Disciplined Daughter Pt. 03

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Chapter 3

Felicia began driving back toward their house but changed direction along the way heading toward downtown. They pulled into the parking lot of a mini-mall Susie had driven by countless times but never shopped at, she had always found it a little rundown.

Set independently of the storefronts was a coffeehouse. Felicia put the car in park and said, “Let’s grab a latte. We need to talk.”

Susie looked around as she followed her mother into a place called Coffee and Calm. Dark wood panelling gave the place a basement bar feel. At this time of the day the coffeehouse was mostly empty with just an employee behind the counter, a pale curly haired college kid playing an acoustic guitar and a woman sitting at a table who appeared to be the musician’s girlfriend.

Although Susie had never been there Felicia had frequented the place usually on the way to or from work. Her main reason for liking it, it was never busy. “Go grab that table in the corner I’ll get our drinks,” Felicia said.

Susie did as instructed while her mother went to the cashier. Felicia looked at the woman who was behind a pastry case. The woman was in her forties, Felicia had pegged her as the owner. She wondered for a moment if this place was just a hobby for the woman or was it counted on for a livelihood.

Felicia ordered an iced latte for Susie and herself. While Felicia waited, she reached into her purse and felt for a pill bottle. She took her hand out of the purse when the barista came back with two cups.

After paying with her phone Felicia took the two cups to a counter with sweeteners and other add-ons. She placed the cups down and made a point grabbing a yellow sweetener packet and opening it. She looked at Susie, busy looking down at the table arms crossed, obviously cold. Felicia grabbed the bottle from her purse and emptied the contents into one of the cups. She placed bottle back in her purse then took the cups to the table.

Felicia walked toward her daughter, as she moved across the floor she noticed the guitar player looking at her for a split second then back at the girlfriend. She put one of the lattes in front of Susie and sat down across from her daughter. “Thank you mommy,” Susie said quietly not sure how to address her mother.

Felicia smiled at her daughter, impressed with herself on how quickly she had turned her daughter’s behavior around. She took a drink of her latte as she cautioned herself that she still had a lot of work to do. “I love how they make lattes here, loaded with vanilla. Usually it settles on the bottom though,” Felicia said smiling.

Susie took a sip and gave a puzzled look, tasting only a hint of vanilla. Felicia caught her look and was ready, “Oh, take a bigger drink it’s settling.”

Susie did as she was ordered and seemed to disregard the lack of vanilla this time. Felicia had put twice as much of Randy’s powder in her daughter’s drink as she had in the mimosas earlier in the morning.

“I know this adjustment has been tough for you Susie,” Felicia said largely trying to bide time while her daughter drank and the concoction took effect.

“So,” she continued. “Since you’ve mostly behaved today we’re going to take a little break.”

Susie took a drink of her latte and wondered if her mother was trying to trick her into misbehaving. “Soooo do you have any questions about what’s going on?” Felicia asked.

Susie felt herself beginning to relax finally, just a bit. The question came quickly, “How long are you going to do this to me?”

Felicia had been waiting for the question and had the answer ready, “That really depends on you. The better you behave, the sooner I’ll have faith in you making the right decision.”

“Days, weeks, months?” Susie asked nervously then taking another drink of her latte.

Felicia let her daughter’s interruption go as she answered and noticed the laced drink was about half done, “Well I don’t see it being a day where we announce it being ‘done’. I think we’ll just notice one day that you and I will have been on the same page and disciplining you and correction won’t be an issue.”

Susie tried to absorb the answer, it seemed like double-talk to her but it was fine, her mother was finally beginning to act normal for the first time since this had all begun. She took a breath then a gulp of her latte and then asked, “What about Brad?”

Brad Mitchell, the boy that Susie was with the previous day that had started her roller coaster ride. Felicia took a measured drink of her latte then answered, “Leave him alone for now, his mother threatened to have you arrested.”

Susie felt a chill, they had talked about it earlier but now it felt real. “Besides,” Felicia continued, “It’s not like the two of you were going to go by a house in the suburbs and have three kids and a dog.”

Susie laughed out loud at the comment. Her mother was right, it wasn’t serious with Brad and now she wondered why she had even asked. Susie didn’t wonder for long, the vision of Brad railing the previous görükle escort bayan day made had jumped into her head and her mouth went dry. She was horny and the last eighteen hours with her mother had her on the edge.

“Anything else?” Felicia asked.

“No, I guess not,” Susie answered finishing her drink. She thought the latte was good, not great. Susie didn’t know if it was the nice conversation with her mom, the adrenaline crash from the park restroom or the latte but she could feel herself just being happy now. So relaxed.

“So, break’s over,” Felicia said pleasantly enough. She reached into her purse and pulled out Susie’s phone and a newer phone of the same model. “Your phone,” Felicia said placing directly in front of herself out of Susie’s reach without stretching.

Susie let out a shriek of glee at the site of the possession that had pretty much become a part of her body in recent years. She fought the urge to grab it and see what that the creepy military guy had done to it.

Felicia waited to get her daughter’s attention again, “Your phone has been ‘Twinned’.”

As Felicia expected Susie gave a blank look, not knowing what the term meant. She continued, “What that means is every time you send a text, take a pic, make a call, post something to social media, or anything else on your phone it will show up here.” Felicia held up the new phone.

Susie thought about the consequences of what her mother had just said and realized she was technologically lockedown. “On the bright side, you get your phone back,” Felicia concluded, handing the phone to her daughter.

Susie unlocked her phone and noticed immediately that she had fifty-three texts she hadn’t read. “You have a bunch of texts from your friends,” Felicia said.

“Look at me,” Felicia commanded. Susie being scared of her mother’s tone looked up quickly. “You have two minutes to reply to everyone with the truth.”

Susie froze at the thought of the ‘truth.’ What did ‘truth’ mean? ‘Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you but my mother has been humiliating me and to be honest I don’t know how I feel about it.’

Felicia as if sensing her daughter’s dilemma said, “‘Hey I got in trouble with my mother and lost my phone privileges for a while. She let me explain to everyone but that’s it. I’ll talk to you later.’ Something like that, but dumb it down for your friends.”

Susie was thankful for the help on the phrasing and began to reply. Felicia held up the twinned phone and said, “Needless to say, if you deviate I’ll know.”

“Yes, mommy,” Susie giggled as she typed on her phone. She could really feel herself starting relax, her mom was being so nice. When she was done with the replies Susie fought the urge to get caught up on Instagram and instead placed the phone on the table and looked at her mother.

Felicia smiled at her daughter, the girl at times had great instincts. She reached into her purse and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to Susie. “Put this in your purse,” she directed.

Susie was puzzled but took the bill and placed it in her purse as instructed. She smiled at her Felicia.

“Okay, so take your purse and your phone and go to the restroom,” Felicia said looking at the time on her own phone. “Let me know when you’re in there.”

The blood drained from Susie’s face. The word ‘restroom’ had her envisioning another spanking session.

Felicia saw the look on her daughters face and reached for Susie’s hand. “No, No nothing like that,” she soothed.

Susie let out a gasp of relief. “There’s only so many places where a girl can have her privacy,” Felicia said.

Felicia’s daughter laughed as she gathered up her phone and purse then stood. She giggled, loud enough for the musician’s girlfriend to look over. “Where is it?” Susie asked.

“In the corner by the stage,” Felicia answered. “Text me when you’re in there.”

Susie giggled at the idea of texting her mother after a forty foot walk. Felicia watched as Susie walked in front of the stage on the way to the restroom between the guitar player and her girlfriend. Although her back was to Felicia, she could see the woman’s gaze follow her daughter. Susie disappeared into a hallway.

Susie entered the single person restroom and locked the door behind her. Unlike the park this room was almost nice. With the pictures on the wall and hand lotion on the sink, it definitely had a woman’s touch. Susie unlocked her phone and texted her mother, “Here.”

MOM: Take off your dress.

Susie put her purse on the door knob and placed her phone on a table next to the sink. Sticking her thumbs inside the top of her dress she pushed her dress down and stepped out of the garment then picked it up and balanced it on her purse. She grabbed her phone.


MOM: Proof?

Susie pointed her phone at her purse and dress on the door knob took a pic and sent it to her mom.

MOM: Brat

MOM: Better proof!

Susie laughed at being altıparmak eskort called a brat then turned red as she understood what she was being told to do. She tried to compose herself as she looked in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her hair then covered her breasts with one arm, her nipples were almost aching in excitement. Susie absently bit her lower lip as she snapped a picture of her reflection then sent it to her mother.

MOM: That’s better. Now use the mirror to take a pic of that slutty ass of yours and your smiling face at the same time.

Susie felt a rush with her mom using the term, ‘slutty’. She thought about how to set up the pic that she was being order to take. It took a moment for her to realize the set up; over the shoulder face in the foreground ass reflected in the mirror. Susie tried for the ‘perfect’ picture. For reasons she couldn’t understand she wanted praise from her mother. She finally settled on the fifth attempt and sent it.

MOM: Take it again. I either want a smile or a pouty face. Actually send me one of each.

Susie recreated the pose and did her best ‘duck-lip’ pout then sent it. She followed with an attempt at a smile but kept turning into a giggle. She sent one of the attempts and expected a reply to try again.

MOM: Very nice! You have such a beautiful smile!

SUSIE: Thanks Mommy!

MOM: Now find a way to get your pussy and face into the same picture.

Susie thought for a moment wondering how to capture the pic, finally deciding on stepping on the commode then reaching down and taking a shot upward. After numerous attempts she landed the right shot and sent the photo.

MOM: Good.

Susie was disappointed with her moms luke warm response

At the table Felicia looked at the pic of her daughter’s cunt. She could see the swelling of her daughters clit. Susie was wanton to say the least.

MOM: Next task. Get yourself together. Look through your purse and find something to drop on the ground.

Susie felt a subconscious breeze of frustration at having to get dressed. She grabbed her dress and looked at herself naked in the mirror one last time before getting dressed.

Rifling through her purse she found a tube of chapstick that she could take or leave.


MOM: Proof?

Susie smiled and took a picture of herself in the mirror holding the chapstick. She sent the picture.

MOM: Beautiful!

Susie beamed with pride at her mother’s text.

MOM: Okay, next walk out of the of the restroom and drop the chapstick to your left. Turn and bend down at the waist to pick it up. Give the guitar player a chance for a show. You gave GI Charlie a view without trying, think you can do it for the college kid?

Susie giggled and felt herself blush. She couldn’t understand why she was reacting this way, but she didn’t mind feeling slutty right now.

SUSIE: Yes mommy

MOM: After you pick up your chapstick turn and walk out of the hallway. Put the twenty dollars I gave you in his tip jar. Position yourself between the guitar player and that woman sitting up close. Bend over again so the musician can see down your dress and the woman gets a view too.

MOM: Make sense?

Susie read the texts carefully and wanted to say, ‘Mom are you fucking crazy? That bitch will kill me!’ Instead she texted.

SUSIE: Yes mommy

Susie grabbed her purse, took a deep breath and walked out. The chapstick made a clicking sound as it fell. With her back to the musician she bent over to pick it up. Susie felt cold air on the lower parts of her ass. She counted to three then picked up the tube and straightened up. She turned around to see the musician staring at her frozen in mid-strum. Susie smiled at him as he began playing again.

She walked out of the hallway and around the tiny stage to the tip jar. Reaching into her purse she fumbled with and unintentionally dropped the bill. Susie feeling brave bent over at the waist like she had in the hallway. She picked up the bill and looked at the musician as she straightened up. Susie placed the money in the jar.

“Thank you!” the musician said. Susie smiled at the man and turned to walk to their table. Catching a look at the woman, Susie saw a bewildered expression.

Susie tried not run from the stage in embarrassment. As she came to the table she noticed that her mom had switched seats so Susie would be facing the musician.

Susie sat down almost out of breath with the excitement. Felicia smiled at Susie amused as she watched her daughter try to collect herself.

“You’ve made quite an impression,” Felicia said her smile vanishing and the tone of her voice serious.

At the sound of her mother’s voice Susie straightened up and tried to be serious. Felicia continued, “Sending slutty pictures to your mother. Flaunting your body around like a groupie trying to get back stage.”

Susie was confused and could feel panic begin to build. “I did what you asked nilüfer escort me to do mommy,” she said not wanting to upset her mother.

“I’m aware, you did everything I asked to a ‘T’ and quickly,” Felicia answered. She wondered if her daughter understood what she meant; Susie was falling into line.

Susie stayed silent not knowing how to answer or what to say.

Felicia looked over at the musician. The man looked over at them then scanned away to the only other customer. She instructed her daughter, “Point your body toward the stage but keep looking at me.”

Susie did as instructed rotating herself in the chair keeping her knees together. “Spread your legs apart,” Felicia instructed.

Ignoring every single lesson about proper dress wearing behavior she had received since seven years old Susie opened her legs exposing her pussy to anyone that wanted a look. She tried unsuccessfully to suppress a gasp of exasperation.

Felicia ignored her daughter’s compliance. “I’m going to give you a pre-paid credit card. There’s a store on the other end of the parking lot. It’s called ‘Killa’ Diva’ it has that god awful purple and grey sign.” Felicia rolled her eyes as she pronounced the name. Felicia stopped talking as she saw Susie lose eye contact. She followed her daughter’s gaze.

Susie glanced away from her mom for a second as she finally looked toward the stage to see other woman walking from the restroom hallway. The musician gestured with his chin toward Susie. The woman looked at Susie covering her mouth that had opened in shock then turned to a smile as she looked back at the musician.

Susie closed her legs reflexively but felt a firm hand on her knee. She looked up to see her mother giving her an icy stare. Susie separated her knees again.

Felicia ran her nails over her daughter’s knee lightly, she could feel the goosebumps form on her daughters skin. “As I was saying, I want you to go to … ‘Killa’ Diva’ and buy some panty and bra sets. The senior citizen center, Amish school girl thing you have going on isn’t working.

Susie focused hard on her mother’s words, trying to ignore what her body was doing as she put herself on display. “Okay mommy,” she answered, her moms words embarrassing her but somehow the demeaning words adding to the arousal she was feeling.

“I’m going to stay here and finish my latte and then I will meet you at the car. Do you understand?”

“Yes mommy.”

Felicia handed the card to Susie. “Try not to get ravaged by that couple when you walk out,” she said nodding toward the stage.

Susie chuckled nervously as she placed the card in her purse and stood up and walked toward the door. “Send me some pictures from the changing room,” Felicia said as her daughter walked past her.

As Susie walked toward the door the musician looked at her intently. Too embarrassed to look at him or the woman he was with Susie kept her eyes straight ahead.

When Susie reached the door she heard the musician say, “Thanks for coming!” Then A split second later a female voice, “And the show!”


Susie walked across the parking lot toward the store entrance. Not a heel person, the pumps that her mother had picked out for earlier in the morning had started to take a toll.

As she got closer to the Killa’ Divas she read on the sign in smaller text,’Dancewear, Lingerie and Accessories’. She looked in the windows and saw mannequins dressed glittery skimpy swimsuits and black leather.

Susie walked into the store and was immediately overwhelmed by the scent of lavender. In front of her were a maze of circular clothes racks and tables. All loaded with clothes.

The place was empty with the exception of two African American women who appeared to be employees. One sat behind a cash register that stood over some glass display cases. She was studying a textbook and only looked up slightly at the sound of Susie walking in.

The other woman was younger and organizing shoe boxes at a table. At seeing Susie enter she stopped what she was doing and said, “Welcome to Diva’s where you’ll be Divalicious in no time!”

Susie gave a startled reaction to the greeting and said, “Uhh thank you…?”

The woman who had straight and wore it down to her neck smiled, “Sorry, were required to do the greeting. Is there something I can help you find?”

“I’m just looking for a couple bra and panty sets. To wear under clothes not… too… uh…” Susie stumbled for the right word.

“Not Performance wear,” the woman provided the term Susie needed. “What you’re looking for is against that wall,” she pointed to her right.

Susie looked in that direction and said,”Thank you.”

“No problem at all,” the woman said cheerfully. “Let me know if you need to try anything on.”

Susie had been looking at a rainbow of undergarments for about three minutes when her phone pulsed. She looked down to see a text:

MOM: Progress?

Susie replied with a picture of the rows of underwear and the text:

SUSIE: Lot of choices

She pulled a pair of black boy-shorts panties that caught her eye and took a picture. She sent the picture to her mother followed with a text:


Felicia’s response was quick:

MOM: Too much material. Look for a G-string and bra set.

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