Doctor Hardwick, Intern Phase 02

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“Wait here. I’ll be right back,” said Dr. Hardwick, wiping his cum off her face and chest while putting on only her lab coat over her bare breasts. She still had her snug white pants on her bottom half.

“Here, let me cover up your little problem in case someone walks in.” She said, covering up his still-hard penis with a towel, and gave him a reassuring smile at his predicament. “Don’t worry. We’ll fix this. By the way, your prostate is in good condition also. I checked it thoroughly.”

VA Hospital patient Joe Blount was still lying on the exam table, head to the left, with his pants removed and showing a “Boner”, even after Dr. Amelie Hardwick, an intern in the nephrology department, had sucked him to orgasm. He was having a reaction to medicine they were giving him and she was in the middle of “Diagnosing” his problem and finding a solution to it. It was the good doctor’s job to help people.

“I’m going to see my boss for approval of further treatment, but don’t worry, she never looks up at us interns.”

She went down the hall to her boss’s open door, knocked, and took a deep breath in anticipation.

“Come in.” Stated Dr. Nahyid, the attending in charge of the nephrology department, never looking up from the paperwork she was working on.

“I have a 27 year old male veteran who has lacerations, contusions, and bruises from shrapnel in his kidneys. His lab results are all within the normal range. He presented today with complaints of side effects from the medicines we are giving him for the kidney problems. Since the kidneys are healing well, I don’t want to change the medications, however, I am diagnosing his side effect problems and I believe I can find a solution with a little more time with him.” Responded Dr. Hardwick.

“We don’t usually spend extra time doing diagnostics that are out of our range of expertise.”

“I know, but I believe we owe him the extra effort since it is our drugs that seem to be causing his problems. And I have some special skills in physical therapy that I believe will benefit this patient’s needs and relieve his symptoms. About thirty minutes should be enough to affect a change in his condition.” Pleaded Amelie.

“Well, OK. I can get Dr’s Lee and Cudhy to take over your other patients. Be sure you document everything in our system and let me know how it turns out, Dr. Hardwick.”

“Thank you doctor. I will document everything in the computer, of course.” She replied, rushing out of the room smiling at her good fortune in talking her boss into letting her do her radical new procedure. It also still felt good to be called a ‘Doctor’ after all those years of studying and training.

Upon entering her exam room, she once again locked the door behind her and went straight to the computer.

“We’re in luck. My boss approved my plan for Phase II therapy to explore your problem further. I can see you still have the other unexpected indication left over from our Phase I efforts. Since this is different from your stated problem, I’ll need to ask you a couple more questions. Let’s see.” Amelie said, typing the results into her PC.

‘Patient responded positively to visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli in Phase I testing and preliminary hands-on treatment and medication. He exhibits no signs of side effects at this time. Proceeding to Phase II testing to confirm diagnosis and treatment.’

“Mr. Blount, Have you recently, or ever, taken Viagra or Cialis, or any herbal treatment for ED?”

“No, I haven’t. I’m too young for those things. And I’ve never had this problem before.” Joe answered.

“It’s OK. I have to ask these things for the record. The only time I have ever see this – looking at and pointing to his hard penis- was with a man who had taken Viagra. And do you ever masturbate, and if so, are you able to obtain an erection and maintain it to ejaculation?” She asked, looking directly into his blue eyes with her melting green ones.

“Well, that’s kind personal but, yes, I do sometimes. And I always can finish what I start. No trouble there.”

“Do you think you could masturbate to ejaculation right now?” She inquired.

“Well, yes I think I could. Are you asking me to?” He replied, reaching under the towel to grasp his enlarged cock. The towel fell away exposing his hand on his ample member, stroking it slowly.

Amelie stared at his hand stroking his cock and forgot to reply for a minute. It was a very nice sight to her and she almost forgot that she was a doctor trying to heal a patient.

“Oh, no, that won’t be necessary right now. I’m just determining cause and effect and, uh, that’s not really your problem, is it?” She said, seeming a bit flustered. Pressing her upper arms into the sides of her breasts, she could feel her nipples rubbing against the inside of her lab coat as her breasts pressed out against güvenilir bahis it.

Joe noticed her small action and could see that it made her nipples show through the light coat. They were what he thought about when be started stroking himself; that only minutes ago, they were in his hands and rubbing on his legs while she sucked him off. He wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

“OK, we don’t have much time.” She said, unbuttoning her lab coat. “We established that you positively like looking at and touching my breasts. So I want to resume at that point and verify that fact for our records.”

She removed her coat, placed it on the chair, and walked closer to Joe, watching for his reaction. Her pale, barely tanned skin and firm, young, milky white breasts shone clearly in the light from the window as she stood beside him, placing her right hand on his right leg. He reached up his right hand to caress her left breast instinctively, still holding his cock in his left.

“That’s OK, Joe. I’m here to help you. You like my breasts, don’t you? And do they feel good too? Your hand is nice on them.” Amelie spoke, tossing her head so that her glistening shoulder-length brunette hair floated around in the sunlight

“Oh, yes, I like them very much. They’re so pretty and firm.” He replied.

“Good, good response. Now let’s take it a little further.” Amelie said, reaching for the button and zipper on her tight, white doctor’s pants.

She bent over and removed them quickly after kicking off her shoes first. When she stood back up, Joe was staring at a beautiful woman standing inches away from him, clad only in baby blue lace-trimmed boyshorts that matched her discarded bra, and pure white thigh-highs that covered her petite feet and reached almost to the bottom of her panties. Only an inch or two of lovely pale skin showed above them.

“You’re wearing stockings!” Joe exclaimed with big eyes popping out at the sight before him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be wearing stockings under my pants, should I? You see, I was going to wear a skirt this morning and had already put these on before I realized that I didn’t have a clean one to wear.” Amelie apologized, for a brief moment sounding the age she appeared instead of the young doctor’s age that she was. “I’ll take them off if they bother you.”

“Oh, they bother me all right, but not in the way you think. Don’t you dare take them off. I love them. If you take them off I’ll have to spank you.” Joe threatened.

Amelie giggled at that remark, “You wouldn’t dare, would you?”

‘Hmm,’ she thought. ‘I wonder what that would feel like – his big hand spanking my bottom. He wouldn’t really do that, would he?’

“Here, I have to check your responses. Let me hold your cock.” She said, brushing his left hand away so she could hold his penis.

She used ‘cock’ on purpose to check his reaction to slutty talk too. And he did react, with a big twitch from her hand and the dirty talk. She smiled and stroked it up and down slowly.

He slid a hand down her chest, over her ribs, to her firm waist, and to her hips, feeling the hips in the pretty blue panties sway slightly under his touch. He moved the hand behind, over her butt cheeks, back and forth, and touched the bare skin in the crack between her butt and legs. She moved against the hand in an encouraging way, letting him know it was all right. It was heaven and he couldn’t quite believe this was happening to him.

“You said that your first problem was that you had trouble getting hard and staying hard while receiving fallacio. Let’s just verify our earlier findings.” She said, bending over with her butt pressed out in the direction of his face, and lowering her mouth over his long cock again. It smelled pleasant and tasted even better.

He had remained firm after Amelie sucked him off before. Now he was positively hard. She even had trouble taking him all the way down her throat this time, but she managed anyhow. His hands felt good on her body now too. The one was rubbing her butt and thighs while the other massaged her breasts and stomach. It was time for Phase II.

Removing her mouth, Amelie looked into Joe’s eyes and said, “Joe, You said you had trouble keeping it up during PIV, penis in vagina, sex. There’s only one way we can test that. Are you ready?”

Joe realized what she was saying and it only took a second to know what he had to do next. Grasping the top of her panties with both hands, he pulled them steadily over her butt and down her thighs to her knees, where she wiggled until they fell to the floor. The view was amazing to him – her firm little white butt surrounded by slightly darker skin above and below, and those long legs locked at her knees, in the white stockings and with her still bending at her waist. He saw her soft little pink pussy lips and light türkçe bahis brown ass hole poking out between those lovely hips.

He pulled her close and planted a long kiss on her butt cheek, then one on the other cheek. He managed to lean over and kiss her pussy lips, then lick them up and down and found her clit poking out to greet him too. She smelled as fresh as a spring day in the mountains and tasted like dessert in a 5-star restaurant. Yummy.

Amelie knew it was time and she had to have him now.

“Lie back and relax and I’ll test the PIV thing.” She panted, pulling away and climbing up on top of him. I know from your lab tests that you are clean, and I am too. We routinely test VA patients for those things now, you know.”

She straddled his legs, facing his face, reached under and inserted his hard cock into her wet vagina. Although she was tight, no lube was necessary this time. She lowered herself slowly and steadily onto his member until it filled her completely. With her eyes closed, she rose off of it, and then sat down on his cock faster this time. He held her firm young white breasts in his hands, kneading them urgently. She fucked him steadily over and over, harder and harder. They were both panting with the effort, as he also squeezed his buttocks with each fuck, driving his cock fully inside sweet Dr. Amelie.

Gathering her thoughts, without missing a stroke, she managed to say, “Joe, are your kidneys alright now? Do they hurt? We must not do any harm to them.”

“They feel fine. I hadn’t even thought about them until you mentioned them. So keep fucking me, please? Your pussy is so hot, Amelie.”

The plea turned her on even more.

“I am. I’m going to keep fucking you until you cum all over me. Whatever it takes. Fuck me Joe. Make me cum too if you want. I told you I had a nice pussy, didn’t I?” Amelie teased. She DID have a nice pussy.

After a good period of riding him, she told him, “Joe, you don’t seem to be having any erectile dysfunction right now. In fact, I can assure you that your cock is quite firm, indeed, and long, yes, long and hard. It’s quite good. I mean, it’s functioning very well. So we’re going to try something different now.”

She rose up until the cock plopped out of her warm vagina, climbed off Joe and the table and instructed him. “Get up and stand behind me, Joe.”

She bent over the exam table with her legs straight, feet spread about a foot apart, and her beautiful young ass sticking out at him in invitation at a 90-degree angle. She felt naughty for a moment, waiting for a stranger, a patient even, to take her pussy from behind, and the thought excited her. Yes, it was her job but she had feelings too, and right now, those feelings were centered in her pussy, wanting him to resume his fucking, even maybe making her cum?

“I’m ready.” She impatiently stated the obvious.

Joe was admiring the lovely sight before him and wanted to take her badly. But first, he had other plans.

She felt his hands spreading her ass cheeks and waited to feel his cock entering her again as expected. But instead, she shivered at the touch of his mouth and tongue over her pussy lips and clit. She first tightened her hips, then relaxed and pressed her ass into his licking face.

“Oh, yes, that feels good, Joe. Yes, do that to me for a while, then you have to stuff me with your hard cock again. We can’t stray too long from our phase II object, which is to make your penis go soft again, isn’t it?” Amelie managed to pant out.

After licking and sucking her clit and ass for a little while, Joe stood up and readied his cock at the entrance to her vagina.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help that. Your pussy looked so inviting and tasted so good that I didn’t want to stop. I’ll get back to our lab test now.” Joe grumbled.

He rubbed his cock up and down her wet pussy, then placed the head at its entrance and pressed it in slowly, watching her lips and vagina open to receive him. More and more he pushed until it was fully inserted inside her, eliciting moans from her as she pressed back to meet him. He began a steady rhythm in and out and around, fucking her smooth, tight pussy fully.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, you’re hitting my “G” spot, do you know that? And it makes me want to pee so badly. Oh, God, you might make me cum if you keep doing that. It’s so good.”

Joe held onto her butt and hips and fucked her hard. He felt her pussy pulling at his cock and knew she was telling the truth. He would pull almost all the way out, them press it all the way in, over and over, driving it into this beautiful young doctor. Then it happened. She began cumming in a little orgasm that turned into a bigger, hip-shaking one. She covered her face in the pillow and screamed into it so that the sound would not be heard outside the room. He could see her güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy lips filling up and expanding as his cock slipped in and out between them.

He slowed briefly but didn’t, couldn’t, stop. His balls were tight and aching by now and he yearned for his own release. He pounded her faster and felt her cumming again, and heard her screaming into the pillow again. Now, she came in waves, over and over until she was sobbing from joy at the wondrous things happening inside her body.

He knew his own orgasm was coming soon and rushed to make it happen, feeling the tight pussy milking the cum from his balls. He sensed she would not want him cumming inside her, and at the first sign of his cumming, he pulled out his penis and rubbed it along the crack of her ass between her butt-cheeks, fucking them with his hard cock. The first spurt hit her ass, making him slide easier. The second, third, forth eruptions shot way up the middle of her lower back. His balls slapped at her clit, making her moan and cum even more. He almost fainted at the loss of blood to his brain and heart. It Had to be mostly in his cock by now!

They were breathing hard and she almost fainted as she lay on the table catching her breath. He collapsed back into a nearby chair to keep from falling. When he had recovered sufficiently, he pulled the chair up behind her and pressed his face into her wet, cum-covered pussy and ass again, licking her juices that were mingled with his own now. She yelled into the pillow again and her hips shook.

“No, no, please don’t do that. I can’t take it any more. I’m just…” Amelie pleaded, her pussy nerves past the breaking point. “Please stop.”

She couldn’t move yet but knew it was painful to let him continue eating her. She wanted to enjoy the memory of this session and not have pain from it. He stopped, reluctantly, feeling empathy for her situation, and let her recover too. After several minutes of neither of them speaking of moving, she managed to stand up, reaching for a towel to wipe the cum from her pussy and back. She saw Joe sitting in the chair and knelt in front of him to clean him off too.

“Well, Mr. Blount. It looks like your problem is solved. See, it’s gone down again to a more normal state.” She said, holding his flaccid penis while washing their juices from it.

She walked around the room, pulling off the used paper on the table, disposing of the towels, checking her makeup, handing Joe his pants, etc, all while only wearing her white thigh-highs. Joe couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“We’d better get dressed now and I’ll go over your final results.” She said, reaching for her panties, pants, bra, blouse, and lab coat and quickly putting them on.

Seated at her computer once again, Dr. Hardwick dutifully entered the new data into her computer: ‘Patient also responded well to physical therapy in phase II. He no longer exhibits the symptoms that had bothered him from the medication we gave him for his kidney injuries. Patient to return in two weeks for follow-up.’

“Well, Mr. Blount, you don’t seem to have any problem getting an erection during fallacio, and managed to keep it up very well during intercourse too.

So, I am declaring that your side effect problem is solved. Keep taking your medicine and return to see me in two weeks and we’ll see how you are doing then.”

“Thank you doctor, for doing such thorough research into my problem. You are a very dedicated doctor.” Joe replied, smiling at his good fortune to get her for his doctor today.

“So, does this mean you’ll be giving me a prescription for those pills to fix my problem?” He asked.

Amelie smiled and looked him straight in the eyes, held his hand and replied, “No. Those were placebo pills I gave you. You don’t have any physical problem, believe me! I don’t think you need to worry about that now. And the thorough research we did was all my pleasure. I AM dedicated to helping my patients in any way I can.”

“But I must have a problem. I know I do. What am I going to do if my new girlfriend comes over and I have the same problems again?”

“I believe you were feeling anxiety over your injured kidneys and were afraid of hurting them with sex. There is certainly nothing wrong with your sexual capabilities, I assure you. My boyfriend is good, but he doesn’t even make me cum like you did. I tell you what. If you still have problems with your girlfriend, bring her in here next time and we’ll have a session together to get to the root of the issue. I’d be happy to teach her anything I know that would help her, if it were something she’s lacking.” She offered sincerely.

“Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind and talk to her about it if we have problems again. See you in a couple of weeks, then?” Joe said, rising to leave.

I really hope you liked this story. If you did, please vote a “5”. The other 75%, 100% only applies to the comments you leave at the end, not the rating score. I have no plans to continue this story, since Joe is “cured” but if he has trouble with his girlfriend, well…

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