Dolly Pt. 09

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His relationship with Dolly was changing. He couldn’t say progressing, it was just changing. Dan liked Dolly. He liked when they spent time together and he liked sex with her, kinky though it might be, he liked it. He figured he was more depraved than he realized. He supposed he also had a relationship with Stephanie now. The three of them were, for the most part, settled down into the small apartment. Stephanie was still seeing Kevin so anything that happened with him and his second girlfriend had to be kept a secret but it was still a relationship.

Dan would spend most nights with Dolly bound, gagged, fucked, and exhausted. Occasionally Dolly would have Stephanie join. With Dolly, Dan was a slave who needed to be bound or punished. Stephanie, on the other hand was a willing servant. She would cast her eyes downward. She did what she was told.

Once a week, maybe less, but regularly enough Dolly would work late and Kevin would be out. Dan would find himself in Stephanie’s room where they would kiss and cuddle and caress and fondle. He loved those nights and the mornings after he would wake up questioning his relationship with his young and feisty Dominatrix. He might even contemplate swapping them entirely for the sweetness and affection he received from Stephanie. Dolly seemed to know. She wouldn’t specifically say that it was his feeling for her friend he was being punished for but she somehow knew he was deserving of an hour of torture. She would bind him, fuck his ass till he was sorry and then suck and fuck his helpless dick until he remembered why he was with her.

Their lease came up for renewal. Dan pressured the girls and took them around the neighborhood looking at rental homes. The 812 square feet was a little small for the three of them. The houses were just as cheap. You lost some amenities, such as the pool and spa, but you gained space and privacy. They fell in love with an old ranch-style and Dan offered to make up the difference. It had its own pool.

He enjoyed spending long Saturday afternoons getting stoned and drunk in the pool, the two plump women floating naked beside him.

Dolly took the new house as a commitment and one night, over a spaghetti dinner Dan had prepared for everyone she presented them with contracts. The papers, about three pages long codified their positions as her willing servants. She had discovered the contracts on a fetish site. They were very popular, apparently having been a large part of a recent movie.

Each contract contained a safe word. The safe word didn’t just stop the act about to be demanded but ended the relationship. Use of the safe word had consequences. Stephanie would forfeit her room. Dan would have to compensate the girls to cover his commitment to their house.

The privacy of the house and the new legal commitments to Dolly’s sexual gratification did not change things between the three of them as much as Dan would have expected. Perhaps they played more, the three of them, but that might just have been the growing bond between Dan and Stephanie than anything else.

Only once did he almost use his safe word. It wasn’t even for his sake. Their play that night wasn’t even aggressive, it was more about humiliation. It wasn’t his humiliation either, it was Stephanie’s. He still wasn’t sure what specifically had felt so out of line that he was willing to give it all up over. There was name-calling and odd penetrations but that was fairly normal. He thought it was probably the tears. There were just one or two on Stephanie’s cheek.

The next morning before Dolly was up Stephanie found him alone out back. It was already 100 degrees and not yet even nine in the morning. He was lying with his coffee beside the pool. He had jumped in the water and was drying off. She joined him on his lounge chair. She sat beside him stroking his thigh.

“Don’t say it for me. ever.” She said.

“I won’t.”

“You almost did. I saw you. When you walked out. She didn’t like that but I understood.”

“I wasn’t enjoying it.” He admitted.

“I was,” she said. She wasn’t shy about it. She didn’t look away. She fixed him straight in the eye.


“Yes. Dolly and me. You know, we have been together since before we met you, right?”


“It was more of a secret.”

“I guess it was.”

“She knows I need it. I crave it. It’s better its her, in private, than some asshole who does it gaziantep escort in front of people.”

“I guess.”

“We all have our thing,” she said. As if to remind him she placed her hand on his asshole and massaged it gently.

“Danny. Don’t ever say it for me. In fact, don’t ever say it.” She rolled her plump little self over until she was holding him in the morning sunlight. “I love you, I love both of you, I don’t ever want to be without you.”

He made love to her slowly and gently in the sun until they were both hot and covered in sweat and had to slip into the pool to cool off.

“We are going to do something a little different tonight so be ready.” She told him as he headed out for a run. He had taken to running. It had thinned him down further. He was in better shape than he had been in years. He spent the run imagining what she had in store for them. He was pretty sure Stephanie had Kevin coming over that night. They each had things in their contract Dolly couldn’t fuck with or issue edicts about. For Dan it was his girls. He still saw them every other weekend at the apartment he still kept for appearances and their visits. For Stephanie it was her relationships with men. Kevin was still allowed to come around. Steph wanted Dolly to incorporate him into play, Dolly didn’t like him so it didn’t happen.

Kevin arrived at the house baked but for once he brought some with him. It was pretty good. Dolly didn’t let us go overboard. She had plans. “Stephanie, Darling. I think you should put on number three. Let’s see what Kevin thinks of it.” There were several outfits that she called on regularly. She had numbered them. She didn’t send Dan to change, not yet anyway.

Stephanie returned wearing a bustier that cinched in her belly but exposed her tits. She had on a strap-on. It was more of a strap-in. It didn’t just have a dong that protruded but a wide bulb for her ass and a dildo that vibrated controlled by a small remote. Dolly positioned Steph in the smallish leather recliner they had found at goodwill. She only added one thing, a bright red ball on a strap that she positioned in Stephanie’s mouth and buckled behind her head.

“Does she look good, Kev?” She asked. He moaned in agreement. She walked Dan to the bedroom.

Excitedly she undressed him. She was sure Kevin liked the idea of the dong Stephanie wore in his ass. He wasn’t going to get that one though. He was going to get something much better. She stripped Dan naked then slapped his ass and told him to bend over. She lubricated him and then inserted her number four plug in his ass. He was used to it now, he let it in. She had a number six as well, he was happy with the four. She put on his collar. That was all he wore.

“Are you going to do what I say?”

“Yes ma’am.” They still didn’t say anything as formal as mistress. They had tried Ms. D. for a while but it didn’t stick.

“Anything?” she asked him.

“Yes.” He was becoming programmed. He didn’t even think about it. If anything, he was beginning to get excited.

“You say that now.” She said to him. She was serious but her eyes were on fire. She was worked up. It scared him a little. “If you get second thoughts, remember, this is for Stephanie.”

He knew. His excitement, visible in his swelling cock went away. He didn’t say a work though. She led him on his leash back into the other room.

Dan stood in front of the TV where she had placed him silently. It was for Stephanie. Stephanie had told him never to use his safe word.

Dolly, her slaves in position waiting silently went to work on their guest. Dolly didn’t like him. Stephanie dated Kevin because he asked her out, as far as Dan could tell there wasn’t anything else there. Stephanie had lost her virginity, but not to her boyfriend and even now that she was regularly engaged in sexual intercourse with a man, she had yet to sleep with Kevin. He did not seem interested. Dolly and Dan had long suspected he was gay and just refused to accept it. None of them would ever hold his homosexuality against him; they didn’t like him because he was an asshole. Dolly undressed him. She struggled with his skinny jeans but eventually got them off of him. She removed his shirt. His penis, long, thin and slightly bent to the right bobbed and weaved. She teased it occasionally. She asked him who’s dick looked better, Dan’s or Dolly’s. Dolly’s was bigger he observed. Dan was still flaccid as he contemplated what she was sure to have him do next.

“Stephanie here is the prize,” she said moving from the nude man to her friend. Whoever I decide does the better job gets to have her. It’s a little competition, boys like competition. You can fuck her if you win Kevin. You don’t have to though. That’s why she has triceratops here on. If you prefer she fucks you that works too. Danny, I know you will probably choose both.” She left Stephanie and moved to Dan. She reached out and cupped his soft cock in her hand. “It won’t be bad, honey. Trust me.” she said. She pulled his head down to hers using the leash and kissed him.

“You know, don’t you, Danny.” She asked as she led him across the room to the couch were Kevin sat. Kevins legs bounced in anticipation.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He said.

“Will you suck a good cock for me, honey?” she cooed at him.

He didn’t answer.

“Go on. It’s best if you rest on your ass, not on your knees.”

“Oh, shit!” said Kevin.

“Oh, shit is right.” Dan said. Dolly slapped his ass for it. Not hard. Just a warning.

“Go on.”

Dan shook visibly as he took the cock in his hand. He took a moment to look over at Stephanie. He was sorry. He felt sorry he was about to do what he was about to do and he felt sorry for her. He looked for an expression in her eyes but he could see nothing around the leather that covered most of her face. Mercifully Dolly gave him the time to accept it.

Dan wasn’t homophobic. He was thoroughly non-indifferent. He had always suspected assholes that had to take their fear and hatred for homosexuals to violence were protesting a hatred for something they knew was in themselves. Dan just had never really considered it. He wasn’t in a position now to consider it either. He was well past any consideration. He didn’t know if he shrugged physically but emotionally, that was the last feeling he had before he did it. He shrugged it off and placed the dick in his mouth.

He was surprised. Dan had performed cunnilingus many times on many women. Good, or bad, they all had a taste. There was a distinctive flavor to pussy. Sometimes it was stronger; sometimes it was pleasant, sometimes you wanted to hold your nose as you struggled to get through it. Kevin’s dick on the other hand tasted like nothing. Not even the rubbery chemical taste like the dildo Dolly would stick in his mouth as a gag when she wanted to fuck his ass particularly hard. He closed his mouth over the dick. He used his hand to hold it out for him.

“Make him come for us, honey. Stephanie wants to see him come for you.” It was a low blow. She didn’t really need to say anything more. He was already doing what she told him to.

The hardest part was to allow himself to lick it. He didn’t understand why that presented the problem it did. He had it in his mouth and had even pressed his head up and down on the thin shaft a couple of times but he still resisted. It had to be Dolly that did it, put a hand on his back, but it helped. He pressed his tongue to the man’s shaft.

He felt a little like his mind left his body. He wasn’t thinking anymore. He was just doing. A voice in the room told him to just do what he liked done to him. He understood the empty voice. He allowed his tongue to work the man’s head. He tasted the first of his pre-cum. It was salty. He squeezed the shaft more firmly to prevent more and slid his head over the cock.

He couldn’t be enjoying it, could he? He was forced to wonder if he was by the stiffness that had taken hold of his previously flaccid cock.

He could fuck around and be here all night sucking dick. He knew Dolly would see to it that he finished. Fuck it.

Do what you like.

He moved himself higher on his knees. He had a better angle. He pressed the cock into his throat. He didn’t bob on the shaft. Most girls moved their heads too much. He pressed the dick into his throat licking and swallowing it.

“Oh fuck.” The man said above him. He worked harder at it. Just like he would have eating pussy. “Oh, Fuuuck.” The man said. He raised his hips from the couch and pressed his dick into Dan’s mouth. “Yeah!” the man moaned hungrily and then gripped the back of Dan’s head. The end came quickly and mercifully, Dan was nothing more than a hole for Kevin’s to hump. He was a cum dump. That was a phrase that hadn’t crossed his mind in years. The cum hit his throat. He gagged and pulled back but Kevin fucked it into him. he swallowed what he could but eventually had to release the dick and push him away.

“Good boy.” Dolly told him. “Good boy.” Dan looked back not at the man but the dick. It was better if he thought of him only as a disassociated sex organ. “But you’re not done are you?” the woman goaded him. “Do you like when we are just done?”

No. He went back. What did it matter at this point. It was, for Dan, the best part.

He took the cock back in his mouth and sucked and licked and forced the man to beg him to stop. He knew how it hurt, how it hurt so good. Now Kevin tried to force him off but he wasn’t having it. He was stronger than Kevin.

Kevin begged and he didn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. He was going to make Kevin’s dick fall off. He licked it where he knew it felt the best and the worst and the man struggled until he could finally pull away.

“Do you catch or pitch?” Dolly asked. Dan didn’t think she was asking him. He couldn’t really tell. He just sat on the floor. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth repeated.

“Fucking pitch.” Kevin said.

“I thought so.” She said. She was gone a minute, maybe longer. Dan didn’t know. He just sat. He watched passively as she returned and ran a condom down the man’s shaft. He was still hard.

“Roll over, baby.” She told Dan. He just looked at her for a minute. Her face didn’t change. He knew her looks, this was her most aggressive. He didn’t get off the floor, he just moved to his knees, his ass in the air.

It was nothing like a dildo and nothing like when one of the plump girls mounted him with a strap on. The condom, supposedly lubricated wasn’t lubricated enough. Kevin wasn’t a large man, or even a particularly strong one, but was strong enough.

He’d already had the plug in so he took the cock without an issue but the rubber seemed to go dry quickly.

Kevin moaned loudly and was enjoying the shit out of himself.

As some point, perhaps out of mercy, or to give him something to take his mind off of it, Dolly positioned herself, legs spread, in Dan’s face. He buried his tongue in her cunt. It helped.

When the man came he shouted out. Dan didn’t know what.

“Go on. You reamed his ass good. Make it up to him.” came the empty voice out of the distance. Dan assumed at first it was dolly that was sucking his dick but when he heard her talking he knew. He didn’t look down, he just stared at the ceiling of the old house and the popcorn texture.

Dolly kept talking.

“You like that fat dick, don’t you?”

“Yes.” He took a break from sucking Dan off to answer.

“It’s not your first dick, is it?”


“You ever take it up the ass, you like a fat dick.”

“Sometimes. I like to give better.”

“And you like to suck a dick, look at you go. You gonna get his whole load? Suck him dry?”

“Fuck yeah.”

Dan did come; he couldn’t not. It was, despite everything else, a fucking incredible blowjob.

“You both did so well. I think you both get Stephanie.”

Dan moved finally but just enough to look at the blonde.

“I’m fucking spent,” said Kevin. “Go on dude, she’s yours.” He slapped Dan’s ass.

Stephanie had never been restrained. She got up, released the gag. It hit the floor with a thunk. She also released the strap-on, pulling it off her, out of her, down her legs. She kneeled gently on the floor beside Dan. She kissed him, then unbuckled his collar. She helped him from the floor and led him back to her room. Dolly called to them as they walked down the hall but they didn’t listen. They responded by pulling the bedroom door closed.

“Danny, are you okay.”

“I’m fine.” He said.

“He’s gay, isnt he.”

“I think so.”

“he told her he sucked a dick just yesterday, so he is a cheater too.”

“Most likely. It’s not his fault. Poor guy hates himself.” She was petting him. he was undoing her corset.

“How are you, down there.”

“I’m fine.” He said again.

“I want to know because I want you to fuck me.” she whispered to him. “I want you to fuck me hard, like you do Dolly. I want them to hear me beg you to stop.”

He stroked her cheek.

“You love me, Danny?” she asked.

“Yes.” He answered. He hadn’t even needed to think about it. She pushed him over and wriggled to the center of her double bed.

“Then fuck this pussy raw!” she smiled at him.

They ended up it Ikea for breakfast the next morning. They needed to replace her bedframe.

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