Domestic Bliss Ch. 01

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Drew sat at her computer attempting to pay attention to the numbers that danced before her eyes but she was having no luck. The only place she wanted to be was at home with her wife and newborn daughter but she had to get this report done tonight or her boss would scream bloody murder. Soon a ringing phone broke her out of her reverie.


“Hey baby, how are you?”

“Frustrated, I’m trying to get this report finished up but I’m not having much success.”

“Aw, you poor thing. I was just calling to see what time you thought you might be home.”

“It will probably be another hour sweetheart.”

“Ok, well I will keep dinner warm and get Aniela put down for the night. I do have some good news to share with you when you get home.”

“I think you should share it now, maybe it will help me get back on track.”

“Well I had my checkup today and the doctor has cleared me for all activities. I thought we might celebrate that when you get home.”

“Hmm, why whatever could you have in mind?”

“Oh I think you know. I’ve got to feed our daughter, I will see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too Kaci, kiss Aniela for me.”

“I will love. Bye.”

Drew hung up the phone and attempted to push all thoughts of her wife out of her head. Turning back to her computer she quickly found her concentration and finished the report in record time. She rushed out the door in eager anticipation of what she would find when she got home.

A short time later Drew walked in the front door and smiled as she smelled her favorite dinner cooking. Upon walking into the kitchen she discovered Kaci standing in front of the oven wearing nothing but a see-through apron. Kaci slowly turned to face Drew, smiling at the look of desire that crossed her wife’s face.

Drew walked over and grasped Kaci’s breast through the apron, she ran her thumb over her love’s nipple as it reached for her. She nuzzled Kaci’s neck.

“I missed you today,” bursa eve gelen escort Kaci said as she tipped her head to give her wife further access.

“You had me several times last night.”

“Yes but all I could think about today was finally feeling you inside me again.”

Drew growled as she continued stroking her wife’s breasts and then leaned in for a deep, sensuous kiss.

Suddenly Kaci broke the kiss and smiling said, “Dinner’s ready.”

“But all I want for dinner is you.”

“Nope that pouting won’t work, I worked hard to make this meal and we are going to enjoy it. Besides I have a feeling you are going to need all the energy you can get.”

“Well since you put it that way I suppose I can indulge in a little food.” Drew sat down at the table and watched as Kaci filled dishes with various foods. She loved staring at her wife’s sexy body and the apron was only helping matters.

“Here baby,” Kaci said as she laid a plate in front of Drew. As Kaci began eating she dropped a hand to her wife’s leg and gently started caressing her through her pants.

Drew shuddered as Kaci’s fingertips slowly caressed the full length of her thigh before dipping between her legs. She tried to eat but found it a near impossible task. Drew grabbed Kaci’s hand and pulled it to her mouth, she nibbled and licked the palm. “Are you planning on torturing me like this for very long?” she whispered.

Kaci chuckled. “Well I thought just for a little bit,” she replied. “Don’t you know how sexy you are when you’re aroused? I can hardly stand it.”

Drew moaned softly and kissed Kaci deeply. She brought both their hands to her center. “You can stop teasing because I’m already soaking wet,” she whispered.

Kaci growled in the back of her throat. “At least try a little of this delicious meal.”

Drew grinned and dug into her food, she tried to ignore Kaci’s hand which was once again caressing her. After bursa escort a moment she caught her lover’s eyes. “Why is it that you are always surprising me in outfits?” she asked.

“It’s not just me, I seem to recall a night when I was the prisoner and you were the guard,” Kaci replied. “That was your idea.”

Drew’s eyes glazed over in lust at the memory. She stood. “Dinner is over,” she announced. Pulling Kaci from her chair she helped her clean up and put things away as quickly as possible. Before Kaci could speak Drew spun her around to face her and kissed her passionately, deeply, wetly. Both women moaned as their tongues slid and tangled together.

“Wrap your legs around my waist,” Drew gasped. She carried Kaci upstairs and laid her on the bed. “Don’t move.”

Kaci shifted slightly so she could watch Drew open the drawer on the table next to the bed. Her eyes widened as her lover pulled out their pair of handcuffs- she felt her pussy flood.

“Tonight is about me pleasing you my love,” Drew purred. She crawled onto the bed and reached behind Kaci for the tie to the apron. She slowly undid it and pulled the apron from her lover’s body. “Hold onto the headboard.”

Kaci did as Drew asked and waited patiently for her lover.

Drew snapped one cuff on and then the other, she slowly dragged her nails down Kaci’s arms. She followed the contours of her lover’s body first with her eyes and then with her hands. “I’m going to make you cum so hard,” she whispered, her voice low and husky.

Kaci groaned loudly, she almost came from the sound of those words.

“It seems like forever since I felt your body, hot and wet, wrapped around my fingers,” Drew continued.

“Baby…please…,” Kaci whimpered. Drew’s light touches were driving her crazy.

Drew got off the bed and did a slow strip tease, she swayed her hips as she dropped items of clothing to the floor. Finally she got back onto the bed and nuzzled görükle escort her lover’s ear, she slipped her thigh between Kaci’s legs.

Kaci arched her back and rocked her hips with Drew’s thigh, it felt good but she needed more. “Baby…,” she gasped again.

“What is it love?” Drew asked. She rocked her thigh harder into Kaci’s center as she leaned down and nibbled her lover’s breast.

“I need…more…,” Kaci mumbled.

“Tell me,” Drew replied. She bit down gently on Kaci’s nipple and soothed it with her tongue.

Kaci shuddered deeply as she came, she held tighter to the headboard and strained against the cuffs.

“I can’t hear you,” Drew whispered as she moved to the other nipple. “What do you need?”

“Oh…God..,” Kaci moaned, “I need you… inside… please.”

Drew bit the other nipple and sucked it hard. She grinned when she felt Kaci’s wetness cover her thigh again. She moved up to her lover’s mouth and kissed her, tasting her deeply. When she broke the kiss she stared into Kaci’s eyes and smiled playfully. She reached between her lover’s hips and gently tugged on the soft hair. “You want me here?” she asked.

Kaci rocked her hips trying to take Drew’s fingers inside. “Stop teasing,” she said.

“That will teach you to tease me,” Drew said as she kissed Kaci again. She moved to her lover’s ear and nibbled the soft skin. “I love you.”

Kaci heard the words and then felt Drew’s long fingers enter her pussy and reach deep inside. She raised her hips and cried out, “Yes… right there!”

Drew added a third finger and began slowly stroking in and out, caressing Kaci’s inner walls and reaching for her g-spot.

Kaci gazed into Drew’s eyes, lost, her body no longer her own. She felt another orgasm crash through her, she cried out loudly but still needed more. Her hips rocked and flexed as she rode those graceful fingers.

Drew thrust harder and faster matching Kaci’s demands, over and over, again and again until finally her lover was sated.

Kaci couldn’t move, every muscle felt weak. She felt Drew undo the handcuffs and pull her close. “I love you,” Kaci managed to whisper.

“I love you too,” Drew replied as she laid her head on Kaci’s shoulder. Soon the two women were fast asleep, temporarily sated.

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