Distant Relations Ch. 02

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David rounded the last corner, the excitement mounting, his cock already pushing against the front of his trousers. He saw his Uncle coming out of the front gate.

“Hello son, had a good day?”

“Yes thanks Unc… l mean Jack, are you off to work?”

“Yes, last shift of the week, l always call in for a pint before my last shift, would you like to join me?”

David was torn between trying to appear everything was normal by joining his Uncle for a drink, and his burning desire to get back to Ann.

“Thanks for the offer, but l have some studying to do this evening so l’ll just grab a bite to eat and get started if you don’t mind.”

“No that’s fine son, you get along, l think Ann has got something hot waiting for you.”

David wasn’t sure if he didn’t detect something in the way his Uncle had said that, he shrugged it off as a product of his own guilty conscience. “Err; right, yes err, yes, l’ll see you tomorrow sometime then, have a good shift.”

“Okay son, don’t spend all evening studying though, Ann likes your company and l’m sure she can think of something to entertain you.”

David carried on, again wondering about the way Jack had mentioned Ann entertaining him, he thought he detected a wry smile on Jack’s face as he’d said it; once again he dismissed it as a figment of his imagination.

He entered through the back door which led through a porch area into the kitchen. Ann was stood at the kitchen sink washing some pots she was wearing a lightweight housecoat, silky with a bright design rather like a kimono.

“Hi David,” she greeted him, “have you had a good day? I’ve just finished your meal, it’s in the oven keeping warm. I’ll just finish these couple of pots then get it for you, you go and wash up ready.”

David stepped up behind her, putting his arms round her and cupping her tits, pushing his erection against her buttocks as he did so. “I don’t want anything to eat,” he said, “l want these,” squeezing her tits, “and l want to give you this,” jabbing her with his cock.

“My, you are a randy young man, couldn’t you find a young girl at the office to fuck?”

David continued massaging her tits, finding her nipples with his thumbs, rolling them. Ann responded, pushing her bum against his cock.

“I don’t want young girls,” he whispered, “l want you, a proper woman. I’ve been hard all day thinking about you, l went to the toilets twice to have a wank but there were other people in there so l couldn’t.”

Ann removed the rubber gloves from her hands, then turned in his arms, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him. A deep kiss, her tongue teasing his as she pulled herself to him. As she pulled away, her hand went down, taking hold of his cock.

“In that case perhaps l’d better do something about this,” giving his cock a gentle squeeze.

David had loosened her robe, finding her naked underneath, with her free hand she lifted one of her tits as he stooped to take her nipple into his mouth. His hand travelled down over her belly, over her smooth mound, finding the cleft of her cunt. She parted her legs slightly allowing his fingers to part her cunt lips and enter her.

David felt the unmistakeable stickiness in her cunt. ” Has he just fucked you?”

“Of course he has sweetie,” she kissed the top of his head as he went back to sucking her tit, “he always fucks me before he leaves for work. Come on, let me deal with that cock of yours then you can have your tea, then we need to talk.”

“What about?”

Ann expertly undid his belt and the top of his trousers, pulling down the zip, she then knelt before him, lowering his trousers and underpants. His cock sprang free, slapping into her face, she took hold of it. “Later,” she said, kissing the tip and tasting the pre-cum oozing from the eye, “a lady shouldn’t speak with her mouth full. Don’t hold back, you need to cum quickly.”

The whole day’s frustration was centred on the sensation of burying his cock into that hot mouth. She took his full length, holding his buttocks to force him deep into her throat. She held him there, her face pressed against his loins, unable to breathe, feeling the convulsions in her throat milking him. When she could last no longer, she released him, gasping for air then kissing the length of his shaft, his balls, sucking each one into her mouth in turn.

She looked up at him, his cock resting against her lips. “Now pump your spunk into me, fuck my mouth.”

David took hold of her, twisting his fingers into her hair as her mouth encircled him again, he could feel the pressure of his cum, couldn’t hold back, he rammed his cock into that soft, hot mouth, withdrawing then ramming it in again, fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt. It felt so good he wanted to hold back to continue that feeling but he couldn’t and on his third thrust his first jet of cum fired into the back of her throat. She swallowed eagerly, sucking harder as more of that salty cum filled her mouth, some escaping and running down her chin.

David thought he would never stop cumming, with each beylikdüzü escort thrust he pumped more into her, feeling all the tension of the day leaving his body. She took her mouth away, resting his cock on her face as the final pulsations leaked the last of his spunk onto her face.

The urgency gone from his loins, he looked down at her smiling face, lines of spunk running down her chin, dripping onto her tits. Using her fingers, she scooped it up, transferring her fingers to her mouth to lick them clean.

“You young boys have so much spunk,” she said, smiling and kissing his softening cock, “did you enjoy fucking your Aunty’s mouth?”

“You’re fantastic,” he replied, “now you’re full of spunk at both ends, l bet l gave you more than him.”

She gave him a playful slap on his bum. “You’re a naughty boy, using your Aunty like a whore, l shall have to punish you later.” His cock was still resting against her lips as she spoke, she felt it beginning to grow again. “Oh no you don’t young man!” She pulled away, rising to her feet, “you’ve had your welcome home blow job now sit at that table and eat your tea while l go and clean up, then you can shower and then we’ll talk. There is a lot you need to know and you need to know it quickly.”

He tried to question her about what she meant as he replaced his trousers, but she refused to say, placing his meal on the kitchen table and warning him not to follow her into the shower. “There’s plenty of time to fuck me later but do as you’re told for now.”

David was hungry after all day with only a cheap sandwich, he tucked in to the generous meal Ann had prepared, wondering what could be so important that she was so serious about. All sorts of wild explanations flew through his head, none of which made any sense. He had finished his meal and putting the dishes in the sink to be washed when Ann called down that the bathroom was free. He went upstairs, noticing her bedroom door firmly closed, decided he had better do as he was told and shower and change.

After showering he changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went back downstairs, Ann was in the kitchen finishing washing the dishes, she was wearing another housecoat similar to the first but red instead of green.

Once again he went behind her, putting his arms around her as he held her tits and kissed the back of her neck. “Do you have a wardrobe full of these?” He chuckled slipping one hand inside to hold her naked tit, giving her nipple a gentle pinch.

“Just two,” she replied, ” but the other one had spunk stains on it so it’s in the laundry basket.” She gently and reluctantly pushed his hands away. “Now stop that or we’ll never have this chat. Go and sit in the lounge, l’m having a glass of wine, what do you want?”

David stepped back, not before giving her bum a squeeze. “I’m not much of a drinker, have you got any Coke?”

She poured herself a glass telling him to help himself from the fridge, then she led the way into the lounge. Ann sat in one of the armchairs, David was quite disappointed, hoping they would both sit on the sofa. “You sit over there,” she indicated the other chair, “if l sit on the sofa with you we’ll never get this over with.”

“Can you at least show me your tits?” He asked, “these jeans are tight, l need to get my cock out.”

“Don’t you dare young man,” she scolded, “you’ll have to keep it locked up for now, now behave.”

“Yes Aunty,” David slapped himself on the wrist playfully, “what’s so important anyway?”

“If you shut up l’ll tell you.” Ann took a good mouthful of wine, gathering courage to tell her story.

“I have to start from the beginning. When your Mum and l were young we lived out in the country, your Nan and Grandad worked on the farm of a big country estate and we lived in a tied cottage.”

“I know all that,” He interrupted, ” Grandad worked on the farm and Nan worked in the milking parlour”.

“That’s right, anyway, your Nan worked very hard both doing the milking and looking after the house and there were many times when she was too tired to let Grandad have sex with her. It was decided that your Mum and later me would help Nan out by letting your Gran…”

“You mean Grandad was fucking you and Mum?” He shouted, “like… when you were kids?”

“No, no ,no, not like that, he never ever touched us when we were children, it wasn’t like that. Your Mum is two years older than me, we were both working and living at home when it started, your Mum was twenty when she started, l didn’t start until a year after so l was nineteen. Your Nan was very tired and just wasn’t able to give him what he needed, it happened in other families we knew as well but always the older girl took the responsibility.”

“But that was …”

“Incest yes, just like when you fuck me, it’s the same thing only we do it for fun, you have to realise that in those days it was accepted that a man needed sex more than a woman and if his wife wasn’t able to cater to him he was sort of expected to get it elsewhere. beyoğlu escort Well, living in the country there wasn’t anywhere for him to go. We had three girl friends older than us and they had been doing it with their fathers for quite a time.”

“So you’re telling me that my mother had sex with her father, l… l can’t believe that.”

“I know it’s a shock, l didn’t want to have to tell you like this but if you let me explain you will see why.”

“Does my mother know you’re telling me this? What about my father?”

“Yes your mother does know and no your father has never known and your mother wants you to promise not to tell him.”

“Fuck Ann, l don’t know if l can handle this.”

“I understand David, but you have a decision to make, do you want us to carry on what we have been doing or not?”

“I don’t see why we have to stop what we’re doing just because my mother’s a …”

“Stop right there.” Ann fired him a withering look. “You’re mother is no such thing, you have to remember that times were much different then. Your mother did what she did because your Nan just couldn’t cope. Don’t forget, l did it as well, so what does that make me in your eyes?”

They were silent for a while, David trying to come to terms with this bombshell Ann had thrown at him. He was completely torn between his lust for his Aunt and the realisation that his mother had openly had sex with her father.

“Did Nan know about it?” He asked.

“Of course she did, this was not any sordid little affair going on behind her back, not only did she know, she encouraged it. She got her rest, your Grandad had his needs catered for and the family was happy. Don’t forget your Mum and l loved our father, he was a kind, sweet, gentle man, he would never dream of forcing us to do anything.”

“So where is this leading us?” He questioned.

“Well: just after your Grandad started having sex with me, l started going out with your Uncle Jack. He was a soldier then, based in the barracks just outside of our local town. I was no innocent and we started having sex.”

“What about pregnancy? The pill wasn’t available then was it?”

“No it wasn’t, we had condoms, we used to call them Johnis.. The soldiers were supplied with them and your mother and l got them on the Black Market. Trouble was they weren’t always the best quality and could burst if you were too rough. Your Grandad burst a couple as he had a very big cock, l only had one burst with Jack. Anyway, l got pregnant and Jack married me, he knew nothing about me and my father so he accepted the baby was his, so we got married and Carol was born. Once Jack finished his National Service we moved up here to Cheshire.”

“You say he accepted Carol as his, does that mean she isn’t?”

“I honestly didn’t know until six years ago, Carol was taken ill and needed a kidney transplant, Jack volunteered as a donor but when they did tests they had to tell us that their tissues did not match and that he could not have been her father.”

“What happened? Surely he must have been very angry.”

“I had to tell him the truth, we went through a very bad patch but with Carol ill we didn’t have much time to worry about our problems. Jack has always loved Carol, she was always his princess. They found a donor and everything went well and there have been no problems since, by the time we got her home Jack and l had had a number of long discussions and he decided he wanted to carry on as if nothing had happened.”

David went for another drink, refilling Ann’s wine in the process. “l remember Carol being ill and Mum came up for a while but l don’t really remember any of the details,” he said once he’d returned.

“Yes, well; that leads me on to another part of the story and one of the main differences that your Uncle and l came to an understanding.”

“What, something to do with Mum?”

“Yes, altogether it was a very stressful time, l was spending a lot on of time at the hospital while your Mum was here looking after Jack and the house. Jack had to carry on working, we couldn’t afford for him not to. Anyway, over a couple of weeks Jack and your Mum got very close, Jack was still struggling with the news that he wasn’t Carol’s father, but your Mum helped by explaining how things had been between us and your Grandad. Anyway, one evening they must have had a bit too much to drink and when l arrived home in the taxi l found them in bed together.”

David almost choked on his drink. “You’re kidding; Uncle Jack and my Mum?”

“Afraid so, your Mum was having a difficult time with your Dad, you may have noticed over the years that l’m not fond of your Dad.”

” Well yes, l know he’s not your biggest fan either, l know he can be …”

“He’s a pig David, let’s face it, he’s a bully, he treats your Mum like a skivvy, l don’t know why she’s put up with it for so long.”

David had to agree with Ann’s description, he had never got on well with his father who was often bad tempered. Never physically violent but bizimkent escort he used to take pleasure in belittling David and his Mum.

“Anyway l found them in bed, l was angry of course but l hardly had the moral high ground with the news about Carol being so recent. That night we stayed up all night, not really arguing but talking things over. Jack said that he still wanted to stay with me but l had to realise that our relationship had changed, he became very assertive and said that in the future he would carry on having sex with both of us.”

“What? And you accepted that?”

“There wasn’t much l could do could l, the only other option was for us to divorce and what would l do then? Anyway, that’s the way it carried on for a while, your Mum would come up for a few days every couple of months and when she was here Jack would have sex with both of us.”

“I can’t believe my mother is like that, l mean she goes to church and all, she’s not some sexy woman she’s just… well she’s just Mum.”

This whole conversation was getting too much for him. There was a long pause while he sorted out things in his head. Eventually he spoke. ” So that’s what you had to tell me then, l mean why was it so important to tell me now?”

“Well, there’s quite a bit still to tell. I must admit you’ve taken it very well so far, it must have come as a heck of a shock. Mind you, l see you haven’t lost your erection,” she laughed.

“What do you expect? You’re telling me about Grandad fucking you and Mum, then Mum fucking Uncle Jack, no wonder l’ve still got a hard on. I can’t believe it but l’m eager to hear the rest.”

“Tell you what, l’ll give you a little flash to work you up even more.” Loosening her robe she opened it wide to display her naked body to him, then covered up again.

David went to get up and go over to her but she held up her hand to stop him.

“Not yet sweetheart, l’m hot for you too but l have to tell you the rest. You can get your cock out and play with it while l’m telling you though, l’d like that.”

He needed no second invitation, undoing the top of his jeans then unzipping and pulling down the waistband of his underpants to allow his cock to stand upright. He took hold of it, pulling back his foreskin to show her his purple glans.

“Ooh lovely; l’m looking forward to that,” opening her thighs to give him a clear view of her cunt. ” Now to carry on, you know Jack gets those magazines you’ve been reading, well at the start l knew he was reading them but l never took any interest, anyway after a while l started reading them and l used to get quite worked up, it always led to a good sex session.”

Her fingers had drifted down to play with her clit as she was talking, watching avidly as David stroked his cock.

“We started reading the letters to each other,” she continued, “most of them seemed to be wild fantasies but some sounded genuine and we would masturbate each other as we read them. There were a number of stories about wife swapping that we both found exciting and soon Jack asked me if l fancied giving it a try. I was turned on by the idea and he said he would like to watch another man fucking me.”

Ann’s robe had fallen open completely now, exposing her tits.

“We had no idea how to get involved in wife swapping but somehow Jack got his hands on a magazine where people advertised for sex and there were adverts in there looking to swap partners. Eventually we plucked up courage and got in touch with them, we had to write to them through the magazine giving a phone number. They called us back about a week later, they were quite local, in Warrington, and we arranged to meet in a pub.”

“They were a lovely couple, very similar in age to us and very ordinary looking. That evening we just chatted in the pub then arranged to meet again a couple of days later. Before the second meet they rang us and gave us their address so we went round there, had a few drinks though Jack was driving so only had one. Then we paired off into separate bedrooms.”

“Was it good?” David asked, his hand moving up and down the full length of his engorged cock.

” It wasn’t fantastic but it was enjoyable, anyway it turned out that they were in a group of three other couples and they would meet up for parties about once a month. We decided to join in and we have never regretted it. We had been members for a couple of months when your Mum decided to come up one weekend when we were due to host a party here, l wasn’t sure what to do but Jack was confident she would want to join in. As it was, when we told her, she was eager to join and that Saturday night she was fucked by three men she had never met before in her life.”

“My mother!” David was rubbing his cock harder at the thought of his mother lying on the floor in this room, eagerly seeking a stranger’s cock to fuck. There was no way he could equate that image with the quiet, almost mouselike woman he had known all his life.

“She always was a bubbly, sexy girl when we were young, even though at that time she didn’t realise what being sexy meant. When she went to work in the factory she met your father, he was charming at first, l expect you’ve seen how charming he can be to other women. It was not long after they were married that he began to wear her down, constantly ridiculing her if she made a mistake, telling her she wasn’t attractive or didn’t dress smartly.”

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