, so I know what’s coming! Literally, your cum is coming!.. And there it is! “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!….. Ass boy, here’s another load for you, take it all, take all of this cum .. mmmmmmmmm… AHHHHHHH!!! RRRRRRRRR..” Jets of hot cum shooting up deep into my abused, gang-raped asshole. Another load of your cum is being unloaded in my bank-vault-ass-opening!

“Mmmmmmmm… It’s like getting a cum enema! I can feel your hot jets of cum being spurted up my ass, Jeff, or Joe, or whatever your name is!” I’m actually still enjoying what’s turned into a rape fantasy with three strangers abusing my tight shit hole. Speaking of that, I wonder if I’ll be able to shit for a week with the way these guys are packing it up my ass with their big cocks. Every time they ram their cocks into me and bottom out they’re packing my shit farther up my colon.

Oh oh, now it sounds like the new guy’s at my ass and he’s not fooling around. He just gets up on my back, laying on me with his full weight with his feet off of the floor, and he slides his fat little cock in my hole and starts humping! IN AND OUT it goes, then I feel him getting up and pulling out and the other stranger is in me with his bottoming-out long cock, and they’re taking turns! A couple of pumps, and then they switch. Seeing this makes you rock hard again, but that just means that all three of you are now doing this! Taking turns at my poor raped little ass!

And you’re all spanking my ass cheeks in-between raping me. Then I feel TWO cock heads at my little ass opening! “Hey, NO, Wait! My ass is too tight for two fat cocks pumping in and out of it at the same time!”

“Keep it down fuck toy, we’ll do whatever we want to you. Joe said you had a fantasy of being gang raped by dirty, nasty guys and we can do whatever we want to you. He told us to meet him here. He said that you’re our dirty sex slave for as long as we want and we intend on making the most of it before your sweet, little asshole becomes too stretched out.” I’m glad that the second and third guys are the ones struggling to slip their cocks in my asshole. There’s no way that your fat cock and another one would fit in me.

Oh no, there’s the door again, who could this be now!? “Hey Joe, this must be the place. And this must be the dirty, nasty guy you’ve been talking about wanting to gang-rape-ass-fuck for the last couple of weeks. He’s got a great-looking little ass, lying there over that bouncy exercise ball. I can’t wait to get my cock in there too! He’s got a figure skater’s ass, those are some hot cheeks. I can’t wait to bounce off of those sweet cheeks and pile-drive into that little asshole. Save some for me!”

“You’ll have your chance man. Right now, these two both have their cocks buried in his little asshole, but it won’t be long before we all pump our cum up there again. I hope they don’t stretch that tight hole out too much. Although, I was thinking of shoving my fist in his ass later so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if they did. We’ll find something to do to him for our pleasure. His hole is still super tight though, you’ll love it. We’re trying to fill him up with as much of our cum as we can. It’s already running out and squishing out between his cheeks when we pull out and then ram back in there. Why don’t you go upstairs and find some stuff to stick up there to mix with all of this cum. He said that he fantasized about being fucked with food in his ass. Mixing it and pushing it in his ass in a big, dirty, sticky mess. Maybe you shouldn’t have told all of your fantasies, man. I think they’re about to all come true whether you really wanted them to or not.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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